"Why I hate the BlackBerry Store"

By Adam Zeis on 12 May 2014 09:30 am EDT

In case you missed it, our buddy J_Caloy recently took a trip to Dubai as part of the BlackBerry University Power Tour. While there, he checked out the flagship BlackBerry retail store and everything that it has to offer — and needless to say, he wasn't impressed. In the sea of not only basic black devices — but also plenty of colors — he just couldn't grasp why there were such great Dubai exclusives.

Check out the video to see why JC hates the BlackBerry store, then be sure to swing by the forums and let us know what you think! What I want to know is what's in that box??

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"Why I hate the BlackBerry Store"


JC, don't ask me why, I hate you so much!!!

..... because you got to be with those BlackBerry guys and girls.... in Dubai.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Dude, though your comment is funny, you are on to something for REAL! Why has BB not jumped all over the "hate" theme? All BB does is get hated on for everything, brilliant or stupid, everyone outside this small community hates BB or loves to hate ON them. BB should swing this to their advantage the way this kid does. I don't know if the kid is doing this as a marketing ploy, but I think it works. BB needs to jump on it.

Join Blackberry, let us show you why you will hate it so much

Hey JC4956, I hate your comment.... wish I thought of that.

True, the hate theme should be taken advantage off, great way to get people's attention and then spin the message around into a positive....


 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

His whole spiel about hating blackberry is getting annoying, it was funny the first time that's it. Get creating make a different video bro

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I HATE that I love this guy.

As Morrissey says, "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"...the sentiments not foreign to some of the CrackBerry citizenry, including my "need a vacation" derriere.

That being said, all in all another truly LOVELY "Hate" video.

Murray Squire Marr

Hey JC, I just wondering what is the market share/demand on the Gold LE anyway? However, I like your video.

The gold Q10 box, plus whatever was in the box, or was 'not' in the box.

Even a mock gold Q10 would be awesome to flash around.

Really? Why such animosity? That's a whole lot of wasted energy bro. Hope whatever ails you is lifted.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Seems the ONLY Place to get BlackBerry customer service is in the BlackBerry store... REAL TALK BlackBerry has NO customer service.. they shut down that department quick... BlackBerry customer service now comes in the forum of a tweet... #BlackBerryHasNoCustomerService

Posted via CB10

To be honest not really, I've been there last year December, not such a great set up as seen in the video, and only one suit helping customers who imo didn't give a shit about BlackBerry. Maybe they changed it around abit now

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Why would they have a device not available in the country there marketing in?

And dubai is a decidedly high end market and while a z3 would sell regardless it's not a priority there

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I'm so glad this guy got picked up by blackberry :-) he sends such a good vibe.

It's a good marketing move, I hope they'll use him more in the future

Funny video, like usual

Adam, can you please proof read your articles before you publish? This one is short, would have taken 20 seconds...

Thank you,
Keep up the good work CB

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They really need to put one of those in NYC, to show off BlackBerry's modern products (i.e. BlackBerry 10 phones).

When I was visiting the city a few weeks ago, I saw tons of BBOS devices everywhere. Yet, with all the carriers shunning BlackBerry, no one was showing them that they had a great upgrade path with BlackBerry. It felt like a situation just begging for BlackBerry to take hold of.

To say customer service at BlackBerry Dubai store is outstanding is understatement! Those guys go out of their way to help you! Thanks J_C for giving Mehriz and his team their rightful dues.

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They definitely need these stores in markets where they are struggling. It's good to have them in markets where they are doing well, to keep the success rate up, but, having them where they have a weak presence would be beneficial. They have the opportunity to sell more devices AND they can promote with the opportunity to answer questions then and there. Pick a few major cities and put up stores. Offer some additional colors to some devices (different ones not offered anywhere yet), include the Gold and Porsche devices, and see what happens. If successful, continue to add more and go from there.

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Wow BlackBerry store in dubai is so premium and sleek O.o
Just proud to be a BlackBerry owner :D

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Get a store on wall street! Show the "big money" guys what they are missing. Or just plant a BlackBerry experience station there.

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So I wonder if he's going to show what is in that box? I'm sure BlackBerry paid him for his services (which probably included making some videos) so I would not be surprised at all if he did get the gold device. I hope he does a video to show how much he hates it.

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+/- payroll = $$$(4BlackBerry) & ha#ha!ha?ha!ha%ha#ha÷ha•ha«ha»ha(4BlackBerryFans)

P.S. iakaAKgf

Murray Squire Marr

I hate how people in the BlackBerry store will actually know facts about the phone. I DONT WANT THAT. I want a carrier sales person who knows nothing about the phone and is prepared to talk me out of buying a BlackBerry. I want to feel challenged to find out information. I want to feel degraded for wanting a "not iPhone" phone. I want to be told that what I want is what they have.
But yes... +1 for Canadian BB store

I'll have one more hate video. And after that. No more hate videos. I agree. I've done a lot. Haha

JC, from the Asian Guy that Hates BlackBerry on YouTube

Yawn, this video makes absolutely no sense. He must actually hate the BB Store because they don't have one anywhere but Dubai. The other videos he's made talked about how he hated this feature or that feature of BB10 because they made him more productive. How can you state you hate a store that isn't anywhere else? To me that's a reality because none of these stores DO exist any where else. Change the title of the video to "Why I love the store in Dubai" because you really do hate that these stores aren't any where else.

Sense of humour failure, everyone abandon the ship..

Keep em coming JC, love your vids dude.

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You're great JC!

I've been to Blackberry Store and it's awesome. I wish they have them all over the world in the near future.

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Actually I hate the BlackBerry store. At first it was really great, the reception was awesome! But now, there are barely people in... the few people in the store are people having problems with their devices. It was really great but it didn't have any customer at all...

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I think this guy is becoming my new favorite blackberry fan boy or hate boy. Kevin should do something to hold on to his fan boy heavy weight title or he will be second.

Actually am nt with u..
Cuz we dont get the last updates fast and we dont have (my music and my videos) and sometimes we dont get the last update in beta zone sometimes we need 3 or more to get the update... but am with u we have the gold Q10 and porsche design... hope we can get what we missed...

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Lol so why watch?... No one is forcing you to watch my vids

JC, from the Asian Guy that Hates BlackBerry on YouTube

Your awesome JC.. just worry about your fans. You can't please everyone. Can't wait for the "LOVE" BB videos.

This guy is awesome, Keep the good job with Blackberry JC.

Just to be Simple, A guy with a BlackBerry Q10 Best Phone i've ever had.

I would try cleaning the screens before filming them.

The finger "grease" marks don't help with the visual appeal. But hey what do I know I am not a marketing expert.

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You know when you see a new show and love it?

You know that feeling you get when it becomes your favorite and then before you know it is into syndication and it's seemingly on every channel at all times of the day?

Any of you old enough to remember when The Fonz jumped the shark?

Well that's how I'm starting to feel about these videos.

Not hating... notice I used "favorite shows" and a reference to the Fonz (anyone hating Arthur Fonzarelli needs head checked)

But if you can understand those feelings above then know you are not alone.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Another entertaining video from JC. So did you get the gold Q10 or what? My wife just got the white Q10 and it's nicer than I thought it would be.

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Jc...ask me why I hate you and I won't tell you...cut I don't...haha...keep those videos coming...there always entertaining and well made

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Simple case of getting great response from first couple vids which were great for those unfamiliar with the devices. He seems young with good intentions so I won't hate but I still have the right to constructive criticism and imo they are now boring.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Uff u became silly person..why i hate BlackBerry why i hate bla bla..and now why i hate bb store..uff how silly u r really..get u something to do or change ur topic way..

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Why.......? why blackberry? why don't we have a blackberry store in canada? Lol...And why BlackBerry? Why haven't you hired this guy for advertising he is so...... freaking funny I Love watching this guy videos. I agree I think he got something blackberry... Hmmmmmm

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Oh yeah.... Every time I read these hate comments I realized how good this guy is because you can't be that good at what you do if you don't got haters! Hating on you. Keep making those videos kid.....

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JC, where can I get the Q10 shirt that the guy you stole the phone is wearing? Do they sell them at the BlackBerry store??

I hate the fact that BlackBerry allows scandalous developers to remove comments about their defective software, there is a developer selling an anti-virus that does not work. It cost a lot of money and it doesn't do jack s**t!!!
I won't say any names but you devoted BlackBerry users know whom I speak of.
Don't buy it people save your money it's a scam and in my opinion I think BlackBerry is turning their heads because they don't want to offend what few developers that are in the app store making apps.
I have demanded a refund and that the app be removed from our beloved store and all I get is silence about the subject from BlackBerry.
I ask that we take our store back by demanding that they remove scandalous developers from the app store by flooding BlackBerry with emails.
We have rights too! Just like android users to a clean honest store not one filled with BS apps that doesn't do jack except make a fool out of us.

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