Why I don't use a password on my BlackBerry Z10

I'm a firm believer in using a password on all of my devices - just not on the Z10. Here's why.

By Adam Zeis on 2 Apr 2013 03:02 pm EDT

I have always been a big believer in the security offered up by BlackBerry. For arguments sake, I don't work in a crazy-big corporate environment where the data on my phone is at risk. If anyone got access to my phone, they'd see a bunch of BBM's to my wife, my non-private contact list and the handful of emails I get through the course of the day.

I don't have any secrets hiding on my BlackBerry Z10 nor am I terribly worried about it being snatched since I can wipe it with BlackBerry Protect and carry on my day.

That being said, I've always used some sort of security lock on my BlackBerry devices - be it the built-in password lock or a third-party app with a PIN or pattern lock function. For my Z10 however, I've opted to go lock-free for the time being.

Why? Because it's a pain in the rear to enter it each time I use my device and the risk doesn't currently outweigh the reward for me.

On the BlackBerry Z10, the password lock option locks your device so you need to enter the password to gain access. In many cases you can set the time before the device locks unless otherwise specified by your IT department. Simple enough.

When you want to use the device, you are required to enter your password on the lock screen. For most this is a requirement, but for those that choose to have a password (ie. users who aren't covered by an IT policy) it can be more of a chore than it's worth at times. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't use a password. I'm just stating my opinion that on the Z10 the process of entering a password each time I want to get at my device (which is a lot through the course of a day) isn't ideal for me. I feel that the process is cumbersome in its current state and just not for me.

On past devices, using the physical keyboard to enter a password was cake. I had a simple one set and my muscle memory kicked in when entering it. Most times it was an easy 4-digit code of random characters. I also changed up to pattern lock utilities from time to time since they provided a decent bit of security and were quick enough to access.

A PIN or pattern option seems like a no-brainer for casual users

My issue with the Z10 is that the password screen isn't ideal for quick access when I need it. On my iPhone I loved using a 4-digit PIN that I could tap out in two seconds to get access to my device. Now, I find that I enter my password incorrectly on my Z10 more times than not due to the layout of the keyboard and lock screen.

What I would love to see is other lock options built-in to the OS like PIN or pattern lock. Android devices give you multiple options and I think that's the way to go. Even without the use of a third-party app we should be able to setup a level of security that works for us and not be locked down to only the password method. A PIN or pattern option seems like a no-brainer for casual users. All that screen real estate on the Z10 makes for a great spot for a giant number pad or pattern screen, no? I would hope that the option is put into the OS natively at some point. 

A PIN lock on the Z10 would be awesome

Of course onces the new API's and updated OS come along there should be support for apps to run in the background (instead of having to actually have the Active Frame open as it is now) so we can hope that this also means access to the lock screen for third-party developers to step in with a slew of screen lock apps.

For now though, I'll fly along without a password. So yes, that means if you happen to steal my device you'll have an all-access pass to it. Providing you can find it in the time it's out of sight when I'm either in the shower or sleeping - it's all yours. 

How about you? Do you use the current password lock or are you flying lock-free? Sound off in the comments!

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Why I don't use a password on my BlackBerry Z10



Just set it to 30 mins so that you only enter the pswd upon reboot or after its been sitting for a while.

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Exactly, this works perfectly for me. Most of the time I don't even need to use the password and when I do I usually realize that I haven't used my phone in a while. I prefer the security. And though I agree that options are always best, I can type in my four-digit "pin" on the main keyboard without trouble. If you really have trouble I think you can set the interval even longer. But I don't take chances with my device security given how much access I have to my accounts on BB10 (i.e. through the Hub).

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+1 yeah i am in my phone at least every 30 min so this works for me also. And i dont use auto holster lock, or whatever it is called.

That's how I set mine. Prob only see the prompt in mornings, occasionally during the day

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I've got a password on mine. I don't like the thought of someone digging through my stuff no matter how unimportant and impersonal anything on it is.

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I agree the password can be a hassle. There appears to be a password timeout because when I lock the phone if I view it again quickly I don't need to put in a password. But some added options would be nice.

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You can lock it immediately if you wish. Just push and hold the lock button until a screen comes up prompting you to shut off, restart, or password lock the phone.

I have a password on mine, but I do find myself putting it in incorrectly on many occasions even if it is very simple.

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I do have the default setting of 30 minutes, also for wifi sharing, I do carry client data I have to protect. As for a lock icon, just press and hold the top power button and there you have it, a lock, restart or cancel options, or just hold to turn off.

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I agree that the current password screen needs work. The keyboard is undoubtably the best virtural keyboard I have used but it still lacks the accuracy at speed that I require for entering my password. So momentarily I am not using a password either. If a pin or pattern unlock comes natively that will change instantly.

I don't use a password for exactly the same reason, I would love to see a pin or pattern lock option.

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I don't use a password on my 9850, however, on the Z10 I will be forced to in order to use the development mode as I'm an app dev.

Totally agree that a 4 digit PIN lock option should be standard. If it's good enough for my bank cards its more than enough security for my phone.

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I am exactly like you. I always had a 4 character password on my Bold. On my Z10 I have it wide open. The password entry screen really interrupts the flow of the device. Worse case scenario I can always set a password on the phone through BlackBerry Protect and lock it down.

No lock here as 1st week I had it I had to re enter it 10 times and then had to do a security wipe to sort out

Sod the information theft, someone sending something like "2 girls 1 cup" to all my contacts would bother me more!

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Anyone trying to look at anything important wouldn't know how to get around the OS without the easy button home screen.

Password is set on my mine due to IT policy in Exchange Active Sync. Although as a compromise the timeout was extended to be 20 minutes of inactivity. Doesn't bother me as I use a PIN type password to make it quick to enter.

meh. Passwords are too much of a hassle, BlackBerry Protect will bail me out if I lose it.

Have to use a PW for my work 9900 and I HATE it!! My phones never leave my side anyway so it's all moot.

No password on the Z10, especially since I love to be able to pull the phone out of the leather pocket and have it remember what I was doing last. Having read posts about 30 min timer, I might try that. I rarely go more than 30 mins without looking at my phone anyway!

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I've seen way too many instances of people getting trolled on Facebook status posts leaving their phone passwordless to not have one on my z10.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Just set it up to lock after 30 minutes. Long enough to almost never encounter the password during the day, but short enough to make the phone useless if you left it laying somewhere.

Edit: What I _would_ like is the ability to not let it wipe after too many incorrect tries. Wiping just makes the phone available for re-purposing by the thief.

I completely agree, the password on the touch screen in a huge pain. A pass code that automatically opens the phone when you complete it would be much better. For now you must type in your password then press enter.

I really think I'm going to switch this for a Q10 whenever it comes out, I'm not as fast or productive with the z10 as I was with my 9900.

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someone brought up a great point that after wiping you have to set it up and update it... so if the pin's blocked it can't do anything. it's essentially useless.

4 Digit code would be awesome, hope Blackberry implements that in their next update. way faster than trying to key in your password on that keyboard. i find it annoying!

I agree that more options would be nice, but a password is a must for me. As someone else mentioned, you can set it to not lock for 30 minutes which helps tremendously.

One of the reasons I use a BlackBerry is security. A password locked device is a minimum you can do to protect your device, IMO.

Hopefully, BlackBerry will read this article and realize they need to work on improving this feature on BB10.

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Omg the password thing is a pain in the rear end. I set mine to 20 mins but still find I'm punching it in 3 or 4 times

The eye icon is useful buy kind of defeats the object but by the fourth time of trying I usually have to use it!

A pin or swipe pattern would be great!

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I've flipped back and forth on passwords on my z10, for now and about 90% I don't use a password, but I would love a pattern lock feature. My friends with the Samsung SIII have pattern locks and I actually like it but at the same time, kinda insecure because anyone who watches you, can snatch your phone and remember your pattern. I know and remember one of my best friends SIII's pattern locks.

I have a password on my PlayBook as that is something I might forget and leave behind but not likely to happen with the phone so no password.

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Lock it up!!

Here in Ontario, Canada, they just passed a new law allowing police to look through your phone whenever they want without a warrant unless it has a lock on it. Not that I have anything to hide, but I would prefer to keep my info private. So always a lock for me.

Incorrect. It's not a new law and it doesn't allow police to look through your phone whenever they want without a warrant. It's an interpretation of Charter rights regarding a warrantless search of a phone, incidental to arrest and is limited to a cursory examination. A password protected phone or a more detailed examination or following icons or links to websites requires a warrant.

Right. It's similar to your car.

The open, viewable areas in the car are open to a cursory examination, whereas any locked portions (glovebox, trunk) generally require a warrant. Your phone is treated the same way.

What is it with all these paranoid people!? Let's say that IT ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN! What in the world is going to find? Stupid apps? Dumb text messages? Maybe an inappropriate pic I might have sent a female I was trying to court (oh well, that's his problem that he had to see it)?

I have news for some of you guys...you're not really all that interesting or important that a cop will want to see your phone. Really, you're not.

Well written and well thought out article (IMO)
I agree, especially, with the idea of options (such as your screen shot) - much better / easier.

In both Canada and USA (especially at the border) it is "public" if the mobile phone has no password - that is police and Customs officials can examine a device if they wanted to if there was no password on it. WITH a password - it is "private" or "locked" and thus not searchable without a warrant.

This is being addressed - but with all the information that we all carry in our pocket, nowadays, this is important to keep in the back of your mind.

I use a longer lock time than normal. But I get what Adam is saying. On android phones, I used patterns to make it much easier to unlock.

Using a full password lock seems to be catering more to enterprise than consumer. I wonder if they could offer different lock pattern for the personal space but offer strong locks for Work compliance.

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Yeah. Somebody should send a suggestion to the folks at BlackBerry to add the option to use a pin instead of a password to unlock their BlackBerry 10 smartphone. It would be more efficient to use a pin instead of a password.

Mine too -- required by IT policy, locks every 15 minutes.

Having a numeric keypad to enter it would be nice, though. But then, so would MessagEase as an optional keyboard (Japanese input solved, among other problems), and I'm not holding my breath on that one either.

My password on my Z10 is a 4 digit code also. I was just wondering why all the commenters who find passwords to be a pain don't just use a 4-digit code....thought I was missing something...

In addition to everyone else I also hav had issues having to redundantly enter in my password after a failed attempt or two due to the keyboard. Honestly I think that's the whole point of having a password protected on your device though lol.

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Your using/doing it wrong!

With a timeout of 30 minutes I find I almost never have to enter the password, as I'm still in the Crack of the Berry.

So to my opinion you're not using your Z10 enough ;-).

You should use a password a PIN isn't safe enough, it also helps you to practice with the keyboard.

My biggest pet peeve about locking my phone is I do need something other than just a button, like a pattern lock or pin number/password, but I don't want the device to wipe itself if the wrong pattern or pin/password is keyed in too many times. I have children that LOVE to play with my phone anytime I put it down so I need to be able to lock it but know that from them playing with it I won't lose all of my stuff and have to reload everything every other day...IOS does this perfectly...if you input the wrong pin then it locks the phone down temporarily and then you can try again later...BB10 needs something like this native!!!

There is my two cents!!

I have it set to an hour. I definitely miss pattern lock from my 9810. I agree there should be options like pin with a keypad and pattern.

It's funny, I find the simple 4-digit iPhone PIN as pretty consumer-esq and retarded. I'm a firm believer in a device password, but I'm on BES10. Having said that, my phone locks every 15 mins or every time I holster the Z10. It isn't the least bit annoying, but again I AM on BES and using BlackBerry Work Drives.

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If you don't want your device protected don't setup a password. Otherwise enable a password no matter how frustrating it may be. At least one knows it is secure.

I also agree there should be more lock options. Some type of gesture lock, similar to what Windows 8 has on its PCs, would be nice on this awesome Z10 screen.

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I also would much rather a option to select a passcode and be able to set the length default being 4 numbers but why not have the ability to make that 5, 6, 7 or 8 numbers long ...

I agree, the process is cumbersome. I have always had a lock but since I have had the z10 haven't bothered.

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I know exactly how you feel. It's a pain to type a password with digits on the current lock screen

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I remember when a co-worker got a hold of my previous phone and decided it would be funny to set the phone language to Korean... took a while to find out where the language settings was to change it back. I have a password on the phone now.

But I agree on the 4 digit pin as the full keyboard is just too small to do a quick entry.

BlackBerry should add biometrics. From an article on Forbes:

"You would think the benefits would be obvious enough: by entering a few numbers, you can achieve a basic level of protection from prying eyes. But according to a recent study, 44% of users said that even this was too much of a hassle – worse, 30% weren’t even worried about mobile security at all. From 0000 to 9999 there are 10,000 possible combinations of digits, yet in a sample of 3.4 million passwords, over 10% were cases in which somebody decided that “1234″ was their best choice."

It usually takes me at least twice to enter my Z10 password correctly.

Would be great if I can use PIN, but please allow it to be longer than 4 digits. I came from an Android phone and was already using a 6-digit PIN.

Call me anal but a password is just second nature with me now. Although I have to agree with your comment about it being a pain typing it in with the onscreen keyboard. I generally have to expose the input line to ensure that I get it right.

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I have a password set on mine, but I enter it wrong every single time 1st try. This never happened on any of my previous devices unless I was drunk! So I feel what you're saying. I like the peace of mind though.

i'm in your camp, Adam,,, my gadgets are rarely, if ever out of my sight, & i'll use locks when on the road but that's about it,,, i'm also w/ ya on having different login options,,, great idea...

The pain of me entering my password after five minutes is less than the pain I'd feel if it got lost. I agree that it isn't as easy to enter the password as my Bold was.

I have to lock out my phone for work and I don't like the screen it would be nice if it had a pin lock

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I simply leave it unlocked, as I like to be in / out of my phones very quickly. My Balance corporate account / silo has it's own timeouts and password requirements when needed, thus everything important is protected. I love the solution of Balance on my BYOD z10....

I use a 4 number pin now. No issue entering. That said I let it run password free for an hour so I don't have to enter all the time.

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I keep mine turned off unless I'm going out. I feel no need to lock my device while I'm at home, but when I go out that's a different story seeing as I have enough personal information on my z10 to take the risk

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I lock it, have it set to lock after 30min. I use my phone so much I don't seem to need to unlock it that often.

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I use a 4 digit code with the lock interval set to my liking, from immediately to 1 hour depending on my security needs.

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I agree with this article. Plus i think entering the password every time wastes battery life. Its a nuisance specially if i forget to do something on my phone and the device has already locked.

Yepp used to have a code, but as you said it's cumbersome to constantly enter it, and darn annoying if you get it wrong haha. It also spoils the flow, as Kevin said from what I remember. By the way, that picture of the Z10 with the iphone lock screen looks so good and realistic, I wish we had that option. Would be incredible!

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I don't use one for the same reasons Adam mentioned. If they built in a native PIN lock like the one pictured above I would set it for a 1 hour lock and use it all the time.
For now, I go unprotected too...

Yes a simple number lock option wud be gr8...
Also battery percentage pls...

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Yeah. I'd love to see a battery percentage as well. To add to that, I would also like to see a data usage monitor because I have limited data in my plan and a data usage monitor would help me make sure I don't exceed my data limit.

I used to have a password on my Bold 9900 but it's too much of a pain plus ruins the flow of my Z10. I do think they should come up with a unique way to keep the flow going while keeping it simple and yet secure. But of course coming up with something like that wouldn't be easy. Unless of course it used some facial recognition and then you just swiped up.

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As some people have already said, it is best to keep your phone locked in Canada because police would need a search warrant to look at your phone...without a password, your phone is public.

For now mine is locked, but I will provide BlackBerry development feedback to make it easier.

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10

It's difficult to key in while walking without fat fingering it. I use a password, but still have to do it 2 or 3 tries sometimes.

bb10 sucks on password. if you switch to another languange and type english password or symbolic passwords there, it will not recognize it. major bug.

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I always use a lock since my torch & 9900, I have a password for my phone , I set my screen lockout at 90sec to 5min.Mand then a device lock at 30 mins. I have passwords on my pictures , files etc.
Especially with my Z10 , people love the keyboard they always ask to see my phone.
Maybe BBRY can provide an option that allows you a Slider like function like the iP5 then a simple keyboard can pop up with a number pad from 0 to 9 but a 5 number code minimum should be required.

There is password functionality? Really?
I knew that. Just NEVER used it. I get frustrated when my PlayBook goes dim constantly. I couldn't imagine having to enter passwords multiple times a day.
I use my Z10 constantly and the only time I would have to put the password in is when it would frustrate me the most.
I have the red flip case and it locks/unlocks the screen for me and that is sufficient for my needs.

My password on my PlayBook is "M".

Simple and right beside the enter button. I don't have much to protect in terms of information but it is enough of a password to deter the family from getting onto it.

I prefer the option that BlackBerry has over the apple devices...
I can generate stronger passwords than just 4 digit PINS.

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10

I lock mine but I can totally relate to it being a hassle to punch in the correct password each time on the touch screen. It was muscle memory for me to punch in my password on the physical keyboard, like you said. I may go password free now that I think about it. It would be pretty hard to steal my phone without me knowing as I'm always using it.

Posted via CB10

I second that! Finally someone writes an article and i hope BlackBerry reads this one. This one should have been a no brainer. It should have been available out of the box. BlackBerry needs to step up their game by the 10.1 update.

Posted via CB10

I totally agree with you on this one. If I need the security, when I am out and about for work, I can set the password, but on my everyday life, it is just too much trouble to password protect. If they made something easy to enter/use, it would be much more helpful.

I was thinking this exact thing today! You read my mind, Adam.

Also, 9 out of 10 people (unscientific) don't know how to unlock the Z10 with the swipe gesture. So that is like a built in password but will diminish with time.

I couldn't agree more. What a pain in the A$$ to unlock this device. I go without, although not recommended.

Posted via Jedi mind trick...

I love the Z10 but there are still obvious things from previous OS's that they forgot! Like this pin lock. I use a password for now but thinking to disable it as not easy to use.

Also like nr of contacts, you have to look on WhatsApp for that ad this can't be found in the OS 10!

I hope they have assembled lots or feedback and an update comes quickly!

Posted via CB10

Can't be helped I'm afraid. My Z10 is connected to work and it's on lock down after 15 mins with no option to increase or remove the restriction. Oh well, good news, I'm not looked down on anything else once I put in the password.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I dunno guys.... I have too much sensitive stuff to let my phone go naked like that...

I wish there was a way to hit a button and lock it ondemand.

wait for the Q . . . enable keyboard shortcuts and long-press the "K" = instant lock - that is if they treat it like the OS 7 devices (had my Z10 for a week - SIM/swapped for 2 days now and I love it but, boy, there are some legacy BB things I miss already!)

I prefer not to lose my phone and find out someone has opened my Facebook, Twitter, etc etc, and had some "fun", and thus forcing me to send out apologies that others may or may not believe/ accept.

Pulling it out of the holster, or pressing the top button, swiping up once, and entering four numbers isn't annoying me yet.

Ya, I am an unabashed BB supporter. Don't like that? Then put me on ignore.

I've got the password set at 15 minutes, too much information on it to risk letting others access to it. I use mine for personal and business, which requires confidentiality to be followed so a password is necessary.

Posted via CB10

Since we're on the topic of features in BB10, here's my short list (in no priority):

1. Bring back BB7's active icon so I can see my weather updates without having to launch app. I know what that means to BB10 (i.e., background apps) -- how do you manage them? Honestly, the Active Frames concept doesn't work for me, as I won't generally keep apps open as they get moved off the first page. Alternatively, create a new widgets page, so Hub, then multitasking page, then active widgets page, then app drawers...
2. Show next 3 calendar events in lock screen. Next one is not enough.
3. Need to have multi-calendar support for Google calendars.
4. Need to support email groups! I can't stand not having them. I have to constantly look for old messages sent to those groups of people. I used to have Saved Messages in BB7, but that is not supported in BB10.
5. Need to flag messages "in progress". I start messages, and some times never complete them or send them. I have to always go back hunting.
6. Need to "share" emails to Remember app. I love how Remember can do so much, but I have to cut & paste emails into a document then add it to Remember. Can't even save an email to a text file!
7. Browser won't detect phone numbers. Can't tap to call. Can't even cut & paste to Phone app. Must memorize phone number, launch phone app, and dial numbers manually? Am I missing something?
8. Need to be able to choose date format YYYY-MM-DD. It should not be tied to your Regional setting.
9. Would like the option to have a dedicated unlock keypad. Keep the current keypad as an option for those with more sophisticated passwords, but add a simpler unlock keypad that users can choose as an option. Don't enforce 4 character passwords like the other fruity phone.
10. We should be able to link related contacts -- husband & wife, siblings, corporate sales persons, other company contacts.
11. Need option to bring up dial pad (with speed dial buttons!) as first choice when I tap phone icon.
12. And to make it an even dozen, some smilies need popup descriptions... like keyboard popups :)
13. Oh, also need the ability to resend mail that has "stopped trying". I may be out of range for a bit, but when I get back in range of a tower, I must recompose my message to send it :(

Hope some of you see value in these :)

As stated earlier, 2 days in on my 9900--->Z10 swap and agree almost 100% with all of these - especially:
3, 6! (naturally feels like you should be able to do this, although "flagging" does send them to remember . . . ), 7!!!!! (Bold 9000, others had this, 9800 DIDN'T, 9900 did, now Z10 doesn't?), 11!!, 13 - haven't experienced this but will - a few bad coverage areas as I travel.

Wow! Thank you, thank you! Flagging does send it to Unfiled Entries, and I can then reassign them to the right folder. A little awkward but it works. If flagging does send it to Remember, it should prompt for the file folder with a drop down list! Thank you, DocDRM. I learned something today!

I can't afford not to. I definitely agree it's a bit of a pain, but I've committed the code to muscle memory by now, so it's not too hard. Also, as a high school student that bought it with my own, work earned money, the day it was released in Canada, it would be a huge expense to replace it. An expense that I can't afford. So, mine will always be locked, to protect my investment

Nice. I would like to See more options also. But I must have a password. I just do not trust people these days.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

I have always used a password and time out after a few minutes on every BBRY I have owned. It would even be helpful if the lock screen rotated when held horizontally so the larger keyboard could be used. Eliminate most of those typing errors!

I have a password but it's a simple 4 digit or letter pattern that is close to the enter key so that I can do it with just my thumb so it's not hard

Posted on my Z10


This is how I've handled PW on my Berries for a while: so I can one do a one handed, no look unlock using a pattern or a sequence of keys near the send/enter button, including incorporating the space bar for an easy to hit target. For example, go to your keyboard and see how easy it is to enter "jnji' or "b<space>v<space>v". Solved - at least for me; I used to loathe entering an actual password to unlock my BB, with the multiple errors (trying to be fast!) until I figured out this little trick. Have got 4 or 5 others doing it and they love it.

PIN is something I have been waiting since the launch of Z10, I think that BlackBerry should have PIN, Pasword, and pattern lock, I personally like PIN its easy to type,

Please get PIN for BlackBerry devices, thank you RIM

BlackBerry Z10

I currently have a password on my Z10 however I'd definitely prefer to use a pin code to lock my Z10 instead if that option was available.

I think a common misconception is that if someone gets access to your device, all they can do is read some boring emails which you don't really care about.

Identity theft and the ability to reset your passwords and lock you out of other accounts (eg: BlackBerryID, Protect, etc.) are much more serious issues if a malicious user get's access to your device. Many access their financial information and/or make NFC payments, etc. How many of us have archived emails of passwords or account information that either we've given to others or received from others in an attempt to help them?

Unfortunately, security through obscurity is still far too common. Even though I agree that's is a hassle, I wouldn't leave any phone, BlackBerry or otherwise, without a password. It's a bit like wearing a seat-belt. What are the odds you're going to get into a serious accident? Small yes, but are you willing to bet your health on it and ditch your seat-belt because it's a hassle?

That said, this just reinforces the point that it's especially important that a phone have as user friendly lock screen as possible! Even if BlackBerrys sport the most secure mobile OS on the planet, it doesn't mean squat if you don't use a password and Mr. Nasty get's a hold of your device.

As always just my $0.02.

I set mine to 30 minutes and only need to use it when it's been rebooted or sitting without use for a while. Best of both sides. I honestly don't like the iphone method of putting it in every time I unlock the device. Even if it only takes a few seconds. I find it annoying. This is the best medium for me.

Posted via CB10 on At&t Z10

I Still use a 6 alphanumeric password for my Z10, set at 60 mn, just like with my previous Bolds

The keys beeing bigger, it's even faster.
Non we just need the option to password lock app install/uninstall

Posted via CB10

I don't either and go figure I choose blackberry because of security. I kind of like swiping up without having to enter any information. Maybe go back to the app lock instead? For now I do love the smooth in and out without a password

Posted via CB10

I agree. Locking the Z10 and unlocking it is a pain. Why can't we get a simple number password option for the Z10?

Posted via CB10

Challenge accepted! j/k

I use the password, I don't find it annoying at all. My wife knows the password so I'm not hiding anything from her, just the rest of the world.

So, password on touchscreen is a pain, BB Protect is a joke (no data backup), no Desktop sync, and there's no other security approach on BB10 (pattern, pin, etc)... this is getting too hard

Posted via CB10

I use a password, 8 characters, unfortunately the password i used on my 9700 won't work on the Z10 because it is deemed not secure enough.

as technology Advances humans became more lazy lol no offence like the animation Wall E. I see no problem with the password on blackberry.

Well stated, Adam. The password is an absolute pain, requiring very careful finger placement - and still getting it wrong about half of the time.

I currently have my password set to an hour. I don't carry a case and the phone is set to lock if inactive for an hour, that's a long enough time I feel. Especially at work. And sorry it's 30 minutes. I would like to see some sort of numerical keypad; not the one pictured in there in the post though... looks too much like the one on the iPhone...

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I always use a password ....on the z10 it is a little slow to get used to but I just feel safer I guess

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I'd love a pin lock feature but I wouldn't allow a 3rd party access to my lock screen.
Awkward or not, I'm sticking to the screen lock password for the foreseeable.

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I always use a password. My only problem is that after years of having the same password on my 9650 I had to change it on my Z10 and half the time I still type the old one! I like the peek function that lets you check to make sure you typed it in correctly instead of seeing a bunch of ***

Unless I missed it, I don't understand why the native password lock on BB devices are so EH! I agree with both, as often as I pick up my phone (which is constantly), I am always unlocking my phone (have a slide to unlock app on OS7) but I will take that little inconvenience over someone gaining access to hundreds of my personal contacts and addresses.

Previous devices I had passwords but I don't have it on my z10. One of the reasons I used the password in the past was to stop me from pocket dialing. I don't have this worry on the z10.

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I'm using the z10 with blackberry balance (we're testing it) and password for the work and device is the same for me. I agree with your comment however it is cumbersome.

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You can opt to have no password on your personal side / device. And only need to enter the password to access your work perimeter.

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My BlackBerry has direct access to a lot of personal and work accounts (using balance, though, so the work side is OK).

I wouldn't be comfortable knowing that anyone can access 3 of my email accounts, my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as BBM, GoogleTalk and WhatsApp.

I definitely need a password lock!

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I use password lock but usually set it to 30 minutes and on my 9930 all I have to do is hit the "K" key to lock it if I feel it needs to be locked (walking down a dark alley).

Would definitely be nice to have the pin option, I had an iphone for work at one point and would use a particular phone # as the pin, the dial pad setup was soo much easier to use in that regard.

Simple solution is use a lock with a long time out. Then you ate only having to unlock it once a day. And if stolen or lost or is likely it will lock before someone screws with it.

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I have a 4 digit password, just like a PIN! So it's not that much trouble people, c'mon :/

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I do use device password but not workspace password. I belief every mobile device should be secured with a password. What I'd like to be able to do is make calls when the device is locked just like with OS7.

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I rock a password but i have it set at 1 hour, i almost never run into it because i am always checking on the phone, so i generally do it once all day, which is first in the morning, what I'd like to see in Z10/Playbook integration would be if i unlock my phone, playbook is unlocked and vice versa when bridged, i really hope a lot more Bridge functionality comes back!

I have never locked any of the phones I have owned. I have nothing to hide. Plus I never let my phone out of my site. The pass code is just a major hassle.

I don't mind unlocking with a password. I have it set for 60 min (I know, it's a bit long). Pattern lock and 4 digit pins are easy to guess. When I'm playing with friends phones I can often unlock the device by guessing the pattern or a pin because these methods allow for easy to guess passwords. It may make most people feel secure by having some type of simplified locking method, but 'simplified' is not secure.

This is BlackBerry, password is the most secured way of locking/unlocking your phone than a pass code or pattern lock.

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I have always had a password on my Berry and always will have.

Does it take more attempts now than I. The past, yes, but in hope I'll get better at it, then again, I think I was worse at typing in my password two months ago.

BlackBerry Protect can also be easily switched off without a password.
And no, I do not want anybody to have a look at my data - I am also using encryption, something I used on the Pearl and dropped on the Bold. It is nice to see who is calling despite having and encrypted phone on the Z10.

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Add a PIN keyboard please!! I use the password but it's a hassle, they should provide user with options on the keypad

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Police can search your phone in Canada without a warrant if it is not password protected.

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I totally agree. It would be more convenient if the password could be a four digit code with huge on screen buttons instead of the current format. BlackBerry please make this happen in the next os update!

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I pretty much don't have a lock for all the same reasons as the post. Not enough sensitive information and it's always on me. Plus I'm lazy haha less work I have to do the better

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In the beginning I didn't use one, but it bothered me so I configured it to lock after idle for a while.

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I set my Z10 to lock after 30 minutes. I've found is actually quite rare I have to enter my password because it's rate that my Z10 goes 30 minutes without me using it for something.

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I cannot WAIT to get my hands on your z10 after you leave it on the table. Lets just go through your contacts ... find out whom is the wife (most likely in your favorites in phone app) and who is listed as your suga thang ... hidden photo, or with a note ... once those two are found I'll swap the numbers, they'll sync to your cloud service, heck lets mess up a huge amount of numbers while we're at it. Only takes 5/10mins while youre busy in a convo or left table at the bar/restaurant.

Then when you return and make either of those calls ... priceless!

PS: Locking the screen with the sleep/wake/power button does NOT immediately lock the device, something I was VERY annoyed to see with BB6 and the 9780 debut. I'm completely against this in every regard.

Unfortunately I have been in the habit of password lock. Yes it can be a minor pain at times because of keyboard layout but what the hell we always seem to get use to it.

Well at the moment i don't use a password on day to day use but if i go to a crowded public place then i'll set the password cause people can easily pick your pocket when you're going through a crowded area like a night club or something... Also, i found an app on app world that displays a fingerprint with a "Lock Screen" as a header and a green scan line to "scan" your finger to unlock the device... Of course it doesn't really scan your finger, and you can easily close the app by swiping from the bottom but for those unfamiliar with the z10 it would serve as a deterrent for those nosy co workers that like to pick up your phone while you're away from your desk. ;)

Pattern is the most stupid way to go. This isn't a speak and spell or Simon toy.

Let's see how good your pattern password is when you're drunk as a skunk. Oh yeah and see if you can remember how to tell someone who can unlock your phone to make calls when in an emergency (as in to find out whom you contacted last, whom called you and left you in such a predicament of getting home). I did that this weekend and it was NOT fun babysitting a drunk hottie whom pukes! She had no way whom contacted her last to find out where her car is. She was VERY lucky to have friends whom took the keys from her to prevent her driving drunk.

Set the password to auto lock after 30seconds to 2minutes. really easy.

Like it the way it is. How many times have you heard stories of children cracking the simple pass codes or patterns of their parents'?

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I still use a password but it's set on 30 min. Basically it will only kick in if I lose my phone or reboot!

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Password protected means that "If" someone gets there hands on my z10 they can't do nothing without the password right?

Try to take my phone off my hands for 2 long seconds and I'll consider adding a password :p

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WTF? I don't have the required permissions to edit my own comment (on PC version) ?? Never ran into that before :-(

Tried to out in a password just like I used to do on my BlackBerry Bold 9780.... but with the Z10, I almost wiped out all my info. too cumbersome & at times screen is not responsive enough. BlackBerry should have something easier & simpler.

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Keep it LOCKED .... self locking after 15 minutes.

If you misplace it ...... you won't be stressed that someone has it when it's locked.

LOCK IT !!!!

Adam, I'm on the same boat as you... I always used a password on my 9900 but don't want to bother on the Z10. I hope Blackberry is reading this. Great article

Adam, I understand your opinion. However personally and professionally I must strongly disagree. Lock that phone up and use a complex password ASAP. Privacy is not about simplicity or assumptions in a modern era. If you want something kept private, you must take affirmative steps to indicate you meant for that thing to be private.

I tell clients all the time, you can choose to take action now and solve the problem yourself or you can leave the decision up to a judge and jury at a later date.

Funny. I never had a password on my 9800 with its physical keyboard, but I use one on my Z10 to unlock the device after either a 30 or 60 minute lock time, using a relatively easy/simple (for me, at least) password. Hope I never misplace or lose my phone.

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I have a password, but I have no choice....my company IT with EAS requires it.

Totally agree with the article thou would rather just a large keypad with numbers. I really dislike the full keyboard password screen

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It's a major oversight to offer the standard alphanumeric keypad. It's too small for quickly entering a basic four digit pass code.

I mentioned this in the forum February 6 and I was told to deal with it. Told that's the standard way to enter a code. Some people are clueless.

Change the pass code pad.

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Set mine to 30 mins. I use my bb so much that I only enter the password when I wake up

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I am 100% behind having my BlackBerry device locked at all times. I think my privacy is deserved protecting.

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I've been trying to remove the password lock in my Z10. There are times I enter the password wrong just because of the virtual keyboard. For some reason, I bought it off my carrier as a personal purchase and it says the IT policy you have cannot support no password. Is there a way to remove it? I don't know why it would have it. I left my buddies use my phone a lot so it'll help convinence.

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+1 +1 +1 .....
I really need to lock my phone BUT the way the access interface is made makes me frustrating each time I want to use my phone.... a simple 4 digit PIN screen would be the best option. I really hope that this come with next update...

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As mentioned before I have it set to a 30 minute lock. Only have to enter it on reboots and in the morning usually. Not a big deal

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im nervous about not locking my device. im always checking to make sure that i have it in hand or in my pocket....but still.

At first I found it to be an inconvenience and I miss typed it often.

Now I use a simple 5 letter password that consists of 3 letters grouped together, I use my right hand for unlocking the phone so I use the letters "opl"

Since switching to this I very rarely put in an incorrect password. I have it set to 30 seconds so pretty much every time I pick up the phone I need to enter the password. It's become natural and easy after a few days.

Try it out instead of having a password with letters spaced all over the device.

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Sorry you don't want a password on your phone which contains your personal information and contacts? May I ask have you gone to your bank or credit card company and requested they don't require you to have a password on your card or when you call their customer service for help?

That's a crap article. The reason blackberry is considered secured is because they have a better lock system. The apple lock system is always having issues. I suggest you get rid of this article. Doesn't sound like a creative person rooting for BlackBerry success and innovation.

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I'm all about innovation. Just stating an opinion that i'm not a fan of the current password lock setup. Don't think I'm the only one either from the looks of it. :)

Don't listen to them Adam, some of them are just in shock that there is an article actually highlighting a weakness of BB10. What happened? Did somebody (Kevin?) decide to do something about CB's extreme fanboy image?

Hey Adam, do you mind asking the folks at BlackBerry to consider adding an option to choose to use a pin code similar to the type on iOS to unlock the Z10 in a future OS update? Could you also ask them to bring an option to show the battery percentage as well as bring a data usage monitor to BlackBerry 10? Those would be options I'd like to see come in a future BlackBerry 10 update.

Why not setting a password that is easy for your muscle memory to remember? "mlml", "opop", etc. Would be easy enough to punch and close enough to the enter key.

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I prefer using a password... HOWEVER, I also use my Z10 as an alarm clock. Since the built-in alarm isn't as versatile as in past BB OS's ((roll-eyes)), I had to purchase an alarm clock app.
I have to say, nothing is worse than reaching to turn off the alarm and finding the damn screen is locked!! Not to mention being half asleep and blurry eyed which makes it nearly impossible to enter the correct password. Geez what a pain!
P-L-E-A-S-E BlackBerry, bring back the alarm clock that I loved so much. m(-_-)m P-L-E-A-S-E

The lock does not preclude on your ability to turn off the alarm. I don't see the issue.

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There's a law where if the cops pull you over or arrest you, and your phone's not locked, they can look through your phone so I have no option being a trouble maker!

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4 digits PIN code or pattern lock definitely wins out in consumer's world. Why BB trying to overcomplicate this feature is beyond me. It is overkill. 99% "hackers" i.e. nosy ppl or pranksters, would be deterred when faced by simple lock.

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4 digits PIN code or pattern lock definitely wins out in consumer's world. Why BB trying to overcomplicate this feature is beyond me. It is overkill. 99% "hackers" i.e. nosy ppl or pranksters, would be deterred when faced by simple lock.

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Agree. Loving the new BB10 OS every single day. But an easier lock will be a god send. And perhaps something more intuitive. Since BB10 had gone the distance to rejuvenate its current OS. Seems a bit of a lacklustre effort for them to see past this. Perhaps I understand it is for business folks in mind. But regardless they could benefit from a little pattern lock screen.

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Don't blame it on the z10.. I have password on it and I don't have problems.. the problem is with you, not the device. I found this post is misleading.. I don't know why CB even allowed this to be posted here

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@HKINDO Wrote: "I have password on it and I don't have problems.."
What's with these people who can't see beyond themselves? I pity their significant others(if they have any)!
" I don't know why CB even allowed this to be posted here" Why, because you don't agree with it, or because CB is not supposed to post ANYTHING critical? You're the kind of fanboy CB/BB doesn't need.

Couldn't agree more on adding the Option of either a Pattern lock or just Pin lock.

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To each his own, I don't find it anymore complicated than on my physical keyboard. I agree that there should be more options.

I absolutely agree, even just a 4 digit password is at times a chore, would benefit greatly from either of the any other designs. I hope it's native though, most third party applications for pattern locks and such are mediocre at best. Great article!

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Mine stays locked. I don't want somebody to find my lost phone and begin making posts on social networking sites or sending rank messages on my behalf. Like, in case some teenager finds it and decides to do a bunch of weird things with the digital identity that BlackBerry contains. That's why I lock mine. I have no secrets either, but I do value my privacy and also know that some people would definitely do some of the things I mentioned if they found somebody's phone. A lot of people would read the message on the screen and return it to me though. I've had that happen before, where the lock screen message on my work Motorola Q (at the time, lol, was a decent phone) allowed the people who found it to promptly call TELUS and report the list employee handset. So, I suggest locking with a long timeout and a handy lock screen message, just in case. A PIN option would also be cool, maybe a little easier. I sure do prefer having to unlock my phone once in a while over somebody finding it and having access to my digital existence.

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It has became a religion to make sure my phone is locked with a password. I know people who would go through it with a fine tooth comb if they had the chance.

Also, I'm on my Z10 literally all the time. I've been using it for everything, so it only ever needs to be unlocked a couple times a day / night.

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Better safe than sorry... password all the way! My Hub has access to all my professional and personal email, social media profiles... everything. I'd have a password and device encryption even if it was not required.

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Always using a password. Why risk it? I had my device stolen before and I wish that I had the same type of ability then (wasn't using a BlackBerry at that time). Not locking it is just not worth it, any hassle aside.

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Finger print scanning would be best alternative to password, rather than BlackBerry to copy pass code or pattern lock. It will be fast but very secured. They have to innovate.

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I mentioned earlier there is a fingerprint scan app in app world...doesn't really lock the device just makes people think it's locked.