Why does media mogul Arianna Huffington carry four BlackBerry smartphones?

By Michelle Haag on 1 Jun 2012 03:10 am EDT

Arianna Huffington is currently the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group. She is a business tycoon, a nationally syndicated columnist, and the author of thirteen books. She is also a BlackBerry addict. We've seen her on CrackBerry several times over the past few years, like back in 2011 when she was removed from an airplane because she refused to turn her BlackBerry off.

During an interview at Startup 2012 in New York City, Ms. Huffington admitted that she carries 4 BlackBerry smartphones with her at all times. Four! When asked why she does this, she explained that she has one for each service provider, so that when she travels she can use the one that gets the best service in the area she's in, including international travel.

"I'm really anxious at the fact that BlackBerrys may disappear. I type a lot on my BlackBerry. I really use it. I don't use it just to take pictures and download things. I use it for work. And come on guys, you have to admit an iPhone -- typing on the iPhone is painful."

Arianna Huffington is a BlackBerry person, and BlackBerry People Do.

Source: Business Insider Thanks for sending this in Mark!

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Why does media mogul Arianna Huffington carry four BlackBerry smartphones?


More people need to speak up like this that really do what people DO. Show off their Blackberries! Be proud, Be Bold, Be Blackberry!

would be a good marketing campaign.

Get them to say why they use BB and give them a BB 4 free . . .
(would also help to get rid of some of the $1bn of inventory)

Just what I was thinking. All those pictures and articles that Crackberry puts out with celebrities and influential people using BBs should be a part of it. No offense to the Martinez brothers, but no one knows who they are.

everyone who uses his phone as a communicator users BB's
I don't know anyone who is typing a lot on android or ios

I have an Android sitting next to my BB 9900. The BB is always in use and the Android is powered off and collecting dust (I am not kidding about the dust). It's a nice phone, but navigating it and using the email is a pain. I am not even talking about writing emails, which sucks large compared to using a BB keyboard. I will never accept a button-less cell phone as an alternative to one with a few dedicated buttons, and a keypad or keyboard.

If she is concerned about Blackberry, then perhaps she should publish some news articles about the company. An unbiased appraisal of Blackberry's challenges and potential would be great for the company.

I have not seen many Huffington Post Blackberry articles so maybe she could change that.

Agreed! If she really loves BlackBerry, maybe she should start doing a series about the great things about the platform, or better yet, she's a billionaire, now's a great time to invest in RIM and put your money where your mouth is to ensure your platform of choice stays around. RIM is looking for strategic partners and has plenty of inventory that it needs to do something with, maybe contact RIM about taking a 5% share in the company and getting Bold 9900 for the entire staff at the Huffington post.

No kidding,not positive ones at least.Instead the HuffPost seems in thrall of Apple,they even have an Apple blog in their tech department.

Hi everyone. Long time reader, but nvr really posted until now.
As the global head of a medical equipment company, I feel absolutely lost without my 9900. I've tried all the other platforms (repeatedly) but the sim card always goes back into the berry.
I was on my weekly flight to/from asia/australia, and you couldn't see anything except for blackberrys in business class.
I will be absolutely devasted if rim discontinues. You guys are absolutely right, rim needs to make these positive feedbacks public.
Great site crackberry btw!

This video is not authorized to playback on this device........ On the crackberry website with a playbook... How inconvenient...

If you don't have a Blackberry then your phone is just a entertainment device! Have you ever tried to type on a touchscreen, it's the worst!

Sent from My Blackberry Playbook or Bold 9900

I like that quote. "if you don't have a Blackberry then your phone is just an entertainment device.....#BeBold"

People who "do" need a physical keyboard but RIM desperately needs to put out a game changing touchscreen phone in order to stay relevant (barely). . .what will happen to all the people who "did"? lol

we should be able to "like" or "+1" stellar posts like these !! Well done Ms(rs) Haag !!!

Blackberry people do !!! Yes indeed !

I've been useing BlackBerry for the past 5 years and everytime I've been tempted by iPhone or Android a few times but always find myself back at BlackBerry. One of the big things for me, the lazy person I am, is the calendar. The versatility of the stock BlackBerry calendar is amazing when it comes to setting up complicated recurring items. And of course there is the keyboard, even the curve keyboard is good.

Maybe it's time to be more specific :
"BlackBerry for men who do"
"WhiteBerry for girls who do"

I think it's time at least ONE major device provider realize that not ALL smartphones owners have mandatory zippers on their trousers !

C'mon RIM break the codes !

EDIT :(oops, I wrote "pants" instead of trousers ...)

I watch my wife type on her iPhone and it's painful. I don't even look at my keyboard and I blast 2 or three paragraphs in no time. If I want to play I have an iPod.

The important, the wealthy, and the famous use Blackberries.. the average joe blow who has doesn't matter has an iphone.

I would be careful making blanket statements like this, it really doesn't sound good coming from someone on CrackBerry. Anyway, your first sentence is correct although I am sure there are some "famous" people who use iPhones also. Your second sentence is not exactly true. There are millions of normal adults and teenagers who also use BlackBerries. Let's not get confused about all this.

A few months ago I was working IT for a major national broadcaster (in Canada) and most people on my team, being geeks, were quick to dismiss BlackBerry stating that Android was the clear winner and choice for the future. A week before I left that department, the department head called a huge meeting to revise budget cuts and not everyone from my team could go so they sent me and 2 other techs; they asked us to take notes.

It was hilarious seeing the look on my two coworkers faces when we put our notes together. They had collectively taken 4 or 5 sentences worth of notes on their Androids where-as I had in full bullet point, two and a half pages worth of notes, detailed and coherent. They couldn't believe how fast I was able to work on my BlackBerry! And I was using a STORM!... okay no no jk, I was using a 9800. :P

That awkward moment when she tells the crowd that it's hard to type on touchscreen.

That awkward moment when the interviewer confesses to missing that BlackBerry moment when a message comes in and the red notification light comes in.

RIM's CMO, it hurts to be a BlackBerry user in North America right now but there is definitely a place for the BlackBerry experience. Bring it back!

BlackBerry smartphone's SUCK!!!
Just kidding hahaha...I love my 9930 it's has served me well and I will continue using it until I feel BB10 has a phone that's just as good or better. I can't do full touch screen, a keyboard is a must.
BlackBerry is not going to go out of business, we're becoming the elite. Anybody that wants security, a keyboard and an email system that can't be duplicated will want a BlackBerry. I use my phone for work the camera, word to go, email & text are the main work functions in my daily routine. I get plenty of entertainment when I need it. No other phone can compare to this phone. I am typing this on my 9930 with one hand. Can anyone's iphone do that without setting it on a table or taking at least ten minutes to do it in, I think not. I'm not an iphone hater I'm really not but when are people going to realize BlackBerry phones are not a gaming device-not a movie viewing device-not a thing to download 100's of useless apps. BlackBerry does not need to take over iphone but it does need loyal customers who need a phone for communication, business and a little entertainment.

We have nothing to worry about... There are millions of us... We must not fear. We do.

64gb Playbook
32gb 9900 Bold

I miss my Bold 9930 when I have to type. Swift Key X is amazing but it is not a hardware keyboard. But, and there is always a "but" BB doesn't have apps. I used to think apps are not important until I got a Evo Design. And I don't mean Angry Birds (even though it's fun to have a time killer on your device), I mean banking apps, mass transit maps and schedules, Five Guys app (LOL), and others (Draw Something was actually what made me switch...funny story: my gf has Android and I wanted to play with her so she suggested I get a Android too which got me thinking and I said "what the heck, let me see what is up with Android"...well, it has it's merits but I miss BB and when/if BB 10 comes out and it has a keyboard I'm in. RIM, make a Blade design BB10 and you will be the No 1 in the market again)

Multiple devices on one BES account? Any ideas how did they manage to make it work?


If RIM was on the ball they'd send her a p9981 (or whatever the model number is) with a note that says don't worry we're not going anywhere and then put it up on twitter @arianahuffington.

Come on RIM get your marketing going and have some fun with all your celeb users.

The buzz alone would be worth way more than the cost of a P9981.

The message to the interviewer: "I work and you don't" There is no secret which one of the two on stage is a multi millionaire and which one isn't.

I love these kind of posts. Thanks Michelle.

Reality is there are different phones for different needs. No BlackBerry's dont fit all, but we can't deny they are one of a kind.

I am not a millionaire but hope to be one soon haha.

I use my blackberry primarily for communication and that is why I love the keyboard. I don't play games on my phone not because BB doesn't have any but because I just don't have time. (although I do play some games over the weekends on my playbook.) We also have to accept that Blackberry does need apps and I am not talking about games, but work apps. Apps that could be used in the medical field etc etc. They need work on that.

Go Blackberry!!

So far (without really researching on this) I have heard of Huffington, a high level marketing or other executive lady at Facebook, the guy who runs the clothing company who is also a member of Apple's BoDs, and then there's Obama and members of US and Canadian governments, US military, etc. But no, people believe RIM is dead and that everyone is switched over to the iphone. I was reading an article somewhere else, and shake my head when I hear some anti-RIM bashers come out with comments like "most all of corporate north america has already switched to the iphone." Ok, whatever.

Yes, you can also add Carly Fiorina (former HP CEO) to the list.
Check out this video:

Go to about 4:20 to 4:30 on the video when they start talking about RIM. Carly Fiorina confesses that she loves her BlackBerry Bold and then go to 6:30 or so....

And there's also Eric Schmidt (Google) who keeps getting caught with his BlackBerry. And Erin Burnett (CNN) who has professed her love for her beloved Torch etc.

RIM should be marketing this!

The problem is that non of these people ever come out and even mention their love for blackberry. I wish Obama would just once say that he loves his blackberry and hopes the company does well. Any tarp money left for blackberry? Lol

Ever since I switched yrs ago to blackberry. I don't ever want to go back. I never did like following trends. Since I travel a lot my unlocked berry 9900 wrks everywhere I go.


+1 to kastortory. I have been using a BB since the 7000 series and even though my 9930 has some quirks, I won't let BB go (everything has quirks!). When it's down, I'm lost. I don't app, game, or watch movies. I DO. I'm not temped by any other device anymore...and I too don't like following trends (I once tried an HTC and returned it the next day - POS for DOING). My wife and I have BB's (and 2 Playbooks!) and they're in our blood. I grab my son's HTC 3D and it is a wonderful "toy" and "entertainment" device, but he's 16 and doesn't DO (although I showed him the hints of 10 and he was blown away!). BTW: The only time I use an Apple product is an iTouch and it's on the crapper, where it belongs....

Thank you Huff for pointing out People DO. I DO. Business DOES.

Always amazed, that as a BB resource, you continually post video that can't be played on my 9810 or Playbook

I have an Iphone/ Galaxy S and 9900, 99% BB will always be in my hand. I think android is over rated and Iphone.. well its just an Entertainment device...

Rim needs to have a more aggressive marketing strategy,thy should send its marketing team to Arianna Huffington and her IT department.

I finally saw this video.. for some reason it was giving me error viewing .. so my comment is a bit late.

Good for Mrs. Huffington to admit on US national television that she uses a blackberry. To each their own.

What just p*sses me off is the interviewer. As he notes that she uses 3 blackberries and is corrected that she uses four, he makes a comment to which the audience laughs. He says something like, " Wait.. wait.. wait .. why do you carry a blackberry?" With that condescending tone and attitude I felt like punching him in the mouth - it's a good thing I wasn't there in the audience. I get that it's suppose to be a joke but again, for me it still comes down to how the media views and continually puts RIM and Blackberries down.

It's like blackberries are not good enough for anyone.. I can picture them holding the phone like it's some sort of trash. It's talk like this and similar attitudes in articles that really burn my britches.

Both my brother-in-laws are apple fans - they have the ipads; good for them.. but you think anyone of them would try and use my playbook to see what it like? I've used their ipads. No way.. it's like it something contagious that if they touch it .. it'll take years off their lives.

Sorry to ramble and get a bit off topic but I think the media has really hurt RIM and their Blackberry products and I really hope that the consumers can see past it once BB10 is released..

Comments like that are really starting to burn my a$$.

Why does media mogul Arianna Huffington carry four BlackBerry smartphones? Only four pockets maybe? Maybe a few more in her purse she keeps secret lol. I need more blackberries.

Be proud, Be Bold, Be Blackberry