Why Do You Think BlackBerry Messenger Went Haywire?

By Bla1ze on 24 Jul 2009 10:03 am EDT
BlackBerry Messenger Failures?

The reports have been flowing in since the release of BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 and finally yesterday an "official" announcement that yes, indeed their was an issue with BlackBerry Messenger in general. Many users from the forums feel as though the issue may have been caused by too many users loading Messenger 5.0 and thus causing the BBM servers to be backlogged with the end result being slow, latent message delivery (that was if the messages arrived at all). I myself witnessed BBM's coming in a simply mind blowing six hours later.

I personally cannot say with any certainty that the usage of BBM 5 is what caused the services to essentially be taken off line. But the question itself does raise some finer points about what exactly went on. Bad timing? Possibly -- RIM did have a maintenance window open on the evening of the 18/19th where downtime was expected to be approximately 15 mins. So was the influx of BBM 5 users and this maintenance window the result of the severe latency we all witnessed? Or was there more at hand here?

Later reports suggest that RIM knew their was going to be an issue with the BBM delivery servers and had actually took some of them offline and that was the cause of the problem as it took longer then expected to get them back online and that issue, compounded with the BBM 5 users was what stretched the issue out longer. That's assuming BBM 5 even makes a difference to server workload.

The final theory I have heard so far, revolves around the fact RIM was unprepared for the leak of BBM 5 and at the time had to "flip the switch" on a few of the features within BBM and gave up on fighting the users and actually just allowed everything to function as per normal. The last one is rather outlandish in my opinion. But, we wanna hear what you all think -- was it planned? Was it bad timing for a leak? Did the leak even make a difference or were the issues independent of 5.0? Did RIM just simply screw something up? And last but not least, do you think RIM just gave up on fighting it's users and gave in to the BBM 5 user demands? Let us know in the comments, some forum posts are outlined below.

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Why Do You Think BlackBerry Messenger Went Haywire?


Yesterday starting around 3:00pm CST I was in a meeting and BBM stopped working, I received about 30 messages at 5:00pm and then nothing again for awhile... I haven't tried BBM since and have resorted back to old fashion Text Messages :(

I did call VZW, they said they had already received several calls and are looking in to the situation, but believe this is a RIM Server issue and not theirs as my Internet and all that seemed to be working fine.

I do not have BBM 5 and I am certain none of the people I was messaging do either, any thoughts?

I think the it was a more complicated than just BBM 5.0. With 5.0 OS on the horizon and ALOT more Blackberry users than ever before I think RIM is readying the system. I received several BBM pings on this but I didn't experience any delayed effect or problems at all. So I expect more matainence on the System. Big woop. As long as there are improvements afterwards, RIM do what you gotta to keep our habit alive!

i haven't downloaded the new BBM.. i've been using the one that came on my Tmo 8900 since day one... and yesterday my messenger icon has completely disappeared!! but on my applications list it says its there.

What's that all about?!?!?

Yeah me and my wife both have blackberry devices mine having the new 5.0 bbm software. Yesterday my wife told me that I was unreachable on my bbm and after sending pics she never received them. Anyways it was a nuicance but things seem to be ok today

Personally, IMHO, I think RIM's user base is growing faster than they can keep up with. They've had a lot of outages in the last 6 months and not just BBM.

I really think RIM is scrambling expand enough to handle everyone they have now and for future additional users.

Both my sister and I were experiencing alot of issues with BBM yesterday as well. I'm on 4.7 with a Tour, she's on a different network with a 4.5 pearl...

According to BIS tech support, yesterday the service had a national outage... I have to wait 10 hrs for emails... great!

Does anyone know if RIM has issued and estimated time when all these problems will be resolved?? This is an essential part of my phone use and its really starting to be annoying not to use it...dang BBM 5.0, LOL

I just think that all the new features added to leaked 5.0 BBM wasn't helping the fact that ("Icons, What You're Listening To etc") was now suddenly implemented into the Networks without a warning. It just happened too quickly for them. The fact that there was a "Maintenance Windows" just allowed them to keep it down a little longer and figure out the best strategy around it. In the end, you have to meet the Supply for the Demand once the product is available; even if it's leaked.

Honestly I don't think rim was prepared for the influx of blackberry users since November 08. BBM 5.0 leak was just the icing on the cake. Love the storm or hate it...you have to admit it changed the industry and rim needs to step up.

Yesterday was tough and frustrating until I received the news about the situation. All is fine again today, very happy now bbm is very important to me.

he's cutting out our forms of communication so he can get megatron to take over the world and have the humans turn into slaves and have them looks for energon.

on another note......

why is it that the emoticons on the storm on bbm 5.0 are so much uglier than the pic posted above?

haha WOW, i would have never even noticed that.... someone has a higher version of the leaked software maybe? EHhh?

every one of my bbm contacts were unavailable. it was like that from about 1 pm. til last night around midnight.

I dont care what cause, i just dont want it to happen again. I realized how trivial text messaging is. lol

Been using 5.0 for like 4 days and I didn't have a problem with it until yesterday. Me and all my friends notice a slow down in delivery and alot of messages didn't even go through either.

I don't think this is a 5.0 software issue because it was working flawlessly until yesterday. However, I think people who upgraded to 5.0 is what contribute to the system slowdown.

I don't think RIM's servers were prepared to handle all the rich new features 5.0 have to offer. Features like avatars, on the phone status, GPS locator, what your peers are listening to requires data updates all the time causing new level of stress to the network.

I don't think RIM expected this many people to update a leaked 5.0 but this new BBM is spreading like wild rapid fire.

anyone that has been using the new BBM can tell you it's pretty solid if you took out the network issues. That being said, it's a wonder it wasn't incorporated into the BB Tour, the tour already having a newer version of BBM than most other phones. I bet it had to do with the expectation of server loads and when they were planning on upgrading their systems.

Is 5.0 ok for the majority of people today?

I tried it on the weekend and messages weren't going through so reverted back to the old BBM. Wouldn't mind having 5.0 again though.

the new messenger is really working up and down for me. Let's not get to mad, it was a leak. I don't like how sometimes theres an x next to someones name but they don't know it.I'm using yahoo messenger till the problem is resolved..

I used both of them yesterday and at first they seemed to work great. As the day went on it seemed I had issues and I blamed OS for it. No sounds on text, no alarm, no facebook or myspace. But I was still able to access them from browser so no big deal. The no sounds and no alarm is what finally made me decide to switch back. Now I lost BBM 5 and I want it back. Does anyone know where I can get BBM5 for my Storm?

My thinking behind why the servers went haywire. Not necessarily the bbm 5.0. I think it is the features that it has integrated in that the old bbm didnt. Old bbm was pretty simple....status msg, add contact, send voice notes and pictures. From what I remember that is it. So the only thing that you really had pressing on the servers, was the amount of text that goes through the servers. Now for the new bbm that offers status updates....and shows each msgr friend what you have changed, profile pictures added....with an enlarge option so you are not looking at a dime size picture, broadcast message option....so now we can send a message to multiple people without sending each one individually, you can also start a group chat and select the people you want and not have to individually invite them and last of all the best one you can now back up and restore you contact lists from a back up file! It is great! So now as to why they went haywire is because think of all the things they added, and now take that there are say 1 million users using it. So now take you have added 5 times the amount of things it can do and say 1/2 of the new users 500,000 people put a huge load on the servers just by adding pictures and changing statuses now instead of just sending a message. BBM5.0 is great and I think it gave a lot of people new hope in what RIM can do with there devices! I hope to see bigger and better changes as long as they can update their operating systems instead of us trying to find the newest latest greatest OS from another company. It gets old....but no matter what we will be here with our BB's waiting!!!!! So long live bbm 5.0+

oh wait one more thing!

---I think 5.0 was leaked to test the app, and its impact to the fullest. Something that having 2000 beta testers could never achieve!! So good luck everyone and thank you Crackberry for being here for all of us!

i believe its also from the 5.0 leak. and since everyone is upgrading and getting new phones. but im pretty sure it was the BBM 5.0 leak that hurt ALL BBM's in general. because my mom and other friends havent upgraded to the bbm 5.0 and they too were having problems. it was a wrong time for BBM 5.0 to leak in my opinion for RIM

Well I feel they wanted to shut down the server because BBM 5.0 leaked out and they people to think something is wrong but beside that fact, I think they should fix the tweaks and just say F*** it, its already out next time just keep it more confidential.

They all sign confidentiality agreements when they go to work for RIM and some people just don't care what that means and leak information and don't actually care about the company they work for. If there were harsher penalties or even jail time involved then people would actually keep things secret and be concerned about there job and there future with a company that they are 100% disrespecting. Since that won't happen then its just all damage control. Course that does not mean that companies do not have test programs that involve "leaked" information, but do correctly it can be tracked back to the source.

RIM knows what there doing. There's no way there gonna let an app leak without being ready. I think it was a beta test to see how it would act on there servers. Now that they know they can make the proper adjustments and realese a fully powered new bbm for all blackberry abusers and users. Then again that's only my opinion.

RIM knows what there doing. There's no way there gonna let an app leak without being ready. I think it was a beta test to see how it would act on there servers. Now that they know they can make the proper adjustments and realese a fully powered new bbm for all blackberry abusers and users. Then again that's only my opinion.

I'm a bbm power user lol and it's worked great for me (5.0) and I added myself to my own list to test it from time to time and it's rock solid as far as I can tell. Every message I send I get back totally fast- and yeah, it's great being a beta tester (volunteer guinee pig lol)

I have a ATT BOLD and I know the whole past week I have been sending BBM's to sprint users, att users, verizon users. I have noticed a lot of Verizon users the past week complaining BBM was going slow for them before it went down. My cousins with blackberry's from verizon were saying that messages weren't being sent, some people got like 5 of the same message, etc. Then I saw it all go down during that period of time everyone complained it was down. Now I can tell you this was happening from people I know in Detroit, and in California. I had no issue at all until the day RIM took everything down....

I don't know if this will help...

In my opinion, I do believe that BBM 5 was a contributor to the problems RIM had with their servers. I gotta believe the leaked release had some kind of impact. On the other hand RIM knew darn well that BBM 5 had leaked and if it were that big an issue, they would have made a public announcement stating that it was the cause, thus detering the use of future leaked software. I believe they knew and let it ride because they were gonna have to deal with these same isues in the near future when the official BBM 5 was released. For them it just took care of alot of issues that needed dealing with anyway. Just my 2 cents!

I’m using it on my Bold and it seems to work fine however, from time to time chats just disappear. I’ll ping a friend (send them a few message lines) and then I’ll click over to email or another application. But when I go back to BBM, the original message I sent is gone. It happens when people send me messages as well. Messages I save for later vanish.

Anyone else have this problem?

im using a 8900 on orange in the uk, and bbm was working fine for me all weekend, i'd be interested to see if anyone in the uk had problems, i havent upgraded to bbm 5 yet though, not sure if that has anything to do with it,

Ok, my husband and i both have Bolds and downloaded the 5.0 yesterday. Today, our profiles switched!! His contact list showed up on my phone and vise versa. The BBM also shows his PIN as my PIN, but under settings, everything is normal.
Anyone else had this problem?