Why BlackBerry hates me..

By Bla1ze on 3 May 2014 06:17 pm EDT

Remember how we told you about how the BlackBerry University Power Tour was once again visiting UAE? Well, they took J_Caloy along with them this time and well, I'll just let the video speak for itself. Poor guy, so weighed down with efficiency, productivity, security and options.

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Why BlackBerry hates me..


They need a tour in Manila or any other urban areas in Philippines.

What do you think boys and girls

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Am I the only one around here who absolutely hate this guy? Wtf is wrong with BlackBerry! How could they possibly have this kid represent them. I just don't get it.

Go away. I'm getting sick of his stuping hating bla bla.

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I agree. There is no point in making the best product on the market if you don't properly "Market".

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

Dude, BlackBerry was right when they said he wouldn't last. In about 2 years he's no more. Get Justin Mahone. He's much better than JB.

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I am personally not a fan of the Biebs, but I was shocked to see that he gets OVER **ONE MILLION** "Likes" on almost EVERY Instagram post he makes.

Think about that!

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If JB made one post on IG/Twitter telling people to download BBM right now BB would instantly double their numbers. Obviously we're not fans of his but he easily would do a better job of getting ppl on board BB/BBM than anybody in Canada right now. IDK why so many ppl hate the idea of him working for BB. By not hiring him definitely didn't help our situation at all.

According to my local carrier if I have a 4G LTE enabled device I should be able to access the 4G LTE network and or other HSPA+ frequencies. So the Model should be STA100-5 I think.

This is what I like to see. Would of been nice if someone pulled out the p'9982.

But really if you showing off a device and ypu look like someone just shot your dog your not going to get people interestested

We need more enthusiastic people like this

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Good to see JC going to Dubai and targeting the growing segment in knowledge city... where all the colleges are... way to go BlackBerry and JC

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You can tell soneone from BlackBerry was there trying to get him to talk about specifics. It's better when they let him do his own thing

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It's not a bad video, but I think you're right. JC has made better videos on his own.

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I was going to post the same thing, but I see you already did. They should've just let JC be JC. This was clearly staged and not really on par with what JC would normally produce. BlackBerry is just bad at marketing. JC is basically a slam dunk for free marketing and they even screwed that up! BlackBerry has an incredible talent of being able to snatch DEFEAT from the jaws of victory. (Not the other way around.) SMH

Yes, my wife is an Iphone user and hates my BlackBerry Z10 because when texting with me I text her three times while she is still working on the first text. She used to be a clerk typist.

Great! Nothing like the Z30 to take care of business!

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LOL sarcasm at its finest! Love everything with Blackberry, of course there are a few minor things like load time but seriously... I love my Q10! long Live Blackberry!

Btw funny video!

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But how often do you need to reboot it? I restart mine once every 4-6 months. So boot time really doesn't matter to me....

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I agree that the load time is on the long side but when compared to legacy devices, there is no comparison. What I love now is that with the HUB doesn't take 1 minute or more to load. With new CPUS, the load time will be cut down in half. The Z30 for example destroys my Z10 in the load time.

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This guy's whole sarcasm thing is getting old fast. It was the funny the first time but that's all.

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I wouldn't mind something different from time to time but at least he's promoting BlackBerry.

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His sarcasm thing can actually turn into an entire marketing theme.

Everyone already "hates" BlackBerry anyway - a marketing effort that makes light of this, while actually showcasing how awesome bb10, is actually quite brilliant.

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There's a restaurant chain in Canada, and I'm sure elsewhere in the world, that uses sarcasm effectively in marketing itself. It can work, if done properly. Though if BlackBerry tried, I'd imagine a two year limit on it. In time it does get old.

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This is great! I am very pleased that he has been able to go places with his creative videos. Kudos.

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BlackBerry has made two very wise choices recently: Choosing JC to go along on the tour and saying no to Bieber when he offered to be a product ambassador.

Cheers. :)

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Bieber os too much of a brat, extremely immature.
Alicia Keys was as bad as he would've been since she didn't do shlt that's worth telling

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JC, you should come to my home country, INDONESIA, the love of BB is still there but somehow it's a bit on the downshift, your presence will boost this back up but more important is, COME TO THE LAND OF DOWN UNDER, AUSTRALIA!! show those ozies here that BB10 is a VIABLE and a CONSIDERABLE option to choose besides Android & iOS, people here are just so lazy to explore new things (oh gosh..)

i like the quote at 4:32, "BlackBerry DOESN'T GIVE you WHAT YOU WANT, but it GIVES you WHAT YOU NEED.." yes, yes, yes!!

Aussies are a bit complacent, they buy what they see as long as it kinda works. Still, if you talk enthusiastically, most will listen....

They want easy, easy to use, but most importantly, hassle- and worry-free, and this is where you gotta go when talking to them. Who needs malware, useless antennas in the bush or a dead battery when you've just been half-eaten by a croc?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

JC this video isn't as good as all your others but it's not your fault. Once corporate people get a hold of anything raw it just becomes smush...

Keep doing your thing though!!! Good job dude

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Actually great to see BlackBerry reach out to him and take him along. J_Coloy must run on pure awesome. Great look and video.

I hate my Z30 so BlackBerry you can punish me with a trip to Dubai...LOL

Good job JC, waiting for the other videos, good to see BlackBerry looking to their fans.

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He should start in Canada!!!! Start getting people back to using BlackBerry in its own home land!!

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I don't like to post, but love reading everyone's post. But, hey, I 'hate' this guy! :)

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This kid should be hired for marketing - he is hilarious and very effective. He gets your attention. He keeps it moving!

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I found this guy annoying, I am surprised BlackBerry took him on as a representative, but his last video was pretty good. Sounds like BlackBerry wrote the script.

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Good initiative, but would have worked better if they took a stand at Dubai Mall, the busiest mall in the world, which BlackBerry has a store at, and he randomly approached non users to convince them to switch to BlackBerry using the same theme approach.

Equally, interestingly that there wasn't one native of the UAE that was interviewed considering they represent a significant percentage of the purchasing power.

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Wait for videos part 2 and 3. He is still making videos of his trip and that also includes his visit to Dubai Mall and the BlackBerry store.

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If you're suggesting that BlackBerry hired him since the very beginning you are wrong good sir. He does his videos because he loves BlackBerry and BlackBerry in Dubai thought it would be nice to have him tour with them in the UAE. I should know, I'm his friend that went with him on this trip. Instagram me Aj_Abdon for proof.

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Proof you say? That's nice, thanks!
I am not keen enough on hearing it, though, to register with some sign-up service that I have no interest in.

Maybe you could share it here, where everybody can see it?

You can look me up on Facebook, I'm sure you have that. My profile should be open to see.

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Nope, sorry - that is one place I am most certainly never going to go anywhere near -- not big on social media in general, and obviously shady operators in particular.

Great video (again) from JC! Like the way you do stuff like that. Saw myself (Twitter account) on your pinch gesture scene :-)

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Yay! It's about time BlackBerry makes use of JC and his great videos - nice going & congrats, JC!

Q10, SQN100-2,


Are this is u jc ?

Go on man you will do an amazing things with blackberry ♥!!

Good luck .

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Fantastic to tap into this guy's talent and enthusiasm. Only 1 caveat, not everyone understands sarcasm so crafting a message around "hating" BlackBerry has to be done very carefully and probably limited in scope since most people get and expect direct marketing.

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Great move from BlackBerry to use him for marketing. Hopefully we see more worldwide public marketing for BB10.

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I want people to hate BlackBerry in Romania too. If he had known even a tv commercial :)

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I think we need blackberry to market within the movie " 50 shades of grey". Have christian grey use BlackBerry and show it throughout the movie. Maybe even a keyboard comment. Think i'm joking, hell know. Capitalize on viewing audience and capture the cool factor again. Yes BlackBerry has the best product but with blackberry being the brunt of all phone jokes it doesn't matter. I have friends that think my phone can only e mail because they wont even give it a look. Anyways, this 50 shades of grey thing has ladies by storm and would be a huge market to tap.... yeah i said "tap" lol.

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I think this guy's got a cool attitude and can be quite funny, but could perhaps do with a but of help refining his posts. The first video was a good laugh, but this last video was basically him saying predictably ironic stuff that wasn't quite as funny as it could have been.

All the best to him, and it's great he's got something for himself out of what he's been doing. Good for him.

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Nice to see that the BBRY folks are thinking outside the box a bit.
I've been saying this on the forums for a while that BBRY needs to pull a page out of Dell's original marketing playbook and go DIRECT to consumer with a swarm of catchy ads. Eliminate the carrier altogether the way Dell bypassed Circuit City, Best Buy, Comp USA etc.

Remember steven the dell dude, JC would totally rock this role with a good campaign!


Great job JC you have done a excellent job showing people how good BlackBerry 10 and the Z30 is and being funny at same time

BlackBerry Z30!!!

J. Caloy is in the house!?

I see that BlackBerry once again has listened to the people, and responded.

Good job BlackBerry and good job Mr. Caloy.

Say, we know you are around here somewhere young man. Care to share your handle with use lowly folk(!?)

"BlackBerry DOESN'T GIVE you WHAT YOU WANT, but it GIVES you WHAT YOU NEED.." - cocz BlackBerry knows me and what I do with the phone and doesn't give a shit about what I want, they know what is better for me coz I'm retarded. Noice

Liking the video. Great work JC. Of course Mr. Chen would like somebody with those initials!

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Omg... I absolutely hate this guy.

And I hate blackberry.

Especially my Q10.

It's too efficient for me.

It's making me feel I am slow.


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Finally, they took him with them which they would have done a long time ago. This guy can challenge anyone using Android or IOS and he did it very well.

All fun and grand but where is the marketing for BlackBerry. I still don't see ads running on prime time TV. I see lots of Apple and Samsung ads, but no BlackBerry 10 ads.

So, while these I hate BlackBerry videos are neat and all they aren't going to sell more devices.

Market, market market!!!!

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Maybe there just isn't enough room to air them? Ever thought about that downside? :/
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