WhitePages Mobile Hits BlackBerry App World

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 May 2009 09:24 am EDT

WhitePages for BlackBerry hit App World a few days ago, but today the company fired off a press release (after the jump) "officially" announcing its availability. At $6.99 for six months of service this app may not be a must-have for everyone, so you'll definitely want to watch the video above to see if its something you'd use religously. if you give it a go, be sure to post your thoughts on it in the comments.


WhitePages Mobile Comes To BlackBerry App World

New BlackBerry Smartphone App puts hundreds of millions of people and business at your fingertips.

SEATTLE, May 7, 2009 -- WhitePages, Inc. today announced the availability of WhitePages Mobile in the BlackBerry App World. WhitePages Mobile brings personal and professional contact info for hundreds of millions of people and businesses to the fingertips of the BlackBerry® smartphone user. The app is initially available on the BlackBerry Bold smartphone, with other models to follow in the coming days.

"WhitePages is pleased to offer our best app yet - it's the ultimate productivity booster for BlackBerry smartphone users" said Bret Moore, Director of Monetization & Mobile for WhitePages. "We have expanded on the tremendous uptake and usage of our iPhone and Android apps by designing this app from the ground up with the mobile professional in mind." View Video.

WhitePages Mobile integrates seamlessly with the BlackBerry smartphone functions that people use most. Users can easily add or update contacts with WhitePages listing data, or identify unknown callers directly from the call history.

In a nod to the needs of the professional user, a new Company Search feature provides instant access to phone numbers and addresses for over 40 million professional contacts - with no ‘friending' or account setup required.

Priced at $6.99 for six months of service, WhitePages Mobile makes it easy for users to:

  • Identify who is calling or texting. Look up unknown numbers or search directly from the phone's call history to connect a name with a number, including hard to find mobile and unpublished numbers.
  • Link with business associates. Search by company to get work phone and address for important business contacts in seconds.
  • Lookup people and businesses by category or name. Get phone numbers and addresses including driving directions and maps to your destination.
  • Keep contacts up to date. Add WhitePages listings directly to contacts, update existing contacts with full address details, or send and share by email.
  • View results any time. No need to search again -- recent searches are saved for easy access, on or off the network
Download WhitePages Mobile from the BlackBerry App World by searching for ‘WhitePages'. More information on WhitePages Mobile can be found in the WhitePages blog.

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Reader comments

WhitePages Mobile Hits BlackBerry App World


maybe im missing some key feature, but i have yellowpages for free, i can look up by person or business or reverse number and its lightning fast, whats this one do again thats costs 7$ for six months?

Adding to existing contacts is not as "easy" as it appears. You have to scroll through your names one by one and there isn't a way to jump directly to a contact you know you already have. You can't sort by name, company, or search either. Hopefully we can fix this issue in a revision. Also seems to have some memory issues in 4.6 on my Bold. It somehow locks up and I can't get back into my phone log until it times out for some reason. Reboot fixed it, but heads up, it may not play nicely with other apps just yet.

I use a Storm so I can't roll with this app, yet, but I checked out their blog (blog.whitepages.com) and based on the info there, their iPhone app is indeed free. Why the difference I wonder?

No way will anyone pay a recurring every-six-month cost for this when so many apps - YellowPages.com, Poynt, heck even Google Maps - are free.

I believe is too much money to get this app and it's useless because yellowpage does the same thing without any charge and alseo the biggest issue that you have to pay again and again every 6 months... TOO MUCH

I would pay if this app works the same way it works with Google android, it tells you at the time you receive a call the name of the person calling even if is not in your contacts.
If this application does that i wouldn't think twice to get it.

Dear software makers...

Slapping a different UI on a piece of software that you offer free elsewhere isn't earning you points with the BB community.

(I'm glaring at you, Vlingo)

Hi, it's Bret from WhitePages.

One of the big differences in this app is it includes access to 600 million mobile numbers, non-published, and unlisted numbers to ID unknown calls. This information isn't available in the iPhone app, in Yellow Pages, or almost anywhere else (except for our Android app, which is similarly priced). This gives the best match rate possible. Calls aren't ID'd in realtime but you can pull numbers directly from your call log, it's a pretty nice experience if you try it out.

This information does cost us money so hence the charge. The price to use it works out to $1.16 a month, which is less than a call to 411 - I don't think it's that bad of a deal, and if you don't want to renew you won't be charged again. The alternative to charging would be to load the app up with ads, but even so it's hard to make the numbers work.

We also added another feature which isn't available in any of the other apps, which is Company Search. If you're a power user and need to find business contacts on the go, this features makes it easy to search 40 million work listings with nothing more than company and name, and quickly launch into maps, direction, and add to contacts. There's a lot more focus on adding to and managing contacts in this app -- we'll keep improving it but it's certainly a big leap over what's been available in our other apps.

I hope this helps explain things... thanks for all the feedback and for a buck a month, I hope some of you try it and like it.

Bret i have the blackberry Sprint Curve 8330, and its not in the app store for download. Why u all dont support my phone.

Thanks Ladre - The Curve version is coming very soon. It should be available in the next week or so.

Sounds good...but for $14 a year...I can use my browser and find the same things for free. Something tells me not too many people are going to jump on it for the price and it will come down or even be free before too long.

Honestly, even if it was free I probably wouldn't install it. I almost never need to look up someones number I don't already have. Stores and restaurants is a different story.

Bret, since you're here I thought I'd toss this one over (somewhat off topic, but what the hey)

Your mobile website (m.whitepages.com) does initially show very nicely on my Storm, with its large selection areas and large text and so forth, but do the following, on a Storm if you have one, and see if your experience is the same as mine:

From that main menu, select People Search and then see what the next screen shows. In my case, I do see the text entry boxes, but for what I assume are the 'go' or 'enter' boxes, and maybe one more, only red Xs show, with no graphic or text.

just wanted to point that out.....

Thanks for taking the time to respond to the forum here...

Thanks Johnnymac -- I'm seeing the same thing. You're right, that's the "Find" button that's not rendering. We'll get that fixed.

Does this app work for areas outside of U.S.? When searching for a person you can select "city, STATE, or ZIP" so when tring to find someone in Canada it gives a "invalid input"

Superpages on the Storm is free. What's different? I happen to like superpages from the laptop and the Storm app works well.

The Difference is HUGE according to Brett's response.
"...access to 600 million mobile numbers, non-published, and unlisted numbers to ID unknown calls" - Brett


This app also screens incoming calls automatically letting you know who is calling before you answer the phone. I used the trial version on my G1. It's a pretty cool app, however if you don't really care who is calling before you answer the phone then there's no need to purchase the app.

At the whitepages blog the develops flat out state that the blackberry version does not retrieve the id of a caller while the phone is ringing unless you alreadty have that phone number identified in yoru contacts list. In that regard it works just like the standarf blackberry contact book.

I was interested, howver, in the "600 million" cell phone numbers in their database. And someone asked a pointed question about that database but there apparently hasn't been answer posted. So I took the liberty of cutting and pasting it here:

"I typed in a known cell number in reverse lookup at whitepages.com. It tells me that the current name and address are available through a “premium database” and then the links take me to a site that want’s $5 for the info.

Do I have access to these “premium databses” through the paid bb version or will I also get the same “got-to-pay-more” come on?"

At $5 a pop, $600 million cell phone numbers could amount to a nice little profit.

The paid apps on Blackberry & Android have access to data not available via the free apps (iPhone,m.whitepages.com) or even the main whitepages.com site. That means more matches.

In addition to that, the paid applications contain no advertisements whatsoever!

Only the Android app boasts real time Caller ID, because it is currently the only phone platform that supports background apps. Blackberry does not support this.

Personally when I get can YellowPages Mobile for free, I am not about to pay $6.99 for 6 months of use of WhitePages.

I downloaded this app for my BlackBerry Tour. Paid the $6.99 because there's no free trial.

What did I get for my $6.99? Errors. The application won't start because it has verification and out of memory errors. Believe you me, I am not out of memory. I have 100MB free.