WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 9 Jun 2009 07:37 am EDT

WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones

Being a BlackBerry user and abuser, I can admit that I find myself spending nearly zero time using a Phone Book. You know, those rather large books filled with names, numbers and (if you're really lucky) listings and menus of restaurants. Now, when I say "zero time", I mean when my BlackBerry device is charging or if someone else is at the computer, so pretty much almost never. I'm sure I'm not alone when I think that they're becoming nearly obsolete, especially when everything you ever wanted to know about anything is so readily available. Isn't it much easier to keep a BlackBerry device in your pocket rather than a phonebook?

Adding to the ever evolving accessibility to information is WhitePages Mobile for your BlackBerry Smartphone. Last month, Kevin let us know that this application, which had seen previous success with its Android and iPhone versions, had been unleashed upon the BlackBerry App World. Some of you may have even made use of m.WhitePages.com in your searches. From WhitePages Mobile, you can perform reverse lookups, contact management and Company searches. If you've got a few phone books lying around, stack them up, use them as a foot stool, and read on.

About WhitePages Mobile

WhitePages Mobile has been designed and developed by MangoSpring, who has partnered with WhitePages, to make this solution possible. Currently, WhitePages Mobile is only available for the Bold but, rest assured, the Curve, Pearl and Storm versions are being finalized as we speak. Look for said versions to appear within the next few weeks. As of right now, the application doesn't have access to Canadian listings, but I've been told that they will be "plugging that in soon." I was still able to look up people and businesses from the United States.

WhitePages Mobile

Although beautifully designed User Interfaces are a major plus, what matters the most, to me, is functionality. Luckily, WhitePages Mobile offers both. At the main menu, a row of six icons line the top third of the screen and the entry fields are displayed underneath. Let's look at each icon, starting from the left.

People - Enter in the First and Last Name of the person you are looking for, as well as their City/State or ZIP. You can search by only using the last name, but who knows how many Smiths there are in the world? Now, if you were to access your Address Book, pressing the menu button will give you the option to search for additional contact information for a particular person using WhitePages.

WhitePages Mobile
searching for a contact

Business - Search for Businesses by Name or by Category (for example: AT&T or Wireless). Again, to narrow you searches, enter in the City, State or ZIP.

Reverse - The application will access your native call log and display them in this field. Also, while you are actually in your native call log, you can press the menu button and choose "Search WhitePages". Because of some limitations of the BlackBerry OS, they were unable to offer real-time CallerID, but gosh did they try. This is where the Reverse lookup really comes in handy. The application will attempt to find information on unknown numbers through a database of hundreds of millions of contacts. This is a fair work around.

WhitePages Mobile
reverse search using your call log

Company - This feature is quite interesting and almost scary at the same time. By using the Company search, WhitePages Mobile can scour through its database. This database contains over 40 million work listings. It's possible to find contact information for an employee of a particular company.

Recent - You can find your previously retrieved search results here. This is especially handy if you're outside your coverage area and want to view contact details.

WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry
your recent search results

Help - We all could a little help sometime, and the help menu is there when you need it.

WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry
Lost? Check out the help section

When you do find the correct contact (while using any search method), you will be able to see any information that is listed in WhitePages. This information includes mailing address and a basic Google Maps generated image. Pressing the menu button will allow you to see a more detailed map or obtain directions. You will also find four buttons on the contact page. You can simply call the contact, add them to your address book, send the contact information via email or get directions. When you add as a contact, you can also choose to add this information to an existing contact. After adding the person to your address book, you can see that all of the appropriate fields have been filled. The same goes for sending the contact information; the subject and body are already filled out clearly.

WhitePages Mobile

At first, I did have connectivity issues, but everything was up and running when I switched to WiFi and back. Any of my support issues were responded to quite quickly (Thanks Bret!). WhitePages Mobile has a lot of potential for both business and personal use. There is a cost for using this app; you're looking at $6.99 for a six month subscription. Comparing it to their free mobile site (m.whitepages.com), it does offer superior functionality, except for one feature. The free site offers a reverse address lookup where the app does not. Perhaps in future builds, the folks behind WhitePages Mobile will look at GPS support - it would make finding directions that much easier.


With access to a vast database, WhitePages Mobile is a powerful search tool. Its cost may offer some hesitation, especially with free apps like Beyond411. This is currently v1.0.0 of WhitePages Mobile, so I'm hoping to see this application grow. With features including; Company wide searches, reverse lookup and access to maps, the application is already off to an amazing start. WhitePages Mobile is available through the BlackBerry App Store for $6.99 for six months.

For more information on WhitePages Mobile, click here.


  • access to huge database
  • easily add contact results to address book
  • utilize Google Maps


  • No GPS support
  • Some connectivity issues


Reader comments

WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones


When i'm on the road and need a number to a business I call 1 800 - GOOG - 411 ( 1 800 466 4411 )

It's google business search for your phone. Tell it the city and state, then the business name. It looks up the top 10 listings, and you can get more details like location, phone number. And get this, say "Connect" and it will dial that number for you.

Saved me a ton of times...

Back on topic, I will check out this awesome looking white pages app.

Does anyone know if this Whitepages application is better than Superpages? Super is my current 411 application... I might have to give this a try...

I use superpages because it is FREE and work with GPS I have been able to fine anything and everthing I was looking for

Not sure what this offers over Poynt... and Poynt has GPS support and is free. Plus, it can do yellow pages searching, white pages searching (including lookup by name, reverse by phone, and reverse by address), and ticket searching.

Thanks, but Poynt does everything and then some that this app does, and it's free.

I'll have to agree with the Poynt users on this. I've been using Poynt...it's an excellent app - free, with GPS, business and people lookups, maps, directions. And movie theater info with trailers! You can't beat it.

There is no reason to pay for something when you can get everthing this offers for free. So what if we have to deal with a little ad banner across the top of our screen or something like that. I'm not paying $6.99 for this.

And it's free, too. Why would anyone consider putting this on their device when they can have Poynt instead?

Hi, it's Bret from WhitePages. Thanks for the feedback on the app and great questions. There are some key differences in the WhitePages Mobile app vs others out there:

1) The reverse phone and call log lookup feature, which includes mobile phone numbers. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of calls people get on BBs are from mobile phones. None of the free apps mentioned can identify these numbers. The WhitePages app lets you ID these numbers directly from your call log. If you ever want to know who's calling or texting you, this app does a great job of that.

2) Company Search. This is a new feature not available on other apps, which lets you search by name and company to find office phone number, address, and maps for business contacts.

3) Richer Data. Many of the listings include extra info on household members, company name, even age or job title to make sure you found the right person. Again, not available elsewhere.

4) Contact Management. The Add to New/Existing Contacts feature has a lot of the details done right, to cover work, home, mobile use cases and all of the extra data in #3. Some other apps do this, but not always well.

So -- there are certainly a few good free alternatives, but for about a buck a month (less than a call to 411) we think this app delivers a ton of features and the best data possible for power users. This data does have some extra cost associated with it, and that's one of the main reasons we have to charge for the app. If the features sound useful to you, I hope you give it a try.

Poynt identifies the carrier of the mobile numbers for reverse look-up.

Does this app show the actual person's name for mobile numbers???

Hi Tommy - good question. Yes, the WhitePages app shows the actual person's name for mobile callers (not just the carrier). It doesn't work for all mobile numbers, but will show the name for the majority of them.

Poynt is way better and has yellowpages, movie showtimes, and integrates with your contacts and call log for free! What more could ask for! I love Poynt!

Only downside to this app is that it won't run automatically when an incoming call to pull the number. I've used the Android version and it does run automatically when you get an incoming call. hopefully they will integrate this feature in future versions.

I have searched bb app world and can not find this for the life of me. I searched WhitePages and get a "No results found". Anyone else getting this?

Hi Benny -- Unfortunately only the Bold (9000/8900) version is up right now. Curve, Pearl and Storm versions should be ready next week.

If it was a one-time charge of $6.99, I might consider this. But having to pay $6.99 EVERY 6 months for this app when there are other free apps out there is out of the question.

When it comes to finding a "local" plumber, florist, dentist, etc.---- there's simply no faster way to find what you're looking for than to grab your local phone book.

I do not often use the white page business listings and NEVER use the residential white pages.

For those that do, it does look like a pretty powerful app.