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White or black not enough? Check out the BlackBerry Q10 in 24kt gold

By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2013 08:51 am EDT

If for some reason plain old white or black isn't your thing, perhaps you want to opt for something a bit more flashy. Well thanks to Gold & Co. London you can do just that. As has been with many devices before it like the Bold 9900 and P'9981, the BlackBerry Q10 is receiving the gold treatment. It's not as over the top as some others have been, but this 24kt gold Q10 is still a head turner. 

If you have a fat wallet, the device will be available in both a 24kt gold and rose gold on May 9th for an undisclosed price. The limited-edition devices will be individually numbered and come in a handcrafted wooden box with a certificate of authenticity. 

We're not sure that any of you will be jumping on this one, but if you do be sure to send us some photos :-)

Press Release

Gold & Co. London Set To Usurp Rivals Yet Again With Launch Of World’s First Gold and Rose Gold BlackBerry™ Q10

First shown to the world on the 28th Of April, Gold & Co. London will be releasing the world’s first 24 carat gold plated Gold and Rose Gold BlackBerry™ Q10 on 9th May in Dubai, only days after BlackBerry officially launched their latest technological innovation. Collector’s Palace, located in the world’s largest mall, will be the scene of the launch before the products become available worldwide.

Individuals with a taste for technology and luxury will have the opportunity to combine their needs thanks to the new 24 carat Gold BlackBerry™ Q10 and Rose Gold BlackBerry™ Q10, both of which are to be unveiled by Gold & Co. London. The launch will officially take place at Collector’s Palace in Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall which is located in the United Arab Emirates. Both gold plated phones will be released on May 9, just days after the worldwide launch of the Q10 by BlackBerry. These gold-plated phones are limited edition models and are yet another exclusive release from Gold & Co., a company known as an industry leader.

The new 24 carat Gold BlackBerry™ Q10 and Rose Gold BlackBerry™ Q10 will initially be launched at Collector’s Palace in Dubai before both items are made
available to customers with certified Gold & Co. dealerships such as Damas Jewellers (Dubai), Evolve Lifestyle Group India and the G&C London office in Hong Kong among the numerous worldwide outlets. All gold plated BlackBerry™ Q10 models are individually numbered, custom made, contained in luxurious handcrafted wooden boxes and come with a guaranteed certificate of authenticity. It should be noted that supply is limited so prospective consumers are urged to act swiftly to secure their gold plated BlackBerry™ Q10. They are an excellent BlackBerry addition to the Gold & Co. London Porsche Design BlackBerry, already available.

Gold & Co. London are known as the world’s top manufacturer of luxury gold plated producers and is known for its innovation and high quality products such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberry’s and much more. It was the first company in the world to offer the iPad™ 2 & iPad™ 3 in 24 carat gold, as well as the iconic iPhone™ 5 that was launched just 72 hours after Apple had released the original models. The company is constantly expanding with branches in Hong Kong, India, Moscow and most recently Paris, this being just the beginning of their global reach with the main offices located in London and Dubai. As all Gold & Co. products are certified as authentic, it is no surprise to learn that regular customers include Royalty and former Presidents of nations as well as numerous multi-millionaires eager to add an exclusive gold plated piece of technology to their collection.

Amjad Ali, CEO of the Gold & Co. , spoke of his excitement at the release: “The BlackBerry™ Q10 is an extraordinary piece of technology and we are delighted to bring yet another 24 carat gold offering to our loyal customers. As always, we look forward to being the first to bring our clients the best in gold plated technology and we believe the Gold and Rose Gold BlackBerry™ Q10 products are among the best.”

For more information, visit the company website at





I wish! Price tag so hefty they won't show it

Posted via CB10


Nice try, for fat boys with fat wallets

Posted via CB10


That's freaking ugly. Waste of money.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.


Freaking sexy!

Posted via CB10


Obviously you won't be buying it so buzz off about it?


wonder how many ppl got this, lol!


I wonder if they even make golden iphones

Posted via CB10

Brutal Efficiency

Ask on

I think they do though.

Blackberry Faithful


Uh-oh, you didn't see a diamon iPhone released in Hong Kong yet. ;-)


read the press article above. They also have done 24k gold ipads and have done an iPhone 5.


The frets have to be gold too... in fact if the frets could be gold a rest the black, that would be a sick combination...

Posted via CB10


Seriously. Why not do the frets as well.

Then can't do the back cover, because that would block NFC.


Yes. Frets should be done.


Gold would be too soft for the frets. It would wear too quickly.


I have a 9930, you barely touch the frets. I can't imagine it being very much wear and tear.


I'm pretty sure you touch the edge of the phone more than you touch any other part of the phone, especially the frets.

Hakeem The Dreem

Sweet!On an unrelated note anyone else having server issues with BBM?

Posted via CB10

R Field

You should see they have a iPad with a dinosaur bone in it and diamonds. If you have more money than brains are named Kim Kardashian or a Saudi prince.

Unbiased Tech

Don't get any ideas Kevin! Lol

Posted via CB10


Oooh that's it, this is what I want for Mother's Day! I think I deserve the trip to go get it in London don't you think?

Haseeb Qamar

It's already available in dubai and doesn't look anything like the picture it's actually a lot better than that with a rose gold finish

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10

Emiliano Riverso

Unfortunately i won't be one of the buyers... but i'll try to be there on the 9th in Dubai Mall and send you some photos...

Posted via CB10

Scellow IZI

If someone want to make me happy please contact me :) <3


So Kevin where's the post a comment to win one or have u guys gone soft on us ;-D

ForcePosted using the Z10

Jango Mango

Seconded. Now this would be a contest to remember.


If I can get this to work on Verizon here in the US, I am doing it.


Mmmmmm gold!!!!

Posted via CB10


Mmmmmm gold!!!! :)

Posted via CB10


I think BB should release a model with the outside in stainless to match the frets. Now that would look pretty awesome I think...


Me, more of a silver kind of guy, or, preferably, brushed nickel.

Alexander Tran

Look's like a phone Jay-Z would get!


There are ways to personalize your phone far cheaper and much more effectively than having someone else do it for you.

Check out the great folks at DBRAND for example ( and see what they can do. Very cool indeed that they are already supporting #BlackBerry10 devices.


Take a trip to www dot truesupplier dot com, they have replacement bezels, i got a gold one for my 9900, they also have diamond ones and various color combos. I use the site to also purchase replacement screens or other components. It's only a matter of time before they get the colored ones for the q10 and z10. As of rite now they have black and silver bezels for the q10

Posted via CB10


But it voids the warranty...

jojo beaconsfield

My girlfriend wanted one with Pink Diamonds!Not going to happen.

Tomas Carrillo

It would be fantastic if it were made of silver.

Posted via CB10

Aaron Cake

Quite nice. I gold plated the bezel of my 9900 about a month ago and really like the distinction. Sadly only one other person has noticed and asked about it. It was just under $175 to gold the Bold so I can't imagine it would be much more to perform the same operation on the Q10. Of course I guess the hand crafted wooden box (useless) and certificate of authenticity (authentic what?) will drive up the price considerably. Note to anyone else modifying the bezel of the 9900: the flexible circuit that runs the buttons is not only held on with T1 screws but also glued in place. Be very careful removing it otherwise it will rip. Ask me how I know.


24k gold is awfully soft, not sure how well they'd stand up to the real world.

Posted via CB10


Hmph! The Rogers store didn't offer me the gold one! LOL



Posted via CB10


I'll wait for the Walmart gold-electroplate model. But then again, the phone could turn my hands or ears black....

Posted via CB10


More proof that some people have more money than sense. I should have had this done to my day 1 palm Pre lol

Louis Belshaw

Omgg I want that what's the price lol

Posted via CB10

jet parker

Damn I want I want...... mad I got the z10 I was trying to hold out for the Q10 but my bold 9900 of two years died on me

Posted via CB10


They should make the Keyboard Frets gold too.


Bling! Bling!
How about one in titanium? Haven't seen a titanium uni-body or shell phone from anyone yet.


Forgot that it would kill the use of NFC. If it's for the bezel or steel liner replacement, that would work.


Hey guys! How about a concrete blackberry with rebars in it? Lol

Posted via (CB)

hendra pribadi

Too over blackberyyyy!!!!!!!! When will be the drop test of this Q10??????? Im waitingggggggg!!!!!????

Posted via CB10 - Z10 STL 100-1


Ok... Here's my problem with everyone of these "gold" BlackBerries. They never take the time to make it ALL GOLD. Just the ring around the phone isn't enough at all. You need for have the frets, the BlackBerry logo, and even the colors on the letters be gold. It would be so worth it if the just too these lil extra steps. THEN it would be somewhat justifiable to pay such a ridiculous amount for a phone

Aaron Cake

The issue is that it is a lot harder to plate plastic. It takes multiple steps and the coating never really does have the longevity that gold plating a compatible metal (such as the stainless bezel) does. Plating plastic requires a metallic conductive coating (usually vacuum deposited via an electron beam) in typically silver or nickle, then copper, then the final metals to be plated. And anyone with plated plastic parts in their car knows that it doesn't stand up to years of use. Also, coating the entire BlackBerry in a metallic layer has significant negative effects on RF. For example, there is a company that gold plates 9900 battery doors but after which NFC doesn't work well. These are the main reasons I only had the bezel on my 9900 gold plated and the cost was actually pretty reasonable. No doubt that the custom wood box on this example will double or triple the price over just the plating alone. Doing the frets would be very difficult as they are integral to the keyboard. A new keyboard with gold letters and frets would need to be manufactured.


Now that is Hot!

Posted via CB10


Crackberry Kevin's next phone? Or a Crackberry giveaway contest contender?


I was wondering about making the band blue anodized. That would give it a splash of color and yet retain the metal look.


Please post pics of the rose gold CB

Posted via CB10


Platinum case or maybe Titanium. Strong and corrosion resistant. If BBRY hits $100....

Posted via CB10


I would take it that's for sure!


Make it out of silver! You can't buy physical silver anymore... the silver ETF trades have ruined the market!

But if you can get your hands on real silver bars coins bullion... Buy buy buy Buy!!!!!!!

Gold isn't impressive... looks kinda gawdy! maybe if I was on jersey Shore or something like that hahaha

Posted via CB10


My funds don't stretch that far so I will stick with my Z10 from att lol. It is beautiful though


Nice... All of them will be purchased by the Sheikhs there... it to hurt anyone's sentiments here but those guys are floating on a sea of money.

Posted via CB10


Let me guess... ~$5 gold (PLATING), and a price tag of $20k USD.. close?

Ferdinand Rn

Whoa!!! Wanna have one of this

Posted via CB10

Roberto Felesie

Damn nice!

Posted via CB10


I want a gold z10

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10


Looks sweet but would look better with gold frets. I bet the rose gold phone is all kinds of sexy.

Posted via CB10


I like my black Q10

Posted via CB10


Geez if I had the money id buy it for sure.. Stunning


A phone for me is a work machine so I couldn't care less about that.


just get a yellow highlighter and do'er yourself


omg I wish my Q10 had a gold side or sterling silver.


I love gold! I wish they would offer the phones in colors besides black and white....BORING!!


"I wanna be next to youuuuuuuuuuu, black and gooollld black and golllld black and gollllld"


Waoooo Excellent!
I want some


That disappoints me. But I will figure out how to blue mine out. Just wait... ;)

Richard McGuire

And how/where does someone exactly place such an order?

Nick Deed

Very hot, in either shade of Gold Ill take it, and show it off like there is no tomorrow :-)

Rick Mehendiratta

Never too old for gold. Got the z10. I'd wouldn't mind a q10 especially a gold one!!


Pick meeeeeee!!!! *waves hand in the air*

holly joslin

If I got it for free I'd sport that baby EVERY WHERE!


Bought a gold plated iPhone 5s from these lot yesterday. Was blown away with their craftsmanship


How about just different colors.