White Bold 9700 and Fuchsia Curve 8520 Heading to T-Mobile?

White Bold 9700 Tmobile
By Adam Zeis on 17 May 2010 09:25 am EDT

Word on the street is that the Bold 9700 in white and Curve 8520 in fuschia will be landing on T-Mobile in the next few weeks. TmoNews posted the image above showing the white Bold should be arriving on May 26th, while some other intel informs us the newest addition to the 85xx series lineup should be popping up in the next few days. Rogers was the first to snag the new 9700, but if you're in the US and can't wait to get your summer style on in white, you hopefully won't have to hang in there much longer. Fingers crossed that we'll see the Pearl 3G in the coming weeks as well.

Source: TmoNews
Via: BerryReview



Damm that phone is sexy


Noooooo!!!!! lol I just bought my AMAZING 9700 in black (of course)Love the phone but I agree with datta72..the phone looks sexy!!! :-)


Does anyone know if and when this will be available for AT&T?


omgaaaaaaaaaaah i want it SOOOO badly!


i know wut im buying myself for an early 21st bday present lal