White BlackBerry Z30 lands on ShopBlackBerry

BlackBerry Z30
By Alex Dobie on 5 Apr 2014 05:24 am EDT

Wondering what happened to the white BlackBerry Z30 when the regular black model went on sale at ShopBlackBerry a few weeks back? Fear not, the GSM unlocked white Z30 (STA100-5) is now available to buy from BlackBerry's official online store, priced $499 for those in the U.S. — same device, only with a lighter, brighter exterior.

Need accessories for that new white Z30? ShopCrackBerry has you covered.

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White BlackBerry Z30 lands on ShopBlackBerry


According to a very reliable dream I had last night, we should expect a nice sexy variety of Z50's in Black, White, Red, Silver and Dark Blue, slated for later this year. ;)

This is like a rare white Bengal tiger sighting...very nice...

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Seriously??!! Is this true? I live my BlackBerry Z30..... and will definitely go for the Z50 if it's even better! Where are these rumours coming from??

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BlackBerry 64-bit octa-core phone coming this September not 2015, says source

And John Chen also elaborated in more than 1 Interview, that they plan on releasing a mobile device that's designed to Attract "New Customers" onto the BB10 Platform. In My Opinion, this can only mean a high end Full Touch Device, most likely the Z50.

BlackBerry CEO: We're readying another Flagship to WIN over New Customers:

When I listen to John Chen, I take his words serious. He states it as it is, no sugar coating the situation. He's that type of individual and quite professional, yet open to BlackBerry loyalists.

Here's a direct John Chen QUOTE:
"""While the Q20 is the BlackBerry for its hardcore user base, the other flagship BlackBerry is intended to win over new customers. And there's a strong chance it will launch this year, although he said he couldn't guarantee it."""

White phones are gorgeous. I have a white Moto X and a black Moto X and the white is just so much better. Not all boring black looking like every other phone that's made these days

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I personally like to not buy white phones because when they get dirty, it shows more so than in other colors. Having the same phone in two colors, would you say this is true?

The z10 doesn't get "dirty" and I suspect the z30 won't either. I have had mine (without a case or cover) since May last year and it's as white as the day I unpacked it.

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WHITE POWER!! (says the black guy.)

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Lol! I had to throw Chapelle in there somewhere.

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Looks nice but is a Z30 better than a Q10? My Q10 keeps crashing on me, it restarts itself a couple of times during the day...):

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My z10 is not crashing but it is soooo laggggggyyyyyy I don't know why...I deleted all the massages in the hub...and the phone still lagy...especially apps like Facebook..blackberry app world..twitter..igrann..etc

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Have you checked the Device Monitor app? Something might be eating up your memory. If all else fails, take a backup, wipe and restore.

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Or an LG G Flex. My Z10 lags as hell also, but to be fair it's an STL100-1

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my LG G Flex

the battery might just be loose. Try putting a piece of business card between the top edge of the battery and the battery housing.

Ok will try doing that because I noticed it tends to happen a lot while i'm playing the Boggle game n you have to shake the phone to mix up the letters. Tnx for the suggestion sbx9900

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Have had Z30 for months....never "crashes"...never drops a call, unless of course, the person on the other line has an iPhone - then rarely...

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The Z30 looks great in white


...an Alex Dobie sighting on CrackBerry!!! Welcome Alex!

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Yeah it does. I really wanted the white version but Verizon never released it. I made my Z10 an oreo but that's not the same and I can't do that with the wireless charging of the STA-003 anyway :/

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I actually agree that it is too white. But that is just my take. We are all entitled to our own opinions though. Stay classy.

By the way I typed this from my white Z10!

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It is too white but because of the way the Z30 is designed you can't put any black on it. The silver bezel sews to that. If you leave the screen black like it is on the Z10 you won't see any white at all until you turn over the phone. Don't think it would classify as a white phone if the only part for the device that has any white is the back plate.

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I do love my Z30 but I agree too much white I ordered the Black glass weave battery door for mine… It will be perfect :)

Meh... there is a lot of coloured metallic paints in the world...follow Apple - touchscreen and black or white....MEH...

I hope they delayed the white z30 because they managed to fix the back cover for it! I heard that the white glass weave picks up dirt worse than a 2 year old

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This should be touted as thee alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S series. They've done well putting white hand sets into the hands of both sexes.

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I'm surprised that in this day and age people still associate a black or white phone with it being male or female oriented. Makes no sense, but whatever.

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I totally agree with you! Since when has black been classified as strictly masculine and white feminine? Black looks classy of course, but there are far too many black slabs out there already. If YOU like it, who cares about what anyone else thinks?

For some reason, white touch screen phones all remind me of iPhone. But that's just me, I'm sure tins if people will be excited to see it. I'll stick to black.


Maybe you should try it first. You never know you might change your mind once you hold and use it. :)

Man.... I want this so bad.

I already LOVE my Z10, so getting a bigger battery and screen would be ace.

Sadly, I have other tech needs at the moment and I'll have to replenish my smartphone budget before I can get me a Z30.

Or... the lovely people at Crackberry HQ can buy me a Z30.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Z10ing in white. It's nice.

Hope to resist Z30 for long enough until new superphone hits.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Both are nice. Just a shame that silver nub at the bottom doesn't match either.

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I love my Z30 but never really understood the cheap silver strip on the bottom. If anything it should have been brushed aluminum. Still not bad though.

I think the next designs should have the word BlackBerry removed from the front, if anything just the spark should be there, I like the look of it but not on the front, so much. Also I don't think BlackBerry's name will help sell phones right now. build it sexy, make people ask what it is. As much as I dislike apple, you can ask 10 people and 9 of them will say iphones look great. I personally would pay the top apple price for a BlackBerry that looks great with top tier specs. (and definitely more for the internal memory upgrade) they kind of do this with the porsche design but just way way too far on the price not specs.

Anyways BlackBerry forever!

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I don't think they should take the BlackBerry name off the front of the phones. That is what got people asking me about my Z10. They didn't realize BlackBerry even made touch screen phones so I gave them the rundown on what this baby can do. If it wasn't on the front it wouldn't have drawn their attention. I also like that it's not overly flashy yet just enough to stand out. I don't cover the logo on the back either. Gotta fly the BlackBerry flag!

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Ohhhh, I don't know - I think it looks a little weird somehow in white, especially where the silver lip at the bottom is on the black one. On this, it looks like it's been just stuck on the bottom. :-(

Aesthetics aside, the Z30 is one massively underrated phone.

I really like my white z30.
It's definitely worth it.

By the way, I bought mine through epp, and not only is it unlocked in Canada, I put a net10 Sim to go to the usa and it was unlocked for that too. Full lte data voice and text.

So, you save about 30-40 bucks due to not having to unlock it if you travel.

So, take that into consideration into the pricing too

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You buy Z30 through epp? Exactly how? Are you a employee? Or do you know someone who work for BlackBerry?
I wan to have one.

Anyone have pics of a white Z30 with a black back cover?

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I generally prefer dark phones but do like the metallic bar at the bottom being more discreet on the white Z30.

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Weird question, is gsm and let the same thing? I've never really understood the whole frequencies thing.

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Not really. Without getting too technical, if you see GSM, in a very strict interpretation, they're talking only about 2G networks. However...more commonly nowadays, when they say GSM, they could be talking about 2G and 3G networks. LTE is completely different in that it's a unifier, if you will, of GSM and CDMA, and the frequencies used for it are all over the place.

Beauty, been waiting for the white one for forever. Finally gave up a week ago and ordered the black one. Ah well they say timing is everything. On a brighter note, Z30 is a GREAT phone.

Oh I like what I see. But as I wrote in a thread in the Z30 forums, I am not sure if this will work in Germany with the frequencies being different.

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They don't make the -2 in white? I thought at least the UK had it.

Edit: see comment below about the UAE. That's most likely a -2 as well.

It's too late, too late i tell you! I already got the black version when it first became available on the website. Can't go back and undo for the white. Will have to see if i can sell the wife on a white model as an upgrade for her white Z10 that she just got a few months back.

It's out in the UAE in retail stores, they received it today. Been very quite about its release in white.

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I'm a little miffed that they came out with the white version right after I bought the black one. Had I known they were going to release the white one so soon, I would have waited.

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My hopes n dreams are crushed since the -1 variant is not being released :( ATT you sck

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I have been envious of Verizon getting exclusive on white BlackBerry's in the past. I switch to Verizon and no white Z30. Dang I wanted this white Z30 so badly. Anyone want to trade lol

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I think the white Z30 looks great! I've found myself buying a lot of non-black camera cases and bags since with climate change black bags and containers heat up very quickly. So I think there's a lot of justification for more light-coloured devices, particularly for hotter climates.

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Ohhh,i bought it a week ago,hope always find shop crackberry phones from your site, and will u release the Z3 soon or no?

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How lucky you are? In the UK BlackBerry shop sell it for £499. That means about nearly $1000 . Anyone coming from the US to the UK these days to bring me a white one with him/her and I'd pay the equivalent in UK pound + a nice restaurant dinner ?

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I like the white Z10 because the sensors and front camera still remain nicely hidden. The Galaxy S# is hideous with all the sensors and stuff showing at the top.

Too bad the Z30 has the top bezel littered with sensors, camera and speaker.

My least favorite thing about the white Z10 was the black around the screen, the white Z30 got it right.

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Nah really, should have waited.... ah well. black already grew on me lol.

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I would take a white, no issues but I do prefer the "black" I love the CF battery door, the phone is not really black, having a choice is great

My Z30 (white) is sporting the black cover. It looks and feels amazing. I swear the black cover is thinner also.

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