White BlackBerry Z10 sneaks on camera two days before big debut

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2013 10:10 am EST

Just two days before the big BlackBerry 10 launch event around the world, the BlackBerry Z10 has made another appearance on camera. This time things are a bit special as it's the white variant stealing the show. We haven't seen or heard too much on this model aside from a few renders and a peek at Verizons BB10 site, but it's been rumored all along that both a white and black model would be available.

I don't know about you, but I'm really digging the white on the Z10. I've never been into white phones before (that's Kevin's thing) but since this one bears a striking resemblance to a Stormtrooper, I think I might be going that way this time around. I don't have any issues with the standard black version, I just think classing it up in white might be the way to go this time.

Source: gadgethelpline

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White BlackBerry Z10 sneaks on camera two days before big debut


agreed. love the black and white contrast.

Does anyone know where I can watch their launch event? Will they be providing a link that will be streaming the event?

Same here, I hate my white iPhone and was gonna beget a black version of the z10 but the white looks so much better.

Love the look of the white. I'm glad they didn't go with a full white bezel on the front. It gives it a classier look. I've never been a white phone fan before but I'm into this one 100%. Mmmmm mmm!

Yeah I'm kinda digging the contrast as well I was certain that I was going to get black and the girlfriend was going to get white but that white one is really tempting.

Really?! And what if you happen to BE a Black Man?

For me ... Black goes with everything! The Blacker the Berry, the sweeter the juice ;)

On the real ... Black is classy, always has been and yet still street. From hip-hop gear to suits!

The best selling BB model was the 83XX series, which came in more colors than most major car lines.

Black for me white for my lady (she was a blackberry fan before we got together which is chill) then I'll buy the aristo off contract later. Hopefully its massive note 2 size and I'm one happy camper!!! So pumped!!!!

Wow how ironic. We had been dating for over a year and a half she was living with me and I think we just broke up today!! BRING ON BB10!!! So black only for me (I would get white but I work in the oilfield and that son of a beast might get a little dirty O_O

If she left you for BB10 ... then you can forgive her.

(How do you "think" you break up?) you did or you didn't. Well I hope you get to rekindle what you both had with each other and its tougher than leather!

That would be awesome to have a commercial with a legion of white phones lined up together preparing an invasion and have a Black Z10 strolling toward the camera ala Darth Vader. Da da dada da daa da da da....

Everybody knows the Empire is the best!

I Bleed Black & Berry

* BlackBerry by choice *
Yes! If it doesn't happen someone here with the ability should make up the mock commercial for just that.

Edit: why did the Stormtrooper buy the BlackBerry? He couldn't find the droid he was looking for :)

(Because it doesn't exist)

Correct me if I'm wrong peeps, but from the looks of it the Z10s are going to take a regular SIM, right? Not a micro one...

It might be my first white phone. As long as Rogers ships it in White on their pre-order. It never specified colour so i'm not sure

The pre-order didn't ask if you wanted Black or White, but if you go back and look it does say your reserved phone is "BlackBerry 10 Black."

Lame. I just checked and you're completely right. Hopefully they can swap it out or i'll just cancel my order

the back would have looked better in black, IMO.
maybe i'll buy 2, just to use the black back on the white phone...lol

Or go to retailer 3 weeks later, buy replacement battery cover instead of new phone. *ahem*, I mean, yes, go buy a second phone. Keep the battery cover and ship the remaining hardware to me...

I must admit its an amazing looking phone and i cant wait for bb10 but can someone please tell me why is the charging port on the left side and not on the bottom?? how can i possibly hold this phone with my left hand while its being charged?? isn't the "flow" a complete one handed experience?? ok i thought about the dock but how often will someone use that against using the phone while charging??i mean i hate using my 9900 while charging in my car. i love blackberry but come on Rim, thats not so hard to do..! u already did it with the 9790!!

There is nothing to fix. Blackberrys are designed like this and most of the users never complained about that fact.

Use your right hand? Or maybe you should use a handsfree bluetooth or wired headset? Both of your hands should be available to drive the car while you are driving. Do us all a favor and put the safety of yourself, other drivers, and pedestrians ahead of the "necessity" of answering a call in the car.

What chi-town311 said. Oh, and when not driving rotate it 180 degrees and the charging port is not under your left hand. Fixed!

This is probably not as a big deal as you may think. I was holding my 9900 with left hand as I read your post, and my hand was below the charger port.

If anything you could just rotate the phone to landscape too

Agree it should be all black or all white.
I'll go with the black, you wouldn't be able to see marks lol

Not a big fan of the black bezel. I don't know if it was a conscience decision for looks or to avoid a lawsuit from Apple or just a supply issue. Either way I'm holding off for the X10.

Hope they have enough Whites! And FYI, the three phone charger does show phone charging sideways. That will show landscape alarm apps nicely. And photos look real - battery looks real.

I was going to get the White Z10 but I'm not excited about the bezel being Black. Why couldn't they just make the bezel white?

White looks very cool. Tough decision but I'm still leaning towards the black one. I'm man enough to carry a white phone, but I think the black will stay cleaner as my last two BlackBerries I carried "naked" and will most likely do the same with the Z10.

One of my earlier BlackBerries was actually a BlueBerry. They should bring blue back!

Was in AT&T store they have no clue when the new units will be hitting stores. They have had no training on any new blckberry's. so which tells me AT&T won't have units probably until late Feb!!!

Same here. I'm in the US, btw. AT&T had no idea about the phone's release date. No training by anyone in the store. Makes me wonder when they'll be available for purchase...

Dying for it!

Can't help but notice that the edges are sharp, rather than rounded. I hope that RIM has rubberized the back and sides à la Bold 9700 (my current phone). I can't hold an iPhone because it is too slippery. One of my complaints about the iPhone has been its lack of ergonomics. Rather than have to purchase a 'skin', I want my phone to be easy to hold with one hand.

FANTASTIC idea. Dang I would buy that so far.. In other news, this white looks sick. And I thought Id never say that.

I like white phones, but the back of this one looks like it'll be a dirt/grime magnet. I could be wrong, I haven't actually seen it.

I wasn't completely sold with the black bezel at, but now seeing it from the side and from the back, I'm getting over that reluctance pretty quick. I think its going to have to be white for me! C'mon, Sprint! I want my white Z10! Please dont make us wait :(

Rogers pre-order only gave the option to reserve a black device.

Anybody know if there's a chance I'll be able to get the white Z10? Or am I stuck with black (not that I'm complaining)?

Important Question: (IMHO)
The White Edition from the profile shows the Black Bezel going all the way to the edge. Is that Black Bezel all glass? If so does this foresee a possible "broken glass" affect we see on iPhones that have a similar "concept" when they accidentally get dropped?

This is the best question/comment of them all... I would hate to be susceptible to the iphone cracked screen pandemic.

It's not a pandemic. I've had an iphone for 4+ years and dropped it maybe a handful of times.

The all-glass comment has no relevance - if you're careful with your phone, it shouldn't matter.

Ughh... IMHO this an *extremely* *unattractive* phone.

Does it have the black bezel just so they can save a few bucks? Makes it look cheap.

This phone will be the cause of much anti-BB ridicule :(

Why can't the bezel be white and still work? Is black the only colour any touch-sensitive surface can have???

The white looks nice.
The back cover fitment looks to be a little off just to the right of the HDMI port (2nd pic). I hope there won't be a problem with the back cover fitting tight and without any apparent, thought be it small, gaps.
Hardware build quality is very important.

I think the reason the white looks better is because on the black one the bezel is a different shade than the black around the screen. If they were exactly the same it would look better. So white for me!

I wanted the white but IDK now, it looks like it collects dirt & grease like a magnet & with the textured back it will be a bitch to clean. I polish my Note 2 more than a 12 year old boy polishes his member so this doesnt seem like the color for me lol. - KID ANDROID (Team Android Canada)

My storm trooper thoughts exactly. Whether black or white, I can't wait for the BB10's to come out. I'm tired of my GS2.

For all of you who have previously owned a white device, I'm going to ask the age old question, how does it stand up to dirt? The white one is growing on me, and I'm considering it, but I'm worried about how dirty it may get

If you keep a case on your phone it will maintain its beauty, but if not in time you'll see the effect on the phone, colour waring off, paint chipping, or cracking, etc. every phone I've kept it a case last close to 2 years looking new.

EDIT: I'm hoping they allow you to easily change the phone housing as older blackberrys allowed. You will be about to buy a new backing though.

If you keep it in a case, you might as well not get the white one. Of course it's going to stay like-new in a case. A lot of people (me included) like our phones naked. I'm wondering too how quickly the white would look worn and permanently dirty (not using a case).

I guess I could use it for awhile and once it gets dingy looking, cover it with a case.

Why not use a pocket pouch? Best of both worlds.

This is what I do with my Torch. Of course, you have to be more careful once you've taken it out of the pouch.

Can you specify more on what you mean by a case? Do you mean a hard case? I normally will have my phone in a holster when carrying it around (either clipped to me or in my purse), but other than that it is out on my desk, or sitting beside me on the sofa

The one in the picture is already dirty ;-). That said I have had 2 white 9810's and they are very easy to keep clean. Except for wear at the trackpad, mine looks like it did when it came from the box

If you can replace the housing for these new blackberrys as easily as you could on the old one, that's gonna be a major PLUS++++. I wanna add screens, cases,(for iOS/android/bb10) and if there released bb10 housings to my clothing store. This was one thing I liked about blackberrys.

There is a video on case removal on z10 and it's super easy. I don't have time to get you the link but I am sure you can google it.

This is so sexy !! I had the white Xperia S. Love love love. Got stolen. Bought my first BB phone to compliment my PB, and fell in love with BB. This white phone is so gorgeous

I really can get over the fact that its not ALL white. The bezel really should be white as well. The phone would look THAT much better if it was. Consider the look of the white iPhone and Galaxy... or even the white Torch. All white would make such a stronger statement and would definitely draw more eyes.

Good Point but the Z10 needs to be different from the iPhone and android and older BB models, it doesn't need to be mistaken for one of them. i felt the same way as you at first but the more i look at all the new pics i like the black and white contrast more now. but thats just me.

"All white would make such a stronger statement ..."

What stronger statement would a little more white make?

Blackberry 10's basis of operation is centered around bezel gestures. Having the black interior bezel within a exterior white casing is the perfect visual affect to reflect BB10 gestures from outside the screen. This two tone contrasting makes perfect sense both visually and from a functional standpoint. But that's just IMO and whites not for everyone.

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

It's so booootifullll :o

I still gotta get black. Wife wants white. We'll see if the white STAYS white or gets dirty.

I want it in blue or green or red or purple or anything! Black or white is great but we want more colours!!!! :)

Bright Blue for me ;)

This just makes you your mouth water... Thing of beauty! Can't wait!! Johannesburg launch party here I come #TeamBlackBerry

I have a white 9810 which I think looks good but the white z10 looks better and better every second I look at it. Beautiful device. I just hope it feels as good as it looks in the hands.

They should come out with a Storm Trooper Edition for whenever Star Wars 7 comes out, and have it say, these are not the droids you are looking for!

I dont like the Z10 being compared to Storm Troopers. I'm not a Star Wars expert but werent Storm Troopers mindless clones? Seems to me that is reserved for iPhone users

I have a change of opinion on the two-tone contrast. I now like it and think it makes the phone stand out.

I like the black one. The white on the front don't look right.
Can they make it skin colour? So when you drive, nobody will notice?

FINALLY, been trying to convince my wife to go BB10 (well BB 7 up until recently) for ages now, she is pushing me for a Galaxy S3. Just showed her the white BB10 phone and she is sold.

Just preording now from Rogers.

Oh you know what would be PIMP?! An all white TEAM CANADA BB10 with the maple leaf on the back in red, similar to what they did a few years ago with the bold 9700


Or RIM just goes THROWBACK and starts custom making your favorite Blackberry model with BB10! That would be sick! I know not practical from a business standpoint.......but I would love to have a bold 9700 shell but under the hood all BB10 baby!

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

Really wanting forward to cost plans being free, i seriously wish this. Pretty spectacular The white version keeps wanting higher and higher. texture is sweet on the rear too! i really like BB shot SexyBack 10 http://tiny.cc/5baerw

The phone looks awesome. Loving how there is hdmi out on it! I don't think enough attention has been made of that. THAT'S AWESOME!

Ok. Since no one is saying it, I will. Wouldn't it make more sense if the bezel was white so the phone actually looks white minus the screen?