White BlackBerry Q10 available from Bell starting July 5th

By Bla1ze on 25 Jun 2013 04:15 pm EDT

If you've been wanting a white BlackBerry Q10 in Canada but weren't with Rogers or willing to pick one up off contact, we have some good news for you. It appears as though Rogers Canadian exclusivity on the device is almost over and starting on July 5th, you'll be able to grab a white BlackBerry Q10 from Bell. The pricing of the white version will be the same, meaning you'll be looking at throwing down $200 on a 3-year contract or $700 outright. Every time I see the white version, it makes me want one.

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White BlackBerry Q10 available from Bell starting July 5th


Oooo so maybe white exclusivity on the Verizon Z10 isn't forever??????

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Not sure how it works in the US but very rarely in Canada are the exclusive deals ever permanent. At most, they typically fall off around the 6 month mark.

Fetish: sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object, or from a specific situation. You get aroused with white phones....nice

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Has anyone even SEEN a white Q10 at a Verizon store yet? I have been to two different stores (one corporate, one independent) to see one but neither had the white on display. You would think that if Verizon has the exclusive they would make a show of it by having it on display. Neither did the store personnel offer to show me a white Q10 when I specifically mentioned being in the store to see a white one on display. I can't see it until I buy it???

It looks great in pictures but someone below says it doesn't look as good as the pictures. I am not sure what that means unless maybe the white is a bit more plastic looking once you seen it in person. I know it has a different finish from the black but is it really that off-putting?

the verizon store near my work has black and white q10 on display! that's a shame about your local verizon store. I have the black, and my girlfriend has the white, personally I think it looks a touch better then it does in pictures. It's a very clean, sleek white.

If I were you, i'd go into the biggest verizon store in your area and ask to speak to a manager and have them unbox one to show you how it looks in person.

Agreed 100%...I always thought Bell did but I think Telus leading way in BlackBerry hate, that being said BB hate in Canada is love for USA carriers :)

I am with bell and leading to the launch of the Z10... I felt there was a hate there for BlackBerry too. but things quickly shifted there and they are becoming pretty BlackBerry friendly... except we are still waiting for the mobile TV app!

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I have it on Rogers. Just got email, that my order of Crunk case bundle was shipped. I think i'll start wit Orange CB case for white Q10

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doesn't anyone else think it's ridiculous to have color exclusivity... did Verizon invent white or something? where's the logic in it? you think it'd be marketing but how is that helping anything in getting BBRY their much needed sales...?

The logic is that the exclusive will make that color rarer, and those who really really really want it, will sign up for service with the exclusive carrier. As for how or why RIM picked Verizon and Rogers, I do not know that.

its just not a smart method considering their market share doesn't allow them that cushion to be choosy. I understand it from the carrier's point of view, what I was talking about was regarding BBRY.

Well, I would assume that an exclusive is somehow a mutually beneficial relationship. So who knows what RIM got in return? Maybe it wasn't mutually beneficial, but RIM didn't want to piss off Rogers or Verizon...who knows.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that rogers is the first provider to offer blackberry since day 1, might have a loyalty type thing to the brand for helping them get devices out to people.

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Here's hoping for Verizon's exclusive on the white Q10 ending soon...

Bla1ze, do you know if Rogers has been carrying this SQN100-1 model in white? I know they have the SQN100-1 available on request for "international travelers," but did they ever have them in white?

I am waiting for the Telus White version, so maybe this is a good sign that Telus will be following soon. yippee!!

This white Q10 looks nice. Maybe for the next model, BlackBerry will see that the word BlackBerry in the front is not needed and will expand the screen.

White Z10 Verizon

I was going to buy the white one but It only looks good in the pictures!
The build quality is different of the white one.

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"The build quality is different"

Meaning what? Would you elaborate, please? I know the battery cover has a different texture to it but what about the keyboard compared to the black?

What is different in build quality? I actually went to vzw store and check out black just to have a 2nd and didn't see or feel a difference. So please explain the differences between.

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It's not built quality, but materials. The black one with the soft touch carbon back feels 100X better. This also applies to the white Z10 too.

What about the keyboard on the white Q10? How is that different? The black has a matte finish on the keys. I haven't been able to view a white one, yet.

Highly doubt it. Bell uses these things to differentiate the 2 brands. Hell, Virgin doesn't even have the white Z10 yet.

I really have nooo idea why Rogers chose a different model of the Q10. The Bell/Telus model would have worked just fine on their network. In fact, Rogers DOES hand out the model Bellus use, if you ask for it.

I usually love white phones, both my Z10 and 9900 are white. But the Q10 just doesn't look right to me in white, not to mention how much better the black one feels...

I think it's because of the theme. The theme was designed "dark" apparently to save battery power, just doesn't look as good on the white phone.

My wife might have to join me in the white zone! I have a Bell white Z10. Her contract isn't up just yet but seeing the Q10 might wanna make her pay the extra cost to renew!

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I have a note 2 but the z10 is one sexy looking beast... I think blackberry is back... And that's a good thing... The more options the better!!!