White BlackBerry Curve 9320 unboxing

By James Richardson on 10 Aug 2012 09:49 am EDT

We told you just a couple of weeks ago that Three UK have the white BlackBerry Curve 9320 in stock and they kindly sent one over to me today to check it out. (I get excited about that sort of thing!) The white variant is of course just the same specs wise as the 9320 - just the color that is different. You will see from the video that it does retain the nice grey strip around its side and back which looks fantastic from the rear. The two colours really do compliment each other.

So if you are going to adopt the BlackBerry Curve 9320 the question is which colour do you go for? For me I prefer the black but we are all different and I see loads of white Curves and Bolds out there in the wild. Let's face it - us BlackBerry fans love any BlackBerry, whatever its colour.  

Features of the BlackBerry Curve 9320 include:

  • Instant alerts for email and social network updates
  • Full Qwerty keypad for easy messaging
  • Instant access to your favourite apps
  • Access to 9 million music tracks with BBM Music
  • BlackBerry Internet Service is included with no additional cost on all Pay Monthly plans. This gives you
  • BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), App World, email and internet access on your BlackBerry

Three offer the BlackBerry Curve 9320 from £139.00 on pay-as-you-go with various good value options for add-ons.  

Reader comments

White BlackBerry Curve 9320 unboxing


That's one ugly phone. Apart from the back the black version looks far nicer. They should have at least left the chrome trim on it, it looks far too plasticky and cheap and almost like a toy.

*Rolls eyes and shakes head*

This is NOT an unboxing video in the proper sense. As a veiwer, I want to experience the same joy and wonder of the virgin unboxing that the reviewer gets. Instead, in this video, he's already broken the seal and taken some of the wrappers off.

It's like being sold a new car and finding out it's been used as a demo......

It's like finally convincing your first girlfriend to give away her virginity to you, only to find that she's more than experienced.....

It's like buying a new computer, only to realize that it's been returned by someone else after you found pictures of a girl with hairy armpits on the hard drive (true story).....

It's like.....you get the idea.

In the future, if you're going to do this, label the video "A recreation of the actual unboxing of a ________"

Or better yet.....wait until you have the video rolling before you open it for the first time!!

No offence mate but if the device had come with wrappers on it I would have taken them off live on camera for you. It didn't though. Maybe next time. Good day to you.

The devices all come to us from various places, most of which have already opened and activated them. So it's the same unboxing experience that we get, take it or leave it.


Good day to you. 

You don't have to be such an @$$hole. At least he took the time and effort to film this for other readers that would be grateful for the video. He also showed us the black version side-by-side, which he didn't have to do because it is an "unboxing" video...

That's like buying a new car and getting two instead.

As Adam said, take it or leave it.

Well.....good day to all three of you!

Look....I live my life vicariously through other peoples' experiences on-line. With that as my norm, I have a very active sex life...

I guess I'll just have to buy my own virgin equipment. Fine!

this phone reminds me the extent by which RIM had abandoned, mismanaged and poorly planed the high-end segment of smartphones...I think this is the only new phone for them in 2012....

In NA, blackberry has become a punchline because of such phone. No wonder their brand appeal went from a top 10 to off the top 100 list...

good day to you, sad day for me