White BlackBerry Bold Arriving On AT&T October 18th

By Bla1ze on 14 Oct 2009 08:54 am EDT
White Bold Arriving On AT&T October 18th

It's been rumored, fondled and confirmed a good many times by now that the white Bold which is set to come to AT&T on October 18th, and later on Rogers, is probably no longer white. If you've got a love for the snow white BlackBerry Bold, it'll set you back $200 provided you're not holding out for the Bold 9700 Series which should be following alongside this release any time now. Rogers customers, we're still waiting to see a release date for "Snow White" (as I like to call it) in Canada but it can't be that far off.

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White BlackBerry Bold Arriving On AT&T October 18th


I wish there was a way to trade my black bold for a white one, even if I had to go through warranty to do it. Alas, I doubt that will be possible. I am really liking the white Bold.

I wonder if the build on that is better than the current bold...I wouldn't mind the upgrade since I like the feel of the bold more then the onyx...unless it has issues like when the bold was released then ill just skip it.

I agree with Xquisite30.

I would loooooooooooove a White Tour. Maybe for Christmas.... ;)

VZW, here's a great way for you to make money (and we know you like that).....In official VZW corporate stores, you could have color kits that the techs put on. Charge, say, $25 for the kit and $5 for the service.

I would be first in line.

Why does RIM not offer more phones in color when they are released. Why so late?? Do they think that customers do not care about color anymore and all we want are black phones with silver bezel????

Wish that BB will come up with cool colours for all of their lineup....well most of them. And how I wish that smartphones come up here fast in Canada instead of waiting a while for them after their release in the U.S. But nothing I can do. Just wishing.

when i switched to AT&T, i selected the white iPhone because EVERYBODY had black. i'm so excited about this white Bold, but now i'm forced with a major decision! 9700 or White 9000?!

Now that theres a new line of phones coming out, the older models should be cheaper. Im thinking of finally picking up 8330 from tminetworks.com. Usually they run 50 bucks but they're offering them free with a verizon signup. looks like a decent deal.

The simple answer to why they don't release more colors at launch is this: repeat sales. Look at how many of you guys are chomping at the bit for the same phone in a different color and willing to buy it. I'm not knocking you, but I would do the same thing. Yeah it makes a few people mad but it sells phones.

This is the same thing record companies do when they re-release albums with additional tracks or videos and such.

I'd love to have a white Tour, but I'm not going to buy another one because of the color difference. Most folks buy their phones at a discount from contract renewal or upgrade. Buying one outside of a special price- you might as well Colorware it. It would be cheaper than dropping a few hundred for a replacement phone.

..from ebay. I bought the white housing case for 29 bucks! It's down to a science the same! You have to change the screen for the LCD part and thats the only part I haven't done yet 'cause I hear it's ridiculously difficult. However, you should google "white housing case for blackberry bold" and you'll have a brand new BBB ;)