White BlackBerry Bold 9900 now available from WIND Mobile

White Bold 9900 WIND
By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2012 12:32 pm EDT

The white BlackBerry Bold 9900 is now availalbe on WIND Mobile. Flat out it will run you $549, but you can drop that down to as little as $99 on WINDtab on the $40 plan or $349 on the $25 or $29 plan. This could be a good option if you have an older device and don't want to lock into a longer term contract before BlackBerry 10 hits in a few months. You can grab the white Bold 9900 online and in stores today.

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I wish this had been available at launch... I think a lot more people would have bought in if the white and black were both available at the same time like Apple does with their iPhones.


$400 would be a nice spot to buy this phone.


This is about as relevant as wired corsets


Fuck off you irrelevent trololololololollller.


I am glad I went with the black one at launch. If not, I would have still been waiting for T-Mobile USA to release it. lol


You're kidding me. 2 months ago Bell told me they weren't available any more! grrr


I'm on bell. My bb white 9900 does not work on the wind network. I won an unlock code from cb and tried out my friends sim


That's because the frequencies don't match. HSPA doesn't match AWS 1700.

I love wind! :)


I'm still loving and rocking my black BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900. :)

WINDmobile is allot better than Telus/Koodo and Rogers/Chat-r, or Bell/Solo. RochatRBelsoloUsoodo isn't what anybody needs. Lol


DONT BUY THE WHITE ONE! The built quality is way less better than BLACK. I own a 9900 white, it feels like a cheap china made toy, my girlfriend has a black 9900. im envy all the time