White BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming to T-Mobile for $299 on a two-year contract

T-Mobile white BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Michelle Haag on 22 Nov 2011 02:55 am EST
Hey T-Mobile customers, if you've been hoping to get your hands on a white BlackBerry Bold 9900 it looks like you will soon get your chance! Though it's not showing on the T-Mobile website yet, a pamphlet was mailed out to customers with this month's bill that shows the much sought after device. Pricing lines up with that of the black version of the Bold 9900, coming in at $299 after rebates on a two-year contract. Hopefully we'll see this pop up on T-Mobile's site soon! Will you be picking up the white Bold 9900 when it's available on T-Mobile? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for sending this in Jacob!
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White BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming to T-Mobile for $299 on a two-year contract


Because the AT&T and Rogers version won't work on their network, they were able to raise the prices and customers can't do anything about it unless they switch.

I wouldn't use the phone even if they gave it to me. With the probability so high that it will 'brick' itself, why would anybody pay $300 for this Blackberry. Based on the Playbook experience, there is a good chance RIM will drop the price by at least $200 within a few months for those that want to take the risk on a device that is faulty right out of the box.

Why take on the troubles??

T-Mobile sets the price on the phone, not RIM. I've had no problems with my phone since I've gotten it and I've been very happy with it.

I'd love to get this device for free, however, I feel that they (T-Mobile) will have to drop the pricing on this eventually. Once it hits the realistic pricing range I'll probably be much more apt to pull the cord and get one. I guess on the plus side too, this time frame may give RIM the time to sort out some of the issues...

I'm so jealous hopefully at&t gets it soon.. But $299 is ridiculous all the other carriers are $199 for the black one and the white one will be the same price .. Tmobile has horrible service so you pay all that money for a nice phone but have horrible service

Yeah the price is ridiculous but you gotta think , their plans are cheaper than everyone else. You might pay more for the phone but you are paying less every month VS paying less for the phone and getting raped every month.

It should be priced at $199.99 at the absolute maximum. There are too many phones that are more capable and priced more sensibly.

In addition, white? Does this really matter?

Well I'm excited, and I have been waiting. I may consider sticking with my 8900 a little longer though, until they drop the price and maybe get the bug that is bricking peoples' phones fixed.

With all the reported problems with this phone, not tomention- no UMA or Hotspot...they're nuts. I'm def staying away from this phone till the kinks have been worked out.

With top of the line Androids and even the iPhone priced at $200 black or white, $300 does seem like an excessive premium for a blackberry in the US at least. However, over a 2 year contract Tmobile plan prices may have you saving money in the long run if your coverage area is adequate. I'm a Tmobile customer and I would rather spend $200 for a dual-core android than a "subsidized" $300 blackberry. Seeing Playbook prices slashed more than half, the phones will have to follow suit if they want to gain market share or even just retain currently blackberry users. Better yet, if you currently own a BB, you should be able to get a new Bold for half the price!

$300 for a BlackBerry with T-Mo???? Bwahahahahahahahaha T-Mo should be paying people $300 to sign up for their "service".

woooow 100 dollars more just because its white? LMAO

anyways, im waiting for it to drop on AT&T but im damn sure not paying 300 for a white phone haha...tmobile needs to get their act together

as of now, ill wait patiently..my 9700 is holding up like a champ

I switched never been more happier ! That I left tmo ! Dont need UMA with ATT !

UPDATE WENT BACK TOO TMO ! way way better then att !
had almost a month over 60 dropped calls att replaced
9860 3 times still dropping also had micro cell and
still dropped,2 case # and finally att replyed back too both case # im in GREAT 3G/4G area
" This is the best its going too get "

WOW what a reply too say to new customer

My gosh! Are we any closer to gettn this white version released anytime soon? It's been almost a month since this news went out...So sick of waiting and my old 9700 is hanging on by the hairs of its chinny chin chin!! Growing mighty impatient here...anybody got any "exclusive" news they wanna share concerning the release?