White BlackBerry Bold 9790 surfaces again, release to follow soon?

White Bold 9790
By Jared DiPane on 21 Apr 2012 03:21 pm EDT
White 9790

We have known for a couple of months now that the BlackBerry Bold 9790 would be available in white as well as the standard black color, but the details were few and far between. Some leaked slides back in January showed that we would see a Q2 of 2012 release for the white device, and lately we have seen some of them popping up around various places. Last month forums member bligui got their hands on one and showed it off, and now forums member radewa shows off some more pictures. We can only hope that this means that the beautiful white Bold 9790 release is coming soon, and that users will be able to claim one for themselves. Hop in the forums to check it all out, and let us know if the white Bold 9790 will be your next device!

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White BlackBerry Bold 9790 surfaces again, release to follow soon?


What? Pictures of a BlackBerry product that cannot be purchased? Will wonders never cease.

Could be worse, though: if it were announced and a ship date set, then we'd know it will *never* be actually produced.


So hawt. BlackBerry really needs to ship that phone with a white "theme" to match. That's one of my BIG things... if you're gonna do a colored phone, you need a cool matching wallpaper/theme to go with it. Toss a RIM employee (or hire some third party theme devs) to do an awesome BB White theme to go with the phone.

I know this is a post about the 9790...but anyone hear anything about the white 9900? I want to get my wife a white AT&T 9900 to replace her 9800 (assuming AT&T gets the white version).

I have the 9790, its a good phone. Fast and I like it. Its really tiny too and the buttons are a nice feel on the hand. I wish they would put out some real 7.1 updates though, still rocking 7.0.

Just download a the latest leaked, install on PC, delete vendor.xml file, connect to BB desktop software, and then let it do its thing...

I dislike those buttons, seems like its design for a first grader learning how to use the phone, i would like the buttons more hidden like on the 9900. not so popish outish.

The white 9790 is nice and all, but I still haven't seen the option to own a white 9900 under any of the carriers more specifically AT&T. My wife wants a 9900 but in white...what's the deal? And no I don't feel like going eBay and getting one full price.

Please bring this to TMo...GF does not like the size of the bold and prefers to stick to her 9700...would give her a good reason to upgrade since she loves this size/form factor.

♥ it, I have the black. (Themes is an issue by itself. Not enough good working free themes yet. Maybe I ought to learn how to and make them availbe cause I'm waiting 3 months now.) If I don't get mine sold (for 9900) ima try get some special tech if poosible to replace black to white when/if availabe.

The insides basically. One is made to work with att&t/t-mobile and the other to work with sprint/verzion. Just google gsm/cdma for more information.

Why does RIM keeps sticking with those buttons and the trackpad? Get rid of them and make the screen bigger already!