White BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted on eBay!

White BlackBerry Bold 9780 eBay
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2010 10:57 am EDT

After playing around with the Torch for a few weeks now and really getting a feel for BlackBerry 6, I can honestly say I'm super excited to get a hold of the BlackBerry Bold 9780. Having BlackBerry 6 running on an updated version of what is possibly my favorite device (Bold 9700) will be killer. Today a white BlackBerry Bold 9780 was spotted on eBay and I'm almost tempted to bid on it -- you know how much I love white BB's. This one even has the factory stickers on the back and is oh so tempting (it's taunting me). As we know, the Bold 9780 is a 9700 refresh and will ship with BlackBerry 6 (w/ WebKit browser), a 5MP camera and boosted 512MB of memory. No official word on when/where this one will land but we're all hoping it's not too far down the road. You can check out more on the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on our rumored device page or swing by eBay if you're feeling bold and want to bid (it's already over $1000 US!). The seller is actually in our CrackBerry forums too, so you can also check out this forum thread for more details.

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White BlackBerry Bold 9780 spotted on eBay!


WOW! Thats pretty crazy expensive. the unit would normally sell for 599.99CND +Tax as a no contract. to send 400+ dollars is almost another phone! lol

its prob just a 9780 unit that has had the white body of the 9700 put on it. they are the same form factor, no?

Now thats what i like to see IMO that should only have three phones... 1. Storm 2. Bold 3. Pearl with all these other ugly sluggish phones its getting sad

Can't go wrong with white. I'm actually waiting for my new housing. I'm turning my OEM black Tour to all white. Even keyboard. Lol. Hate how delivery sometimes takes forever!!

I wish BB would step up their hardware to compete with android. Put something more under the hood and make it touch screen. Talk about a perfect phone then imo you can't beat this form factor!

Could you exaplain to me how Hardware can ever compete with software? Because thats what andoid is, it's software - an operating system.

So what? The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini has Android running on it, does that mean this phone is inferior to that? Maybe you should take a class in jargon-busting before you speak again

And we'll never see OS 6 released for the 9700. And I say that because it seems like talk of the 9700 has completely fallen by the wayside, even though we know a port for OS 6 does exist for it.

Granted I dont know how the process works in Waterloo, but I don't see what could be taking so long. It's been tested, we know it works, so why not release it?

Even if the carriers don't want them to (presumably to encourage users to upgrade and extend their contracts), they could just stick it up on Blacberry.com and be done with it.

What pisses me off about it is I've been a loyal Blackberry customer for the past 5 years, and I'm not paying to upgrade to an OS that I know runs on my existing hardware.

....Much less paying to upgrade to what's essentially the SAME hardware.

I absolutley am in love with this phone but cant wait. My upgrade is eligable the 27. And I want this to be out already. HURRY UP RIM!!!!

This is the same scheme employed by Apple and the iPhone, its the exact same hardware (talk about recycling) but only with beefier internal specs. Makes me wish things were like before, like when you bought a car and you could upgrade it yourself. All the new stuff is meant to be outdated relatively fast (and cheaply made as well) all for the sake of profit. One of the downsides of Capitalism *sigh*

Get brave and grab that soldering pen, order up the bigger chips and see if you can get the drivers on-line to make it all work together!

All this time I thought the 9780 would only come in black. Thinking that my white 9700 would somehow be unique and become a classic. -_-

about screen could be photoshopped

no pic of actual ram space.

could be os6 theme

no pic of webkit browser

smells like a fake to me

So it will not work on T-Mobile US or Wind 3G. Weaksauce.
In simple terms it is an AT&T compatible model.

I wonder what it is like to be able to bid 3 times the release price of the 9780, just because you don't want to wait another month or two....I'm not hatin'! I'm just jealous!

MC019 eBay Listing Removed: (414223960)

Dear sjrod55

We'd like to let you know that eBay has ended an item you were bidding on for breaching of one or more of our policies. As it's important that eBay maintains member privacy, we can't tell you exactly why the listing was removed.

Any offers or bids placed on this listing are now null and void. If you were the winning bidder, you're no longer obliged to pay for the item:

290472342798 - Blackberry Bold 9780 Factory Unlocked 512MB 5MP White

ebay is a damn joke.

there policies for new sellers and policies in general make it hard to actually sell things and make money.

As for removing it,i bet they did so because RIM contacted them or something because the phone is still "unreleased"

it could of been a scammer that had a 9700....

Yo, Kevin, Bla1ze, Craig, whoever reads this, could one of you guys IP Ban these fashion shop retards? They're really getting quite annoying now.