White BlackBerry Bold 9780 and BlackBerry Torch coming to Rogers

By Bla1ze on 12 Nov 2010 02:47 pm EST
Rogers White BlackBerry Bold 9780 and BlackBerry Torch 9800

It really hasn't been a secret that the white BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry Bold 9780 were set to come to Rogers at some point. With the holiday season upon us it only makes sense that Rogers would offer up the devices. Possibly even as part of a holiday promotion despite having just raised the pricing on the BlackBerry Torch. But, just in case you needed some visual confirmation of their arrival the above image should suffice. The in store dummy units have arrived and the actual devices are expected to follow along shortly. I'm holding out for the red BlackBerry Torch but would gladly take one of those white BlackBerry Bold 9780s right now.

Source: CellularGuru



Ill take a white 9780 on AT&T ASAP!


It would make it just that much more different then the 9700 in black. More memory, more storage, better Camera, and now in white.


Hmmm...Torch shows a date of May 20th .....


Maybe it's a dummy unit.


I like the white one but I'm assuming it shows dirt and marks more than the black one. Can anyone with the 9700 confirm that?

Kevin Michaluk

going to stand in line for it!!


Wow, seeing them side-by-side, reminds me of how much everyone bitched about the compact size of the Bold 9700 keyboard compared to the 9000. Now I look at the 9800 and think, that must REALLY be cramped!


Wow! You're right. Hadn't noticed that before how much more cramped the Torch is. Too bad.


Isn't the 9780 in white going to be ALL white?? The black version is completely black with no chrome-like parts.


is looking better and better everytime I see it...


Don't get the white thing. Seems really girly (which is great, for women users)


a white one for telus does anybody knoe


Too bad it wasnt all white with no chrome like the 9780 black is all black with no chrome. Looks just like a 9700 now...


Must have that white Torch.


or does the left half of the 9780s keypad look grayish and the right half of the keypad looks white like the rest of the housing?


It's a shadow from whoever is taking the picture.

Chris money

Hey Kevin you givving away your 9700.


The black trackpad. Someone explain this to me.


It was explained once before (maybe in forums). It has something to do with sensor in trackpad not working well with white trackpad.


i dont think thats the 9780 in the picture~its the 9700 because its a chrome bezel and not black.


I thought the same thing for a second, but its a dummy unit, and it has 6.0 on it...


hi ! how are you?
I will like you totell me wich smartphone should i get? I had de bold 900 but some idiot rob me :( anyway!
I would like to know wich one is better in performance? I know thats the 9780 camera is kind of better ! thanks ;)


I have the ATT 9800 in white. I get tons of compliments. Sure, it might be better without the chrome bezel and the cyclops track pad, but it still turns heads. Does it show dirt or get dirty? Not unless you are some primitive slob that has to eat bbq while texting. Girly for guys? Maybe, but I'm comfortable with my manhood. I think it looks nicer than the Bold, especially in person. Choices folks it nothing else... YMMV


Count me in, this would be a great item for a christmas gift!!


hmm i just got the black 9780 from rogers yesterday.. should i switch for white one once it releases?
i like white more.. but that one jus looks exactly the same as the 9700 white one. i saw it at the virgin mobile store.


Who wants a white Blackberry. yuck yuck yuck....


I've been at the store at saw checked out the dummy phone. They had no date for when it came in. Then I called Rogers call center, and they didn't even know that they were getting it.... so now I'm just waiting for a call back, but an idea of when would be nice


The white BlackBerries are the best.