White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Gets Unboxed and Fondled!

White BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2010 12:22 pm EDT

Video, Photos & 1st Impressions of the white Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700!

WooHoo! My happy day is here! If you're a regular reader of CrackBerry.com you'll know I have a thing for white BlackBerrys. I'm not quite sure why... maybe it's the exclusivity (you don't see that many of them); maybe it's that white goes with summer; or maybe it's just the fact a BlackBerry in white seems so wrong but just looks sooo right. Whatever the reason, at least I do know i'm not the only one who thinks this. On a recent CrackBerry poll, 35% of respondents said if the BlackBerry they already owned or were going to buy next were available in both white or black at the time of purchase, they would get it in white.

You can watch the video above (be sure to watch in 720HD!) and check out the photo gallery below to get a good look at my white Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700. I love it. It's beautiful. But while I'm super excited and happy with my new WhiteBerry, I have to admit there were a couple things I'm not 100% pleased about and just think RIM (and Rogers in this case) could do better with little very effort to drive home a better out of the box experience.

The Good: Before we get to the bad, I wanted to highlight one of things I really like these days in BlackBerry-world... and that is changing over my BBM contacts to a new device. For whatever reason, I don't like to use the BlackBerry Destkop Manager device switcher thing - I prefer to treat a new phone like a fresh start and use the Advanced Backup to move over the specific databases I want transfered (password keeper, address book, trusted certificates, etc.). All works fine and dandy if you do it that way (and I'm sure most people don't). I used to use this method for moving over my BBM contacts as well, but it always seemed to be hit or miss as to whether my BBM contacts would automatically get my new pin updated. It's a process that people historically have messed up all the time (when people buy a new BlackBerry they're always re-requesting your or emailing to add their new pin). But with BBM 5.0, I just backup my contacts to my microSD card, put the new card into my new device, and then restore the contacts. It seems to take a few minutes for everything to come up live, but with no hassle to my BBM contacts they all have my new PIN like magic. Of course, you can also backup to an email account too.

The Bad: The quality control on my white Bold 9700 doesn't appear to be quite up to standard, at least compared to my black Blackberry Bold 9700. Two things here that are irking me... for one, at the bottom of the keyboard below the "chin', there's a small gap that's just big enough to let me see the underpinnings of the chin. It's a bit sloppy. Also, the BlackBerry logo sticker on the front of the device above the display is just a tiny bit crooked (it's higher on the right than the left - not bad, but I notice it immediately). Finally, the last thing that irks me is the location of all of Rogers pre-loaded apps. It's messy. It's like they toss it anywhere into the homescreen ribbon of icons. Who wants the My Account on the first row?? Why stick Zoompass on the third row?? They should really have a Rogers Folder or at least place these in places that are less aggrevating. A lot of new BlackBerry owners don't even realize you can move/hide icons, so instead they just have messy homescreens with inefficient icon utilization.  Not really a bad thing but a sad thing, the white Bold 9700 from Rogers that I received was loaded with OS Ancient! I immediately installed OS which is much better (good OS build in my opinion! get it here). I really wish RIM was in control of pushing out OS updates rather than carriers. 

Room to Improve: When it comes to buying a smartphone in a different color than the norm, it's all about looks. That said, I wish RIM paid a little more attention to this. Take a look at the photos or videos. See the nice white wallpaper (download it here) I added in? It immediately makes the whole device look nicer. I understand that Rogers would want to push their Rogers homescreen, as other carriers would, but that shouldn't prevent RIM from pre-loading some color coordinated wallpapers and even a color coordinated theme to match the color of a device. RIM needs to improve their consumer appeal. This helps. It's easy. Just do it. If any theme developers out there are reading this, I'd love to have a theme exactly the same as the default one, except with more of a white background on the homescreen ribbon instead of the blue fading to black one. For devices like the new Pearl 3G, they should have wallpapers and themes that match the device color pre-loaded out of the box. I actually suggested this idea to the VP of Product Marketing back at WES in Orlando, who thought it was a solid idea, so let's hope we see this happen sooner than later!

That's it! My white BlackBerry Bold 9700 is ready for primetime.  It looks wicked. It even got the stamp of approval from Miss CrackBerry - she's already waiting for me to get a new BlackBerry so I can hand this one down to her. :)

More Images of the Rogers White BlackBerry Bold 9700

White BlackBerry Bold 9700
White BlackBerry Bold 9700
White BlackBerry Bold 9700
White BlackBerry Bold 9700

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White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Gets Unboxed and Fondled!


Was anybody else disappointed when they saw the white headphones? I didnt even think those would be white. I was expecting them to be the premium in ear ones that come with the black bold 9700... that would be pretty sweet/slick/sick looking to have some white ones!

I love love LOVE my black premium in ear headphones.

On a side note I do wish this device was available at verizon. That black leather insert on the back cover is gorgeous, and the design of the overall phone, to me, is much better than the bold 9650 at sprint/coming to verizon.

I wonder what's the deal with the gap at the bottom? Is it just that unit or are they all going to be like that? Not a big deal, just a bit odd since the black version doesn't have that issue.

i'm guessing (hoping) it's just with this particular unit. No reason it would be on others and back at WES I didn't notice a gap on the ones I saw there. It's not that bad... but for me is definitely a noticeable thing.  They just need to stay on top of that unit by unit QC.

That could drive some people insane CBK. They'd keep dwelling on the imperfections on the outside, until they started to wonder what flaws weren't visible on the inside of the device.

What's with the white sleeve? Almost seems like they're implying that the white 9700 is for the ladies. A white holster would have been bad ass. Just imagine for a second Roarke and Tattoo from Fantasy Island. White suits, sporting white 9700s with white holsters. Welcome to the island!

I just got mine 2 days ago, I never noticed it at first but once i saw your video and checked mine out i noticed the gap as well.

Is it just me, or does the top left of the white Bold (where the screen and top of the device meet)look...off? It almost seems as if it's misaligned or indented? It could just be a trick of the camera, but I noticed it on the still shots too.

This is a really nice look, but I know good and well I could never keep an all white device looking good so I would even bother lol

Don't care for the grey trim. But not bad. White is growing on me. Not as ewww as I usually think, but not quite ready to own one :p

Yes, why grey? Seems to me that black trim would have a higher "pop" factor. Plus RIM could have saved a few bucks long term by not having to maintain two separate manufacturing processes; maybe throw the cash at QC to avoid the issues CBK ran into.

Maybe they thought the black would be too much of a contrast? Or that people would think they were copping out and being cheap by keeping the black across both handsets. Still, I can see the designers bringing in the prototype with the black trim and one of the final decision makers going "You know...that black looks kind of...harsh. Can we do anything about that?"

I generally don't care for white colored devices, however this does look very sharp and I would give it a chance.

Thats 1 very very very sexy phone...I wish they would of used a lighter grey trim

Maybe it's just my old age kicking in, but does the white 9700 look a lil smaller/slimmer than the black one?

I would probably never buy a white device. I love the look of the black devices.

I definetly do not like the white holster - now that is fuugly.

RIM should have done this puppy up with a white trackpad - that would have been cool.

When I wanted a black background for the 4.5 zen, I took a picture with the lens sealed off. It came uot pure black then I applied the pic as my background. It worked great! You could try that with a pic of a sheet of paper or something!

that is one SEXY piece of hardware you've got there! i wish they would make a storm 2 9550 model in white!

i totally agree! the white is so great looking! i love my storm 2 and wouldn't switch to anything but a white one. : )

...is the trackpad. I hear they can't make them white - a shame. It just throws the whole look off IMO. But hey, BB's in different colors sicken me anyway. White's not too bad though. White (secondary) trim would look better on it too.

I agree 100%! Why cant they make the trackpad white? or just the whole phone (minus the lcd, but that would be cool too)

I agree 100%! Why cant they make the trackpad white? or just the whole phone (minus the lcd, but that would be cool too)

The white Nokia E75 has a white trackpad... Don't know if it works in the same way as blackberrys, but it sure make the device more streamlined.

Kevin my brother congrats happy you received you new baby your ready to rock. The white BB master piece is elegant slim looks more streamed than the black bold that the great illusion the white color makes very nice. Your the NV of lots of us BB users having this white master piece. Take care of it and don't get your hands dirty. Take care and enjoy it bro.

white is so sexy, and if dirt didnt show up easily then id want one but i think ill stick with the standard black :)

Why a black trackpad? 'Cause it's really a very deep red with dark material behind it.

The reason? The trackpad is little more then a tough plastic cover over an infra-red camera, which exists to track your finger sliding around.

The camera sensor is much like the one found on the bottom of a modern optical mouse, such as the one probably attached to your computer. The big difference is a BlackBerry doesn't need a brightly illuminating LED; it's relying on the thermal imagery from your warm finger & the differing background.

The plastic cover was presumably chosen for durability, transparency to the frequencies the camera uses, and doubtless reasonably inexpensive.

I expect a white replacement plastic could be found or developed but as it'd have to be equally tough and equally transparent at infrared (& nearby frequencies). While that'd be nice I'm guessing it'll take some time before RIM ships something like that.

In the meantime for anyone considering 3rd party colored trackpads; I'd be very careful. What looks good to our eyes is quite possibly the equivalent of a cataract to the trackpad sensor. I'd hate to give up my BlackBerry responsiveness for a purty bit of aftermarket plastic.

i feel your words, kevin! i love white devices! i already love the black one but... wtf, this white version is the best thing my eyes have ever seen... SPEECHLESS! congrats..

ive been reading waaaayy to much about this phone on CB. The amount of coverage this thing is getting is ridiculous...you'd think it was the Storm 3 or something. it a white Bold Crackberry!! Come on! Now I know that Kevin has the Bold 9700 and he loves his phone yada, yada, yada but can you please tone it down with the personal coverage bias. i had to unfollow several CB accts on twitter cause all it does anymore is talk about a different color bold. its really getting old.

I encountered one this week at a customer's office and I got to use it to talk to her IT guy. The first thing that struck me was that the track pad should be white (or gray perhaps). The second thing was, how do I get this trackpad to fit into my 8900?

Just looking at it makes me want one and for me to give up my storm which i really love, it would have to really turn my head...and it does.....enjoy your new phone Kevin...

I love whtie phone, and I would buy this one but I think RIM could have done better. I dont like the black trackpad on the front -why not white?? Additonally, I dont like the black trim on the sides and back. Come on RIM if your going to do a white version go WHITE!

This phone is a beauty. I would never thought a white BB will look good like this. Enjoy your new phone sir.

Phone looks great,and for my taste,I love that all the accessories are white too,like the headset and the holster.
Enjoy your summer with da` snow phone Kevin!

I think it's amazing. By adding additional colors give the fans choices and I believe it'll be selling just as the 8500 in white. I hve a black one but ofcourse I would love to get a white one

1. The screen looks bigger on the black 9700 but that's probably because the white 9700 bezel stands out more.

2. Why did they not make the entire device white? That grey strip killed it for me. They could have at least made it a darker black instead of grey.

I dont like it in white. I dont like the black on the pad and the black/grey trim on the outside of the phone. i would rather have the black 9700. :)

Love it! Congrats! She looks awesome! Enjoy it, it makes me want to get a white housing kit for curve (8530) but I'm not sure if its gonna look as sexy as kevins bold! Again enjoy it!

These white BB's are... very... uh... pretty... yeah, that's the word. They're for the girls. Heh.

My buddy picked up the white bold 9000 and it had all sorts of issues, my black 9700 from rogers has the same issue as your white chin issue, mine even slides from left to right, rogers said they'd send me a new one but that would be my one and only damage claim I could make. Also my back cover had a crease in the faux leather, it eventually worked itself out and I never reallyu cared since I keep my tool wrapped in an otterbox :) also distracts me from my wobbly chin sine it covers that up,

but I'd take the black one over the white one any day. Why? really, often my hands are dirty from work. No way the white berry would stay white. It would very soon match the trackball on my old Pearl... grimy gray.

However if you like, I can happily give your black 9700 a new home :)

I'm loving the WhiteBerry!! I do think they should have went all the way white with it though...the part on the back that wraps around the sides and a white trackpad would have been a much cleaner look.

It's really pearlescent white and it looks nice. Unfortunately it is still behind in hardware and OS compared to many other flagship smart phones. I mean, look at the crappy quality of the video and sound of your post. All video on a BB is so bad compared to many other smart phones. RIM has to recognize even the loyal BB customers are leaving for the competition. As more people get in to the smart phone market with an intro BB and then see their experienced smart phone friend with simply a better phone and experience, RIM will be forced to remove their blinders.

I have to agree, it is purdy but:

1st, it should all be white, the black mixed in is lazy, if you are going to offer a white device, make it all white.

2nd, I have had white devices in the past and the scratches have always shown up alot more.

The white holster and earphones were a nice touch though. All in all I will stick to my black 9700.

Congrats Kevin!

Quality control on the 9700s in general is not up to par. My refurbished Bold 9700 from AT&T came with a gap between the top of the screen and the upper part of the device, as well as a loose trim piece below the keyboard. I love the 9700 - just not it's build quality. My 9000 felt a lot more solid.

The white BB looks so sexy...but being put side by side to the black one..I'd pick the black one.. Both are very good devices tho. :)

Now your rocking hell yeah! Congrats on getting this. I don't understand why Rogers put an old OS on this.. It's weird even the black one I bought from Bell wasnt that old.

I FINALLY got my hands on the white 9700 yesterday!
I have been begging my husband to upgrade since it was released and told him he could get the black 9700 and I could get the white one. He dropped his 8900 in some water and needed a new BB, and come to find out that T-Mobile was having a buy one smartphone get one free sale :) YAY ME!