White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available For Direct Purchase From Rogers

White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available For Direct Purchase From Rogers
By Bla1ze on 17 May 2010 05:22 pm EDT

While they are officially available at Future shop and Best Buy's across Canada, it certainly has proven no easy task to find a location that actually has them. Most Future Shop and Best Buy locations have been reporting them "in transit" for the past few days while others, have either already sold out or only have 2-3 available. No worries though, if you really want to order up some summer attire by way of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in white, you can now call Rogers and have one shipped right to your door.

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White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available For Direct Purchase From Rogers


Actually it's not. I say this because...

1) It's more a metallic Pearl white.

2) Glossy finish,  not matte.

Plenty of reps have had these devices FOREVER now and they look just as fresh as the day they were bought. Unless of course, you intend on diving into a big ol' bucket of KFC and grabbing your device with your greasy grubs. In which case, you shouldn't be buying white anything. Period.

Picked one up today in Kitchener, Future Shop on Sportsworld ... had a few left in stock ... just a heads up :)

if you get a scratch on the phone, you would think the scratch would stand out like a sore thumb on a white phone.... I dont know, I never owned a white phone, but you would think scratches would be very pronounced

that would pretty much defeat the purpose of having a white phone. You buy a white one to show it off, not cover it up so you can't see anything.

well, taking it out of the case or having it out to show off would defeat the purpose of maintaining it in perfect condition.

OOOOOhhhhh, it comes it white! Give me a friggin break RIM. Your lack of creativity is apparent more and more everyday. Switching to the Incredible or EVO as soon as this contract is up.

Looking at the Roger's release notes about launching Pearl 3G, it says: "Gradient red finish, available in Canada only from Rogers".. But no other colours are listed. I want pink!! What is the point in RIM releasing the Pearl 3G in all these lovely colours if we don't even get the option of choosing one of them? I really hope it's not coming in just the one colour. Any ideas?

I just bought my 9700 like 3 months ago and its black is there anyway i can exchange it for the white on for free or a small fee?

I say the demo in the store yesterday and you know what it was really nice .. I was surprised actually ... I liked it.

also the 3G Perl was crazy wicked cool :)

The idea of a white phone is stupid. RIM is spending energies on something useless. I was thinking about getting it for my wife, but she declined and her reasons are so valid.
- imagine a white phone with make up everyday?
- she will consider, if they make in RED.

So I called in on Monday immediately after i saw this post and then called in again today (Wednesday) and they have more!!! so my advice if u want to land this real bad, call daily!! good luck trying to get it at the stores, i find talking to Rogers reps rather than minimum wage punks at a store more productive. i tried to get the free headset with the hardware upgrade, but no dice it's only for brand new online activations.

if u want it buy it off the roger site. i called futureshop and they werent sellin the phone by itself. i called rogers there like were not sure when we are going to get it. the sites the best way

i tried to do the hardware upgrade online but all it did was take me to a selection of other phones with the black 9700. but i'm happy i phoned and they had them in stock today!! :-)