White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Available for Purchase in the Netherlands from T-Mobile; UK & Ireland Not Far Behind?

White Bold 9700 TMobile
By Adam Zeis on 9 Apr 2010 12:36 pm EDT

Lots of rumors floating around on the arrival of the white Bold 9700 lately. We saw some good stuff turn up in the last few weeks, and now it looks like the device is actually ready for order from T-Mobile in the Netherlands. If you live in the Netherlands you can order the device through the carrier's site, however it appears as if the units won't be delivered until early May. Already a good sign however that the white Bold 9700 will soon be floating to other carriers sites as well. We're pretty sure the device is headed to Rogers at some point, and BlackBerry UK & Ireland posted a tease on their Facebook page that the device will be coming sometime this spring. We hope to have more details on this in the near future.

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White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Available for Purchase in the Netherlands from T-Mobile; UK & Ireland Not Far Behind?


U think they'll come out with a newer bold with the bold 9000 size? I find the newer bolds just a tad too small making the feel a little odd.

Nothing rumored yet but I'm with ya, I would love the 9000 size phone with the trackpad and battery life of the 9700.

Not sure but was the "rumored slider" said to have the 9000 size keyboard?

Not sure how the keypad would be but I don't think they'd be able to have the bold 9000 keypad on the slider cuz
of sliding ability.
It kinda looks like a palm pre in regards to the keypad,
so probably like the curve type keypad. Ur idea would make for an awesome bold device

Go to site and do your own google translate it make more sense. Love the fact that if you buy a smartphone on any of these networks e-mail and data is inlcuded. You just pay for minutes/text. And at 250 min/texts for about $20 a month with all data services included - this is an amazing deal. 2 year plan, phone for about $60 and $20 a month. Sick. And yeah - white phones are butt ugly.

Instant Email will cost €11.90 extra per month, so €32 per month on a 2 year contract doesn't sound that good.

I really love the white! I wish they would make a white tour...that didn't require me to disassemble it myself. I did that to my curve and I wasn't too happy with the results. The phone didn't feel as solid as it did in its OEM state after I switched out the case.