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White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Available for Pre-Order from Vodafone UK

White Bold 9700
By Adam Zeis on 14 Apr 2010 11:49 am EDT

The white Bold 9700 has been all the buzz lately, and it looks like some more of you may be able to get your hands on one. We saw it pop up the other day for the Netherlands, and the device is now available for pre-order from Vodafone UK as well. From the looks of things you can order it now, and it is "expected" to be available for delivery on April 20th. The interesting thing is that it is listed as free with select pay-by-month plans. If you're a UK user and ready to rock out in white, head over to Vodafone for more info. Be sure to drop a comment and let us know if you'll be picking one up. Thanks Dave!



very cool in white, wish they could have made the trackpad white too?!


White TrackPad is NOT technically possible.


It's free on every plan they have listed. Would definitely go for one if I didn't already have a black one.


C'mon Verizon Bold!!!!


I still prefer the black for me though, but would love to buy this one for my gf if it ever reaches mexico!


It stands out , its something different :)
N.B: I know that the Bold 9000 is available in white too . haha


I'm not sure if it's me or something but everybody but Verzion gets the cool new Blackberries!!!! Even when verizon gets their bold its can't even compete with the 9700!!!! This white version looks VERY cool!


So how long until Kevin orders his so he can unlock it and have his summer phone?


I would like to see them come out with one that is made of glow in the dark plastic lol


great app to help save battery and reduce the need to scroll through the usual ones.


I wonder when it will show up in the US. I have the black one now. To change up the color I just use different cases, but an actual white phone would be great! I previously had the ice-blue Curve 8520 but moved to the 9700 when it came out last Nov.


would it be possible to buy this phone, get it unlocked, and set it up with my verizon service? is there ant way to set this up on verizion if i had this phone?


when will this be coming to to AT&T?