White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Arriving On T-Mobile USA Soon

White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Arriving On T-Mobile USA Soon
By Bla1ze on 15 Apr 2010 07:14 pm EDT

We've seen the white BlackBerry Bold 9700 show up on T-Mobile UK and NL already so it only makes sense that T-Mobile USA would have plans for a release as well. As T-MoNews posted the internal pic above, if all things go as planned customers should be able to pick up a white BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile retailers as soon as May 15th. Pricing isn't expected to be any different than that of the black 9700.

Source: TMoNews

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White BlackBerry Bold 9700 Arriving On T-Mobile USA Soon


Is there any real upgrades from the black one? Only then would I consider selling my black for a white ...

Nope no real upgrade hardware or software wise...its just a 9700 painted in white thats all.

Dont think its worth selling the black 9700 to get this white one.

dont go selling your blackberry bold 9700 and then pay full price for a white 1 just yet, you can buy the full white housing on line or at ebay.com already for $20 and an addtional back cover or your phone.

do that then go through the hassle of getting the housing and then having to put it on myself. i like factory jobs.

Streamline ehh? Looks like someone's been at work snapping pictures.

This looks hot though. I can most definitely see myself wanting a white one and trading mine in as soon as I could. Glad I didn't white mine out.

It looks amazing. I already have a white silicone case, which would be perfect for it. However, I don't want to go through the hassle of selling my 9700, picking up another one, & transferring everything over :(.

With posts like these, idiots fawning over the same phone just in a different color, it's no wonder RIM puts so little effort into improving their OS and browser. With customers like these, why bother.

I think RIM adds a white blackberry 9700 is an afterthought. They saw Bold 9000 did well, so follow the same suit with 9700.

RIM should have released two colours when a device first come out, while the white should come with a $10 premium.

why didnt RIM release the White one along with the Black at the time of launch. Really is there a point in not doing that? Maybe the few sales from the idiots who sell there black ones to get the white, but other than that why not release both at the same time. you'd get more sales

I have the 8900 and I want the 9700 badly... I'm tempted to get it and get a pink house for it....even tho I'm loving the white one! Come on ATT they need to step up the game! lol

Why are our phones called blackberry? They obviously don't make them in just black, who came up with the name and why? Would be interesting to know.

Its interesting that RIM feels that launching a new color late is what people want. I don't get why they stopped having more color choice at launch (except for the lower 8530)? Other guys are announcing new cool handsets and we get a new color.They did the same thing with the original bold.By the time that came in white, I think very few people cared at that point.

Who needs 1 gig snapdragon processors? Who needs high rez screens? Who needs a new OS? Who needs a webkit browser?

Forget all of that, a White Phone is what we have all been clamoring for!!! Life is good!!!

RIM should just take a page out of the old Nokia book and offer changeable face plates.

No need to update the browser or OS when we can get the phone in black AND/OR WHITE!!!!

I've had the same exact phone for 2 months. Check out ebay or truesupplier, the housing is 2 bucks and you can get a quick video from youtube that shows you how to disassemble your blackberry. It takes 5 minutes to change and its real easy!

I was doing research on this BB... I have the 8520. It states that the only diff between this and mine is the Intranet. And reading a lot of your comments about selling your Black for white or being TOO lazy to change a housing is ridiculous. Hell take it to someone that wouldnt mind doing it. Alot of you scream and cry "YYEEAAAHHHYYYY" When you see these eye candies that have no true benefit at all. So you would rather waste your money on something thats not going to do anything better for you and might just have a few more bugs to deal with. People are amazing. Im trying to see what real differences these phones actually have. Im still looking for that phone that is better than the BB 8520... yes we all have our prefs, but so far for fun games and BS iPhone beats these phones out. All I see so far with BB is probs followed by probs and more probs. I did the update through BB website to 5, and no there is no true benefits to it so far.