The Special Edition White and Gold BlackBerry Q10 now available from ShopBlackBerry UK

By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2014 05:38 pm EDT

If you've been lusting after the Special Edition White and Gold BlackBerry Q10 that was previously only available in Dubai and various parts of the internet, we have what may be some good news for you. You can now purchase the device directly from ShopBlackBerry UK, assuming you have the £660.00 incl. VAT it costs to purchase it to spend.

Crafted using the finest quality materials, the Special Edition Gold and White BlackBerry Q10 delivers exceptional performance in an exclusively designed smartphone. The white microdot patterned back provides extra grip and contrasts beautifully with the brilliant gold colouring. A certificate of authenticity, matching gold-trimmed leather case, premium headset, and an exclusive smartphone PIN starting with "777" make this edition truly special.

The device has been making its rounds lately with rumors that it will also be available on various other ShopBlackBerry regional storefronts as well eventually but for now it appears limited to the UK.

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The Special Edition White and Gold BlackBerry Q10 now available from ShopBlackBerry UK


I hope they sold the hundreds of thousands other Q10s they were sitting on after depreciation before they decided to produce even more. Looks sexy though!

Now in Middle East region Gold Q10 are selling for about $550....$600 I bought my black Q10 I am eagerly to get this phone that time. I wish I waited more so I get this Gold Editionm

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I would buy the parts to convert my white q10 into one of these. Shouldn't be too expensive.

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Got mine in alabama wasn't brand new but unlocked from ATT wasn't intending using in it US cos I was just on Xmas holidays as a foreign visitor

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Holy crap... that's two months rent for university in Vancouver......... your rent is amazing!

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Yup for a year and u wanna hear the good part? I leave in a GRA just like saying I say inn beverly Hills. Other suburbs area in town goes for £220 other £200/yr

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Lol isn't it! :) I think it is the perfect accessory for an 80s costume party though. Pearl and gold, classic.

How am I going to justify have 3 Q10's :( never gonna fly at home.
Uhmmm got sell one!

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These special editions need to drop shortly after launch. Instead of near the end of the production date.

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Same here. Can have gold colors only on jewelry. Not on my cars, not on door knobs or faucets in my house, or on my phone.

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This is what I've been wanting to see more of. BlackBerry can do well selling limited edition sets of various types. I'd love to see a Mercedes version to rival the Porsche ones.

BlackBerry would do well to make some super high end phones somewhere between the porsche line and the Vertu phones. Perhaps not right now, but it would be cool to see once things have turned around completely.

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This might be out a bit late now that the Q20 Classic is around the corner.... maybe
Sure is pretty though :)

Would this phone work on Rogers in Canada? Or is it locked to a UK network?

~ un oeuf is un oeuf ~

If Kevin O' leary still think bb10 is the best technology I'd imagine he'd be interested in picking one up.

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Kevin is always saying how much he loves gold... and he overspent on a gold iPhone 5... so I expect to see an unboxing video of this on CB within a week!!! C'mon Kevin, show us some Gold BB love!

Wait a second... are you saying you're getting one of these?!?!! Dude! I'm jealous :)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Say what!!!!!!!! Looks but Where's the white and gold Z30? Who thinks they should make a gold and white Z30?

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I'd take a white and gold or black and gold Q20 in a heartbeat! Chen, are you listening? *drool*

Man I man. BlackBerry sure knows how to class it up. Plus look in that box, US doesn't hook it up like that. I see chargers, headphones, cases. Damn grimey ass states.

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I might even get a white battery cover like I did for my bold 9700 I previously used on telus in 2009-very late 2010. Might even get a white one for this bold 9900 too. :D this way, all my 'berries are black and white. :3

It costs HK$5688 here in Hong Kong, and we don't have GST here.
Anyway, I don't prefer buying such expensive mobile phone and I like black instead of white more.

From Q5, Hong Kong

Smart marketing. Offer this near the taper-off, to keep folks interested.

I would like to know how many of these type of custom units get/got sold at every ER.

Let's just hope the guys spending 660 £ doesn't end up with a double-typing Q10

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Someone else mentioned it and I van only agree - tacky.

I'd avoid gold were possible - in fact, my pens have platinum plated rings and clips because I couldn't agree with the cheaper gold.
(Montblanc LeGrand Meisterstück)

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I hope for the next high end blackberry phone they will include pouch. Mass producing a small faux leather shouldn't be that expensive Blackberry!

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Wow! I wish that I had the money to buy one of these. I already have two Q10 devices. Black and white. But this BlackBerry Q10 is beautiful! I love it.

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Wow your comment deserves more attention

Here in Canada, my local Telus store has the normal (black) Q10 for $700 without a contract. So this price point is hella attractive

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Not sure why they're charging $700 in Canada when you can get the Black on at shop for $299 when they had the sale a few weeks back.

I'm thinking BlackBerry should also offer Q10's in red and gold or blue and gold. All the nautical types love them their blue and gold.

Just bought the parts to make my Q10 just like this :) So bad ass :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Just amazing!! Its available for around Dhs 1750 in Dubai, which is around 480-500 US$.

PS: that rate is for the "market" and without warranty units, with warranty its around Dhs 2000.

I'm not an expert but why did blackberry come up with new phones z30 and the white and gold edition Q10 months before the new versions of BlackBerry phones? I'd rather wait...

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Well, it's a good stylish Q10, and also with gold color how chic that would be for some pulling it out from jeans. Grabbing too much attention sometimes.

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My worry would be, does the gold trim around the edges last?

Even the black around the edges has slightly worn off on my Q10, just from removing it from its genuine flip case (in which it sat since mid-last year) a few times.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

i got a question, i found this phone unlocked on amazon for $549. I'm temepted to buy but i want to know will it work for tmobile even though blackberry isnt with tmobile anymore?