The White and Gold BlackBerry Q10 goes on sale in Dubai

By James Richardson on 19 Aug 2013 08:56 am EDT

We've seen our fair share or premium BlackBerry smartphones over the last couple of years and it now looks like the Q10 has had a facelift over in Dubai where you can pick up the white and gold variant. It even has a beautiful color coordinated box!

If you are interested in picking this one up it will set you back AED 3,799 (just over $1000). The black and gold Q10 first showed up in May this year (2013) but I have to say that this white one looks a lot more sexy if you ask me.

Would you be willing to pay a little more for some 'bling' on your BlackBerry? Sound off in the comments if you would be so kind.

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Press Release

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Following the successful launch of the BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone earlier this year, BlackBerry® today unveiled the gold and white BlackBerry Q10 Special Edition for customers in UAE.

Offered exclusively in select markets, including in the Middle East, the special edition BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be available in white with a brilliant gold colored stainless steel frame, accompanied by an exquisitely-designed, gold-accented headset and protective leather sleeve. The special edition smartphone will also feature an exclusive range of unique BlackBerry PIN numbers.

Built with precision and offering premium performance in a signature design, the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone combines a large 3.1 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen and BlackBerry's best physical keyboard with the power of the BlackBerry® 10 operating system. It packs advanced hardware with the distinctive features of BlackBerry 10, including the ever present BlackBerry® Hub, that keep you moving.

The BlackBerry Q10 Special Edition smartphone will be available at the official BlackBerry retail store in Dubai Mall beginning August 19.


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The White and Gold BlackBerry Q10 goes on sale in Dubai


Your just jealous you weren't first. Stop being a hater dude. Being "first" is such a good feeling regardless of what you say.

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It actually does look pretty good, unlike most phones with gold. I think gold on a phone looks better if the phone's owner is actually wealthy/powerful... an average Joe with a gold phone tends to look tacky. haha I'm an average Joe by the way... :-)

Ordering now! Been waiting a while! I wanted black and gold but this actually looks a lil more individual

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Why don't you guys(Crackberry) come up with an online show called "Pimp my Blackberry"? Compile all of the different concepts from your subscribers...some of them, like this, make it out into the wild...the ones that aren't produced by BBY, you could find someone that rework one and pimp it out for the winner of some drawing you'd have...just a thought.

Funny you should say that. I'll bet each of the executive team has one as soon as their out the door.

Incredible effort in going full out premium especially of the Porsche Z10 rumors hold true.

This should've been done first month after release. Good to see their beginning to understand some clients in specific regions has specific tastes.

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So I really want one. Who lives in the region that can help me out... or can I order it online through the store... this is why blackberry needs to have an online store where people can buy unlocked also looking for a 7.1 BB torch if anyone is interested in selling their old one

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I'm not a fan of white phones but when I first saw this post and the picture...I wanted one straight away... i'm not rich and I guess there must be a reasons as to why Dubai gets to have it over other countries *cough* money *cough* but still I freakin love it!

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Hi from Ecuador & good morning to all , i belive they should invest in more in specs for future phones , but doing an elite version of that model , makes the brand look cool and its the publicity they need also i belive that its a sign that people like this Q10 and they are focusing in the rigth target reflecting BB as a simbol of prestige.
i realy like the idea , now Imagine a Z10 especial edition..... [ not talking about red or the maybe porche design].


It's not about what it cost to make, it's about the exclusivity of having it and people pay for that all the time. How many people paid $600 for the first iphones and it could do very little as a smartphone and how many people pay $300 more for an ipad when you can get a better Android one for $200 less?

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It's all 'bout then Benjamins baby! It looks quite nice, but to much glamour IMHO! #blingbling

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If I was a Prince in Dubai sitting on a multi-billion dollar oil field and had money to burn, I'd buy 2 of these white n' gold Q10's.

You don't need to be a billionaire to buy this phone... I bought the Q10 for 2699 dhs that's like 750 US dollars I would have got this one if I knew that this phone is coming.

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Go to tour local shop and ask for the gold upgrade.
Pay $100.
Flash your phone like crazy.
Get invited to VIP parties.

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It looks very nice. I've always known the white and gold goes together. I was hoping that the Z10 had a gold logo on it or maybe there one on eBay. If it's comes available in Canada I might buy one for the wifey.

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Yup! Well.....i have never had what you speak of......enjoy your iphone and leave.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I heard the Verge idiots saying how ridiculous it was for BlackBerry to offer phone editions like this.
Seems that they don't understand foreign markets like UAE, or are just to ignorant to care. Either way, a little something called gross margin in these phone editions will hedge nicely against the latest discounts offered to the regular devices.

Smart BlackBerry!

BlackBerry put that phone out to make all the rich and oily people happy in Dubai and hope they don't notice iphone. So where would the black gold version ship to?

So this is what BB is doing with there time ? Is it any wonder the people at BB are being let go ,all the while T.H gets to laugh behind all the way to the Bank .
Ya I can really see this being really popular with the Masses, right.
BB is tanking and fast.
I would have gave Thorsten Heins $100k and a handshake , that's it.

I've got my buddy that's stationed out in dubai on stand by to buy this for me when it becomes available.

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Not a fan of white or gold, but it looks really good! I just want those headphones it comes with.

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Omg. I have the white Q10 now, I think the gold looks amazing.. NOT $1000 amazing though. PLUS, I'd just end up covering it with a case so my baby doesn't get broken

Great piece of marketing for those who like to pay for exclusivity...

I'd imagine any sheik worth his weight in oil would go for the 24ct gold version mentioned a few moons ago...

Like the idea regarding "cool" PINs too!

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Not bad...considering if you purchase the Q10 at full price ($699+tax...roughly $790Cad). A couple hundred more isn't bad for the 'Special Edition' Q10. Many bought the Z10 for around that price too before it came to their respective country!

Yet I still cant get a plain old blackberry Q10 on a major carrier in the US. (Sprint) Enjoy your Gold phone Dubai. Fail!!!!

There is such a disparity between the release of device and the recent layoffs at Blackberry! The optics are so contradictory, a white and gold Q10 for the elite versus the additional 100 jobs cut in Waterloo.

Very nice. I swung back and forth on whether to wait for a white Q10. This would have been the decider. Really fine looking phone - it would be a shame to be covered with a case.

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