Whirlpool Corporation and BDO Canada deploy BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2013 08:49 am EDT

More and more corporations are jumping onto BlackBerry 10 - the latest of which include Whirpool and BDO Canada. So far 60% of Fortune 500 companies have ordered, downloaded or installed BES 10 while over 18,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 servers have already been installed. Lots of big numbers that show the great adoption BlackBerry 10 is already having in the enterprise space. Many of these companies are deploying BlackBerry 10 devices to employees that are starting fresh or upgrading from their current BlackBerry devices. 

Press Release

Whirlpool Corporation and BDO Canada upgrade their mobile deployments to the BlackBerry 10 platform

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 27, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced the latest group of enterprises that have invested in the BlackBerry® 10 platform and installed BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 as part of their mobility infrastructure. Whirlpool Corporation and BDO Canada support their complex security and enterprise mobility management (EMM) requirements by adopting BlackBerry 10 as their core business tool for their mobile workforce.

BlackBerry continues to have a strong foothold within the world's top enterprises with more mobile devices managed with the BlackBerry solution today than any other competitive offering. To date, 60 percent of the Fortune 500 have ordered, downloaded or installed BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and 18,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 servers have already been installed by customers around the world.

"The adoption of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 has been largely driven by BlackBerry's strategy of multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management," said Kevin Burden, Director of Mobility at Strategy Analytics. "The company's ability to bring secure workspace capabilities to iOS and Android alongside BlackBerry, gives IT managers the tools needed to manage the complexity that 'bring your own device' has brought to many environments."

Whirlpool Corporation, a leader in the $120 billion global home appliance industry, uses the BlackBerry 10 platform to enhance their mobile device management strategy, and capitalize on BlackBerry's industry leading Enterprise Mobility Management expertise. "BlackBerry functionality and security is the model for Whirlpool's mobile device management strategy. We are pleased to join BlackBerry in this next step in their evolution, and see BlackBerry 10 in action at Whirlpool," said Tim Densborn, Lead Mobility Solutions, Whirlpool GIS Infrastructure.

BDO Canada, a leading assurance, accounting, tax and advisory firm with over 3,600 partners and staff and more than 100 offices in Canada, works with a broad range of clients across the country and internationally. The firm has deployed more than 1,000 BlackBerry smartphones as their corporate device standard as well as BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to manage their mobile infrastructure. According to BDO Canada's CIO, Kim Watt, "I often talk to other CIO's about the BlackBerry 10 platform and what BDO has been able to achieve having the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 solution in place. The touch screen of the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone for typing is incomparable, and the security features are unmatched."

BlackBerry 10 for Enterprise offers an integrated mobile device and server solution that meets the highest security needs, but also offers the best customer and device management experience by balancing Work and Life through an intuitive and integrated experience between work and personal. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 manages BlackBerry, iOS®, and Android™ smartphones and tablets through a single, unified, web-based management console.

For more information about BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, please visit: www.bes10.com.


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Whirlpool Corporation and BDO Canada deploy BlackBerry 10


Does'nt need to.You should know the ''media'' prefer putting out bad news as it gets more hits ,reactions.BB just need to keep working hard let the results speak for themselves.RIM was dead no let them continue thinking so.

I work for BDO Canada and I chose to upgrade to the Q10 as soon as it was available and so far I love it. I chose the Q10 because I already have a Z10 as my personal phone. Before anyone asks, I prefer the Z10 for the screen real estate, pure and simple. For work, I enjoy the hot keys and battery life of the Q10.

That said, there are two annoyances. I can't file sent emails to folders and contact names don't show up when people call (and I can't be in the phone app and look up work contacts). I've been told this is a known issue.

Posted via CB10

There's a small workaround you can use to file the sent emails: when you mark/flag the emails they will be available in the Remember app in the unfiled map. When you open the "note" in Remember you'll be able to move it to a specific map by changing the map on top of the screen. The email will be an attachment in the note by the way.

If this doesn't suit your needs, you could change the display style to conversation (three dots - settings - display and actions - display style). You'll be able to archive the entire "conversation" in one time. Only downside is... you won't be able to file/archive your sent mail until there's a reply... except if your sent mail is the reply to an incoming mail...

I actually love the conversation display as it cleans up the Hub in a seemless way.

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

This product and service is the core of the company. Great to hear it's deployment/ adoption is really starting to ramp up. This is the free cash flow generating machine that will enable all the other good stuff we anticipate is and will be coming from BlackBerry. Government of Canada?? Ontario?? Municipalities?? Let's go!!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

What a piss poor press release. BlackBerry points out Whirlpool is in a $120 billion dollar industry, but refuses to say how many OS 10 devices are deployed there. Expect more smoke and mirrors during the earnings call tomorrow.

Posted via CB10

The paragraph you are complaining (nay whining) about was very likely written and submitted to BBRY by the investor relations dept of Whirlpool for the purposes of this release. Call investor relations at BBRY if you are not happy with their wording......straighten them out...

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Birdman, if you're short BBRY run for the exit today. That's all I can tell you, tomorrow is going to be really big for Blackberry. Less than 20 hours until the truth finally comes out and silence all the bashers and market manipulators!

Good news for BlackBerry, things just seem to be getting better and better for them. Let's hope they keep up the innovating on both the software and hardware sides. Congrats BB!

Great news, although I would love to hear the sane kind of news in the USA, where BB is struggling the most.

In a way though, I don't think they have to be in the news like Apple or Android to be successful. I remember reading someone saying if they can capture a niche market, that'll be great. I hope businesses are indeed snapping up BB 10 phones even though there's no news about it.

At the same time though, due to Apple being in the spotlight makes you think that they're the first one to make a smart watch when Sony has done it and is on their third generation, done quietly with no fanfare, while Apple is on their first. I hope BB is quietly selling their phones even though there is no news abouy it in the USA.

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I work for a large global company (headqartered in the US) - since months I am asking for their plans to support BB10 devices - but no luck: there are no plans to upgrade to BES10. So unfortunately I am stuck with my legacy BBOS as I do not want to move to iOS or Android which is being supported via Lotus Traveler. Very disappointing ...

Ya, why doesn't this get press? So many B.S stories about BlackBerry being dead out there. It's clearly not. Really makes you wonder?

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Probably because this story is a bit B.S. too.

It claims that BDO Canada has 3600 staff but only deployed 1000 bb10 devices. I guarantee that at least 2/3rds of their staff have mobile devices, so what are the others using?

The big accounting firms are all open device now. My wife will be switching from a bb9900 to an iPhone this year, and at least 25% of the people in her office are now on ios or android devices. 4 years ago it was 100% blackberry.

Even in my office we've held off deploying the q10 after a couple of issues with the first few units. Instead of upgrading all of my users to bb10, most of them are getting used 9900s when they need a replacement device.

I support bbry. I have friends that work there and i've been using their devices since before they had colour screens. I'm using. Q10 myself right now. But, there are issues. The 9900 was a mature os that was easy to support and ran well. The z10 is a great touchscreen with better app support than bbry had before. The q10 is a nice idea poorly executed. The os was clearly written for a touchscreen device and not well ported. Many of the productivity enhancing features from the 9900 are missing in the q10. I hope bbry thrives, but imho they have a lot of work to do on the q10 os.

Puff press releases like this are not worthy of an actual media article. CB lately has become all puff & cheerleader like. For us actual users (as opposed to fanboys who seem to just play with devices), it's more than annoying to see mindless praise for a job not yet done.