Whine updated to address Vine login, sign in and sign up errors

By Bla1ze on 11 Feb 2014 12:14 pm EST

A little bit of a bug fix update for Whine has now arrived in BlackBerry World. Although most folks never noticed it, there was a small batch of new users looking to use the app that had some issues with logging in or signing up for Vine due to a little bit of an API error. That issue has been addressed in the latest update and v1.4.6.2 is now available for download. If you found yourself having issues, go ahead and download the latest release. You should find the issue have been obliterated.

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Whine updated to address Vine login, sign in and sign up errors


Hey guys! Update was pushed out for approval the very next day after launch, but it was approved by BlackBerry just 6 hours ago. I'm already working on the next one, don't worry. :)

Why do developers leave money on the table so to speak? As a small platform there has be shown that there is interest in these popular apps, but the developers that make these apps don't see fit to make them. I think it's great and should be applauded that someone does what others won't do whatever their reasons.

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Please donate to this developer,

Let's show him blackberry love as other big dev didn't bother with blackberry so make this developer proud to dev for bv

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Yup please donate guys! :) motivate him to do more :D

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Just as the developer said: Maybe your OS is not enough up to date to support Whine. My Q10 is running the official 10.2.1 build and I can see the application in BlackBerry World.

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Q series is supported out of the box form day one. But you are probably stuck on 10.1 so you cannot download the app. Sorry about that, it's 10.2+ because of video encoders that are not included in 10.1.

How about the show the same ones over instead of the new one scrolled too? That's really the only issue I've had so far.

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How would that work since Vine handles mostly video material?
Go to thread on forums please, I'm all ears what you had in mind. :)

When I go from the Feed page to Explore page, the video I played from the Feed tab embeds itself on videos as I scroll down if that makes sense. Anyone else experience this?

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