Whine gets updated to version - brings BBM integration, fixes and more

By James Richardson on 7 Mar 2014 08:00 am EST

One of my favorite native BlackBerry 10 apps has received yet another update - Whine. The third party Vine app brings all the goodness from Vine and gives it a sweet BB10 feel, including a beautiful dark theme and now BBM integration. 

If you missed our hands on video with Whine you can catch up with it here, but seeing as the app is free to download you may as well just give it a go if you haven't already. In addition, it's compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

As you'll see from the list below there's a mix of fixes and new features. With third party apps like Whine I can't even see why we would want the official Vive app on BlackBerry 10. 

New in the latest version: 

  • Parsing contacts completely fixed.
  • Comments text limited to 120 characters.
  • Front cam vines flipped thumbnail fixed.
  • BBM integration.
  • Landscape support.
  • Save and reuse SSL sessions increasing network speed.
  • DNS lookup warmup decreasing startup time and load.
  • Prices are back in Donation dialog.
  • Cache auto control, purging everything older than 7 days on app start.

If you're not seeing the update just yet please try again later. It has been approved by BlackBerry and is rolling out. 

More information/Download Whine for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Whine gets updated to version - brings BBM integration, fixes and more


Awesome!! Seems BlackBerry is getting more apps after its 1 year anniversary of BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

gusy what is this? ive always wonder what it is but never really had it can some one explain please thank you very muchyoooh :)

Bb10 will end up with better apps that the original. I like Igramm better than instagram

Posted via CB10

Now if we can convert more people to this platform,
I think we might have a small but niche market which is sustainable to be small but profitable.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Connoisseur phones. Creme de la Creme. Roquefort and Gorgonzola, not Cheddar and Edam. Class and sophistication, not mass market bulldung.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Get your family members and kids and friends to get a blackberry.

Give them as gifts, whatever we can, let's try to have a small decent niche market to be independent community.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

For me, whine came too late. Vine was a six month craze around high school and now it's gone :(

Posted via CB10

You got that right. It's not the "in" thing anymore. Snapchat is. And unfortunately, the people at Snapchat are a**holes towards BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

MILLIONS of people still use Vine! Heck, there's no shortage of "Vine compilation" videos that hit the 'net everyday.

Sure, lots of users still use vine. But it's not a social media giant like twitter, where everybody has it and is on regularly, anymore

Posted via CB10

I'm confused. Was the comment field previously limited to 120 characters and now it's bigger or it was bigger before and is now limited to 120 characters?