Whine gets an update to improve the user experience and iron out bugs

Whine gets an update to improvement user experience and iron out bugs
By DJ Reyes on 6 May 2014 07:12 am EDT

Another big third party app is seeing some updates too. Third party Vine app, Whine, has just seen some update love. This update isn't big but it is nice to see that such apps are constantly being worked on and improved upon to give users the best experience. I'm glad to see developers provide us with these apps. I've been enjoying Whine a lot and perhaps I'm not looking in the right places but would like to see more familiar faces upload stuff via Whine.

Whine v1.4.6.8 changelog

  • Added details about designer data
  • Profile background changes color now
  • Fixed loading of some new channels in Explore tab
  • Core improvement and alignment with 2.0 branch

If you haven't checked out the Whine app before you can check out our hands-on video, which also includes comparisons to the Vine Android port. Whine is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and is free.

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Whine gets an update to improve the user experience and iron out bugs


He will definitely prosecute you for your most infringing username! :-)


I like to take the middle ground, no drama with a first post, or a second if it's done well....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Am I the only who finds the title weird? (to improvement?)
Or is it because I'm not a native English speaker? :-)

Posted via CB10

I actually find a lot of typos and grammar errors in the news articles I read on cb but usually no one really minds and just reads on(or not read it at all)

This app is great, still not as fluid when it comes to recording as the vine app, Nd I also like how vine supports drafts. Will try this version.

Posted via CB10

Fluidity in recording will be achieved as soon as BlackBerry improves it's camera module.
Drafts will be included when BlackBerry provides a way to drag and drop controls.
All probably new features in 10.3.

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