CrackBerry Poll: Which upcoming BlackBerry Smartphone will you be buying?

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By Kevin Michaluk on 24 May 2011 10:57 am EDT

With all the BlackBerry PlayBook talk over the last month or so, it's easy to let all of the phone news slip through the cracks. Lots of people are still buzzing about the PlayBook and the Tablet OS news certainly won't be trailing off any time soon, but I still like to keep things coming on the phone front as well. At BlackBerry World we were excited to see the announcement of the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 (I'm just going to make things easier and call it the Bold Touch one way or another) and although we don't have a release day yet, it looks to be one of the best devices to date and undoubtedly the one I've been wanting for what seems like forever. While we were somewhat disappointed in the fact that we didn't get any more details on the other rumored devices like the BlackBerry Touch or Torch 2, we do know they're coming and will launch fairly close to the Bold Touch (RIM wants to pump all of these 2011 phones onto the market as quick as they can).

So on that note, we want to know which of the upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones you're most excited about. Are you ready for the Bold Touch that we've all been waiting for? Or are you more of a full touchscreen BlackBerry Touch kind of person? Maybe the revamped Torch 2 is for you? Perhaps you're sticking with the Curve you know and love? Let us know in the above poll which device will be your next BlackBerry, then drop a comment with your opinions on the new devices. 

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CrackBerry Poll: Which upcoming BlackBerry Smartphone will you be buying?


My 9700 is still chugging along without issues, I will gladly wait for QNX to arrive on Blackberry phones.

+1 to this

I recently upgraded from the 9700 to the 9800 on an 18 month contract so that hopefully it'll fall in line with the QNX phones in 2012.

If i'd waited for the new bold touch then i would probably have to wait until 2013 for the QNX units.

Where is the option for "Wait, there are other phones coming out?"

Still waiting on info about the Touch/Monza/Storm3/ItThatShallNotBeNamed

I'm a Torch owner and I'm waiting for the Bold Touch... Less display but thinner form! Love it!

Unfortunately, here in Spain we have to wait a little bit more than you... :-(

I have been saying all along that I would wait to try see the bold 9900 and the torch 2 before making up my mind. but seeing as my 9700 is showing signs of dying I will be getting the Bold 9900 as I am sure it will be the first to be released.

These BB's are going to be "4G" on the GSM side since it will have the ability of HSPA+, but they will not be LTE and/or WIMAX ready, so no they will not be real 4G.

Being totally deaf, I'm in need of a phone with front facing camera and 4G speed to handle the Video Relay calls. Not going to switch to an Android or iOS, the customize profile notification is what makes me stay. Will wait for BB to catch up possibly next year or longer. Until then I have to do text relay via AIM.

It's a shame that we don't know (a) whether the new phones will be compatible with / upgradeable to key parts of the upcoming QNX phone operating system, and (b) when the QNX phones will be released. Answers to either of those questions would help make my decision. I currently use a Bold 9000, and am happy enough with it to wait for the QNX phones if they'll be out in a reasonable time frame. On the other hand, if the Bold Touch is going to be upgradeable to at least some of the key QNX functionality, then I'd go for it.

I highly doubt they give any time frame on QNX phones for 1)We seen the bad press from the playbook taking so long to get here and 2)Basically what you stated, you would wait for QNX if it was a reasonable timeframe. Companies do not want to render their up coming products DOA with news that better phones will be there within a certain timeframe because most people would take your stance and just wait for the better ones other than wasting their upgrades on the current phones.

Touch Bold will be my last BB "straw." If it is everything I wished for two years ago and more I will keep going with the blackberry brand. However, if it is totally crap, I'm leaving to get a keyboard/touch android. So here's to hoping the OS is smooth and the touch screen is flawless.

I'm in the same boat, i want to Bold Touch but if its not a great device, im leave team BBM for team Android!

I feel the exact same way. After paying a ton of money for my Bold 9650, and updating to OS6, my BB is sooo slow, every time I try to use my camera the phone reboots, I cant play youtube videos because they are constantly buffering, My internet is slower than with OS5, there are so many bugs and problems with my phone im almost ready to switch to something else (and despite all of this I just cant go back to OS5). I dont want to upgrade my OS because with every upgrade there is some other problem. My friends have iphones and android and are totally happy with their phones. I love blackberry and believe it or not im very loyal but this is it! If I dont LOVE this Bold "Touch" I will send it back for Android.

"I'll be sticking with what I have, even thou all of these really interest me"

I'll keep the 9780 untill QNX hits the phones. I could deal with the 8520 not getting 6, but the 9780 not getting 6.1 has shaken my trust in RIM.

I'll keep saving and buy a killer device that is update-proof.

Update-proof? From RIM? Good luck. I was hoping for that out of the Torch but they opted to stick an over-two-year-old processor into that POS...

There will be updates, just not to OS 7 though. We will be getting minor updates to current OS 6 though, just like we've been getting leaks of OS 6 constantly for the past five or six months.

I've already waited around a year using the long outdated Bold 9650 waiting for something better. I would have bought something different (read: Android) long ago if it wasn't for my company's policies.
Since I'll be getting a new Blackberry, can't they just give me a release date already? The 9650's sluggish speed is really testing my patience...

Sadly I'll be joining 75% my friends and countless others and leaving Blackberry for an Android device. This comes with a heavy heart, I just can't hold out for the Touch 9900,..these daysmy 9700 stays on the "waiting clock" more often than it works. I'm running AT&T's release of OS6.0, none of the betas were much better. Like the annual Round Robin, maybe it will give me a chance to see what I like about Android and miss about BB. Hopefully when the new phones come out, I'll come back to Blackberry, I really didn't want to leave.

Kevin, I'm sure you've got RIM's ear, and I'm sure they can see the numbers, they're losing customers here in the US and Canada! All my BBM contacts have gone to Iphone or Android, it's so sad. Tell them not to be stingy with the processors and memory, I am so disappointed that my 9700 is frozen all day, and even recently the Playbook came out, and the first big problem is low memory! I can't even put my faith in that. They've got to remedy this. Hopefully I can come back soon.

It wasn't released until the end of 09 on AT&T, so yea, 1.5yrs old, however, the only newer offering is the Torch, which I don't care for. I also have friends with Android and IOs phones as old as my Bold which don't freeze constantly, even after receiving OS updated and installing many apps. ive removed almost all my apps and games, pictures and music are all on SD card, am very good with monitoring open apps and still the thing runs like molasses. It could be the unit, but Ive heard and seen of countless other complaints just like mine. I could be getting attacked by a serial killer, but I can't dial 911 because my phone is at a waiting clock? Unacceptable.

Even on new devices like the Blackberry Playbook, a huge Con everyone's noted is that the thing runs out of memory with a few apps running simultaneously and a message pops up asking you to close some. The device is 2months old! Explain that? I'm a huge fan of the BB way of doing things, but I can only take so much.

Please don't try to refute my claims because time and time again it's been proven that in this generation of smartphones, Blackberrys are underpowered. I've eased my decision to leave by considering it a round robin - I can always come back to Blackberry, and I will, IF they start to put out better hardware. It may also be a combination of the way the OS uses the processor & memory that makes it so sluggish, either way, something's gotta change or they are gonna lose more and more customers.

"(RIM wants to pump all of these 2011 phones onto the market as quick as they can)."

As quickly as they can? Really? Really, really? No offense to RIM, Kevin, Crackberry or anyone else, but its May 24th. No announcement this month, means no release in June. RIM does not announce, market and release within a single month. So a June announcement, if they come, means July release, if on-time. That pushes its 2011 phones out until the 3rd quarter of 2011. (Unless you believe the rumor that the remainder of the devices will be announced in October, for November release).

Again no offense but if RIM is trying to get these devices out quickly, they still have some serious management, production and development issues that need to be looked at.

I agree 100% with you.

That and for anyone who did not vote for the bold 9900/9930 you have a LONG wait ahead of you since there will be no other BlackBerry's released other then that model before the new Curve this fall. That's right, there will be no Blackberry Touch (Monza/Monico) as it has been canned due to lack of carrier interest in it.

This will be a painfully dull year for BlackBerry phones as there will only be two this year, Bold touch and the new Curve. That's it folks. Welcome to the transition year.

Don't let the fact RIM hasn't announced any devices beyond the Bold 9930/9900 let you think that these devices are going to launch way later.

RIM NEEDED to announce something at BlackBerry World.  They could have announced all the devices, but what would the point have been?  They'd sell no Torches in the meantime if people new a Torch 2 was coming up soon. All the new devices are essentially the same... just different form factors. They'll have BB7 and the faster CPUs, etc.  RIM announced one to show investors and people what they've got... the Bold 9900/9930 will have the big lead time from announcement to release. The rest of them will be announced and available shortly thereafter.  RIM NEEDS all of these devices selling as soon as they possibly can or else they'll be in worse trouble.


T.a.o RIM

Dear RIM,

If any of your employees read this, i have a comment to make

Your company made no annoucements these month for the Bold 9900 release. That is a big disappointment. I'm a RIM customer for many years but lately, I found myself difficulties with RIM. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is on the market, and how much people love RIM as I do, you can't disagree that this is a good handset. Iphone 5/4S will follow and HTC released some new fast duo core handsets. Even Microsoft wil come soon with new handsets!
where is RIM?!
Yes, you are in transition but please, you just annouced one phone! how difficult is to bring just one phone on the market RIM?
With me amongst others, we can't wait much longer while other handsets past us.
Other competitives makes annoucements en release their handsets soon after. You annouce a new handset but it take centuries!
The Bold 9900 is the last handset that I wanted to give it a try when it launches soon: is it good, I'll bye qnx phones, is it bad, then no RIM for me later.
And I hope for you that the BOLD 9900 is upgradeable to QNX!


Just to add to this, I believe RIM hasn't released anything on the Bold Touch because they are still too wrapped up with Playbook updates and trying to get the 4G Playbook out with Sprint and more than likely soon to be Verizon. As I stated in a previous response, I am tired of the Playbook, give us something on atleast one phone if not more than one.

" RIM NEEDS all of these devices selling as soon as they possibly can or else they'll be in worse trouble."

This is my point Kevin. They needed to get a release date out there before Memorial Day. They needed their Flagship out on the high seas before 2 full quarters were complete.

How much more negative press can the company bear, and still capture the growing consumer section? The RIM/ Blackberry brand has been hurt badly by the 9500 series and the Tour trackball debacle. Whether it is fair, or not, most tech reviewers are going to be very critical of these releases. If the handsets come inching out of the gate in Q3 or later, most will have written the first few lines of their reviews before they have a hands on. 'Too little too late?' or some variation will grace the pages of Engadget, BGR and the like.

I know you hear the clock ticking Kevin, RIM hears the clock ticking, but I'm not sure they have extrapolated the meaning of the rapid fall off in BES users and licenses. Without a locked in base, they are subject to the whims of the consumer market, where one must either rapidly produce cutting edge devices (see Motorola/HTC)or fail.

While the 2011 devices are clearly the 'NEW RIM' their development and release is being handled like the tired old RIM.

Bold Touch late July/early August. The rest, a new Curve in Q4, but that's it. Don't expect to see any of the others getting released at all

I love the Bold Touch and would like one, but sadly I`m giving up BB and going to Android with my upgrade this summer.
I want something with Flash player, I want the full internet experience on phone and BB just doesn`t have it.
I`ve been a BB guy for 3 years and have had a bunch and loved them all except the 8350 (Nextel sucks) and for those years I kept hearing abut Flash coming to BB, and now I`m hearing it will be on the QNX phones, but I`ve waited long enough.

Too bad RIM wasted all this time on the PlayBook.Not that the PB is a bad device but it seems like the PB project pushed everything else to the back burner.RIM is still a smartphone company first and their main product line can ill afford to fall behind any farther to Android and Apple devices.

The Bold Touch should stop the hemorrhaging among BlackBerry loyalists but don't expect them to gain ground this year. This is a transition year and despite RIMs assurances that they are working "1000 miles per hour" right now, they will not make any ground on the competition until next year at the earliest.

Since the BB Playbook doesn't support Netflix or Dishonline, I returned it to BestBuy. When my BB 9700 is eligible for upgrade, I will upgrade to iPhone4

I'm so close to getting a Windows Phone 7 device with all the news about the Mango OS update. But I love BlackBerry and typing on a physical keyboard. They need to release the Bold Touch as soon as possible. My Storm 1 lags so much and with only basic apps installed, it runs with under 10 mb of memory after a battery pull and then I have to do battery pulls every couple of hours. It's really frustrating because my contract has been up for 2 months now and I want a new phone so badly.

I'll stick with my curve 3g I don't got money to burn for a new phone when my current one is still in good working shape.

I honestly can't say until I can put my hands on both the 9930 and the Monaco. I've been using the Storm2 for a while not and had assumed that I would go with the next full touch screen device... but the styling on the 9930 is very nice and I may enjoy a switch to the vaunted BB keyboard, as I've never used it! (started with the Pearl)

That said, it will be probably six months or so after release before 2-yr agreement prices come down to reasonable levels for me, and by then there may be QNX hybrid devices on the horizon that tempt me to wait.

But I'm not that good at waiting... ;)

What's the point of this poll?

You must know that most of the devices listed on it will never be released right?

Sure you've got to keep the phone news coming but the eventually you'll have to break the hearts of pretty much everyone who did not vote for the Bold Touch and the Curve (appolo/sedona)

AT&T is releasing the Bold Touch which spells doom for the Torch 2 (pointless device anyway as people will not get that it is an upgrade since it is physically identical to the original), the BlackBerry Touch (Monza/Monaco) is cancelled, and no decision is made on what the final version of the new curve will be yet but there will only be one curve

Money is tight for me. My Curve 3G is great I've been having it since october 2010 and I'm really gonna keep it until Sprint get it together on what they gonna do about 4G (wimax crap) I'm in New Orleans and every one else (Att,T-mobile, VZW) is running 4G here except for Sprint.. I have been with Sprint since 2008 and I am really happy with them but they are slow in data speeds in my area.. My contract is up next year and we will see what they do if anything.. If they still in the same boat by next year I'll be making my switch over to VZW where the LTE is lighting fast! Besides these new bb's battery life is horrible, like why not put a better size battery in these new devices especially with the dual core processors and such.. The new bb9900 will have the same battery as the torch not even the bold 9700, the 9700 has a great battery (1500mah).. That's just crazy to me! So no I will not be buying any new bb's this year! My curve 3G is working magic over here!! :-)

I'm definitely going to be checking out the Bold Touch when it's released as I'm kind of looking to leave the iOS ecosystem. As long as it is fairly snappy and has a decent browser, the Bold has a chance to make me switch.

What else could you possibly have expected when the rest of the phones on the poll have not been announced and will not ever see release in the market. This will be the slowest year for BlackBerry phones since the days of the monochrome screened BlackBerrys that only worked as a phone with a headset.

I chose the Bold Touch for the fact that I am on Sprint and at this point there is no evidence of a Torch-Like device hitting on the CDMA side. If there were, then that would have been my choice. And in regards to the Playbook, at this point I am thoroughly bored with anything related to the Playbook, I want to hear about any news/leaks/etc that come out on the new phones. The Playbook is out, some like it; some don't, but I think it is time to get us some news on the phones.

For the poll, I'll go with the Bold Touch as it is the best available answer but....RIM is by no means a lock in for my upcoming upgrade.

A couple of things need to happen:

*It has to be released fairly soon (3rd qtr)
*It has to be good out of the gate. Smooth OS, no major features delayed till next update, no major bugs. It better get good reviews from the day it drops.

I really wish as was shown on another thread here, that RIM had managed to add a little more screen height. Some extra screen real estate would be so nice. I think that with all the new features and upgraded hardware, the small screen will now be one downside to this phone especially now that it has touch capabilities.

We will see. If there is a Q3 release, I will let everyone here beta test for a month or so then make a decision. I want to like the new BB's but there are too many other options out there which I can't ignore. I hope RIM does well with the Playbook because I agree that It is costing them dearly at the expense of their phone lineup. Sometimes I feel they would have been much better off by passing on the whole tablet thing.

Worse than losing marketshare, RIM is losing mindshare the longer they delay the release of truly competitive handsets.

9930 if they EVER RELEASE IT! So sick of RIM announcing products then releasng them months later, the thing already sounds old. Don't they know 1 week in the tech world = 100 weeks outside of it? Hell if you bought your phone before 1pm today the thing is considered old.

iphone looking tastier and tastier.

That's an interesting perspective. Call RIM out for being slow and thinking the new Bold is old already and saying that one week in the tech world is one hundred weeks outside of it and yet your second choice next to the Bold is a phone that is exactly 49 weeks old or approximately 98 years old by your math lol

Or is Apple the exception and their phones are teleported back in time from the distant future so that they do not become old after a year on the market?


It is one luxury that no other smartphone does better, that defines blackberry blackberry :3

keyboard all the way XD!

bold touch is the phone I've been waiting for and I'm sticking with RIM for now. So far the Bold line-up has been giving me just enough of my wish list to upgrade with each new model and I think we've finally gotten to the one that I wanted when the 9000 first came out. I'm confident it will be awesome.

I am also waiting until next year for QNX devices. My upgrade is available now, but I do not want to use a 2-year contract on a device that will not be getting QNX. There is not enough of a difference between OS 6 and OS 7 to warrant me using my upgrade now, when what I really want is coming next year.

I think I'll stick with my current Torch for another year--at least. My money is going to RIM in 2011 for the PB and accessories. If, heaven forbid, something were to happen to my current BB, I would probably go w/the Bold Touch. I really liked the 9000 keyboard.

9630 tour out the door & in with the new style only bc that's sprints only new BB - & I upgrade n July - but I really want the bold touch but sprint don't have it

Why would you upgrade to the Style when most signs are pointing to the Bold Touch coming out sometime in August? I mean, I understand that RIM disappoints more than not with releasing in a timely manner, but I would hope they would have this phone out by August at the latest since it was announce at the beginning of May.

I'll upgrade from the Tour to the Bold Touch only if Verizon carries it. I'm not switching wireless providers at this point.

T.a.o RIM

Dear RIM,

If any of your employees read this, i have a comment to make

Your company made no annoucements these month for the Bold 9900 release. That is a big disappointment. I'm a RIM customer for many years but lately, I found myself difficulties with RIM. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is on the market, and how much people love RIM as I do, you can't disagree that this is a good handset. Iphone 5/4S will follow and HTC released some new fast duo core handsets. Even Microsoft wil come soon with new handsets!
where is RIM?!
Yes, you are in transition but please, you just annouced one phone! how difficult is to bring just one phone on the market RIM?
With me amongst others, we can't wait much longer while other handsets past us.
Other competitives makes annoucements en release their handsets soon after. You annouce a new handset but it take centuries!
The Bold 9900 is the last handset that I wanted to give it a try when it launches soon: is it good, I'll bye qnx phones, is it bad, then no RIM for me later.
And I hope for you that the BOLD 9900 is upgradeable to QNX!


I just wish RIM would hurry up and release one of these new phones on AT&T. I'm getting tired of Android's poor calendaring and messaging.

The one that I'll be buying is the one that Virgin Mobile gets in it's phone line up next :-)

ill be trying the torch 2 but since upgrading to att i dont have that second phone line that i had from tmobile for early upgrades.... switched my home phone to xfinity... might have to wait until 2012.

It's been mentioned several times that the Monoco/Monza has been cancelled, is there any official statement from RIM of that being the case? Actually it makes sense. No device would benefit more from the new QNX OS than these "Storm 3s". The Bold Touch,Style,Torch(2?), and new Curves w/ OS 7 plus the PlayBook 7"(& 10"?) would be a decent 2011 lineup.Can't expect RIM to "poop out " new devices every week like HTC seems to. LOL

Yeah, it's been mentioned several times about the Monaco/Monza, but from the one, same clown! Who in the hell is this SuperionMaximus! How would he know? And, why would I believe him? After naming himself after some Transformer. Come on man, dont you have anything else better to do?

Just my opinion, but all the people saying that they are going to hold off for QNX phones because they don't want to waist their upgrade, what makes you think that RIM will have QNX phones out before your next upgrade anyway? Look at the track record, I do not forsee QNX phones out by even Dec of 2012. I would be pleasantly surprised and happy if they did get QNX on phones by 2012, but just not RIM's style. I mean, it took 6 months for the PB, right now it looks like 3 months minimum from announcement to release for the Bold Touch, it just doesn't give me the confidence to believe RIM can get QNX out quickly. As I said, just my opinion, and I have been a BB loyalist for 3+ years, and plan to remain with BB for their unmatched QWERTY keyboard and security.

I'm going to buy Bold Touch 9900 as soon as it get release on the market, yet when Torch 2 hits the market, probably I'll ditch my HTC HD7 and buy Torch to and make 9900 as my secondary phone.

superiosMaximus.......i am really excited to know where you get all of this valuable information.....wait a minute, you post on this thread alone over 20times...but only say one thing. Please tell us where your info, that no one else seems to back, from....cite your source.
i am certianly and avid Crackberry reader and it is rare for someone to get away with what you have been writing for several I the only one thinking this?

We all kno the phrase...."pictures....or it didnt happen" please cite your source.....we learned that in grade school while writing term papers.

and Yes, i am typing on my playbook while sitting in a corn field tethered to my Storm 2 (which works fine and dandy)

I have the 9700 which has been a great device...except for the pathetic web experience, daily battery pills--followed by over 10 minutes of reboot time--, crashes, and a snail-like processor.

However, I use the Blackberry for it's incredible phone experience, auto text, and the great keyboard. I've tried the iPhone and Android devices and I just hate the typing experience. I don't give a damn about games or video.

I would like the Torch 2, but that will go to AT&T and I have it will be the 9900. I send about 50 long, detailed e-mails a day so that creamy keyboard will be Nirvana.

Frankly I don't understand the love affair with Android devices. Yes, they are powerful, but just pathetic for texting. I tried a G2 last fall, and that slide-out keyboard was worse than the onscreen, which sucked in its own right.

I have an iPod Touch and it's torture to write a simple email. The Blackberry is like an old pair of jeans, comfy shoes, and a great chair. It just does it right. Can't wait for the 9900!

I wrote this on my iPad in 15 minutes. Would have taken me two minutes on my 9700.

I wrote this on my iPad in 15 minutes. Would have taken me two minutes on my 9700.

that was a good one....

oh yea.....I copy and pasted the above quote on mu PB and it took me 21 seconds

I don't really feel it's a fair question as we know so little about any devices other than the Bold Touch. I will say this....I sure am tired of the freezing, sputtering, lagging, and daily battery pulls from my Torch 9800.
C'mon RIM...let's get these devices cranked out!!!

I am not interested in anything on the list. After a Storm I and a Storm II my next phone will probably not be a Blackberry because it appears they are incapable of delivering a touch screen phone that works. Combine that with clunky software and 2nd class apps and what do you have - a POS like the Storm II. When it is both supported and crippled by Verizon Wireless it is a double disaster.

Although I was giving RIM a chance with the Monaco/Monza it doesn't appear they are going to be able to deliver so I will make a decision on either a Galaxy S2 or an iPhone 5 come September. Which carrier it is on remains to be determined.

The Torch is personally my ideal phone; I'd like to have both a large-ish touch screen AND a keyboard. However I will never switch to AT&T so I would probably have to stick with the Bold Touch.

You left NONE out of the options Kevin, I've been a BB user and abuser for almost 6 years and I just had enough of them...all other phones out there do extraordinary things and RIM just hasn't step up their game. When I first got my BB Curve I had 10 BBM contacts now 6 yrs later and a Storm 2 user my friends are still around but my BBM contact list is down to 3 on ... they all have jumped off the RIM ship.

I was hesitating between bold touch and torch 2... I was at first a matter of screen size.
Then after thinking so long about it, I convinced myself that the bold touch was THE ONE.

Did I miss the option of either:

A) Give me QNX or don't give me a BlackBerry


B) Since RIM isn't going to update their phones to the newest OS, I'm going to buy a different phone

Yep... guess I did.

I got into BB with a Storm, and then a Storm2, both of which were dead on arrival, because there was no further support for them (no new OS evolution). Why should I do the same a third time with ANY BB phone that isn't going to be running QNX. I'm upgrade eligible in July of 2011, but this is the last time Verizon is doing the early upgrades... so I'm going to choose wisely. At the same time, Verizon is rolling out LTE in my area next month... and no BB's seem to support that with a QNX OS installed.

As much as I do love my BB... I'm just not into the designed obsolescence with the expectation I'm going to upgrade to a new phone every year because the OEM won't build in support / ability to update the OS. It's ridiculous.

I think that the Torch is the best form-factor in the BlackBerry ilneup. Unfortunately, although the internals in the Torch 2 have been beefed up, the body hasn't been redesigned and it's much more garish. It would have been nice to see a thinner slider model with a larger and higher-res screen and a more classy design.

I currently 2 months upgrade from my BlackBerry 9000 BOLD to the recent BlackBerry 9780. This phone is already awesome, and I don't see myself upgrading. They would have to be a major change and necessity in use of any new BlackBerry.

I find these new upgraded worthless to my use.