CrackBerry Asks: Which notification do you check first?

By Adam Zeis on 26 Oct 2012 12:11 pm EDT
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Today's question comes right out of the CrackBerry forums, and I'm really curious to see just how it pans out. Hypothetical situation (well, maybe not for some of you). You get notifications for multiple things at the same time - SMS, BBM, voicemail, Facebook, Twitter and email ... which do you check first? If you're like me you most certainly have a pecking order for checking notifications. Personally, I'd go voicemail, SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook. I very rarely get voicemail so that's why it takes the number one spot.

We want to know what you would check first. Is SMS top priority? Facebook? Twitter? So if ALL of the notifications above came in at the same time, which one you would check first in most cases. Then hit the comments and let us know your full checking order.

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CrackBerry Asks: Which notification do you check first?


1. Missed calls
2. Voice mail
3. BBM
4. Email
5. SMS
6. BBM Group messages
7. WhatsApp messages
8. Twitter
9. Whatever is left...

It is a phone after all...


Heh heh. Chances are, a voice mail is of higher priority... if people are trying to reach me urgently... a phone call is best.

I'd be totally happy with a BlackBerry that was just a messaging device, actually. I can't remember the last time I actually used the phone function. Oh yeah, I called my Mom last week. That's it.

A few of these are too specific! :p. In terms of checking my notifications, BBM and SMS are completely interchangeable, since the main difference at that point is who sent it, and FaceBook and Twitter are completely interchangeable because I use Social Feeds. All in all my list would be:
2. Email
3. Social Feeds
I have yet to actually receive a voicemail, so I'm not sure where it would fit on the list...

I think if you get a vm notification, you've missed a call so you'll have that as well. That would be what I'd look at first, to see who the missed call is from. If it's from the boss, I'm checking voicemail. If it's from just about anyone else, I'm checking BBM first.

My notifications are colour-coded, thanks to Advanced OS/LED, so I know the importance of the messaged based on the colour (read: the person) of the notification

1. SMS (My fiancee has an iPhone, so his messages are top priority)
2. BBM (Friends)
3. E-mail
4. Voicemail
5. Social apps

I dont have voice mail, and rarely receive SMS, but use whatsapp, so the order is this:


Why this order? Cause Email, most of them, are high priority, work and family. SMS/WA are for peps dont have email in their devices, so in most cases are urgents. BBM just have few peoples, most family and friends. And FB/TW can wait.


Live Long and Prosper!

1. BBM
2. SMS
3. VoiceMail (If any)
4. Email
5. Twitter
6. FB

I would say Whatsapp comes a close second, but BBM is BBM :)

For me, this is my order...

BBM (my list is S L O W L Y growing)
Voicemail (and most times I ignore it since people always seem to call back!)
Facebook - I simply don't use it

2. Email
3. Facebook/Twitter

My friends have ditched their BlackBerries so I never get BBM anymore.

Depends on which order they are in my notifications pull down menu. I start at the bottom and move up. I think Twitter is usually the first and emails are usually the last.

* BlackBerry by choice *
1. BBM as most of my BBM contacts are family.

2. SMS for the rest and WhatsApp

3. Then email, Twitter, And Facebook are all luck of the draw for what I feel like looking at next.

Option 7: Whatever came in first.

One thing that bugs me is people that have hundreds of "unread" messages or notifications. I have 0. Something, comes in, open it and deal with it. So very rarely do I have more than one type of new notification at a time.

LOL - I think that is funny too. I have friends that do that as well. Unread messages - why not just deal with them? I'd like it if people would actually respond to text messages and emails within a reasonable amount of time (like seconds). YOu read about people that are attached to their phones - well some of my firends take forever to respond. It's Crazy! Bugs that shit out of me.

BBM - Cause it's either the wife or work related.
Email - cause its prob work related
Twitter - cause I'm a junkie
Facebook - Cause it's the family
SMS - cause it's probably my lame ass friends with iPhones

On that note, I'm probably one of the few that has 2 Blackberrys on them, My personal 9800 and work relic 8350i

I Bleed Black & Berry

Well most of the time It's BBM and mail first, but one thing is certain, vocemail is always the last.

Sometimes they stay for weeks in my phone and I never check them, I dont know why honestly but I simply dont listem to them.


Closed Twitter acct and deleted from phone
Do not have FB notifications sent to phone since I'm home most of the time and get them on my PC

Interesting...I just open messages. They are all in there (BBM, SMS, Email, etc) in one nice tidy place. I then usually pick what I read first out of the list by who sent it...

Exactly!! I was going to say the same thing. You set up your phone so all of these notifications are in one spot.

Exactly!! I was going to say the same thing. You set up your phone so all of these notifications are in one spot.

Missed calls
I have no bbm contacts anymore but occasinally email moves up on the list

I chose sms because on the mobile site it didn't have bbm. When it showed me the stats I saw bbm. I'm confused. Lol

Subtract 1 from sms and swap it with bbm for proper results. :p

lol my list

1. BBM
2. Instant Messages(Whats app gtalk etc etc)
3. Email
4. SMS
5. Everything Else

I check for BBMS so often that i had to get the app to change the colour of my LED lights so i know the urgency of what im checking or letting slide for later.

1. Email, if it's not important then I'll have time to check:
-facebook. Spent most of my mobile time on fb.
-twitter. Just to clear the notif&blinks so it won't drain the battery. I linked three twitter accounts but I don't tweet anymore. I prefer fb for the better privacy settings. Maybe one day if twitter allow me to choose who can see my tweets :p
-bbm. Now that she has blackberry, it's my main communication mean with my gf. Only for chatting with my gf unless it's work related.
-no one knows my blackberry phone number except my gf so I don't get missed calls/sms, except from fb login code. My public number is on my nokia so my blackberry is purely for data only. I don't like to be interrupted with incoming calls/sms while I'm using my blackberry. I can receive calls/reply sms with my left hand and my right hand on my blackberry. Multitasking lol.

i usually Set all Notification together in my Inbok, so I just need to Check my Inbok, but Sometime
my Top Priorities are
1. bbm (but Sometime i really Upset, bc i thought it was important msg from friends then what i got its only Broadcast ugh)

2. Facebook
3. Email
4. Miss call
5. Twitter

I check the first thing that last hit my inbox when I wake up. It's anything from that list to be honest. Lol