Which method do you use most when communicating from your BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2011 01:36 pm EST
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BlackBerry is a communication tool -- no doubt about it. Email, SMS, BBM, IM and phone keep us in touch with nearly everyone when on the go. I find that I use some services much more than others, and I'm curious to know just what the CrackBerry Nation does. I honestly don't make many phone calls from day to day, but I do send loads of emails and a few SMS messages here and there. What we want to know is what method of communication you use most on your BlackBerry. Do you primarily send/receive emails? Make phone calls? Text your family and friends? Pick the option in the poll above that best fits you, then leave a comment letting us know why what you do works.

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Which method do you use most when communicating from your BlackBerry?


Man, it used to be bbm all day... Bbm is now a ghost town, but I'll be back in the loop with iMessage (once iPhone 5 is out).

My wife is pretty much the only one I BBM with, but I end up communicating with her much more than anyone else. EVerybody else gets text and emails

I'm on Google Talk and What's App with friends.
All my work related colleagues have a BB, we're on BB Groups for event planning.

blackberry and email, to me anyways, still the mail staple of my usage. now with my playbook; its all playbook. best combo ever - 9900 n playbook.

Work 15% Email
Some Friends 20% SMS
Family and friends 60% BBM
Others 5%

and this pool thing is not good....we should chose more then one answer cause most of us dont use only BBM or SMS.


I'm outside the US, so most of my friends and acquaintances have BBM. I use BBM most of the time. We use it at work, plus I have about 50 BBM contacts.

I also read lots of email, and send a few emails each day.

I occasionally send an SMS.

Hi @guttaperk,

Alex from RIM here. As a big time BBM user myself, it’s by far my favorite way to connect with family and friends, both inside and outside of Canada, as quickly as possible. I have family in Florida and Ireland, so I’m always a couple keystrokes away from keeping up with what’s going on back home.

One of the coolest features of BBM is Groups, which allows me to chat, share pictures and lists, and even create appointments with several of my BBM friends at the same time. If you’re not already putting Groups to use, stop by our Inside BlackBerry Blog and learn more about it: http://bbry.lv/rECjc7.

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

BB is a powerfull communication machine, and i take advantage of that.

I'm using:

-25% BBmsn (wife, doctor)
-25% SmS (daughter, clients, boss)
-25% email (work, friends)
-15% social networks (chat, twitter, Facebook)
-10% phone calls (i dont' speak so much)

That's all, falks!

I can't vote in the poll because, as it's a business and personal device, I use all pretty equally on a daily basis.

I would actually LOVE to see the results by region. My guess would be higher BBM outside of the US, and higher SMS within. Could be wrong, but would be very interesting to see.

Mine is bbm. I mainly talk to my wife alot sl the rest is phone, email or text mixed together. I already told my kids that if they get a phone from me that it would be a blackberry so they will eventually be on bbm as well.

BBM all the way. I email when I have to reply to something and I gtalk when someone is on the PC, SMS is meh, I hate it, so I made everyone jump on BlackBerry Messenger. Contact list when I initially got my BB was 7, I made almost my whole youth group and friends jump to BB, I brought about 25 people to BB and about 8 to the PlayBook. RIM should start paying me now. :)

Mostly email for me, with BBM a very close second. I rarely make phone calls, I've been on the phone for a total of 2 hrs and 35 minutes since I got my 9930 on release day, but a hour and 50 of those minutes was spent on the phone with Verizon helping a friend with her Android.

1. Email (I'm old and a lawyer; email still rules).
2. Google chat: wife and most of my friends use Gmail/Gtalk.
3. SMS/Text: distant 2nd to Gtalk
4. Phone (with Google Voice app): love this! I can call clients w/o them getting my cell #.
5. BBM: uninstalled (to free up app memory) after my last BBM contact left BB.

I've been using KIK messenger the most since most of my friends are a mix of Droid and iPhone users. It just SUCKS that I can't send pics via KIK while Droid and iPhone users can. That's the #1 and only thing I don't like about KIK, other than that it's fast and responsive and best of all, cross platformed.

I went from SMS to BBM and back to SMS....this was due to friends going to and from BlackBerry. Now I like email better but don't use it as much as I would like to.

well, i have unlimited sms/mms plan. so i can say bbm isn't that essential to me, but i still prefer to use bbm if the contact is using bb, just because of the "D" and "R"

BBM is my communication tool of choice, because where I'm from there is no unlimited texting plan. BB is by far the most popular smartphone, although the phone company is now pushing Android devices, so we'll see how that goes. I have about 40 contacts which is fairly low compared to other people.

Sms. A large majority of my colleagues, friends, family and relatives are still using non-smartphone phones. It's a pity because I really like BBM. Use it extensively with 1 or 2 of my friends who also use BlackBerry.

SaskTel has horrible data services in my area. BBM, WhatsApp, web browsing frequently takes 10 mins. So sms is the only real way to go if you like speed.

What would be good is to be able to integer Facebook chat msn text kik whatsapp and all the others through bbm as only one im service.

I use everything, so I had to look to see what I used most. email won by a small margin over sms (text), followed by voice (phone). Everything else is a small percentage (even BBM!)

I feel embarrassed saying mostly phone calls since it seems most people don't use their phones for that too much lol.

I used to use email a lot but since my job has changed I don't use it as much. It is still my favorite thing to do with a BB though. Nothing like typing out an email on the keyboard.

The other methods do get used just not a lot.

Thank God for unlimited texting. Its a tie between that & communicating through the facebook app. After 3 years of never having a single bbm contact, I started deleting bbm as a matter of course with each successive BB...why have it taking up space when its useless to me?

Email/50%, for business, etc.
SMS/40%; for everyone
BBM/10%; great for overseas friends, & clients/FREE!