Wheres My Phone Updated to Version 3 - 100 Copies to be Won!

By ObiGeorge on 10 Mar 2010 11:10 am EST
Wheres My Phone

We have posted on Wheres My Phone in the past and it has just been updated to version 3, adding some nice enhancements.  The application is used to send remote commands to your BlackBerry for such tasks as triggering an audible alarm, battery level check, and GPS location request.  New features in this build include remote contacts download, SMS integration, and remote disabling of the device. The other nice thing about this app is that you pay a one time fee, no monthly or annual service fees. You can pick up Where's My Phone in the CrackBerry App Store for $3.99 for all devices on OS 4.2.1 and up.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Wheres My Phone to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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Wheres My Phone Updated to Version 3 - 100 Copies to be Won!



Here is my comment, And I'd like to say that next to CB, failblog.org is my next most favorite website. .... Now let's win some prizes !!!!!!!

Here is my comment, And I'd like to say that next to CB, failblog.org is my next most favorite website. .... Now let's win some prizes !!!!!!!

This would be such a great addition to anyone's phone.
"Pick me" (raising hand high in the air) "pick me"

I have no apps really on my phone and really dont even know how to use many apps so this would be a great first application that I know I could use...Pick me as a winner for the first time in my life so im not a life long looser anymore

Just gotta have it I've been using the free app since it came out being hard of hhearing and using vibrate when I misplace my phone Its so much easier to locate

i wonder if this app is better than smrtguard, which had trouble locating my Bold 9700 (which was then stolen, thus making the app useless because it couldnt locate my damn phone!)

I am concerned that one of my two kids will hide or perhaps eat my 9700 and am in need of this application.

I left my storm on a plane in las vegas. Realized before I left the airport. They would not let me back in through security. Made a report, however, United never recovered my storm. Only bright side was the fact that I replaced it with a storm 2.


I'd love a chance at getting one of the 100 give away "wheres my phone app's" for my Blackberry Bold 9700


I would like a copy of this app. A friend of mine uses mylookout.com but it is not compatible for Blackberry. I love to get it.

I Promise next to my Bible app this app is right there. I left my phone in my Aunts car Monday. But, I wasn't sure. Not having a house phone i had to run to two stores to try and call my phone hoping it was in her car and that she will answer but that didn't happen and then it dawn on me that I have Where's My Phone so I ran home got on the computer and shot the email to my phone for alert and location and i was amazed at how fast of a response i got back from both mail. Honestly under sixty seconds. I was even able to see a full view of my Aunts car as it turned down the main street to my house. I told so many of my friends and I assured them that the fee was a one time payment not recurring. Where's My Phone gets a 20 A + from me. My BB Tour is back with me. Oh yeah and I love the design of the alert sound . I set a unforgetable password. Appreciate who ever made this app.

I bought this app for myself and I would like to have 1 for my wife. It would be very usefull for her since she is always misplacing her phone.

This seems like an interesting app ... would love to have a copy if you find it in your heart to give me a shot!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

The party is over and you guys are still giving away goodies!!! Just cant beat that! This looks real interested and as much as I misplace my phone this would come in handy.

My husband and I each have a full-time job. We own a business, I work an additional p/t job and my husband is running for a political office. Who knows WHERE I leave my blackberry. This would be AWESOME!