Wheres My Phone Updated to Version 3 - 100 Copies to be Won!

By ObiGeorge on 10 Mar 2010 11:10 am EST
Wheres My Phone

We have posted on Wheres My Phone in the past and it has just been updated to version 3, adding some nice enhancements.  The application is used to send remote commands to your BlackBerry for such tasks as triggering an audible alarm, battery level check, and GPS location request.  New features in this build include remote contacts download, SMS integration, and remote disabling of the device. The other nice thing about this app is that you pay a one time fee, no monthly or annual service fees. You can pick up Where's My Phone in the CrackBerry App Store for $3.99 for all devices on OS 4.2.1 and up.

Contest: We have 100 copies of Wheres My Phone to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

Wheres My Phone Updated to Version 3 - 100 Copies to be Won!



I was involved in the beta and ever since it ended, I feel a little less secure bringing my BB everywhere...This would be PERFECT!

i hope i get it, theres always alot of contest and i never get one... this app is really useful

I've lost my phone a couple of times, and probably will again. :-( This would really help a lot!

Thank you!

how many times my 5 year old has decided to "play" with Daddy's BB...making me call it and never finding it - please help

would love to win this, ive lost my phone before and this would certainly be a huge help!

Thanks CrackBerry!

This is a must have app! Since I didn't win anything during the birthday give away, maybe this can be a consolation gift?!

I can't count the number of times I've had a mild heart attack, only to discover my berry safe and sound between the couch cushions... Audible alert sounds like a great enhancement

Just read about a girl who was able to track her stolen phone down in an amusement park from a park security headquarter's computer--too cool! Now if only they could rig it to spray ink on the thief haha!

I'm lucky enough to have not lost a phone yet but this would sure come in handy if I did!

And no annual fee. Nice.

The perfect app for anyone that might misplace their phone inbetween the couch cushions or behind the bed, under the pillow and is late for work because they can't find their phone type of person.

I would love this ap for free... great for the forgetful, even better for the poor bastared that gets drunk and leaves his BB at the bar...

I constantly leave my phone everywhere! This would come in really handy - especially if it was free **

My wife is constantly misplacing her phone or leaving it at the office or a friends or in the car..... This would help our marriage greatly to easily find it !!

Crack-on !

Count me in please. This would be great, cause sometimes you have phone on vibrate and well you know the rest.


I actually misplaced my phone yesterday at the gym, this would've been great to aleviate the stress, thankfully, they kindly left it at the front desk for me.

I want to get it and test it out for our PTO here in SOCAL so that parents will have a way to track their children after the incident with the two girls abducted. Parents are looking for a viable tool for tracking their children. I think that this would definitely help.

this would be a great app for me... I'm such a putz and lose my phone all the time. Need something like this for my car keys too haha