Wheres My Phone - Alert Your BlackBerry When Its Lost

By Adam Zeis on 23 Dec 2009 12:58 pm EST
Where's My Phone

In the ever growing application market, its hard to find just one application to perform a specific task. Wheres My Phone is an application similar to SmrtGuard in that it locates and helps to recover your lost BlackBerry Smartphone. By simply sending an email containing a command you can remotely trigger an alarm (even if your device is on silent), turn off the alarm, check your battery, have your device report your GPS location, and even call you back to possibly hear where your device might be located. Your BlackBerry will also display your contact info so that once it is found, the finder can contact you easily (a preset password will need to be entered to unlock device). This is a good application for those who want to protect their precious Berry. It has a leg up on the competition with its one time fee (no monthly/annual dues), but does lack in features when compared to SmrtGuard. Wheres My Phone can be purchased at the CrackBerry App Store for $3.99 and is compatible with all devices running OS 4.2 and up.

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Wheres My Phone - Alert Your BlackBerry When Its Lost


With no subscription fees and only a one time purchase of $3.99, this app is nearly free.

Many of the apps these days actually end up being rather costly by the time all of the subscription fees are added up. I always look for something to do the job without adding more drain on the monthly budget.

Thanks for the write-up, Adam. I'll be checking into this one further.

I used this app during it's beta session and I have to say it works perfect, sending commands to the device via email is a great feature and even better was being sent the gps location that you can view on either bing or google maps. Well worth the price.

What a great app! It works like a charm! And no monthly fees! wow! I recommend. Small footprint too.

this is a great app! will it work on "Boostberry's"??
says requires BIS or BES email account on the BB. Besides that any BB with 4.2.1 or higher w/ trackball, trackpad or touch screen.

Can someone please let me know if it will work with Boostberry? I use shangmail to have email pushed to phone.

Excellent app!!! I just bought it and had a play. I love how you can get it to call you or email the gps location!

It was so accurate that it gave my house number!! Installed on my Blackberry Bold 9700.

I've read users's reviews about this app, saying it locks up their phones. Anyone who's using it, please post about your experience, as I'd like (as I'm sure many would) to avoid yet another phone-bricking experience.

I downloaded the free version from Crackberry several hours ago and have not had any problems as of yet (Storm 1). I was worried about leaks since it runs in the background, but I am still at 30.6mb. So far, so good.

Nice Ap. Very small footprint. very Cheap for what it does. 1 GLARING DEFICIENCY. It can not turn the GPS on. So you must either leave it on all the time or lose that functionality. That's alot of lost battery life. Several small tweaks need to be made. device holder should have no control of device other than to pull the battery. They should not be able to end the call made remotely. And remote owner should be able to put device in lock/sleep and wake. Don't know if its even possible to give remote ability to turn on or off device, but that would be most helpful.Either way, any solution not directly tied to a device PIN is probably not going to help. Too easy to plug in, wipe and unlock to another network. I may just risk the $50 Assurian replacement cost. Or maybe just keep for when I leave it laying around the house. LOL

Tried the free version to see if the GPS location function would work with my 8330. Unfortunately the response was "Sorry, GPS location is not supported on this phone. (GPS error code LP000)"

I'll definately look this app up again once I (hopefully soon) pick up the Tour 2 I'm in line for-

I had the same GPS issue w/ my tour untill I changed the GPS services settings from E911 only to location on.

This is an excellent little app if you're a forgetful so and so. With regards to the 'locked phone', I used the free trial and when you send the email to start the process it locks your phone with the red screen. After sending the 'stop' email nothing really happened. I did an actual battery pull and everything was back to normal. Hope that help!

Used the free version, sent the Start email and the red screen popped up as it was supposed to and the sound played.

When I sent the Stop email, the screen remained locked int he red screen, wouldn't exit at all. Had to do a battery pull to get out of the red screen.

You'd think they'd get the free version working properly before advertising the paid version.

Hi all -
Just wanted to announce that we have released a new public Beta for version 2.4 of Where's My Phone. (This follows the initial release of 2.2, and later release of 2.3).
Version 2.3 added quite a few fixes and enhancements requested after the initial release (addressing some of the above comments).
Beta version 2.4 includes a smaller number of enhancements, but one major one - SMS support. If you're interested in giving it a try, check out www.essare.net/beta.
It's beta software, so expect a few rough edges until we get it fine tuned for release. Early testing has been positive though.

Essare LLC

i have my phone on autolock because i throw it in my purse and constantly dial accidentally. i downloaded this application and didn't realize that if my phone is locked and my phone is lost, then whoever finds it cannot look at the screen or call me. basically the app does not work if my phone is locked. anyone have a way around this??

My wife misplaced her phone this week and we were able to find it in the middle of the field at eleven o'clock at night thanks to its very loud ring tone. Even with her phone password lock and the ringer on vibrate it stills ring loudly!! I see us using this App for a very long time.