Where's My Perry? now available for BlackBerry 10 devices

Where's My Perry
By Adam Zeis on 28 Feb 2013 03:29 pm EST

As promised during the launch event back in January, Where's My Perry? is now available for BlackBerry 10 devices. Even if you've never heard of Perry this one is a fun game that is sure to eat up plenty of your time. It takes Where's My Water? and kicks it up using water, ice and steam to solve physics puzzles a-plenty. Where's My Perry? brings along 80 puzzles across 4 chapters to start and future updates will be free. You can grab it right now in BlackBerry World for just $0.99.

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Where's My Perry? now available for BlackBerry 10 devices


Disney told me that its games will only be available for Z10, if and when other android devices become available I would be able to find and download them from Google play store lol.

I hope it will be available for Playbook as it doesn't appear to be at present. It's been almost a Month since I ordered two Z10s for the wife and I through Bell Mobility and still no Blackberrys? Are they in that short supply? I'll call them tomorrow and see what's up. Anyone else still waiting?

Woohooo just got my Z10 ......guys its awesome i know it sucks you have to wait but its so damn worth it ....light years ahead of regular BB takes a little to get used to ,but in no time you will be zooming !!!!!