Where's My Bus? for BlackBerry 10 provides simple, real-time transit information

Where's My Bus? for BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 17 Apr 2013 08:31 am EDT

If you live in one of the many metro areas in North America whose public transit systems utilize the NextBus system, you'll want to check out Where's My Bus? for BlackBerry 10. If you're not familiar with NextBus, it's a fantastic service that helps make life a bit easier for people that ride public transportation. Using GPS, buses and trains are tracked and real time updates are provided for routes, advising when riders can expect the bus/train to arrive. This information can help you avoid a missed connection, spend less time waiting at a stop not knowing when the bus will arrive, and also helps make that commute a bit safer.

Where's My Bus takes all of the information available on the NextBus website and offers it to you in a simple, easy-to-use format that will make your travels on the bus or train almost effortless. Not only can you use the app to view real-time transit information, it also updates you as to any service announcements in effect.

Features include:

  • Select an Agency, Route, Direction, and then Stop to view an interactive map of the stop and nearby bus locations, as well as a list of the next upcoming bus arrival/departure times
  • Service announcements will be overlaid on top of the map if active
  • Press and hold an Agency, Route, or Stop to add it as a favorite for quick navigation
  • Filter Agency, Route, and Stop pages to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Application Cover/Active Frame while viewing a stop will change to a simple display of the next 3 bus arrival/departure times (note: make sure to configure refresh interval settings and do not leave the app running when you are not using it to conserve battery life)
  • Swipe down from the top to view application help or configure settings such as refresh intervals for the Next Bus Page and Application Cover view

Where's My Bus? can only display agencies that authorize NextBus to release their data to the public XML API, so you'll want to check the list to be sure your transit agency is represented before purchasing it. You can find more information on the app as well as a ton of screenshots on the Where's My Bus? website. The developers behind this useful tool are constantly updating the app, and some of the features they are looking to implement in the future include:

  • Incorporate multiple data sources (i.e. agencies who pulled their data out into their own API)
  • Manual entry of a Stop ID to jump to that stop's next bus page
  • Route Map view that draws an overlay of the route on a full page map
  • Route schedules
  • Nearby stops

You can pick up Where's My Bus for your BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World for just $.99 at the link below.

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Where's My Bus? for BlackBerry 10 provides simple, real-time transit information


In District of Columbia only the DC Circulator is supported. Would have purchased this if WMATA was on the list of agencies

As the developer of Where's My Bus? and a frequent rider of the WMATA transit system, I couldn't agree more ;)

Lucky for both of us - I am hard at work updating the application to allow for multiple data sources (the first of which will be the private API for the WMATA system) that should be in the next few (if not the next) update!

I use Where's my bus on my 9900...People in Toronto...this works for TTC as they use the NextBus website

I haven't heard of anyone having issues with favorites - I would recommend trying to uninstall and reinstall the application and see if that works. Otherwise, feel free to contact me (I developed the application) at my support email of support@antiemotion.com

With no more Google Maps I really need a transit route planner, but I just moved from Toronto which it does support to Hamilton which it does not.

This is hyper-local, but I hope MTA Bus would be placed on nextbus soon. It makes the app worse when only part of the MTA is shown, but that isn't the fault of the developer. Also would hope either some dev makes a native version of the SchedNYC android app or the dev himself would change his mind on supporting blackberry 10.

Posted via CB10

If you can't live without a function to find nearby stops (until I can figure out a clean way of implementing this - unfortunately there is no support in the NextBus public API so I need to find my own solution) then I would recommend using the NextBus mobile site. It also has the full list of agencies, not only the ones that authorize NextBus to release their information to the public API. However, I have personally found the site slower and a little more time consuming to use than my application :)

I just downloaded this for my 9900 and I have to say, I think I like the NextBus website better. The website allows you to search for stops near you by GPS (useful when I'm not using my normal stop) as well as showing a map of where the actual vehicles are located along the route. The Where's My Bus app is somewhat better in that it shows you the next 5 vehicles and not just the next two, but I'm not sure if that's enough to get me to switch. Am I missing something?

Sorry, you might be thinking of another application simply titled "NextBus" that is supported on non-BB10 devices such as the 9900. Mine is not supported on anything other than the Z10 right now :)

That being said, my application is also currently not able to find stops nearby via GPS due to limitations on the NextBus public API. Rest assured I am hard at work trying to figure out a way to accomplish this via my own solution however!

Nope...there's definitely an app called "Where's My Bus" available for 9900 (and other) devices...see here: (hmmm, I guess I can't post the link to Blackberry World in my comment, but just go to the Blackberry World page on a regular computer and search for "Where's My Bus", and you'll see two different apps with that same name). I also downloaded the "NextBus" app, btw, only to find out that I just paid $.99 for a link to the NextBus website...I wasn't happy about that. Complete waste of money.

Anyway, by your response I'm assuming that the Where's My Bus app that I downloaded isn't yours...somebody should probably clear up the name confusion, I'm thinking.

For anyone else in Waterloo, there is a Grand River Transit app called GRT EasyRider. It's an android port but seems to work well enough.

When the spring schedule comes out at the end of April, GRT EasyRider will also have some new features including maps.

Fantastic app and works great with the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) . Extremely accurate! Well worth the buck IF your local transit system is supported.

Posted via CB10

Not happy with yourself, for not reading? It says not all places are supported and you should check before purchasing, silly. Hit up Chicago Transit Authority and tell em to wise up and offer the services so it can be supported.