Where there's a will, there's a way

Instagram for BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Apr 2013 03:28 pm EDT

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Where there's a will, there's a way


At this point, I think even a side-loaded version would be better than nothing. It will give them time to work on a native version.

Not sideloaded, there is a back button on the top left of the android version of instagram, BB10 just gestures to go back so no need for the button

Sorry but it may be your version, but on my SG2 LTE (4.1.2) it looks just like it did there in kevin's pic.

This is not sideloaded, it's native. Android apps does not look like that. I know because I have alot of android apps on my z10

So, with Twitter and Facebook already allowing photo uploads, why do I need this again? Not a troll, a legitimate question...

Honestly, you don't. But 100 million people believe they do, so BlackBerry needs it to close up the app gap.

Absolutely needs to be on the platform for the success of the platform, I agree. But the filters are built in, and there are photo uploads in all the social media sites I already have, so I'm just looking for reasons why I personally need it.

But no question about it, BlackBerry needs it.


It's pretty obvious you haven't used it. Instagram is its very own social network, even though its own by Facebook.

While you can upload to Facebook/Twitter that's just an extra option users have to share their photos outside Instagram.

You need an app to interact with other users, "like" each other's photos, view someone's timeline in a mobile device, hashtag your photos, search for photos, etc.

In other words it isn't just a "let me apply a filer to my photo, then I'll upload to Facebook" type of success.

I definitely never used it, and I'm not being hostile or putting the service down. I really don't know what the appeal is, or what it does that makes it the must-have service that it is, and now that it's going to be on BlackBerry, I thought it would be as good a time as ever to find out.

I know that if I post a picture on Facebook or Twitter, it reaches everyone in my network, and on Facebook people can "Like" it and on Twitter they can "Favorite" it, but I wasn't sure if there was more to Instagram than that, which is why I asked.

I know millions of users can't be wrong, and for that reason it's important for BlackBerry to have it. But now that it does and I'll actually have access to it, I figured I'd find out if it's for me.

Instagram or "IG" as the youngn's call it is critical for Blackberry at this point. If they get it much sooner than later. The platform will get many converts.

I'm with you on the importance for BlackBerry platform. I just don't know what it's used for, mostly cuz I'm not one of the "youngn's" anymore...

So with Instagram allowing for mobile picture uploads and social networking, why do I need FaceBook or Twitter?

I think BB10 may be looking to facilitate more than just YOUR needs...

haha I totally didn't even know what this was. Is that sad?

I only want it so people will stop complaining BB doesn't have it.


Someone on instagram who sounded like they had a droid said it was def a port.. Either way we know it's coming so this is just a fill-in.. And even if it's a port, good to see it running well enough to post pics..

I have a droid - there is 1 distinct difference...

The pic Kevin posted doesn't show a "Back" button in top left corner like droid does... This makes me think it's not a droid port.

I have an S2 and my instagram looks exactly like that. Theres no back button on instagram only when ur posting pics. Don't matter if its a port still take it

so no RC car?
Seriously though, that was fast. The last word was "in talks" and obviously they were way beyond that point.
If true Bberry was holding stuff back from the launch event.
What is the next rabbit out of the hat?!

If this makes it onto the Z10 by the time it launches in the U.S., BlackBerry will be in better shape than expected!

This is a huge step in truly closing the "app gap."

300,000,000 use qq and most westerners wouldn't know qq. Started learning Mandarin last year and was amazed at how big the market is that bb are missing by not having qq and wechat.

Of all the big name apps people want, it's lowest on my priority list. I wonder just how many Moscow Mules I'll need to drink before my Z10 becomes available... Nice shot, by the way, Kevin!

Kevin, PLEASE shed some light on this!!

We're all dying here!

(Well, the instagram fans are, anyways)

Didn't know what this was except from comments. I thought this app was bought by facebook and now has privacy issues in terms of agreement making it a bad app to use. Maybe wrong since everyone seems happy it's here.

Not really a fan of Instagram nor I have an account but it's good to see a picture of Instagram in BB10 so people would stop complaining about it.

I agree to please the masses we need stupid IG for BB10 but seriously what the hell for? The comments about pics of food are so true. I'm sure 75% of IG content is either food or vain pics of one's self. The camera app in BB10 will be more than sufficient to make cool pics.

I think what is more important, however, is to get Netflix buy-in. Now *that* would put them on the map.

Anyway, my 2 cents :)

Carry on...

I've never used instagram, and probably won't, but this is an awesome vote of confidence for the platform and will definitely get reported in the media. So, excellent news!

What's the difference between android player on the PlayBook and the Z - 10? If Skype and instagram are going the Android route then you would think that once it's released it will work with the PlayBook Android player too.

The android player on BB10 and Z10 is much better than the one currently on the PlayBook. Apps that run great on the dev alpha (e.g. Flipboard) doesn't really work well on the PlayBook. Obviously, when PlayBook gets BB10, we'll get the better android player on the PlayBOok...

To be honest, I don't think they will release it anytime soon. I am thinking of two things why.

1. If we will get an upgrade of the BlackBerry 10 on PlayBook and we could use it as if it a Z10 but bigger, it will canibalize Z10. PlayBook 64GB cost only $250 or less on eBay. Like Adam said Z10 is like iPhone or Android, all features can be use using WiFi or regular data plan.

2. It is possible that upgrading from BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 to BlackBerry OS 10 will be impossible to just upgrade it through PlayBook. I am thinking we need to have to access the root files inorder to install the OS. Though I am not an expert but it sounds reasonable. Please correct me on this.

For what it's worth, I had Pinterest for Android sideloaded and working fine for a bit, but not so much anymore. 

A cousin of mine abandoned BB a while back for the S2. He is up for an upgrade and he told me he is definitely getting BB10. Why did I bring this up? He also mentioned that he hopes that BB10 eventually gets Tango.

I do not understand this at all.

They shoulda used time shift to show different things on each phone screen

Who notices how bad the camera is on the Z10 unless you are in a bright setting? That picture he took of the two phones looks like it was taken in 2005.

Taking into account the comparison with Lumnia, iPhone... this camera in Z10 really-really looks bad. :((((
Frankly speaking I was hoping for much better quality. Seems like 2.0 Mp camera in Sony Ericsson W810 better than this one :/

I will claim it hear - I'm d i s a p p o i n t e d. I'm sorry.

Thank you for the reply! Looks good.
But as of moment, I believe to CrackBerry's review. And there is no EXIF info in your jpg. So, will see. But if cam, in fact, much better, than presented by CrackBerry - it will be GREAT!

If you are referring to the photo posted on Instagram, it has a Instagram filter on it that's why it looks that way.

the picture he took has an instagram filter on it, look at the pic used on the post above the instagram photo link

I believe this is the INSTAGRAM FROM BLACKBERR 10 DEVELOPMENT STAGE or "WILL BE SOON AVAILABLE IN BETA" version because KEVIN and CrackBerry wont hype it if it's just sideloaded. And I ALWAYS BELIEVE IN KEVIN :):):)

Did ANYONE read Adam Zeis' article, "Why you should ALWAYS listen to what Kevin has to say"?!?!!!

smack in that stupid cnet reviewer's face who said bb10 is deemed to fail because it does not have apps like instagram to satisfy 10 year olds -_-

It doesn't matter if it's an app that you won't use. The more apps, the more people BB10 will satisfy.

Instagram, even if you have never heard of it, IS popular and BB10 needs it, and the reason a lot of you have never heard of it is probably because you use a Blackberry.

I'm honestly tired of using a blackberry and not being able to take part in things that so many of my friends have fun with simply because I really like blackberry phones. I'm REALLY excited that BB10 is taking apps seriously, and so I am perplexed as to why so many of you, after SO MANY years of not even imagining something being released on blackberry, would question why an app IS necessary.

Simply put, the more apps the better! Keep them, all of them, coming to BB10!

Eat Your Heart out Windows Phone 8

I think what everyone means by no back button is the back button that appears in the android player when its been sideloaded or its a port
even if it is a port its still good news for us, its better than nothing, right WP8 lol

The camera is most certainly a SOFTWARE issue not the Hardware.Give them some time to get all the bugs out. Being a brand new platform now available to the masses many more bugs will be found. At least Blackberry is on it to FIX things.

Unlike Cough cough and their Maps and other things.

So lets see, all the crap people have been giving Blackberry about "apps" so lets recount:
They are going to have the Kindle, Skype and now this stupid Instagram app (which I can't figure out whats the big deal about it)

No one is raving about skype or kindle being available for BB10 yet i thought these were "must haves" now we see Instagram is on BB10.

What is the next benchmark the naysayers will make BB10 jump through

personally i'd like to see push email, i'm pretty stunned that blackberry will no longer be offering push email. the bread and butter since day 1.

Well for all those people who don't want to have ownership of your pictures, here it is the app for you. Enjoy and if you see one or part of your pictures being used, oh well.

Hmmm.... i wonder what "THIS" means....the hyperlink doesn't lead to anything....but I'll assume it's good news