WHERE Available For BlackBerry Tour; Top Download from App World!

By Bla1ze on 27 Jul 2009 11:54 am EDT
WHERE Now Available For BlackBerry Tour!

WHERE launched for the Tour shortly after the device's release, and the folks from WHERE happily et us know this morning that they're the Number 1 BlackBerry Tour Top Download in App World so we definitely thought it deserved a plug! Although, at the time of this post, my Tour is actually showing Metova's Vision for YouTube app at #1 and WHERE at #2. Ahh well. In any event, about 22,000 Tour owners are rocking WHERE each day. If you haven't given it a go yet, you should give it a try and see if it's for you.

Using your GPS or a location you set manually WHERE can help you find just about anything you need, be it phone numbers, the nearest Starbucks or if you just simply want to check on traffic. WHERE is there to help!

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WHERE Available For BlackBerry Tour; Top Download from App World!


Where is available for most devices and (hopefully soon) add support for adding/removing widgets to Storm and other platforms.

Where was one of the first apps I downloaded with my new BB. And is still on my phone. Yellow Pages, My Places, Map it. This is by far one of the better FREE programs for the Blackberry.

I have it installed on my Storm but you can not add or delete widgets. WHERE promises that they are working on this.

This is defiantly one of the best FREE apps out their . . . . I can see my self using this app often for cheapest gas prices, weather or movies.

The app moves very smooth and clean which is one of the things I didn't like about Viigo. So give the app a try I like it.

No suprise its #1 in App World. It's an extremely well designed app. It goes the extra mile as far as the extra information it provides and takes full advantage of GPS. A must have for any BB user!

i've been using poynt, wondering if it would be better than poynt?...... what does everyone think? about where compared to poynt? i'll probably give "where" a try tho...

Just loaded this, asked it to use the GPS to set location, and it seemed to work!? I then selected Starbucks and it correctly identified the closest one to my location. Now, perhaps it failed thegps and defaulted to cell tower location... not sure how to tell which it is using. If it is accessing the gps, that would make it the only app I've found other than BBmaps to have such access on Verizon...

I found that if you position the cursor on the location (in my case city name) at the bottom of the screen, and then click the trackball, it pops up a window with location coordinates. I compared these to the same obtained in BBmaps using the GPS navigation, and they match!!

Oops.... maybe I( jumped to conclusions too soon. Notice that the location display now shows source as "cell"? So not sure... but it DOES match the real GPS location of BBmaps. (The pop up location info also shows that it acquired the location on "Dec 31, 1969 6:00pm", so perhaps this feature isn't quite done yet ;-)

Downloaded directly from Where's site. No luck getting the GPS to find me nor did entering a manual location work.

Make sure you have the GPS enabled Options -> Advanced options -> GPS Set Source to Device GPS and set Services to Location ON

i downloaded this app over the weekend. i like this better over poynt. gps is faster and app itself its so much faster. running fine on bb tour =]

Don't do it. Poynt is a 10xtimes better app than WHERE. WHERE doesn't update the gas prices as often as they should. Its about once a month they get you the right price, and the way gas prices are changing so much as of late, its to late for the update because the price has already changed. They need to work on getting a daily check everyday. Overall i would give the WHERE app a 4 out of 10 rating.

I was convinced that there was nothing better out there than Poynt, but after trying out Where for a day now, I am sold! I have a Sprint Tour and Poynt has not upgraded yet so I first have to open BBMaps then choose "Poynt from here." I guess it is having to do the extra step that I don't like, but I like the more options that Where has and the speed of it. It has been flawless so far. I am happy I made the switch.

I just tried it and wasnt that great. I already deleted it. I live in a major city (Dallas) and it didnt give me 5 of the closest gas stations prices, and the ones it did give were a lil off. Theatre listings dont show times in less you click on each movie and then click showtimes. Also when viewing movies under theatre it shows movies that dont come out for another 2 weeks? Starbucks app? It's just as easy to seach on google maps. I give it a 5 out of 10 I still perfer www.flixter.com/mobile for movies.

I see it's been released for the tour... but when I follow the download link, and select blackberry it does not have a Tour option. What is everyone else using?

please post the link or give instructions. I've gone all over their site on my laptop and cannot find where I can download. Then on my Tour, I went thru AppWorld and searched "Where", and don't come up with it...so confused!

where can i find the updated i went to the where app site, app world, nothing! same old
let me know if you guys find out anything new