WHERE Launches For BlackBerry Bold!

By Bla1ze on 6 Dec 2008 11:34 am EST

This right, here is some great news! One of the questions that is frequently asked in the CrackBerry Forums, the Bold forums specifically, is "Is WHERE available for the Bold?"

The answer was always followed by a resounding No! That is... until now. If you head on over to WHERE's website you will now find the option is available to have the application delivered to your BlackBerry Bold. Sweet!

Just in case the video does not explain the application enough, hit the link to the WHERE site for more information.

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WHERE Launches For BlackBerry Bold!


i searched the forums for WHERE and got nothing! anyone know how this affects battery? is it always searching or using gps?

Hey Cobra302,

WHERE,only pings at the beginning of each session and only once during that session. So even if you are using WHERE for several minutes, the application will only ping your location once, saving your valuable battery power.

Hope this helps!

Based solely on what I saw in this video, Where does not look like it even compares to Live Search. While I am sure that it has more functionality being on the BB Bold, it looks clumsy and unattractive as an application. Has anyone tried both Where and Live Search?

agreed - i can't go anywhere without live search!

i tried downloading where but it's a little bloated. running the whole shell to get the use of a couple of small widgets that my other apps don't do better was futile. the interface just isn't there for me to keep it.

i just downloaded. seems kinda cool, but the gps is waaaayy off! it showed me out in the middle of a lake! it seems to take forever for the gps to "hook up" as well. anyone else have this issue?

Installed ok. Got 2 oops screens, then it ran. More oops screens. Gas buddy never worked. GPS seemed to connect ok, just too many oops screens. Uninstalled it. When it did work it was SLOW.

I just used Google Maps this morning to go to a wrestling tournament. For anyone who know wrestling, these tournaments can be out in the rural settings and hard to find. Google Maps took me right to it, found a McDonald's after weigh in and another great restaurant with directions after the tournament. A+++ For Google Maps.

App looks cool but I tried to download it several times and I continually got a "Download Failed" error. Also noticed that even though I specified my BB as a BB Bold, on the download screen it says "Where build for the BlackBerry 8800"!?

I guess they have some issues to work out. ;-/

Just got through all the comments, wanted to say thanks for your patience. WHERE did go live on Friday, but not highly publicized as we are still working out some bugs. If you are seeing any errors send me an email ccorns@ulocate.com or post a thread in our Crackberry Developers Sub-Forum WHERE/uLocate and we'll figure out the issue. Thanks!

When making something that only works in the USA ,, how about some notification ..


wasted some time ... with this dog .....

Installed it yesterday and tried to access the various functions, but I got the same error message every time said that it could not connect with the server. It seems like a nice App, but needs some major work to go prime time with the new OS's coming out. Nearly everyone has kicked-up their Apps to work with at least OS 4.5.. but this doesn't seem to have the horsepower to do so. I will try it again when they come out with a version that works with the newer OS's. Oh... it had my Wi-Fi going crazy as well. The signal arrows were jumping like they were on fire. Not good!!

I have tried to get this application 3 times to no avail. perhaps the fact that I have a BOLD working with t-mobile is the reason.I just don't get the link via SMS that the site supposedly sends you.don't get the message period.

Same problem here but I have AT&T...I never receive the text message with the download link...I've tried 10 times and the text message is never sent.

I've tried running it a few times and get an error no matter what widget I try and run. Also, it appears as though the menus and width aren't sized for the Bold.

The only thing I can say is "where is it" will download on phone but can not use any of the apps on it....says that it had a problem setting your location....

What is this idiotic company thinking?

The SMS link is never sent.

The app froze on the loading screen on my Bold.

The next time, it loaded, but said the "page could not be found."

And it sounds as though many have issues with the GPS.

Ehh... way to destroy your company's reputation with a crap product before you've even gotten started.

Hi Rcee,

Will try not to take your comment too personally ;)

We've seen some errors like the ones you've described, but generally from people who are trying to use WHERE outside of the United States. Right now, WHERE is only available in the US. If this is not the issue, then shoot over an email to our support team for some help. supportATwhereDOTcom