Four months later... Where does BlackBerry stand now?

Four months ago today CrackBerry Kevin had his ponytail chopped off and BlackBerry 10 was officially launched. In this piece we take a quick look at how things are going so far.

By Chris Umiastowski on 30 May 2013 05:49 pm EDT

As of today we are 4 months deep into the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the commercial beginning of the re-launch of the company. I say “commercial” beginning only to differentiate it from the years of work that went into the buildup of the launch.

So here we are 4 months later. Many BlackBerry owners are now sporting either a Z10 or a Q10, but it’s early days into the upgrade cycle for many reasons. This includes the high cost of BB10 devices in emerging markets, the later launch of the Z10 and Q10 in the USA relative to other markets, and of course the late launch of the Q10 altogether (to everybody in the US waiting for a Q10, the waiting is *almost* over).

I thought it would make sense to do some out-loud thinking about where BlackBerry goes from here.  First, let’s recap where we are now.

Having missed BlackBerry Live in Orlando earlier this month, I caught up with a few folks who did attend (including the full time guys at Team CrackBerry) and it seems pretty clear at this point, judging from anecdotes coming with those who had conversations with BlackBerry executives, that the Q10 is shaping up to be an immense success while the Z10 is doing just ok in the market. It was off to a great start in Canada, the UK and other markets, but the US launch so far has been quieter.

I think it’s fair to say that BlackBerry 10, first launched on the Z10, proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that this company can get back in the game with a solid user interface and super responsive, stable, and secure operating system. The global launch went well, demand was pretty good and I’m certainly a huge fan of the device.  But it seems it hasn’t been enough to drive big volume among the majority of the smartphone-toting world who prefers a full touch screen.

Was it the more limited apps and games selection? If so, I think the story is changing by the day. In my own case I’ve been wanting Skype for a very long time. It finally arrived, and I’m absolutely loving it. That’s a major app gap closure for me. Everyone has their own needs and slowly but surely, BlackBerry is meeting those needs.

Then came the Q10 launch. Absolutely awesome device, and we know this appeals heavily to the huge number of physical QWERTY users out there who are still supportive of BlackBerry. At first I thought this device would sell, by far, in larger numbers to existing BlackBerry subscribers.  But maybe (just maybe?) there is a much wider audience.  Yesterday Adam mentioned a Seeking Alpha story about how the Q10 is the #1 selling phone on the SFR network in France.  I spent the summer of 2011 in France with my family on vacation and I can tell you from experience that, at the time, Samsung was the top dog in terms of growth and almost nobody had a BlackBerry. The brand was close to dead among the French population in Languedoc, where I stayed. So if the Q10 is even selling well there, forget about it being #1, that’s an incredibly interesting data point.

Is there a possibility that people are more interested in physical keyboards than most industry analysts (and vendors) predicted? Maybe the reason so many all-touch phones have sold is because that’s (almost) the only option people have when buying Android or iOS hardware? Is the BlackBerry Q10 (and soon Q5) positioned to ignite a comeback of the physical keyboard? I don’t claim to have the answer, but I’m intrigued, and I can’t wait to see what happens when the Q10 officially launches in the US.

This summer the Q5 hits the market. This will be the first time BlackBerry has a phone for emerging markets that is reasonably affordable. What will the retail price be? How profitable will it be for the company? It all remains to be seen, but if the Q10 sells well in developed markets I think it’s a sure sign that the Q5 will sell well in emerging markets.

The Q10 keeps this company in business, perhaps even pushing earnings well beyond most analyst estimates.

Yet BlackBerry still needs to mount a comeback in the US market, and it won’t do this without a successful all-touch phone. That takes us to the Aristo, the company’s widely expected larger screen "phablet".  If the Z10 isn’t driving big volume in the US can a larger screen phone be the cure? Is the market really becoming split between those who want a smaller screen and physical keyboard versus those who want massive all-glass phones?

Here’s where I’ll wrap this up for now. I think that after 4 months of commercial availability, BlackBerry 10 is on a solid path to recapture market share.  The hardware and OS are excellent. The Q10 brings back the physical keyboard that so many people want. BBM could become the global standard in mobile messaging. The app gap is (slowly) closing. And when I talk about BlackBerry with my friends nobody chimes in with, “Oh, those guys are dying.”  A few months ago, on the other hand, it happened all the time.

The current state of things: The Q10 keeps this company in business, perhaps even pushing earnings well beyond most analyst estimates. But we need to see more, and I’m super interested in what’s next. As long as BlackBerry really does keep moving, the fight will remain interesting.

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Four months later... Where does BlackBerry stand now?



I have to say that random reboots on a mobile device can be quite annoying. Am I correct by saying that the random reboots are that of the software and not really the device? How much alterations have VZW put into the platform for it to work on their network?

I live in Australia and switched from Vodafone to Optus knowing that Optus is not really the best with Blackberry. Every time I send a text message I have to wait till it delivers before I can start writing another. Vodafone Australia does not carry the new devices so I am unable to try the same action. As far as I heard that Vodafone Australia and Blackberry can't really see eye to eye.

In reference to battery I have observed that when my phone is 4G the battery goes in less than a day. I have since configured the device for 3G and my battery last way longer than a day.

The random reboot is annoying. I was in the middle of an e-mail and after the phone rebooted, I couldn't find it anywhwere, not in the Sent folder, not in Drafts, not anywhere.

Also, the very first day I got the phone, I tried to turn it off. I held down the power button and the screen went black, but instead of it staying black, the BlackBerry logo appeared and the blue loading circle appeared, which meant the phone did not stay off, but restarted itself.

Try uploading the new OS My Z10 re-booted a number of times before the new OS, but has since stopped and is behaving itself.

Get OS, NOT the above mentioned OS ver. That one failed internal testing, and is actually an officially launched OS version on a carrier in another country. I am using it and it works very well, had some issues when I had 2342 on my phone.

Hey guys i haven't had any random reboots not sure why you have but mines good like that. The only problem i have had is inconsistency in the battery life which really sucks when it goes flat some days before lunch and other times lasts for 2 days both relatively constant use.

Had my first last week, just looked over at my phone to see why I didn't receive an email on my phone that I saw in my inbox at work and lo and behold the phone was in the process of restarting. Other than that really enjoyed my time with the phone so far.

Posted via CB10

Hi. I have the same variable battery life. For me there`s two major drains. The first is using 4G when i'm out and moving around. That's easily fixed: set the phone at 3G and only switch to 4G for when I actually use it. The second drain is when I'm in an area with poor reception - the constant seeking a signal is a real energy-sapper. In one particular location where the signal is very patchy, I set the Z10 by a window and use the Call Forwarding When Not Available to a spare phone on a different network. A bit of a nuisance but the added bonus is that I don't miss any calls. When I'm at home the battery lasts 2 days but at that point it's not a mobile phone!

I'm going to come up with a comprehensive list at some point. maybe call it Pete's pissoffs. Do freelance work and... and... maybe CB will adopt it. Maybe I'll just blog my gripes on CB Forums. lawd knows I'll get quicker and more honest results from the CB community before BlackBerry (their hands are tied) .

Was that a rant? Crap. Now I'm a troll..

Pete calling himself a troll. Does anybody have the current weather conditions in hell? Guessing it's pretty cold!

Posted via CB10

Some issues:

1. BlackBerry Maps is lacking.
2. After making a phone call and hanging up, the phone app remains open. This could be more of a preference, but I imagine most people want the app closed after hanging up.
3. After searching emails by subject or sender, there is no way to delete all emails in the search result set.
4. In the calendar, one can only create an event/appointment. The user should be able to simply set an alarm/reminder which should exclude the "Starts" and "Ends" fields.
5. Occasional variable battery life.
6. 16 icon limit in folders.
7. Bookmark management is lacking.
8. Turning on privacy mode in browser requires too many steps.

I'm sure I missed a few but these are what came to mind. Nonetheless, I would rate the Z10 a 9/10 as none of the issues are super high priority except the random rebooting one. These flaws are made up in other areas.

Anyone have any issues with the contacts app when accessed via the phone?

That's my issue. Only 10% of my contacts appear. Then I go to the actual contacts app (not through the "phone"), toggle an option, toggle it back, and suddenly all my contacts are back again.

Super annoying. Just started after recent update.

Posted via CB10

It will if BlackBerry promotes it correctly. Keep in mind the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One have already been released and have sold over 15 million units combined. BlackBerry definitely has some catching up to do.

True. The long-awaited Q10 was raised on a pedestal during the launch event at the end of January. Hits the market some 14 weeks later.

I have said this before but people outside the US have no idea how bad a job BlackBerry has done marketing BB10 in the US under Frank Boulben. I can really only comment on the consumer side of things. Maybe BB is tearing it up with Enterprises, I don't know.

Boulben's marketing has been a dramatic fail for several reasons:

1. The Keep Moving campaign really stinks. The commercials are forgettable. Spending money in this way is throwing it down a drain. I think Boulben has a European outlook and does not understand the American market.

2. Blackberry is making really bad use of the celebrities that it is dealing with. First off, using celebrities at all is a stupid idea. It is more money thrown down the drain. If the general public knows one thing it is that Alicia Keys tweeted about her BlackBerry from an iPhone. Embarrassing.

3. I felt really embarrassed watching that round table that Alicia Keys conducted at BB Live. WTF was that about anyway? BB is clearly just pandering to women thinking that women will see Alicia Keys talking about women and tech and then go out and buy BlackBerries. People see through this kind of stuff. It was unwatchable, frankly.

4. Just how bad the ad campaign is can be demonstrated by that QNX ad, which was probably put together by some guy at QNX without the assistance of an Advertising Company. That spot made waves because it gives people a reason to go out and buy a BB: you will have professional-grade computing power on your phone. Keep Moving? Moving where? Probably away from BlackBerry, unfortunately.

5. Solution? BB's ad need to be focused on a message that will appeal to a specific segment of consumers. American root for the underdog. Americans love individuality. BB is the underdog. It should embrace that role. The message should be that BBs are not for everyone. If you choose BB, you are making a statement that you are not like the masses of iPhone or Android users. There are many people who will be attracted to this idea. This kind of ad would help to reestablish the brand.

Very well said. Especially point 5. is what the whole marketing campaign should be focused on. couldnt agree more

BB10 is geared to the hyper-connected user, not couch potatoes. What's not clear about that? BlackBerry is focusing on getting people to try their new BB10 platform. Tailoring to hands on shoppers or those who they can get the most engagement from like in airports or events are probably the best way to get the most value for the limited marketing dollars of BlackBerry. Good or bad, people still recognize the BlackBerry brand name around the world. BlackBerry is focused on promoting experience hands on. Not everyone knows of ZTE, Huweii, or HTC etc... Those are the type of companies that need the type of marketing you are suggesting.

BlackBerry MUST not rely on the US market... They did once... and just failed...!!!
European (mainly UK), African and Indian markets are bigger and less "complicated" than US market to a Canadian company...
There no one cares if the product comes from Canada or is from a US Brand... as long as it is good... and BB10 phones are... really good...

Point 1 I really don't know.. (I'm not un the US)

Point 2 - irrelevant...! The image here is that they use celebs by their talents... NOT because of their private lives or their scandals... It's because of what they can do professionally...

Point 3 - I'm a man and I loved to see Alicia talking about women and tech... Social Conscience is a good fashion in socially developed countries... A company must not just see profits... Social Conscience IS important... Women must become more IT empowered...

Point 4 - It's just your opinion... I liked it... it's a smart add... It goes beyond what you just see... It shows everything QNX can and is doing... from wide world usage... to the palm of your hand... In a Z10... with BB10 OS...
To me it's smart... it's clever ad... (maybe it is just not directed to you.. maybe you like Samsung Phones ad's... I don't)

Point 5 - BlackBerry need's to show it's new OS, to the WORLD.... They must start to distribute in the places where it is more "desired"... And that is a clever move.. The only problem is that it must be made in quick pace... with smaller launch windows from the first country to the last it cant take so much time... because Tech evolves faster...

This is my opinion... of course.. but I'm not an American... (and the world is much more than the US)!!

The world certainly is much bigger than America. BlackBerry should go after all the markets that it can. I hope that Blackberry is doing a better job in those places than it is in America. I only meant to comment on what is being done here in the US.

One think I want to clarify is that the QNX Ad was good but that is not part of the official and horrible keep moving campaign. Again, the ads that run on tv are not tailored to American tastes. I think that Boulben has no idea what those are and neither does Heins. They need an American to sell in America, or at least someone that understands America. They are just wasting money now because the ads are not effective.

I'm sorry but I stick by what I said about that roundtable. If BlackBerry was really serious about the issue of women in tech they would hire some women in prominent positions. Putting a musician on stage to talk about it? Gimmee a break. Again, I think that most Americans would see how contrived this is.

I don't know where you are from but I would not pretend that I knew what would make a good ad campaign there. I know enough to know there are things I don't know.

Finally, I read all the time on Crackberry that Americans are biased against blackberry because it is a Canadian company. Do these people not understand that Americans don't care? Samsung is Korean. BlackBerry used to be number one and it was Canadian then too. We buy Japanese cars more than our own. We love German cars. Most of our stuff is made in China. Lots of Americans hate Apple. Lots of Americans hate Google. Microsoft is American but Windows Phone sells almost nothing. Please extend explain again how Americans are biased?

The article was about whether BlackBerry will succeed... lawman is 100% right, the commercials are forgettable and Alicia Keys doesn't matter with respect to her celebrity. I'm sorry but you're as bad as an iSheep or Copybot. Most of us on this forum support BlackBerry and have for a long time, but BlackBerry needs constructive criticism and the marketing campaign sucks. Marketing is supposed to create a buzz or hype and that hasn't happened.

Posted via BlackBerry 6230

Wait wait wait....

You are saying Europe, Africa, and Asia are LESS complicated markets than the US for BBRY? We are both still talking about a company based in southern Ontario, a two hour drive from the US border, and a 12 hour drive from 65% of the US population, right?

No. Just no.

Posted via CB10

Fact: Neither Heins nor Boulben has ever lived or worked in the US. They are the decision makers, not Canadians.

I am sure that BlackBerry employees know that Keep Moving is wrong. Management lives in a bubble and gets surrounded by people stroke egos. This is in all companies.

Posted via CB10

Another thing I would add is its great they are doing so well internationally. That us a major reason they are still around to keel fighting.

But that doesn't mean they should give up on the US market. They can and should be doing much better there. There is no reason why they need to conceed a HUGE market in their own backyard.

Posted via CB10

1st place is always best!

I would be happy with 2nd place, iPhone in 3rd place.

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

iPhone is losing steam. Releasing one phone per year which most of their competitors surpass in a matter of months is not an ideal business model.

Posted via CB10

Agreed TreSupreme. I'm no fan of Apple products, but they have a compelling infrastructure and that "I gotta have the next iPhone, no matter how minor an upgrade it is" mentality amongst their faithful that it will be very difficult to stop that train. A "Smartphone" = "iPhone" now to many people. That said, I love my Z10 and wouldn't trade it for 10 iPhones.

Well said. I still love my Z10 very much and won't part with it until the next BB10 device comes out.

why isn't it when their one model is selling well and is probably the single best selling product besides the rubics cube. those loyal to the brand flock to an Apple store every time a new iPhone comes out, they trade out their what was the Apple high line for the latest and greatest slight jump forward.

Apples business model has worked and its worked damn well, i'm not one for the company but honestly when people say things like this its just silly.

Apple is losing steam simply because they are making incrimental steps in the next devices, there hasn't been a major jump in inovation from them since the iPhone4 when they brought out a front facing camera and a good camera and imaging software, were as the likes of Samsung and all other Androids are froced to differenciate themselves and their products by having to go big on hardware and numbers. numbers is an illusion to cover up a lack of actual change but it does work, just look at all the asian cars, they are really no differnt then any other car but they offer a lower price tag so folks think they are gettign more bang for their buck, what they don't see is they are build from lower grade metals, they cheap out on insulation and the interior fit, finish and quality are not the same as the more slightly higher price tag, you also don't get the same feel when driving them. this is as i see it what Android devices are they use numbers to cover up the fact that they are the same as all other Androids and do the same functions, but its bang for buck over quality and experience (not to say that the Android experience is bad, its all put into user perception)

Your car analogy is lacking: my parents Ford is a cheap piece of krud while my Mazda 5 is awesome. Maybe you're thinking about Kia, sure, but honestly, brand loyalty for the sake of brand loyalty is logically flawed.

Posted via CB10

why wouldn't they have done it a $6 that would have been the perfect time to kill them and pick the company for their network infrastructure. Microsoft has all they need what do they need BBRy for, "their hardware side" why not chew up nokia who they partnered with with WP8.

BBRY isn't getting bought, it would have happened already and if they do then you can say you told me so and spit in my eye

We don't know if BlackBerry is being sold or not. It's not something that would happen overnight. I may take you up on on your offer with the exception of the spitting part. That would be un-Canadian :D

I dont see BB getting sold, especially to a company outside Canada. With BB owning QNX, it's too valuable of a resource to let it get go.

not anymore they sold it

but this should have been an implied thing, and why ford is know as Fix Or Repair Daily, also Found On Road Dead. they are junk lol cheap and have all sorts of fancy featers that make you think you are getting more then you are and also a good analogy for this theory.

GMs also has their issues, not in the quality of the engine but in the quality of the materials used and the sloppy feel.

you can't beat a European car, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Benz, Skoda, Citron Fiat, Renault meh

GTiLeo I hope for your portfolio's sake that your stock market knowledge exceeds your automotive knowledge! You clearly have no clue about cars, their engineering or the quality of the manufacturing of them.

Posted via CB10

The North American vehicle sector still has a lot of catching up to do. Quality wise they can't touch the European brands, not to mention the Japanese. Unfortunately some Americans are so good at telling the rest of the world and themselves how great they that they don't see how the world perceives them. No offense. When it comes to quality the big three are on a lower tier.

you obviously aren't understanding what i am talking about. i not talkign about reliability or how a car is engineered, you clown. i'm talkign about the cheaping out on materials like sound dampening insulation, sheet metal gauge and fit and finish of plastics and soft touch interior materials. its very rare to see a euro car rattle like a can of marbles or have dings and dents all over the car like you'd see with many other or have as much wind noise as other comparable cars. my sisters civic if you touched it in the wrong spot would dent and fold in like a piece of tin foil, the fords i've owned drove liek shit and at 100k km the transmisions started to slip, not to mention after 6 years it was starting to rust out, the same with my chevy work vans. the side cargo doors and the rear doors are rotted and rusted to right through. paint on them peels off, my and this is not just my experience, my girlfriends parents had an 08 silverado and the paint was peeling off of it, and they had mass amounbts of door issues and interior trim problems.

never once in the 12 years and three VWs i've owned have i had a dent or any rust, or even a major failure that left me stranded anywhere. my dad has a 540i for 12 years only issue was a failed water pump do to improper maintanence, and a rock went through his radiator.

now lets talk about my moms murano. was a good car until it hit 3 years when the ride started to get super rough loud. then holes started to rust out the exhaust rusting under belly and rear hatch started to go, tire pressure sensor fails every month interior door cars rattling liek crazy, dashboard squeak, you name it.

since she got her GLK 350 shes never had a ding or dent, no roughness no sloppy steering no issues what so ever with it and its a solid car, comfortable yet a ridged chassis with very little movement.

how often do you see 600k on a motor, i've seen VWs with well over 500k km on them and still running, its rare to see a GM Ford do that. Honda probably some of the longer lasting i've seen pull about 500k but thats also if the body doesn't rott out and you can Fred Flinstone it around

"this is as i see it what Android devices are they use numbers to cover up the fact that they are the same as all other Androids and do the same functions, but its bang for buck over quality and experience (not to say that the Android experience is bad, its all put into user perception"

GTiLEO - Go and try Sense 5 on the HTC ONE. That phone is bang for buck AND quality+experience. Buttery smooth and crazy fast.

But yet... $100+ billion dollars later...

Their model works or "worked" depending on how you look at it. Going the route of Samsung and spamming the market with 10 plus devices is something only a giant like Samsung can do. HTC tried to do the same and felt the sting.

While a part of me thinks that BlackBerry should just have 3 models, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I don't just want the Aristo but maybe the Aristo-Q with a physical keyboard. That I think would be their ultimate device. The all well known physical keyboard, large-no-compromise screen, large 3000 mAh battery all power by BlackBerry 10!!!

For the 16 year old girl and the a.d.d. case that needs tv even in the elevator your right, it does not do everything

Posted via CB10

And then there is that option! And it's great to have but we can't expect the average consumer to sideload. Gf didn't want a Z till I told her I would put instagram on it for her. Sold. But I'm sure lots of girls won't have that option...

Posted via CB10

There's also the option of the Splashtop 2, get all the videos, movies, tunes, etc you want right off your computer, access anywhere.

Would someone pleeeeeeease explain to me why anyone would want to watch a movie on their 4.3" Z10 screen.....4.0" for iPhone5....when and where are people doing this??
I have a NOTE2 and have never watched a movie on it....I have a 55" TV for doing that.....and I don't need Instagram either...the photo editing on the Z10 is fine.

I have, but my girlfriend and I usually end up falling asleep after hours of hot passionate....well, you get the idea, anyhoo, don't hotels have magazines, bibles etc for people to read.....??

Don't take the gf. Hookers and blo!

Read books? Some people on CB don't even read before posting comments. Hoping they read books or magazines may be asking too much.

I jest. :). For me movies and shows entertain me more than reading. Plus it's easier to just lay there.

Well, I have a Note2 10.1 tablet thingy to surf internet in, facebook....etc....the phone screen is just to small. Still Can't believe people are up in arms that Neflix isnt on BBRY 10.....oh the a Samsung or iPhone then if yoyu really need movies on your phone. ,

Technology is a bitch!

What happen to inviting your friend to your home and when he/she does come by that individual gets to view your hard cover album that are either fitted in plastic pouches and stuck to the page? Who needs instagram?

Who needs Netflix when I have a bloody 60" television in my lounge area? Why would I want to watch a good movie on a small 4.2" screen? Seriously where is the rationale?

So you're saying that you can get all your movies, documentaries, sitcoms, kid shows, specials etc all on your TV from your cable or Internet provider for less than ten bucks? Did you not know you can use the same account on multiple devices including a game console or a computer/laptop?

No I think he is saying that even if he could access all that stuff (although I'm sure he could skip the kids shows) he would like to do it through something larger than a 4" screen. As you pointed out, you can access your Netflix on multiple devices. bring your laptop to the hotel and use your phone like, well, a phone.

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

He states "Who needs Netflix when I have a bloody 60" television in my lounge area?". If he's speaking of himself that's fine, but the word "who" to me asks about everyone. I have an HDMI cable to watch Netflix when I'm not at home. Oh well.

I thought I saw posts where people were using Net Flicks and Instagram on their Z10s? Not native apps, but for those apps does it matter anyway...?

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

You do know that Instagram and Netflix both have under <100million users. It is not representive of the GLOBAL mobile market. Anyways, both apps can be sideloaded for those on BB10 who really want the app. The world does not only revolve around the US.

Finally I Realize Something True

It is so nice to see positive stories in the media and people wanting the phone again.

BB10 needs far more refinement and slickness to go mainstream on a touch phone. It's fine but it's not feeling all that mind blowing four months into using it.

Posted via CB10

What kind of slickness? Phone is pretty slick to me, loving cascades! While I can agree no matter how good bb10 is (and I think it's great) it could be more "refined" as in more features, it leaves other phones in the dust for slick factor

Posted via CB10

Go get the diamond crusted edge Q10 or the 24k if you want slick.

Timq77, would you call the Samsung S4 slick and all the other block mobile devices that on the market? And some people still have the nerve to hold it up to their ears?

I remember when mobile phones were just hitting the market away from the mega chunks with the massive antennas and people were complaining about the size, now they are back in uglier and people are happy...lordie lord

It is stable. I don't see any major bugs floating around. The reboot issue is merely affecting a number of users and everything else is minor or next to nothing

Posted via CB10

The reboot issue in Indonesia just happen to less than 5% of BB10 owners, we have Z10 and Q10 forum with so many members and what you called "reboot issue" is not an issue at all, maybe 2 or 3 users just posted their problem.

I'm 3 for 3! would love non-rebooting z10! seriously, other than that I love the phone and I agree that the other 'bugs' are minor. its nothing to dust under the rug

You do know that polls like that are majorly flawed because the people experiencing the rebooting issues are more likely to vote in the poll than those that are not experiencing it. In fact, I don't have any rebooting problems, and I didn't vote in the poll.

yes, but being here and on the forums I can tell the people who have no problems love to state that as well. In my own experience, I have played with 3 z10's. 2(VZW) had the issue bad(1-3 reboots daily), and 1 ATT(1-2 a week). 10.1 does not fix anything, at least for VZW. so that is 100% of 3 phones I have personally dealt with. NOT a small percentage, and obviously I'm not the only one. There is no way you can call a new OS 'stable' when you have a large number of of what are essentially system crashes daily on the device. If it is hardware it is even worse for BlackBerry. I can almost see the press release now "Blackberry offers free Q5's to angry Z10 owners for faulty hardware". Hope I'm wrong, but 'stable' is a strong word... one that is, at this point, not synonymous with BB 10

100% of 3 phones wowweee that sure sounds like a representative sample... let me reach back in the old brainbag to university stats class for a second. That's right, for a statistic to have relevance at a population level you need a minimum of 30+ random samples across the distribution (normal or otherwise). So when you return from an all around the world trip where the destinations were chosen randomly, there were 30 or more stops and you used a Zed in every place you were and you still find similar levels of the reboot issue THEN you will have something relevant to say. I have personally bought and used 4 Zed's since launch and had 0 problems with all of them. Sadly that means about as much as your experience statistically. But regardless, making the claim of an unstable OS based on 3 experiences is uninformed at best and deliberately misleading at worst.

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

There are some devices that have a random reboot issue. True.

But those are far from the majority. Most users even seem to have a hard time believing that this happens to other people.

The OS is stable... Specially when updated. Oh wait. Verizon DIDN'T update their phones...

Maybe they made them better in Canada. I've had 2 verizon Z10s and a LE on ATT. All 3 crash. Based on that I'd say it is not that isolated of an issue

Great article Chris. I think the next Quarter release will prove just how much of a power house the Q10 has become for BBRY. However, we'll need another 2 at least to see if it'll take off in the US. With all the big business and those who just love the physical keyboard I think it'll have a chance but you've address is a couple of times, the app gap needs to get closed and faster. Not that I am an app monger or anything, I got about a dozen apps, of which I use 4-5 regularly, but the population needs/wants apps.

Keep rocking and rollin!

I think this article keeps things in perspective. BB10 has come along way but still has to keep moving forward. Of course it's not going to be mind blowing but a least BB10 is competitive with other smartphones now.

Posted via CB10

For the u.s to start loving blackberry again we need more useless apps and gaming apps for the blackberry. That's the only reason to get an iphone or android. The useless apps and gaming apps

Posted via CB10

There's a number of reasons why people buy an iPhone, not the least of which include iTunes integration, free full replacement warranty, and the ability to share content within the iOS ecosystem.

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Referring to a few different things. if I want to give someone media I don't want restrictions. No time for a novel here but suffice it to say apple does not make this easy. whether it's the lack of a useable file browser, video file format support etc. Lock you into iTunes and bend over here it comes.
Also Hdmi out and dlna support means my media is accessable "cross platform" in that I don't require an apple tv to stream to my smart tv etc etc. Again, no time for a novel but buying an apple product means you better like buying more apple products, cause your going to need 'em

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Had lunch with a friend today who owns a Bold 9900. His upgrade comes due in January 2014. I told him that's ideal because a better model should be out by then. Until then, I can't recommend the Z10. It's not yet ready for prime time.

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Maybe it's having knowledge of the issues we read about here everyday... the random reboots, battery drain, poor camera, the need to sideload, etc. I'm confident BlackBerry will eventually work these things out with the Z15 and OS 10.2.

Wow! Three Z10s in the family and 1 Q10 soon to arrive. Random reboot on 1 of the 3 (Tmobile one), no battery drain issues on any of the 3; poor camera? seriously I think you just have a hate on for BB. Clearly you have a very poor opinion of the company because you think it will take 5 iterations for them to fix this issues you think afflicts all the phones. Sorry man if you dislike this phone/company so much why don't you move on and be happy. It can not be good for your health to carry so much frustration/anger/unhappiness or whatever it is that you are feeling about a phone.

@gokulesh Thanks for your concern about my well being but I'm fine lol. I don't have a "hate on" for BlackBerry as I use a Z10 and a PlayBook. The Z10 is a good start for BB10. It's a middle-of-the-road touchscreen device by today's standards and as I mentioned the roadmap will lead to better things. We're all hoping for that.

When I installed the latest leak for 10.1, my reboots have gone away, along with my crappy battery life and "warm" phone issues. Also too the camera is great. The hdr mode is awesome. And takes great pics even while moving.

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Ahh I get it so by being ready for "primetime" you mean the phone needs to be perfect! I guess this means Jo phone is ready for prime time. Random reboots I have not experienced, camera works great for a phone. If i need extremely high quality photos I have a CAMERA for that lol for a point and shoot it's great. And the app problem has been beaten to death so I won't go over it again here but still not a valid reason the phone isn't ready for the big leagues.

Next attempt please

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"This includes the high cost of BB10 devices in emerging markets, the later launch of the Z10 and Q10 in the USA relative to other markets, and of course the late launch of the Q10 altogether (to everybody in the US waiting for a Q10, the waiting is *almost* over)".

Looking good overall, but Blackberry really needs to solve it's execution problems relative to the competition, especially in the US. Four month (and more) gaps between launch and delivery in the US market won't fly longterm, and it's that very problem that plagued RIM of old. If they can figure this out, it'll go a very long way.

I never said it had to launch here first (and I don't expect it to), but it needs to be within about 3 weeks or so of the UK and/or Canadian markets. The industry is moving VERY fast, and long gaps leave the door open for the S4's and HTC One's of the world (both of which launched after and became available long before).

It's true, if BlackBerry is going to regain a semblance of its former self it will need to execute better, especially in the US. But things are getting better under the god of thunder, let's hope the next big one (aristo) hits the US with appropriate timing.

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I have read about all your comments @camera. And in everyone of them you blame BB for late US launch. Why would you not lay some, if not all, at the carriers feet? If a company can launch in Timbuktu don't you think they can launch in the US? Yet they haven't? Why is that? May be the US fans need to do some introspection and look to the carriers. Sure can BB do better, of course, but to dump on them at every opportunity is just not fair.

That's a fair question (and general statement). First, this isn't Blackberry's first rodeo. They have as much and even more experience launching in the US and worldwide than any other major player. Second, in the last couple of years, all of the major players (Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia, HTC, etc.) have been able to launch in the US with limited time gaps after global markets, and that's if they don't launch in the US first.

Blackberry announced US launch dates and then delayed them (Q10), and T-Mobile had to delay its May 14 corporate sales by a couple of weeks because Blackberry didn't provide stock.

The bottom line is that Blackberry needs to figure this out and fast. Everyone else can execute reasonably well in the US, so if it's the carriers truly causing this, then they better figure out how to improve the situation. And it's not just with the new BB10 devices. They're absolutely notorious for having severe execution problems in the US. With the competition as fierce as it is, they can't afford these availability gaps on the US longterm. It will cost them big time.

I believe it's BlackBerry behind doing the US launches this way. Reason, because it business strategy and stock strategy. Every US launch is starting to look like it will be launched right before (2-3 weeks before) the earnings report. Reason, because the US (if 1st) has their hands on a BlackBerry device for long while, will beat it into the ground driving down business. The UK, Canada and France are giving them the headlines and excitement they need.

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This is only the 2nd time in history that RIM/BlackBerry has released a brand new OS in the United States, so I think it is fair to say that they may have misjudged how crazy the US carriers are. Also, those other companies you mentioned (Samsung, LG, Apple, Nokia, HTC, etc.) are all releasing minor spec bumps and minor OS upgrades. The testing for those types of things are much shorter than BB releasing a brand new OS under completely different management.

1. Apps, apps, apps. Your average smartphone user does not really care about the technical specs of the device, all they care about are the apps that are available. It seems like third party developers are slow to jump onto the BB10 bandwagon for whatever reason.

2. For those few far and in between that actually do care about the technical specs, 16 GB of internal space? Store a few HD quality .xvids, .mpgs, or whatever the case may be and suddenly your phone no longer has space. I understand there's an available SD card slot but even that is limited to the size it can use.

3. No gorilla glass or something similar? No coating to minimize finger prints? It's a touchscreen phone for crying out loud, this should be standard on these things especially considering it is a mobile device that will more than likely be shoved, heaved, slid, etc. throughout its lifetime.

4. I've read a few reviews on the Z10 and haven't come across any mention of the battery life, is it good?

1. Yes we all know this already. Apps are important. Moving on.
2. 16GB internal for Apps + Upto 64GB SD for your movies and music = 80GB storage. Its all about how one uses it. I have 16GB Playbook thats filled to to the brim with apps. I barely use any of the games and they take up the majority of that space.
3. No. These are not standard on any device let alone BB. But I understand where you are coming from.
4. As far as I can tell it depends on how you use the device. Some people can get through the day, some need a spare battery just to make it.

My only thing is with #3. Virtually every high end smartphone has an effective anti-fingerprint coating. Blackberry never has and it's a very questionable decision.

Really? I never noticed. I wonder why people use screen protectors these days then what with all these high end devices eliminating the need for one. I could have told my girl to save her money when she bought her anti-fingerprint screen protector for her iPhone 5. Doesn't make sense anymore.

That's an excellent point. I never use screen protectors and rarely cases, so I'm thinking from an unadulterated viewpoint. (although screen protectors are usually bought to protect from scratches, not fingerprints)

I have no protector and use mine unencumbered. She gets a lot of fingerprints on her. Oh, and the phone too :P

Seriously though, the BlackBerry Z10 not having an anti-fingerprint coating has suddenly become an issue?

I think they are exaggerating. I didn't even know that z10 has no coating because the fingerprints on my colleague's iphone look pretty much the same as mine on z10. Coating or not, i still like the feel to the z10 screen.

You forgot 10GB of BOX free storage...

And since I have a PlayBook... I got 16+64+50 available for my Z10. ^^

agreed: the Torch slider is the perfect combination of features. Love my 9800 and the other 9810 in our house is getting even more love. A bit underpowered & underspec'd (i.e. "slow") now, but - quite frankly - a BB10 version (look, feel, interface, experience, new specs) would be AWESOME.

We're not "upgrade-elegible" for 5 & 12 - TWELVE! - more months (without huge penalty), but I'm holding out for either a BB10 Torch-style SLIDER or I'll get a refurb' 9810.
Yes, I love my "FULL-size touch screen AND real Keyboard THAT MUCH.

Cheers & Keep Moving!

Read all over the internet and the thousands of articles from users and critics (good and bad) and the only legit and biggest complaint is lack of apps. The hardware and OS is solid but the apps will determine where BlackBerry stands for the time being.

Still on the "apps" bandwagon, eh? Look, some people will never own a BB for any one or a dozen of hundreds of reasons, apps or otherwise. But don't overlook "device FEATURES."

But that's like critiquing one vehicle because it doesn't carry enough passengers. Or haul more than a laptop bag. Or go off road. Or go fast enough. Or uses too much fuel. Or "that name-badge/logo" on the hood/trunk. Or purchase price vs. TCO. Or safety.
Ditto for phones: HDMI-out, SD-card, remov. battery, hub, security/encryption, etc., etc., etc., ...
You might find them ALL in 1 vehicle, but it might cost a fortune, not fit in any garage, be totally unreliable, be easy to steal, or be just plain "UGGH-LEE!!"
GM tried it with the Pontiac Aztec & Hummer, Nissan with the X-Trail, and others as well ... NONE were acclaimed successes.0
So it may be that there's no app for "X" on BB10, but the question is: "How well does it get you from A to B, and how well can it do many/most 'other' tasks?"

Fact is, there's NO single, "totally perfect" blend of features in any one product. You get the one that best fits your needs "now" and "in the forseeable future."
Otherwise, even Android wouldn't have any traction either, having about 200,000 fewer Apps than are avail. for iOS. Fact is, once you have a certain critical mass of core Apps avail., the remainder are just "time, resource & money-wasting" novelties that may have low appeal to the greater masses. Fact is also, with droid-app side loading avail on BB10, THAT argument becomes invalid.

That may mean you get an amazing people & equipment hauler OR great fuel economy, but few other features (apps), etc. In the end, if having 'one' or a few obscure apps & games is "YOUR must-have," that's cool: you WILL get what you need, even if it's not a BB10 but some other device/platform instead.

We all know people who have made their choice/s based on what "they" wanted & needed and keep telling everyone else what they think those people need and should get, whether cars, appliances, TVs, phones, etc.
But unless you live in "my" shoes, have "my" wants, needs & ambitions, and pay "my" bills, my response to "those 1000s of articles" (NOT to "you" pr627!) is: you just don't know "me," so PLEASE just STFU!

@Fronk I got 64gb of external storage for my vids,music,pics,documents... I save my internal space for apps.

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Believe it or not... Z 10 will reach a head if just people trust it.... and I do for sure and it dose more than what I expected

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The new BlackBerry phones are a really good start. Unfortunately it takes time to craft and market this superior platform. I'm a true believer in BlackBerry and proudly so.

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Actually, their balance sheet is telling us that. But that's the beauty of the droid platform: either money-oozing Google or platform-desperate Facebook WILL step in & snap it up, either to save the ecosystem and/or get a device beach head.
And it may still 'fail' after that ...

Just sayin' ...

Why the HELL would BlackBerry want to do that? If anything BlackBerry wants to transition away from hardware to software, not start making more hardware supporting a rival ecosystem!! Depending on the success/appeal of bb10 BlackBerry might license to android manufacturers to make more bb10 devices but BlackBerry is not in any way interested in making android devices LOL They could have started doing that 2 years ago instead of going it the hard (and ultimately better) way of developing their own proprietary software.

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I love my Z10, but still waiting for the os update and Skype here in the UK! What is the hold up? Why do we have to wait? If I could afford it I would have both the Z10 and the Q10. I think the physical keyboard is easier to use, but the predictive text on the Z10 is great, albeit with a few typos from time to time! The bigger screen size on the Z10 is great, makes reading web pages and viewing video so much better and it is way faster!

Which carrier are you on?! I got it like 1 or 2 week(s) ago and that's on Vodafone! Very strange indeed.

Have you not tried pressing check for updates or sticking another sim in from a different carrier? Those will help

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My z10 is the best piece of technology I have ever owned. I reach for it much faster than my craptastic mac book air when I need internet. Size is perfect, don't want any smaller or larger. Once the americans get over the perception gap between what BlackBerry was and is, we should see sales much closer to what has happened in other developed markets. Serious perception problem in the US, not a product problem

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Agreed on perception but not just in the US. It just happens to be a larger battle against product perception in the US.

True, didn't mean to imply the problem only existed in the US, but the American market is key so the problem there bears more discussion no?

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Oh I see. I was actually posing that question to ED. Curious as to why he would say that. But thanks for your interest.

My z10 needs to drain the battery a couple of times and so far it last longer now. The frustrating part is the way the US carrier handles the update. We've been seeing a leak here almost every week but never heard anything from the carrier.

The apps? It's been an issue since day 1 but we can definitely ask every people here on this site how many apps they use every single day out of 20+ apps they've downloaded.

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Skype is great but I can not remove the sounds even thought I have it in vibrate only :/

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I love my Z10. I keep swiping at my iPad mini. Used the maps today. It worked great. Through Cambridge Harvard University graduation traffic. Love my keyboard in landscape mode!

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I'd love to see if the new Jellybean runtime will allow a tin of more android apps to come to BlackBerry. Even if some need to be side loaded in the meantime.

My z10 is incredibly. Ipho gonna become my ipod. And gonna definitely buy the aristo when that become available.

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I thnk the Z10 is a great phone and have no real complaints. As far as apps got all I need and Instagram is one of them. Instagram and Chase bank are the only sideloaded apps I got. Skype and Netflix are not for me so no app gap here.

Getting enterprise to adopt BB10 will rely on IT depts upgrading their servers . This will take another year for many, I believe. This will slow some of the momentum.

I get a lot of interest in my Z10 though. :-)

Most enterprise can not update. We have been in a holding pattern for months. There is no RSA app for BB10. No enterprise of any size is going to spend hours putting a sideloaded RSA on each user's device. Let alone there is no High Availability Environment. Don't know about your users, but most law firms and brokerages can not afford to have their systems go down for any length of time.

I think it is telling that only 4 months after launch we are all so anxious to see "what's next" from Blackberry and there is so much talk about the Aristo. Blackberry has spent the last two years preparing to launch the Z10 and the Q10 and has been proclaiming it as innovative and even revolutionary. I suspect that the company had hoped that we would remain interested and engaged in these current products for a much larger time span than 4 months.

One can only conclude that these two devices must have underwhelmed to make everyone so interested in something that isn't out yet.

He said so, but he voiced an opinion you happen to agree with. If you have any empirical evidence to back your claim feel free to present it. There is no right and wrong in opinion land, only agree and disagree.

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I'll give your comments a partial 'yes' ... but there are 2 additional points you're missing:

1) carrier-contractual upgrade eligibility is keeping "some number" of BB legacy devices from going to Z or Q.
I can't upgrade "my" (OS6-locked) 9800 Torch for another 6 months; and the other 9810 in our house isn't eligible for another 12 months!!! A frickin' eternity. But NO WAY I'm paying my carrier more $$ on top of the monthly rip-off they're charging me just to get out of a still very functional albeit no longer stylish unit. Sorry, BBRY ... 3 year contracts in Canada are at fault.

2) Thor himself announced a total of SIX (6) devices for this year and so far we've gotten 3, 1 of which is targeted at 'emerging markets.' I'm so itching to see the remaining 3 and hoping beyond hope that 1 at least is a high-end Torch-Style Slider; AND - hopefully - avail. just after my upgrade restriction disappears in the pre-Christmas season.

Just 2 counterpoints to your "underwhelmed" theory.
Up for dissection and/or discussion; yet, still "MY opinion" AND personal experience, tho'

Agree totally that 3 year contracts are too long. Here in South Africa (and other markets, I'm sure) contracts are 24 months and you are eligible for an upgrade after 20 months. Loving the Z10, have zero negative issues with it, battery life is dependant on usage and for a smartphone it's accepatble so far.

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There is no way we will see 3 more BlackBerry 10 models this year. Let's just hope the Aristo drops by December.

"Is there a possibility that people are more interested in physical keyboards than most industry analysts (and vendors) predicted? Maybe the reason so many all-touch phones have sold is because that’s (almost) the only option people have when buying Android or iOS hardware?"

I have said it the entire time.
We want the QWERTY, but there has not been any smart phone option of it the last two years.

Q10 came in right time, and I believe Nokia will come with a QWERTY device with Windows 8 too.

Chris - Without RSA and BES 10.1 (which has HAE), BBRY still has allot of hurdles to clear. To me the biggest hurdle is- why, 4 months since the launch of BB10 do we not have RSA or High Availability Environment for BES? I imagine BBRY lost the opportunity to gain significant market share by neglecting the needs of their largest customer base. More so, those in the know, look at how BBRY management handled these things, far more so than the availability of Skype, when placing a future value on the company, and predicting future market share.

10.1 does have HA similar to BES 5. As for RSA, I agree but it's in the works and that's directly from RSA themselves.

Great article and comments. I personally think the Z10 is a great phone and the bb10 OS is new, fresh and very efficient. I think it competes well against other phones out there. Yes apps is a big issue for some but for me I think BlackBerry has done a great job working with devs all over the world and have landed some great apps for bb10. There are some big ones (instagram and netflix) that alot of people really want but at least we have the option of side loading android version in the meantime. I believe BlackBerry will try very hard to get the apps people want. I have heard certain app makers say we won't make an app for BlackBerry 10 but then changed their mind and made one.

Also I believe the bb10 OS has so many great features on it. I think there is still room for improvement and I believe that will come in future updates as they have already made changes and additions with the updates that's ha e already been released. I think BlackBerry Link is what needs major major work. My pc reads that my z10 is connected to it and the rare time bb link recognizes my z10 I still can't back up my device and that is frustrating. I do love the remote file access feature which u just finally figured out how to get it to work (took me a while). This brings me to the complaints people have regarding the z/q 10's having only 16gb of storage. Basically all you need to do is just use the 16gb just for apps and get an 64gb SD card for everything else. Also you have 10gb free from box and also some gb's from Dropbox and on top of that, with remote file access you can even save things to your home pc with this feature so that is a lot of options to store a lot of data. All in all I think this has been a good start for bb10 with plenty more to come. This is just the beginning. We will get more devices coming out, more updates to the OS to make is even better as time goes on and more apps to come top. This is just my opinion.

Kick'n it with my Z10. #BB10believe

Yeah, +1 on BlackBerry Link, forgot about that, it does really suck.

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I wouldn't call it stable At all but I'm hoping that changes. Overall they did a pretty good job.

Steve, Posted via CB10

I think the Q10 will be a big hit. Having a phone with keys earmarks you as a contributor rather than a consumer.

For me though the speed tests were pivotal when choosing a Z10. It is faster and easier to type on thanks to the predictive keyboard. I admit that using the keyboard is perhaps a little intense. That's probably the issue. Seems implausible to anyone that after a few weeks you'd be able to type this much faster without physical keys due to an algorithm and aggressive but polite active input checking, buy there is is.

It's very difficult to really get across. To people the effectiveness of the virtual keyboard. Maybe that's part if the challenge for marketing. I know that the Z10 units are on display in Australian stores yes putvfrontvbu unfortunately rather live less presented... and sometimes just as shells. Very difficult to get across the utility of the product in such an atmosphere.

Anyways I am really happy with the Z10. I've got my BlackBerry back... and so much more.

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Skype doesn't work on Z10. Mainstream apps aren't there. And there are still OS bugs galore. After decades if being a loyal BlackBerry user and knowing that BBM is coming to Apple and Android I have one word "Adios". All you BlackBerry owners: do yourself a favor. Make a switch while your BlackBerry still has value.

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BlackBerry will be waiting when you realize your alternate choice could never fill the shoes of the wonderful phone your leaving behind.

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... is it because over all those decades, RIM/BBRY never made a "left-handed" model?
You may have a valid point here & there, but undercut any credibility they may have with stupid trollisms.

Don't let door hit you on the way out ... Stupid Flanders.

One question: How muish is Maverick Capital/other short sellers paying you to post this trash? Or is it Apple/Google/Microsoft/Samsung paying you to spread lies about BBRY? Or were you fired by BBRY?

Great article Chris! Give BlackBerry a couple more months to close the app gap and further refine BB10 and come December the masses will be fighting over BlackBerry 10 devices.

Go team BlackBerry!

Ahhh lucky us we have a fortune teller in our midst!!! Come on, use your future sensing abilities... what will the price of gold be in 6 months?

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A good as it has been doing, I think it would be doing better, especially with bb users looking to upgrade, if they had implemented all of the strengths of bbos. A it stands now, depending on your needs, an os7 device may still be your best option.

Do you remember when the iPhone came out? The lack of physical keyboard was not a selling point. It was much more a product of Jobs's obsession with removing as many buttons as he could on devices. The game changer was that it had a reasonably competent web browser. Suddenly, if you had an iPhone you had the internet in your pocket. Blackberry's problem was never that people didn't want keyboards. It wasn't even that they wanted touch screen (though that is often very useful). Blackberry's problem was that its browser was so slow it was useless. I had a Bold 9700 and while a great phone in many ways, even connected to the internet by wifi it was painful to surf the web.
Apps are great. But really the internet gets you just about every App you need. The BB10 browser is the game changer for Blackberry. There is a huge market for keyboards on phones. But they have prior to this almost always been attached to poor internet experiences. Blackberry seems to be able to solve that now.

Yes, it's great that the browser works so well, but it doesn't replace well designed apps, unless you have access to the mobile version of the site. On top of that, the browser chrome is lagging far behind what you find on Android in terms of functionality and it won't be solved any time soon, so apps are badly needed.

Love my Z10. But hate to say, without a native Instagram app in BlackBerry World may full touch device customers are not going to switch. Aka teenagers and twenty somethings. I have multiple friends with kids that won't leave iPhone solely because of Instagram

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Having now said how much I love this device and BB10 generally, I'd like to make a few suggestions...

- Remember Tasks to sync w IBM Notes
- Ability to open mht files (MIME HTML as saved by Internet Explorer and such) in the Browser.. like Opera and IE
- Group reminders that are fir the same time, including Remember Tasks
- Option to show tasks in the calendar, esp those with time
- Copy calendar items.. incl from Calendar to Calendar.
- Something that will pick up implicit calendar items from text and table and add confirm calendar items to add from them.
- And the other things like new Android, Headless apps, etc.

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^ true but I think a native version of instagram will eventually come to bb10 or at least a better ported android version. Probably after 10.2 drops.

Kick'n it with my Z10. #BB10believe

No one is claiming there isn't lots left to do, but BlackBerry has been working hard and will continue too. For that reason, as the person said, they have every right to hold the heads high. Bb10 is not perfect hut it's a great start.

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It would be interesting how much BlackBerry thinks the lack of promotion - almost repression - by US carriers has depressed Z10 sales. Then it would be good to know how and why that came about.

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If BlackBerry were to sit back and wash their hands clean of that "repression" they'd be seriously at fault. They take the lead on advertising, promotion and marketing.

I've seen several Verizon Z10 commercials, including an excellent one that demonstrates BBM and screen share. I've also heard many on the radio (top stations in LA). They can't rely solely on the carriers for marketing.

Yep, everyone is happy with the phones. And unsatisfied with the app world, but like he said there slowly doing better, and I would have to say they are doing really well

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BBRY stock suggests some manner of stability in terms of the economic opinion of the company, but the price per share is roughly the same as it was 5 months ago with some variation in between and paying 0% dividend. Not stellar, but better than Sirius.

In terms of place in the world, WP8 looks to overtake BBRY in the US, but who knows how that will turn out. The new XBox could be a factor in the sales of WP.

What is really interesting is how Apple puts out ONE phone a year, one model, and still capture so much of the market. They're losing their Steve Jobs magic, but still a player.

I think in the US the BBRY buzz is officially died out, perhaps there will be another burst when the Q10 releases, but stores here are pushing HTC's, iPhones, and even WP. I see at least 1 WP commercial a day now (more for Win8 and Surface devices), and occasionally catch a BBRY commercial, but it's rare.

It's anyone's guess. My hope is BBRY maintains enough market to keep producing BBRY's into the future.

I think we with the pkb would like a smaller 'big' screen say at least 3.5"! And that's where the Q10 successor should head...BB has a nice platform with BB10 on which to build, but I'd like to c some more agression not only in marketing but bringing devices to market much quicker and surer than what's happening now especially key mkts like the US.

Apple is losing steam because the brain behind it all is no longer with the company. The sheep will still follow for a bit longer and all other platforms will herd them in...its a great time for BlackBerry to take a position in this smartphone world.

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The fact that I got myself a Z10 is my way of showing that I still have faith in this company.

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I was always a keyboard guy, then I switched to my new Z10.... but then had to buy the Q10... could not resist. love both devices anyways..

Good article Chris! BB 10 is a great start as a first generation OS and with the updates coming out to improve add features it will only get better as it matures. Hasn't even been 6 months since it came out in the U.K first. BlackBerry has come a long way. Both the z10 /q10's design look amazing, the new browser is super fast and I'm not afraid to use it in front of ppl to show off how fast it is compared to their own. The peak, hub, flow is awesome along with the virtual predictive keypad which by the way it's the best on the market along with the balance feature. BB 10 is definitely a competitive platform!! Just need more of the popular apps like Netflix and instagram to make more ppl happy. The only thing they are sucking in right now is their damn commercials.

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I love my Z10, I dont even missed the hardware keyboard and my thumbs are not hurting anymore. I thought I will have a samsung note 2 withdrawal, but all my joint pains using a keyboard device and big screen devices are all gone. Z10's size just fits right :)

I can say Z10 is the greatest innovation IMHO after 8700G, iPhone4, bold9900, note 2

Q10 on the other hand or any other BlackBerry with keyboard has its own market.

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I travel extensively in the US and have yet to see a Z10 in the wild. I see quite a few 9900s in airports. Hope this new OS catches on.

Chris, I'm interested in where you see BlackBerry ending the year. Generally, we have a pretty good idea of about the company's plans for the rest of the year from BlackBerry World (now Live), but I didn't get that this year.

We can probably assume (with fairly good certainty) that Apple, Samsung, and Noria will release new flagship devices in the fall in anticipation of the holiday season and I'm curious as to whether BlackBerry will also release a new device (possibly the "Aristo") as well.

Where and how do you see BlackBerry ending 2013?

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Left a Galaxy S for a Z10. BlackBerry 10 is definitely more stable and polished for the business minded user. It simply works all the time, every time. Can't say the same for android.

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Ummm so 3 generations in and the brand new Zed is better in his opinion, doesn't that lend a lot of credence to his argument? Don't you think a 3rd generation Zed would be significantly better than the current? We're you actually being serious with that comment??

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