Where did my BlackBerry Bridge Browser icon go?

BlackBerry Bridge Browser
By Bla1ze on 22 Feb 2012 05:21 pm EST

By now, I'm sure most CrackBerry readers have updated to PlayBook OS 2.0 and have already been through the ins and outs of it all but in case there is anyone out there who hasn't updated yet -- when you do, you will notice there will no longer be a "BlackBerry Bridge Browser" on your PlayBook. It's not something wrong with the OS, in fact -- it's done that way by design as noted below:


After upgrading to BlackBerry® Bridge™ 2.0 on a BlackBerry® smartphone that is not associated with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, the Bridge Browser icon is no longer present on the BlackBerry PlayBook.


This is by design as the native Browser provides the same functionality when bridged, therefore making the Bridge Browser redundant.

In other words, when you are connected to your PlayBook via BlackBerry Bridge the browser will use your BlackBerry connection for data usage, unless WiFi is enabled. If WiFi is enabled it will automatically use the WiFi connection associated to your PlayBook. Now, no one has to wonder which browser to use as there is only one to choose from and it will use the appropriate connection.

Source: RIM KB29992

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Where did my BlackBerry Bridge Browser icon go?


yes but did you upgrade to PlayBook OS 2.0?
If so try resetting the the PB, it sometimes clears things up.

"After upgrading to BlackBerry® Bridge™ 2.0 on a BlackBerry® smartphone that is not associated with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server"

Note the last part of that. Those on a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) will keep their bridge browser. You're probably using a phone connected to a BES.

Yeah, it worried me for a few minutes that Verizon was toying with me. Then I tested the browser with the wifi off and all was well in the world.

With the new Bridge connection I have found that I can also access my Apps through the bridge when WiFi is shut off. Have others found this as well? Makes me wonder why one would ever use the Hotspot capability of BB7 devices to connect the Playbook?

Well, bridging is not the end all solution. There are a few parts of the PlayBook that doesn't recognize bridge...

1. App World
2. Video chat
3. Scrap book

And there are probably others too.

This was already redundant in PB OS 1.08. The regular browser worked over bridge so nothing has really changed besides the fact that they removed the bridge browser.

Great, but they need to do the same for Message, Contacts, Calendar. Don't send me to two different apps. Simply include the bridged data within the app when it is available.

Totally, they need to combine the best code and function. Though I have no need of native email, the calendar extras will be nice when they fix the sync problems with this one.

I can't get my contacts to show up using the bridge. Any ideas on how I can fix this? I prefer to just use the bridge with my phone and I had contact issues and deleted the address book and when I reloaded them to the phone, they won't show on my Playbook. Please help! Never had this problem before.

I also wish the bridge and native would sync together....no need for both, IMHO.

Seperate accounts for privacy. Just a possibility. Coprorate from brigde, personal natively on playbook. Let a friend toy with your playbook, lock your bridge and corporate email is safe behind the lock. Just my two cents.

This is a great improvement. Now Flash works when bridged! I just played Scrabble on the Facebook website which I could not do on the old Bridge Browser. The wi-fi was turned off on both my phone and PB so I know I was bridged.

Flash worked for me on the bridge browser. Wowwed an ifan whose ijunk was rendered useless because of poor cell reception by streaming some YouTube video for him. It was sweet as his spouse is somewhat of a bigwig with crapple.

browser doesn't work anymore when tethered to my at&t blackberry, asks me to 'upgrade' to a tethering plan

i don't know if it was upgrading to 2.0 that did it, or upgrading to the latest version of bridge

i'm going to install and old version of bridge and report back..

f*** off at&t

edit: i uninstalled the latest bridge app and installed and bridge browsing works again

i miss out on the trackpad feature, but i couldn't care less if this means i can browse without losing unlimited data

I have att as well, use the ota download from rroyy.com and bridge browser 2.0 still works, they won't mess with your data plan. (I know how us att customers are with unlim. Data plans that we still have) alas I don't have unlimited. But give that a shot. Almost completely positive it still works.

I have at&the as well how do I download that rroyy.com to my playbook I need my bridge browser I don't want to lose my unlimited data package for a 50.00 tethering package please help me!!!
V. Taylor

BlackBerry Bridge icon is on, bbm is there.... Power point is the one that is missing from docs to go.

Powerpoint functionality still there- open docs to go and browse for a ppt file, open it and voila. You still only have a view function, which doesn't display most graphics or animations, so still disappointed.

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I can`t get my E-Mails to show up using the bridge. Any Ideas on how I can fix this?

I mostly use bridge for data on my PB. I have never used the bridge browser, even when it was there is OS1. I have always used the PlayBook's native browser. Otherwise, you have to make two separate sets of bookmarks for when you use WiFi. I never saw the point in having two browsers.

I thought the same thing I would use the brisge broswer in order to have two browsers open at once, but I figured it out all you have to do in open the browser on your phone, click click the menu key and then click view on your playbook and another browser opens. That says bridge browser and. There you have it, two browsers open at once.

Any BIS users out there that only get 2G signal? Does the regular browser work?

I use a 9800 on T-Mo, so I don't get 3G and I don't get the regular browser or any apps working through the Bridge. To connect without WIFI, I can only use the Bridge Browser. I still have it because I'm on BES but wonder if this will be a problem for others.