Where did the Google Mobile apps for BlackBerry go?

Google Mobile Apps
By Bla1ze on 7 Dec 2012 11:46 pm EST

Google Maps has been available for BlackBerry smartphones forever but now whether intentional or not it appears to of have gone missing, along with a few other Google apps. Google recently revised their Google Mobile pages and BlackBerry users looking to download the apps are finding out the link as advised by Google here, just simply no longer works. In its place, what BlackBerry users find unsurprisingly is a list of all of the Android apps Google has available unless they're coming from an iOS device, in which case you're shown all of the Google iOS apps.

The Google Search download page still offers an option for folks who might not be on Android that shows iOS and BlackBerry as secondary options but again clicking on either link just offers up a redirect to the main page and loops from there. As far as we know, Google hasn't made any announcements stating they had plans to discontinue the apps so for now it looks as though it was an oversight when they rolled out the newer design.

We're digging into it to see if we can get an answer but have you tried downloading any of the Google Mobile apps such as Google Maps and ran into this problem? If so, sound off in the comments and let us know.

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Where did the Google Mobile apps for BlackBerry go?


This did not work or me. It takes me to the page to access the service online (through the web browser) instead of a link to download it. I also tried m.google.com/mobile/other and the same thing happened.

i have installed google app on my BB Curve 3G 9300 but its nt working...its showing network unavailable....wt s d problemmm?
do u have any idea abt dt?

So many reply's complaining about the post on the site, hating against Google.

Your link above, Igotberryfever works PERFECTLY!
I just tested on 2 different provider BB 9900's running the latest 7.1 from both Telus & Rogers Wireless over home WiFi connection (cable internet); and I was able to download and install GMaps.

Right now Google doesn't see RIM as lasting too long so their taking a major "wait & see" stance, as evidence by their site url hosting change.

BB10 should prove them wrong.
I'm not impressed over the PlayBook after a week of using it with OS 2.1 vs iOS 6.1 BETA3. Yes the web is STILL supreme on the PlayBook - but with 16GB storage and 1GB of RAM the way all this flash/air is used it begins to slow down replying to threads like this with all the flash ads to the right and annoying banners.

CrackBerry ... PLEASE overhaul the site appearance to be more MOBILE friendly, please!! I've just two sites running Wired and Crackberry and the delay and mistakes in just typing three words is attrocious. I'm a long time BB supporter, defector, Jnr BES Admin, and returned supporter because I believe in BB10! I just worry the current PlayBook may not be suitable for extreme use with BB10 final installed if not optimized.

Back on topic ... we need BB10 here NOW!

But is Google Maps working on your 9900?? I just constantly get the "Serious Error" message on my new 9900 with the suggestion that I exit and retry, which just brings up the "Serious Error" message once again! I've installed all 4 of the JAD files I could find for Google Maps, and I get the same response on all of them (including version 4.5.3).

I started the trend Its gone I had a buddy point me to a thread in our forum and its in his dropbox

If you commute from time to time or always GOOGLE MAPS IS A MUST HAVE! this is ideal vs bbmaps because of transit schedules are integrated perfectly

Correct Bla1ze, it is not working. Fortunately, I have a backup of all the apps and can manually reload it if needed.
By the way, I got this e-mail yesterday from Clay Bavor (director of Google Apps) through a "no-replay" address. I don't know if this has something to do with it:

"Hello from Google,

Here's some important news about Google Apps—but don't worry, there's no need for you to take any action. We just want you to know that we're making a change to the packages we offer.

Starting today, we're no longer accepting new sign-ups for the free version of Google Apps (the version you're currently using). Because you're already a customer, this change has no impact on your service, and you can continue to use Google Apps for free.

Should you ever want to upgrade to Google Apps for Business, you'll enjoy benefits such as 24/7 customer support, a 25 GB inbox, business controls, our 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited users and more for just $5 per user, per month.

You can learn more about this change in our Help Center or on the Enterprise Blog.

Thank you for using Google Apps.

Clay Bavor
Director, Google Apps"

Unfortunately, BBMaps doesn't have detailed public transit schedules, nor options for bike nor pedestrian routes.

Not surprising if Google drops BlackBerry support. Just means I can drop Gmail and switch to Outlook permanently.

Google Sync is one of the apps i must have on my phone because i rely on my Google calendar to keep me organized hopefully is was just a mistake and they will return

Support for the Sync app was officially dropped months ago and links were pulled.

Consider using the native sync features in BIS, for nobody knows how long that app will be still able to work.

Google apps have been playing hide and seek with Blackberry devices for a while now since last month.
Sync app isn't available anymore. BIS sync is working still.

Sad state of affairs.

If this is indeed Google shafting us then I guess I'll have to shaft back!! I downloaded the search app just earlier in the week and tried maps 2 days ago and got this bs. Oddly enough search just disappeared on my device but I've had other things such as themes just delete themselves too,so who knows.

I heard that all of the free google apps are going to paid versions as of today, I believe. i really need google sync for my calendar

Google Maps are the best for mobile, in my opinion. In its absence, try Bing maps available on AppWorld. Far better than I expected and a passable substitute for Google. But, gosh, those Google maps were so easy to read on BB.

They are ALL gone,I was trying to get that (G) bookmark when using google.com but even that is no longer avalible?! NOT even the Zero One (G) Launcher works,maybe they are getting worried with BB10 coming out soon!!!!!! :D

I'm surprised you didn't know Bla1ze, Google began dropping support for their BlackBerry apps back in June. The first app they cut was Google Sync for Blackberry. While the apps remained available to download, they indicated that they were no longer supporting them.

Google is updating the apps for next generation. Current apps do not provide any substantial advertising content hence revenues are not boosted even though consumption has increased.

Purchasing Android counters this but what about other platforms?

I stopped using Google maps over a year ago. They changed to I think to required you to have an account.......so I dropped it. I preferably Maps.

BB Maps & Bing Maps are not available in India..

Google maps is the only option available and personally i think it works wonderfully well..

it'll be a disaster if Google withdraws its blackberry apps.. at least in my part of the world..


I had Google Maps since the first time I got my BB9700 three years ago and until now still working perfectly even better with street view included.

* I have had an active Gmail account for about 7 years before it as popular as now which is good for me to login to Google now.

I lost my Gmail app a few days ago and I was led to this splash page. I tried to download again but nothing happened, it just sits there. I would use the online version but it's so awkward to use on a mobile device. No bother, I've emailed all my contacts and advised them that I'll be switching email addresses. If Google doesn't want my business then I'll take it elsewhere, simple. As to Maps, all I need is turn by turn and voice and BB10 maps with Traffic does what I need it to do admirably.

Do you really need a google app? You can access the freaking google from your browser, if you have nothing to write ... Don't post useless article.

Maybe getting ready for BB10 versions? ;] Probably wishful thinking, but I feel like there's something anti-competitive about pushing androids like that

For the love of all things Holy, why does anyone use Google Maps on their BB's when BB Maps is so much better by leaps and bounds.

The look, the speed, the interface the functionality of being native, it's symbiotic perfection with BB Traffic. Seriously, f@ck Google maps and all of their products, this whole do no evil thing is temporary.

I got a new Berry yesterday and was looking for Google Maps. To my surprise I got that error page. If you read it just the right way it sounds like Google is being cocky. Haha

Google maps, what's that,lol. I put my PlayBook into it's holder (in vehicle) and fire up Osmand (free Blackberry App World) and away I go. No need for internet connection, works A1 offline. Bonus is I get a decent sized screen for navigation.

Works great as long as it is a short trip. Times out after 5 minutes unless it's minimized with another app, like BedBuzz, etc, keeping it awake.

Google has the same issue though, just a small thing that p@sses me off about the PB.

I used to think that Google Maps is the only reliable map app. Then I decided to give Bing Maps on BB Playbook a try after seeing a RIM tutorial about designing a map app..

Anyways, Bing Maps isn't bad! Try it out! It is still inferior to GoogMaps, but it's up there and if Google doesn't release a map app for BB10, I would be satisfied with the Bing app.

If BB Maps had transit routes, I'd definitely use it. However, the main reason I use a maps app is to see the quickest bus route from my location.

Until BB Maps integrates transit, I need my Google Maps

+1. I agree with this. It is incredibly easy and fast to open the Google Maps app and find the right bus/train right from where I am at or to an address. It is a lot faster than trying to navigate my TA's website on my 9930. I hope Google Maps will be on BB10. If I have to sideload, than so be it. I shouldn't have to, but but I'll have to do whatever it takes. I'm not sure I can wait for Google to make one for BB10.

It seems people got confused about Google Voice, Maps, Sync etc. vs Google Apps For Your Domain (GAFYD). GAFYD has stopped offering free account a few weeks ago and asked to pay $50/year per account.

I personally use Google Voice, Maps and Sync and since I backed up all my apps using BBH-Tools, I can still install it manually from my backup.

google.com/mobile/other didn't work for me until I enable javascript on my browser. Without javascript the Maps app would not show up.

Given Eric Schmidt's very public recent chiding of Apple for dropping Google Maps (see link to Cnet article), it would be a pretty ballsy move for Google to actually be pulling this stuff for competitive reasons.


I was FINALLY able to update my 9810 to version .746 after the latest desktop software update, and noticed the google search app was missing. tried to locate the app again and it kept leading me to the android page. After reading the comments in this post, I tried google.com/mobile/other as suggested, but it won't allow me to get the google search app again either. In fact, I received an error message that stated "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry Quick Search powered by Google." SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? My 9810 with a 7.1.--- OS doesn't meet the system requirements?!? Yet, google maps and google voice were still present after the software update and both still work. Whatever... As someone else stated though, bing is a great alternative

Hey thanks for that google URL! Couldn't find it myself since I got my 9900. Have to be honest, Google Maps does work better for me than BBMaps. Public transportation information is definitely a must have for me!

Google maps came up as 4.5.3 when I tried it. Also, when I ran the same url from my desktop I got different results. It seems google is controlling what is shown on the web page to correlate with the type of system you have (btw I'm on Sprint w/ a 9850).


Not available on my BB 9800 Torch. I loved Google Maps because of the trafic (Red, Yellow, Green) indicators. BlackBerry Maps, sorry doesn't have this feature.

google.com/mobile/other did not work for me on my 9800, I got a error , I also searched online for google maps for BB and found a google app site that said to text "maps" to 33669, i sent a text and received another text with a link http//m.google.ca/maps?dc=mgc.maps when i clicked on the link i got a 404 error and a messege that said "The requested URL/maps was not found on this server. Thats all we know" so i guess i will be using BBmaps or bing

I have the Google Maps client v4.5.3 and it still works.

Btw, the link still works. Google.com/mobile/other

Google has stopped supporting BB a long time ago, and I think that it's time we stopped supporting Google. Let's be realistic, yeah you have a link to download Google maps, but they are two whole versions (yes, versions) out of date, no native Gmail app, search app no longer works, sync is 3+ years old, and it just keeps going. I'd say Microsoft is where it's at right now. Things will improve there as more users use the services too.

I'd like to have Google Maps on my BlackBerry, but that is up to Google. Their loss! Seriously, Google will boycott bb10? I doubt it or others will take their place. I'm perfectly fine with Bing Maps on the PlayBook.

I recently upgraded to a Blackberry 9810 Torch having had two previous Torch models. I've been using it for about a month with no problems having transferred all my apps from my Torch 9800. Yesterday Blackberry alerted me to a software update. I always accept these with trepidation as almost every time I download an update something that worked perfectly before doesn't any more although I can see no obvious benefits from the updates. This time it was version 7.1.0. Bundle 2061. Google maps now refuse to open and despite trying various different remedies including deleting it and re-loading from scratch when I try to open it now there is a long delay with the timer going round followed by a window opening saying there is a serious error and the app just shuts down. I've checked all the security settings and chosen the least restrictive possible etc but to no avail. Very annoying as this is probably the app I use more than any other. Is it time after over 10 years of loyalty to Blackberry having had over ten different versions in that time to start considering an iphone. Why does the guy in my mobile phone shop look at me rather oddly whenever I insist I want to stay with Blackberry each time I upgrade?

Any ideas?

I still can't get this to work for me. I have a 9900 and desperately want GMaps. I have downloaded the .jad files and been to all the inks above. When I download straight from Google I get errors when Maps is in use and it doesn't start. I have the BB Desktop software up and I am also unable to load or install the .jad files. Can someone please explain it to me like I was baby lol???

do not reset/clear cache/reinstall google maps.it will not work after that.a lot of people are having this issue.there dosent appear to be a solution/work-around at the moment

My wife and I each have a BB 9700. For no obvious reason, the Google Search app on her device can not connect upon a search. Mine still works fine. I have not been able to reinstall on her device... I have tried all of the variants of m.google.com/search www.google.com/mobile/other etc and they all eventually land on a page that says the device is not suppoted. 8^(

Did you ever find a solution? I have a 9700 and all of the Google apps work except search. In search it just spins and keeps giving the retrying icon.

i have installed google app on my BB handset curve 3G 9300 but its nt working...showing network unavailable....can sm1 help me regarding dt?

I have links for OTA download on my web server... send me a tweet @ChrisJBritt and I'll reply witha URL or OTA download link for Blackberry... I am currently running Google Maps on my Blackberry Torch 9810...



I purchased TWO! , one is google maps and the other is gps fpr google and they give me a white screen, could not find still any help to make them work...

I bought a new Torch and spend several hours surfing around to find the googlemaps app that I had on my OLD Torch. When I drowned my new one, I had to go back to my old one but maps was gone because I had to wipe it to get rid of that notorious "other" memory hog. Unfortunately I neglected to write down where I found the solution so I'm back on Crackberry looking... I'll post it if I find it, or pls msg me with the fix!!