Where for the BlackBerry Storm Now Available!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2009 09:01 am EST

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Good news BlackBerry Storm owners... the popular mobile app Where is now available for you!! Watch the video above for an excellent overview of Where on the BlackBerry Storm. If you're not familiar with Where, here's what it's all about:

WHEREis a location-based application chock-full of widgets that deliver essential information about what's around you. Are you looking for the hottest restaurants, jonesing for your next coffee fix, or running dangerously low on gas and need a cheap fill-up? Maybe you just want to connect with some friends. Whatever you're after, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, ShopLocal, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon and more. 

To download Where for your BlackBerry Storm, simply visit Built for BlackBerry or  Where.com on your device.

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Reader comments

Where for the BlackBerry Storm Now Available!


Why is this better than Google Maps? I have no allegiance to GMaps, just wondering why I should install another App that does the same thing.

It appears to be much more than just a mapping GPS. It looks more like a cross between Gmaps & Pyont. I'm downloading it now.

This thing wont let me set my location. It just keeps going back to Boston. Anyone else have the same problem?

I'm having a hard time as well setting my location up... I keep getting "we did not find any results for your search"
frustrating because this looks pretty cool. Help please

Just downloaded it. Like it better than Poynt!

The best part is the Yelp widget. It let's you find great food places by reviews. You can't do that with Gmaps or Poynt.

Very very nice application, works very quickly and unlike point, it maps places within itself, so you don't have to switch to Gmaps or BBmaps to see locations.

Very cool! Will be using this quite often.

I've tried every possible combination but I can't even put my home address in or even "philadelphia, PA". Anybody else running into this problem?

Works fine on my Verizon Storm. The only problem I had wad the initial setting of my location. Couldn't tell if it took and the info kept floating on a blue bar in the middle of the screen. My dumb ass finally figured out to press it and it then set the location. Works great!

I just downlaoded Where and it says "uncaught exception application is not responding" What's up with that?

As other posters, I get the message "we did not find any results for your search"
All dowloaded effortlessly, but not able to set location

Doesn't work either, I'm in Toronto every link says nothing found. There's no options either can't find how you would change weather to C from F and everything is in MPH, I'll stick to poynt this looks pretty unfinished.

I tried to change the location to Philadelphia PA and it says it does not exist. So wont work for me. Also on the storm I could not find any registration program and they will not let you do it on the website. Keeps sending the information to the phone.

I tried to change the location to Philadelphia PA and it says it does not exist. So wont work for me. Also on the storm I could not find any registration program and they will not let you do it on the website. Keeps sending the information to the phone.

The where.com site doesn't have Verizon listed as one of the service providers this works with. Since it's showing on a Storm I have to wonder whether or not this will work.

Maybe that's the cause of the errors some of you are seeing?

For those of you having issues with setting your location, make sure you have BB Maps installed v. Google Maps. This may be the problem that you are encountering.

Whatever the source of Where's information is, it is sadly out of date and woefully incomplete. It's a great idea for an application, but it is still definitely a work in progress.

Seems like a great app, but three problems:
1. No option to change the temperature to Celsius as far as I could find. Not a tool I need, but since it shows up all the time anyway, I'd like it to actually be useful to me.
2. Movies isn't up yet. Will have to hold on to Poynt until it is.
3. Telus' GPS block of everything other than BBMaps (and Telus Nav) seems to apply to it.

It doesn't let me set my location either or let me use the mapping feature. I also got rid of BB Maps and have Google Maps... Probably is the problem.

my previous post stated that I couldn't set my location. Well, I'm an idiot! I changed a setting on my bb to enable
GPS....duh! iT'S WORKING GREAT NOW! Thanks!!

When I visit where.com and select T-Mobile it tells me it's available, and when I click the "run Where" link, it just takes me back to the first page... Methinks this isn't right. :)

this app worked good for about an hour and my phone has been f'd up since. numerous reboots and new error messages after battery pull. Had to uninstall and restore to an old backup on my computer

its a good concept but poorly implemented. Whenever you pull up a menu, its incredibly slow. The map scrolling and zooming is horribly slow as well, even on 3g. Seems like a great idea with lots of info available, but the program itself needs work.

lets say i find a restaurant on "where" that i like ...and if i map it ...is there a way to get turn by turn directions like poynt? I keep selecting "map place -> navigate with gps" but then it doesn't do anything?

I miss my Buddy Beacon from my Helio Ocean. I still have friends that use it and I like it since they aren't able to use Latitude on GMaps. It mentions BB for one of the features on Where, but I don't see it on my Storm 9530 version. I also wish the Movies and News option worked. I'm sure those will work soon though. Just curious about the BB. Otherwise, it works great on .109 os.

After I installed the app, I noticed a slowdown in my Storm speed. Seemed to get the clock every few seconds. Also my battery died incredibly fast. Didn't like to open when I wanted it to, and took a long time to find my location. Removed app an Storm is back to normal. A very nice little app but still needs a bit of work I think. I did enjoy the Gas Price fuctionality but not worth keeping just for that. Gonna stick with Poynt for now and check out their next version release.

i tried it on storm also could not get it to find my location either.i'll just wait till later i guess and maybe try it again.

I installed and liked it but Verizon Navigator started 'acting up'. I uninstalled Where and Verizon Navigator worked normally. Sorry but I can't live without V Navigator.

Is it going to work in the great white north (canada),
lots of APPS like this don't recognize anything up here?

I had trouble getting it to download. Once I got it downloaded it seemed to work okay for the most part. I was very disappointed in many of the hits places around my area. Many not listed.

The biggest issue was it drained the battery really quickly.
I didn't even get 8 hours out of the phone. I removed the program until updates are posted.

Google maps so far much better.

I have the Where program installed and the GPS enabled. I am unable to set location via gps. I saw some posts stating to load BB Maps. When I go to do so, I get a message from the BB site saying that only v4.1 and v4.2 are supported. I am running v4.7.0.75. How are people getting the maps on their units? Do I really need BB maps to use the gps function?

Thanks for any help.