Where Are All The Pearl Flip Themes?

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2009 07:15 am EDT
Pearl Flip 

I've been proudly rocking my Tour for over a week now and I couldn't be happier. This weekend I had a friend stop by that was a new Tour owner, but noticed my Pearl Flip sitting on my desk. He had never seen one and asked if he could take it for a spin. After he was all switched up, he asked me to find a good theme for him. I immediately jumped on the forums and began my search. To my dismay, it seemed to me there was an extreme lack of Pearl Flip themes available. I came across a few good ones like the Tweme, Titanium Fusion Flip and the Firefox 8220 Theme (I'm a sucker for Firefox) but I was sad to see that there wasn't much more. It seems like every day themes are popping up for the Bold, Curve 8900, Storm and even older 83xx devices, but CrackBerry Nation - where are all the Pearl Flip themes? I mean, we know why there are no Tour themes yet (Hey RIM, why not letting us know when the Plazmic update is actually coming so it's not a guessing game for us). The Pearl Flip may not necessarily be the flagship device of any given carrier's BlackBerry offering, but it is a BlackBerry and there are tons of Pearl Flip users out there. So this is our call to action to all of the theme developers out there - lets see what you can do for the Pearl Flip! 

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Where Are All The Pearl Flip Themes?


Pearl flip kinda sucks, not to hate or anything, but it's true. I'm pretty sure the new 8520 will go the way of the flip as well..

i agree, the lack of themes stunk while i had the pearl flip. the other problem is the new verizon OS has issues with themes and doesnt want to display them properly. but im a tour owner now, so i guess its ok.

as for the comment above, how do you compare a pearl flip to a 8520? haha

They are comparable in that they are/were meant to be "low end" devices. This is why I don't think the curve 8520 will catch on, for the same reason warhead stated. Die hard berry users won't go for it. It will be the people that don't read sites like this waiting for phones. It will be the people that use their phones until they die, then walk into their perspective store to find out they can upgrade. Which is why developers won't make themes for it because the people that own the phone won't know about it. Whew. Didn't mean to be that winded or "know it all" but I haven't slept and couldn't think of anyway to condense.

Not everyone needs the power of a large BB. Not everyone wants to feel like they are holding a scientific calculator to their ear. Hence the smaller flips and curves. If you don't think the 85xx will make it, then explain the success of the 83xx's. I love the flip. More power than a 83xx, I can slide it in my pocket, I don't have to lock it, and I don't feel like a dork with a holster.

I've had an 8703, an 8130, and a Storm. The Pearl Flip has been the best of all of them. I can do anything on it I was able to do on the others. The keys are bigger, the numbers run right down the center for easy phone use. The screen is the exact same size as the Tour, just rotated 90 degrees. I can see more BBM contacts and e-mails on the screen at one time. Because it's a flip style it can't be for hardcore users? Please.

Bring on the themes!!

The screen may be the same size, but it is a lower resolution. You can't fit as much data on the screen or display as much detail. Glad you like it though.

lower resolution than what? sure it is a lower resolution than the later phones, but it has a higher resolution than the 81xx series, and an equal resolution to the 83xx series, both of which have far more support than the flip.

Compared to the 83xx curve, there is only one disadvantage, which is full QWERTY vs Suretype. That is a valid arguing point. (not completely because typing speed doesn't magically get tripled or anything, you are still limited to using your two thumbs)

Compared to the older 81xx pearls, there are NO inferior features. Yet the BB community would readily recommend a Pearl over a Pearl Flip. Why? Because of form factor.

Fans of a brand of phone would willingly shun what can be seen as the brand's attempt to expand into a more mainstream audience, which in turn is more healthy for the brand, all because of the FORM FACTOR OF ONE PHONE.

And I thought iPhone users were shallow.

That's not a very fair assessment. I own a flip and am an extensive berry user. I just prefer the keyboard over the full qwerty. I can text with one hand and lets face it, it has all the functionality of any other berry. It may have a smaller screen, but I use mine for corporate e-mail, personal e-mail BBM, IM, SMS, MMS, Twitter, Facebook, myspace and web browsing. The wifi works great along with my Slacker Radio and the message preview on the outside display is awesome.

Why is it you have to own a Bold or Storm to be considered a "Real" berry user? Just because they cost more or because they were hyped more? Come on. I'll put my berry usage against yours any day.

ouch. I just got mine for a year (on T-Mobile starting in Novermber '08) to sit back and view the landscape and either upgrade to the 8900 cheaply, the 8520 (if somehow that seems like the move to make, though my doubts are high right now), or the onyx.

i would certainly have to agree, and there are many people who like the phone because of size, not because of basic nature. it has a ton of memory and can do a ton of things, people just dont show it any love

i liked the design when the pearl flip was leaked. i actually wanted one at one point. then i touched and it feels so cheap its ridiculous. it honestly feels if it takes one fall it will shatter. i cant believe rim made such a cheap feeling phone. had it felt like a real phone and not a fisher price toy it probably would have sold more

I've dropped my flip plenty of times. Thanks to the flip, my keys and main screen are well protected. Additionally, you don't get all the pocket lint in your roller ball since its protected.

Just as andrewisalive said, "we all are entitled to our opinions". The Curve 83xx is a great device, far superior to the Pearl81xx/Pearl Flip 82xx, especially with its qwerty keyboard being one of the best.

That the 83xx is "far superior"? Seriously... The Flip has more memory, a faster processor, and a larger keyboard. The screen has less horizontal space, but more vertical space. So where, exactly, do the 83xx's surpass it?

If there's a demand, I'll take a little time and start converting my themes over I guess. It may be a couple weeks, but I'll try and have a few up.

I have to comment and say a few things, The Pearl Flip is a "low-end" device, smaller screen, SureType, etc etc, but that doesn't mean it's not still a large part of the BlackBerry "eco-system".

T-Mobile (was) and in many cases, still is pushing the 8220 to many users looking for an upgrade, but want a smaller phone that's a bit different from the Pearl, while having some similarities to the Pearl 81xx series.

In regards to the comments about the 8520, I think it'll have be a successful launch. True, it's a lower-end BlackBerry, but the 8520 still has things like they keyboard from the 8900, and the never-before-used optical trackpad.

Overall, I'm not a fan of the design, it looks really cheap to me (which is probably because it'll be a cheap phone.) but for many, it'll have a purpose. I may even get one depending on the contract-free price just to play around with, as I'm really interested to see what it's going to be like. I could even possibly see it used in some enterprise situations, where they want to roll-out BlackBerry devices and a BlackBerry Enterprise Server environment (BES) but don't want to spend more for something like the 8900/9000/9630 devices.

I think everyone needs to stand back and realise that both of these devices are targeted at segments that RIM/BlackBerry haven't attempted to enter before, the "flip" phone market, as well as the low-end device market. And to be honest, anything that gets more people using a BlackBerry is good for basically everyone within the entire "eco-system" of sorts.

What a bunch of obnoxious comments. That's the reason there are few flip themes out, the whole "you are not so good attitude".

I love the flip, it's the best phone i've have. I AM a berry addict. It has a great external display, a high resolution one by the way which is very practical and has many advantages.
And i prefer big buttons than small one from cramped QWerty keyboard.

Shoot me.

I switched from the Storm to the Flip, and I couldn't be happier. It has MUCH more free app memory, no memory leak, a nice OS, and is very snappy and responsive.

Boy us flip users put up with a lot of junk. Just because I don't need a superberry doesn't make me any less important than a storm or bold user. The flip is a great device that does exactly what it's supposed to. It deserves more love!!

The phone has a small screen, I suppose you can put a theme on it, but what is the point. And secondly, there isn't a large majority of users for this phone, so the demand won't be there for people to create themes or apps for it.

I actually love the phone, but it seems as if it has dropped to the bottom of the barrel for attention.

The screen has almost the same number of pixels as the 83xx. It's only smaller horizontally. Vertically it's taller.

I've been using the flip for a couple months now, and I personally love it. I am a hardcore blackberry user too, as I have used curve and pearl 81xx as well. I find things are faster then the original pearl for sure!

I do find it sad the lack of themes for this device tho. I've kept the original theme, but normally I am a theme junkie. I even installed my favorite theme, crossbar, and it didnt feel the same, and I think that's because of the way the menu screen is.

And also to all the other flip users, dont let the bold, 8900, and tour users push you over. At least we have the satisfaction of Flipping Closed to end a call. And personally I find alot of satisfaction out of it.

I think the flip is the best berry for themes because the few themes I did see for it, had eliments of the theme on the external screen as well. I think that's a nice twist.

Yeah I own a 8230 flip and I really hate that its hard to find themes for it. I love to be able to find themes. I mean ppl are constantly making themes for the curve, bold, and storm not realizing that not everyone owns one of those. I always check to see if there is new themes for my flip. I even check other sites and its the same thing there as it is here, hardly any flip themes. So i really hope you theme developers make some 8230 flip themes. Thanks guys for bringing this up.

So many haters of the Flip....makes me laugh, "Warhed" even saying: "I'm sure the "flippers" aren't Berry addicts or hard core users....". I hope you don't believe yourself. That's downright absurd. These Flips are for the most part just as powerful and feature rich as all the other BB's out there. I can type as fast if not faster than my old Curve. They are great for "hard core" users like me, and "berry addicts" like me. Had to comment on that, made me chuckle :)

For the simple reason it's a flip and not a candybar, no full qwerty, and a smaller screen. It's somehow inferior to other BB's... Hardly. Many people prefer Flip style devices over bulkier candybar calculator style devices. Plain and simple.

Also...not sure why this article was ever even published? There are a boat load of themes out there for the Flip....free and for sale.




That's just a couple links, but there are many more. Sure not as much as some other BB's, but how many different ones do ya need? Plus, Plazmic is SO EASY to use. Took me all of 20 minutes on my first attempt, to make a very cool Dark Crystal theme for my 8220.

Great and powerful device...in an awesome flip form factor.

don't work correctly on the 8230 (running OS; they only work on the 8220s (running OS 4.6.0.x) - I think this is due to differences between 4.6.0 and 4.6.1 however.

I have it for my Bold (work) & despararately want it for my personal 8220! Please Please

Honestly, before i got my flip, the problem was that i had no device to test the themes on. The device simulators are great, but when the theme is actually on the device, you notice the glitches and imperfections.

I'm beginning to feel the same about the Curve 8330. I just got it in March and already feel outdated and the new apps are slow to come. Its like a computer, buy the latest and there is always something newer.

Honestly, as a flip owner, I do feel like a "redheaded stepchild" of Blackberry Owners, with no OS 5.0 being leaked for it, and having to use the Bold's BBM 5.0 link, but I think the other problem is the lack of carrier saturation. Everyone with a flip has had one with T-Mobile for a bit, or got one in the last few weeks from Verizon. The Curve is on every network, and the 8900 is on T-Mobile and AT&T. Maybe it's a clientelle thing. Maybe people who create apps and themes just figure that Storm, Bold, Tour, and 8900 users are more willing to pay for things than flip users (not true, I bought berrybuzz just last week), not to mention the screen.

That said, I have created my own theme for the 8220, but it uses images from a variety of sources and I don't want to basically plagarize them.

Since there seems to be a demand, I just put my theme, Revolver, up for both the 8220 and 8230 (4.6 and 4.6.1)in the Crackberry Storefront, and will hopefully have a few more up sometime in the next few days.

anyone who have pearl flip can download any themes from pearl because both have same screen so no worries at all