'Classy Corners' Theme Gets Two Thumbs Up!

By Chad Leach on 25 Sep 2008 09:43 am EDT
Classy Corners Theme for the BlackBerry
On my quest to find the "perfect" theme I have come across a theme I think know is the cleanest theme I have ever used!! The theme is called Classy Corners and the creator Trimax84 has done a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L job!! You can get Classy Corners in Zen, L, Today and Docked and come in Cool Blue Or you can Have Today or Corners in Red Hot. I personally like the Cool Blue Dock! Now if you don't like how the icons are on the theme he will do custome themes for a small donation (I already sent mine in). Over all I give this 2 big thumbs up!! Head over to his thread and leave him some feed back on what you think about his theme!

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'Classy Corners' Theme Gets Two Thumbs Up!


is there any way to change the font? or has it changed? i downloaded this a week or 2 ago, and the font on the messages screen was tiny and bold, a bit out of place looking for such a tight, precise theme.

I agree, is there anyway to increase the size of the Fonts?

I am using a Curve 8330 but the Fonts are VERY small!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I downloaded the today 4.5 version, and I noticed the alarm symbol overlaps the time. Other than that a really nice theme.

I downloaded the one I want but how do you get it to the phone? It will not let you do it through the Desktop Manager.

i went to the crackberry website directly on my blackberry and downloaded that way. it worked fine for me.

I can see it in the applications list, but not in the Themes list. Any way to run it as an application if it's not in the icon list?

I'm running OS 4.5 so I downloaded L and Dock 4.5. Is that correct? I'm having the same problem though. Its in my apps list but not in themes :(. I would love to use these themes. Any help?

im new to crackberry but i have had my blackberry curve 8330 for a while how can i get Trimax84 to make me a custom theme from the classy corners but i want my iron on my home screen n a certain order

Just made a donation to get my personalized version of the Cool Blue Dock theme. I'd been using the bPhone Zen theme forever because I could never find another free theme that I liked better to replace it. This is the first theme I've ever paid for, and was totally worth it. My Blackberry feels like a Blackberry again. That, and it's awesome having "Classy Corners Dock - joedonh" in my available Themes list haha...

For those having issues after downloading, are you trying to load it via the Desktop Manager? All the links listed now are OTA only. If you don't want to navigate to the forum download page on your phone's browser, just email yourself the link and download OTA to your phone that way.

As far as the font size is concerned, I know that the theme's author will change that for you in a custom theme for a donation. I personally love it - I can't stand themes that think 9pt. BBCasual is a good choice for the standard font.

I guess I am still old school, but I would love a Classy Corners theme in ICON version.

I ove the header and the colors. This is great, ICON version would be perfect.

Hello all. I have a BB Curve and am with Verizon. I am trying to install this new theme onto my curve but when I download the file it is showing up as a .JAD file and my Media Manager is only able to rocognize .ALX files. How do I convert to the .ALX file? I saw a few forums that said it has to be unzipped, but it is not a zipped file. Can someone help me figure out how to get this new them on my curve? Thanks for your help in advance.

I tried to download these. It is not working. I get the URL by putting my mouse over the them and then I went on my bb and downloaded it. When I went to my themes, it wasn't there. Can anyone please help? Sorry, I am new to bb. Thanks.

its still only coming up in the 'application' section and not in the themes section... ive tried hard reset, re-download, etc... any suggestions? come on kev! give us the answer!!!

i am using 4.5. i downloaded the theme OTA. i can even see them downloaded under applications but it does not show up in my theme menu. how do i get them to be installed or activated?

looks like we are all having the same problem... completely off subject but the METS are ruining my life. sorry. had to vent.

looks like we are all having the same problem... completely off subject but the METS are ruining my life. sorry. had to vent.

We are using our mobile browser. The problem is the theme isn't showing up anywhere after we download it.

I am having the same issue. I download the theme, but it doesn't show up in the themes list or on my homepage. It is in my applications list. I tried rebooting the phone after install, but it didn't help.

Finally checked my BB OS version, and it is 4.2 rather than 4.5. I downloaded the 4.2 version of one of the themes above and it worked just fine, showed right up in my themes list.

How do you download the 4.2 version of the above themes? Currently I am just typing the link in my browser on my phone and it promts me to download the theme. It doesn't specify what OS I am using. Is there another website? Thanks.

I downloaded the blue zen theme and I LOVE it! The only thing I could notice was that the menu's don't cooperate very well with Opera Mini but I only use that app once in a blue moon.

Would love the zen theme or a customizable L in the red color.

i downloaded the blue zen 4.5. Then i plugged my phone in, started desktop manager then tried to install it and it said could not find. What do i do to get it on my phone?

not sure why others are having problems but i have a vzw curve 8330. clicked on the link using my browser and it downloaded with no problem (and in themes not application list). i'm running OS 4.5 and the today theme is pretty cool. i think i might have to download the red as well. i do wish the font was somewhat bigger, but other than that, this is nice.

First, thanks to Chad for posting this! I'm glad so many people are liking the theme!
It's unfortunate a few people are having problems installing/applying the theme. Search the forums for info regarding how to use OTA links. And I think I've seen something in the forums about being able to install, but the theme not showing up in the "Theme" options.
I see there might be a problem with the 88xx version, I will look into that.
And the alarm icon near the clock (when alarm is "on") may be off - let me know. I have been having issues with that where it shows up in different locations for different people. I would prefer if it were right over am/pm.
As for Bold support, I will work on that. I played with Plazmic 4.6 some and they have some great options available to spice up this theme. Unfortunately there is a problem exporting custom fonts. But I'll be looking into that.
Please continue to post comments (particularly in the forums since I check that frequently). And if anyone would like to donate, here's a link for a PayPal donation: www.tinyurl.com/ClassyCorners

Thanks everyone and enjoy the theme!

Looks like everyone is loving your themes - I am too! Thanks for making them free of charge and accessible OTA

I have a T Mobile Pearl 8100 and downloaded this theme OTA. It didn't show up in the Themes section after the download, so I did a hard reboot by taking out the battery. The theme then showed up, but wouldn't actually load. At this point, I thought another hard reboot was in order. Bad mistake. Now the phone won't power on. T-Mobile support says that the handheld's software is corrupted and suggested a few tricks that I'll have to try later. They were not optimistic about those tricks working. At any rate, be careful about removing the battery too many times.

You need to make sure that you are downloading the appropriate version for your operating system on the phone. For example, if you are using OS 4.2, make sure you are downloading a theme that has "4.2" next to it. Downloading a "4.5" will not work on OS 4.2 or 4.3....

This theme has been out over a month... why such late recognition??

And why not recognize the BeBold series themes by Mothy as well?? They are just as good, IMO ;)

Is there a way to move incons in the default setting. I know you can move icons when you have all of them open, but I want to move certain icons to the quick launch ones.

I'd like to donate to get the red today theme customized. it's exactly what i'm looking for! How do i do that?

Great theme!
Is there a way of changing the icons that appear at the base of the screen on the Today or Dock theme?

Hi, trimax84. This is AN AWESOME theme, and thanks for making it FREE!

How can I request customization of the theme? I went to the PayPal link website, and I was wondering where I can note the changes I would like for the customizing of the themes.


Also, the SMS message notifying icon on Cool Blue L 4.3 Theme is sorta weird looking/broken under SMS/MMS Menu.

It seems like the Icon has this Red outline around the icon when the notification is "new". So never mind what I mentioned above.

Great theme!
Is there a way of changing the icons that appear at the base of the screen on the Today or Dock theme?

i just downloaded this theme and it is f*****g awesome. I am a huge fan of today themes, and this one rocks!!! My only question is will you eventually have an upgrade to be able to arrange the icons on the home screen? Thanks, fantastic job!!!

I too would like to see if i could possibly get a customized icon theme. How should i go about it?

Also, at first glance with the cool blue L 4.5 and red corners 4.5 i keep getting a blank space in one of the icon areas. Its pretty weird. Am i the only one?

I got that too...then after looking at the pictures i realised thats the spot for the camera...i have an 8830 which doesn't have a camera...so i am assuming you don't have a camera either...

hopefully they will create a version where we can arrange the icons so this won't be a problem...

amazing designs...

Na2 i just now realized that myself after i went to his thread in the forum. Nevertheless, thanks for your fast response.

And you are correct, this theme is really awesome. If anything ill stick to the theme for the curve and see if i can get it customized.

Please help me i have downloaded this cool blue app to my pearl but it is not showing up. How do i apply it to the phone??

Please help me i have downloaded this cool blue app to my pearl but it is not showing up. How do i apply it to the phone??

I've been using this on my Curve with 4.5 for about a month now and I love this theme. I have the L theme and the apps they put on the homepage work very well for me. I just add facebook to the left convenience key and Yahoo messenger to the right and I'm set to go. Great great great theme

This theme is sleek as anything, very responsive and wonderfully laid out. My only desire is to be able to adjust the bottom icons and the items on the Today screen. I wouldn't have a problem paying for this theme but the ability to adjust icon placement etc. as my needs change play a big part in my use of a theme.

Great work nonetheless!

This theme is the shit...it looks sick and you can adjust the icons which makes it kick ass. I use the default BB Zen theme so I like the way this theme is. The other ones look awesome too but you can't adjust the icons on the main page, but like someone stated for a small donation the guy would do it for you. I definitely recommend these thems and they are better than any other theme I've ever seen or better yet, one that costs money!!! A MUST HAVE!

I have a recently purchased Blackberry 8330 from Verizon with OS 4.3. I'm clueless as to the types of themes (Zen, Today, L, etc.) What's the difference, and which one do you all suggest I download?

You download the Today 4.3.... Use your browser on your Berry and go to this site and download it. You'll find it in themes right where it should be. Just change your theme to it.

great theme i think its beautiful and functions AMAZING except for one small issue , i cant change the hopme screen apps on it . i move them into position and they are only in the correct position when i go into the menu section . on the home screen they are arent on there . . . . . . :(

corners is great but I might have to make a donation cause I'd like a few changes. other than that they are awesome

I have been using this theme for a couple of weeks, it is everything that I need, highly recommend this one.

First off, greeeaaat theme! I downloaded the Cool Blue Today 4.2 version. Every time I get a pop-up screen (meeting reminder, missed call, etc) the lettering is multi-color, fuzzy and hard to read, is anyone else getting that?

I downloaded the 4.5 theme onto my 8310 and it worked but the odd thing is that it showed up in both my applications and themes but I'm not complaining. And for everyone that has not been able to get OS 4.5, you can pin me your email address at 2484B9A1 and I'll send you the instructions to get it. I know the download I have works with the 8310 for at&t and a few others but I don't know if it will work for the 88xx or the 81xx.

And Props on these themes they made my phone look a whole lot better.

Hey!! I downloaded the theme for the 8800 and it shows up in the applications list but not in the themes list. I have done resets and battery pulls and let it have full permissions and still it's a no show. Others have listed this problem too and no reply's as yet. What's the problem and how do you correct it or is it just faulty workmanship with no support.

Great product to hype but your vendor isn't taking care of business. Bad for your reputation.

I downloaded the Zen 4.3 theme and I love it! However, there are a few changes I would like. Where/how do I give a donation in order for a customized theme?

I tried that and now it shows up in my applications, but as others said before, it does not show up in my themes. I did a battery pull and all. What all did you do to get it to work for your berry?

Can anyone please tell me if this theme is for Blackberry Bold? If not, where can I find some themes for the bold?


I downloaded the .jad file, saved on media card. Used explorer to find and open. Getting "Download Failed 907 invalid COD file not found" message. What am I doing wrong. Help Please.

I love how half of the posts are like "this them if freakin awesome...", and the other half are "I can't get this to work - help!?"

And no one is acknowledging the questions of those that can't get it to work.

It's really funny that everyone is being ignored!

Attitude prevalent: "I got mine".

Why is it when an application comes out that sooooo many people have such a hard time installing, saving or using it? One comment here by a savvy Berry user took care of the only issue I can see; "use your Berry browser" to download Classy Corners.
If you'll do as he/she said, it will do exactly what it was programmed to do. DO use the correct version for your Berry and abracadabra you'll find the application is exactly where it belongs and works exactly as designed. Very simple and beautiful..............
Try not to stress out so much.

Currently running i know a lil old but it runs solid as a rock for me...
select any of the 4.5 theme download them via bb browse ota
It downloads installs i do a hard reboot...no go not listed in the Themes however it is located in Apps
I have tried every version available with no luck.

So ya id love to use it but no dice
Look like a beautiful Theme

im trying to download from the 4.2 ota link and as soon as it starts, it stops, saying "unable to download the cool blue file beacause it is not a valid Win32 application". what can i do?????????????

and yes the original file is a .jad file and i downloaded plazmic and bb java app to allow this .jad file to run. but it just wont even download, much less to be unable to find it on my BB. i cant download the thing and it getting extremely frustrating. any help pls?????????

Its quite a hoot that the people who got it to work seem to think everyone who can't doesn't know what they are doing. The theme is obviously working on some phones and not on others. The author admitted the 88xx series isn't working right.

I hope he gets it resolved for you guys as it is a pretty theme and if anyone figures out the 'install in to applications' but not showing up in your themes problem resolved, pass along the info! (resetting didn't work on my wife's phone btw).

Thanks for all the good comments. For people having problems I'll try to offer some help but if you still can't get it read around in the forums and search for help.
It seems that If you can install the theme but it doesn't show up in your Themes list, it may be the wrong version. Please make sure that if you are running 4.3 on your device that you install a theme with "4.3" at the end (like "Today 4.3").
For people who can't even install this theme, make sure you know how to install via OTA (Over The Air). Do NOT use Desktop Manager, do NOT use a USB cable. The .jad file will install directly to your bb. However you need to get the link to your blackberry, do it and your bb will ask you to download and install.

For people who are disappointed with the lack of tech support, please keep in mind I am a married medical student who cannot devote too much time for this. I offer many of these themes for free with no guarentee for support.

Feel free to post comments in the theme's thread!

Just to add for those who are having problems, it may not be that you are using the wrong version. I was having the same problems using 4.5 and it turned out to be a permissions issue. The theme showed up in the application list, but would not show up in the available themes. I quickly solved this by granting 'All' in the permissions for the theme and doing a battery pull. The themes then appeared in the theme list and are running wonderfully. Ideally you should not use 'All', but tweak the permissions until you have success. Hope that helps!

so i have a BB version 4.3 but i cant seem to get this theme to show up on the my theme list. i tried dl from the berry browser and put allow on the permissions. taking out the battery all those steps. Am i missing something?

I have been using these themes for a week now and I think I can be satisfied to wait on a new blackberry now. These themes are simply beautiful.

love the theme but pleasee info on increasing font size it is wayy too small any help i dont want to resort to using the boring standard bb themes :(