WhatsApp updated with slew of fixes and tweaks

By Simon Sage on 2 Jul 2013 01:36 pm EDT

Cross-platform messaging client WhatsApp has had a beefy update just in time for Talk Mobile's social week. Here's a run-down of the changelog for version v2.10.89455.1 of WhatsApp.

  • Group Info Screen content is now fully scrollable, for better usability
  • Account Info screen now looks nicer and has direct payment buttons
  • Added basic media thumbnail browser to Group Info and Contact Info screens
  • User is now notified if they try to send a message to a blocked contact, and prevented from sharing to a blocked contact
  • Added an option to the Media Settings screen for setting a custom chat wallpaper
  • Group chats now open to the last read message, and show an "Unread messages" separator bar
  • Outgoing message status indicator now shown in the corner of the active frame
  • Contact picker now supports peek when shown from the hub or a Share action
  • Chat screen now appears more quickly and smoothly from the hub
  • Various bug fixes for hub integration

WhatsApp users, are any major changes here leaping out for you? 

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Reader comments

WhatsApp updated with slew of fixes and tweaks


Then give it back! obviously you don't deserve to hold a BlackBerry phone in your hands!
So better don't say anything if you don't have anything mature and intellectual to say

I'm seriously sick and tired of you complainers. If it doesn't work for you piss off and get a phone that does.

BlackBerry 10 is a brand new platform and if you don't have the patience to let it grow then get off of CrackBerry and take your piss poor attitude with you.

Posted via CB10

Yep. It charges everyONE, on every platform, .99USD per year, after the first year. Though I have some friends that got another year free!

Haha. Wow. And people say I am harsh. Smh.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

The thread had been moderated. The posts that started it all had been deleted, so that's probably why you think there is SMH. It was deserved. :p

Haha, the criticisms weren't meant for you lol.

There was a troll saying how boring his BB10 phone was and how he was doing devs a favour by pointing it out so they won't waste their time developing for the platform.

When the thread got cleaned up all the replied got swept to your post lol. :)

Posted via CB10

Still need to put back the option to control if I want to download pictures or not. Those rude comments need to be moderated / deleted.

Still can not delete your account. The only reason I still have this app on my phone, is so when they decide to put a delete account option into an update, I can get rid of it.

That won't delete your account resp. your data on the WhatsApp servers. Even though you never know if they will actually delete it or just pretend to do so...

Posted on Q10

"Fantastic" is exaggerating things a bit lol.

Ahh, who am I kidding. WhatsApp is "tolerable" at best and "garbage" at it's worst. :/

This WhatsApp update makes me feel like my whole phone got updated, haha. That's how often I use WhatsApp. This update was greatly needed. I missed not being able to view my media from the group home screens.

Posted via CB10

Gosh - I was waiting so long for updates! But pls do more^^ there is always something to improve!!

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure what's happening lately but because of a weak financial report people all the sudden don't like their phone?

Just remember apple was worse off then BlackBerry for about 20 years. Things were never going to change overnight. They pumped up the news so it could only look bad when the real numbers came out.

Posted via CB10

It's better I guess, but the major problem with WhatsApp has always been speed and reliability.

I was meeting a friend for lunch just now, sent her a message on WhatsApp saying I was going to be 5 min late. She got the message 10 minutes after I arrived...

Not good.

Posted via CB10

That's why BBM is so much better and needs to go cross platform.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Love this update, it's really getting closer like the Android version looks like!

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Abdool N the other fox retards there's ebay sell your device and move on to what you feel is best so just shut it jump in a lake wine on a pine something and stop whinging like Little bitches...

Posted via CB10

Hehe, i still love my Q10. Follow me every day and works perfect. Normally have one more phone as a backup but now my other phones are on a long break...

Posted via CB10

You can now share media directly to WhatsApp, e.g. a picture searched via Bing. Either I didn't notice before, or its new. Please give a short comment, if it's an old function.

Cheers, Phil

Posted via CB10

To me I can only share a link to the picture before and after the awesome update. It won't share the actual image file (

Posted via CB10 on LE Z10

I actually find the responses to be more of a b*tching than the initial comment... I do agree though... stop complaining and get an iPhone or Android... you'll see you'll be b*tching about them too on iMore or Android Central...

As far as WhatsApp goes... I'll be sending all my contacts an invitation to download BBM when it hits the other platforms along with the following message: "by the time you read this my WhatsApp will have left my device... my PIN is [......]"

Anyone else planning on deleting WhatsApp by the end of the summer? If BlackBerry holds up their end of the deal that is...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Planning to do the same. However I have some doubts people will download and value BBM fast enough.

Posted on Q10

Why can't blackberry update there twitter and Facebook? These two apps have gone downhill from the beginning. BlackBerry step up tour game and start fixing these to be on par or better with other platforms

Posted via CB10

I think the Facebook update was pretty decent. Still there is room to improve for sure. Not complaining tho, it serves it purpose.

What's wrong with the FB app now? I wish it's got the "share" and edit funstions, but they're not bad.

Also, get Blaq.

Here we go again.

I've got just one thing to say to BlackBerry....stop being so conservative, let The Astonishing Tribe loose on the icons and give the BlackBerry followers something to be proud of.

Those who are misinformed about QNX should read about their profile. They are everywhere.

The company are out of touch with what's happening in the technology world. Their business practices are looking staid and boring.

All the hard work and sacrifice the BlackBerry staff put will all be for nothing if the no one actually see what's new about BlackBerry. None of the commercials show this.

Posted via CB10

"I've got just one thing to say to BlackBerry....stop being so conservative, let The Astonishing Tribe loose on the icons and give the BlackBerry followers something to be proud of."

Not commenting on your other thoughts, but this!! Not just the icons, but the entire OS!


so whatsapp added new features.. but the bbm is missing the old features.. unfair

whatsapp updated bbm still did not

Posted via CB10

After using it, group and peoples I whatsapp with still highlighted in the hub even after I read their message.

Posted via CB10

Now I'm getting both whatsapp and sms icon when I get a whtasapp message. The sms icon doesn't have a number, only the icon. Pretty annoying....

Posted via CB10

I would like to have a zero load when opening whatsapp like every other platform. Do you guys want this too?

Posted via CB10

Yes still miss the possibility to call a contact directly from the chat and a direct connection with the voice recorder program

Posted via CB10

Great!!! WhatsApp appears on my hub, but still disliking the app! Nothing like the BBMSN, I don't like whatsapp in any plataform. Never did

Posted via CB10

Great updates for whatsapp. Just one thing I'm waiting for is the last seen online toggle off function like on whatsapp for iphone.

Posted via CB10

I have a blackberry 9300. And when ever I download what's app, it doesn't open. It brings up error messages. Where can I download a previous version. I been emailing the support desk since friday, and no reply... I need what's app....

I hate this god damn 'last seen status'
Why is it still not possible to disable this shit?????

Posted via CB10

Anyone else noticing after this update, that their battery is lasting way longer? I did an app update on blackberry world with a number of other apps this morning. And I notice quite a better battery performance! My OS is the Bell 10.1.

Posted via CB10

I still don't have whatsapp in my hub... could this be because Telcel has not rolled out the 10.1 OS?

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp still couldn't connect to my contacts. Maybe I got to wipe my Z10 clean and reinstall all.

Posted from Z10 via CB10

Problems with receiving the messages, they won't appear until I open the app. Once I open the app in 1 second I receive the msgs, with 30 minutes to1 hour of delay...
Anyone else with the same problem? Someone know how to fix it?

Posted via CB10