WhatsApp beta update lets you archive chats, get it from BlackBerry Beta Zone

WhatsApp beta update lets you archive chats, get it from BlackBerry Beta Zone
By DJ Reyes on 26 Jun 2014 06:26 am EDT

WhatsApp, the instant messaging service we all love to hate. I have to admit, I still have the app installed on my BlackBerry device. I did manage to persuade a lot of people to switch to BBM and continue to use it, especially if they want to chat to me but there are still a few that just won't install it. I'm sure many of you have contacts in that boat too. If you still use WhatsApp, for whatever reason, you may want to check out BlackBerry Beta Zone as there's a beta update.

There isn't much to this update but it seems like WhatsApp is testing out a chat archive feature. That's the only new addition in this update as well as bug fixes.

What's new?

  • You can now archive chats to hide them from the chat list
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates

If you want to check out the update, just open up the Beta Zone app and look for WhatsApp. If you haven't got a BlackBerry Beta Zone account yet, you can sign up for one for free. However, Beta Zone is not available in all regions.

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WhatsApp beta update lets you archive chats, get it from BlackBerry Beta Zone


1st, isn't this similar to Save Chat History?
2nd, my BBM chat history always restore (if I don't delete them), unlike Whatsapp which would be giving me a blank if I ever swap the SIM card out.

Posted via CB10

Sadly not always.

I've lost my chat history already twice. Thats also the reason why I'm still using my Z10 and don't switch to the Z30 I still have since February.

BBM is far away from a reliable and serios instrument to get things done without the option to store a chat history including date and attachments at a save place.

I second this!

I asked several times at the last developer session when the BBM API will get extended to be able to backup and restore messages like we're already able to do with SMS messages. This way 3rd party developers could fill the gap. But not a single answer, it was just ignored! :-(

Neat. Wish I could pull everyone on bbm.
But current version just don't cut it.

Posted from my Astro on Z30STA100-2/

have to admit, I still have the app installed on my BlackBerry device.
Ah let the truth be told.. :(

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

Yeah. I don't personally have it installed, but really have to appreciate that these guys continue to update and fully support the BlackBerry platform.

Frosty White Q10/

they're trying to win bbm customer, and they're doing a good job or trying. can't fault whatsapp for that--they work smart and hard.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs to keep adding those missing features to BBM. We also want to be able to easily archive chats.

BlackBerry should really start rolling out Video Chat on BBM for Android and iOS. They need to stay well ahead of these secondary apps. They would gain MUCH more traction as a key competitor to Skype. WhatsApp will never be BBM, but as its stands, they have stronger numbers.

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Agree! But sadly John Chen has not mention any word about BBM video for android or iPhone when talking about next year plans for BBM at the last conference and shareholders meeting ... still I hope they can work it out and give us a surprise... asap!

Posted via CB10

Cross platform video chat would be a big feature to get people to at least try BBM. I was able to get a friend to try it to use the voice chat to call home while working internationally. She chats using an iPhone with Android users.

Video chat could really up the people trying BBM. Maybe some of them stick.

Posted via CB10

'The App. we all love to hate' - rubbish. What's App. works fine for me, and, like BBM, has good features the other doesn't have. Of the 30 or so people I tried to switch to BBM, just to see what happened, I convinced one. I get the whole back-BB fanboy stuff, but the whole hate-Whats App march is just boring now.

The Human Torch was denied a bank-loan.

Had it, tried it, been there, done that!! Bottom line is still no privacy so thanks but no thanks. BBM for me

Posted via CB10

Why use Whatsapp???? You have to give everyone your phone number so why not just text them using your phone forget the app.

Posted via CB10

Why not give your phone number? Instead of your bbm pin?

I mean, you can also call from bbm without phone number... why not just give the phone number then? :)

Posted via CB10

Because you have control over your BBM..you accept or deny if you wish to have the person on your list and if said person ticks you off you can block them, but with whatsapp they still have your phone number and they now have control and can text you or call with out permission(or if they're real idiots spam you). If you don't care about your personal information or if you don't care you could loose control, then go ahead and use Whatsapp it's an open book to whoever wishes to abuse your cell number.

Posted via CB10

Then why non-bb people feel that this adding/ confirmation stuff with bbm os too complicated?

Posted via CB10

I actually find it very easy, just click the share icon, pick how you would like to share and there you go done. If that's hard give your head a shake.

Posted via CB10

You don't need to convince me, better try to convince more people on other platforms to switch to bbm if it is that easy.

Posted via CB10

Because you cant do 98% of the things on text as you can on whatsapp. including chatting from people any country.

I don't know what I should say to my friends, to convince them, to use BBM instead of Whatsapp.

If bbm could videocalls cross-platform, I would say "why use whatsapp (for chat), viber (for calls) and tango (for videocalls), when you can have all in one with BBM?"

Hope bbm will bring this feature cross platform soon

Posted via CB10

Until you realise random strangers can send nonsense messages and lewd pictures to you through Whatsapp, without you giving your numbers or your permission to them. Why? Cause any Tom, Dick and Harry can punch in your phone number in their contact list and you will pop up in their Whatsapp.

BBM? Even if the other party have your PIN, they still need your permission just to add you into their contact list.

Posted via CB10

Couldn't have said it better myself. One day the masses (flock of sheep) will eventually get it.

Posted via CB10

Unfortuntly BBM comes in 2nd to the masses to What's App. I only have bbm as i love it but im having tough time even getting anyone to download bbm. Whatevev

Posted via CB10

^---- this...... I hate WhatsApp I think it's a big privacy issue, however I can't persuade people to get switch to BBM, usually people are just lazy and don't want to go and download BBM..than make a BBM ID, people are just getting more and more lazy nowadays.
But I hate the fact that people who have WhatsApp and just got my number somewhere start msg-ing me like that

Posted via CB10

I totally agree. Even close friends are like. Why? Especially if Blackberry related. Blows!! I love bbm. My wife has it and mom but thats it! Wife loves it on her android. She went to android for the large screen but misses keyboard of 9900. Hoping maybe the Passport will pull her back in. Lol.

Posted via CB10

People complain about developers not build native apps fro BB10. But this is a native app and a very good one at that, people come with "thanks, but no thanks". I don't like this kind of attitude.

I used to think badly of Whatsapp when I still had an iPhone, when they didn't care so much about iOS users and only slowly updated their app. I've changed my opinion of them because of their BlackBerry 10 support. The app works flawless, is neatly integrated into the system and even had some privacy features first that only appeared later on iOS. This is the one developer we should not want to lose.

God bless you... Finally, some sense!!!

I pray the WhatsApp team turn a blind eye to most of these posts and keep up with their good work! Smh

Z10STL100-1/"the iPhone Nemesis"

That developer sold out to fb... mind you I only used it with one friend and whoever decided to type in my phone number that day. since bbm went cross platform my bbm contact list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Posted via CB10

I agree, the Facebook takeover has me worried. However, the companies are still separate. There has been no convergence or data transfer yet, as far as I am aware.

Moreover, there is simply no alternative on BlackBerry. I greatly advocated Telegram and Threema among my friends, as more secure alternatives. But the truth of the matter is, after five months, these apps are still non-existent on BlackBerry 10. You can use Android ports and APKs, but these are terrible on BlackBerry 10, admittedly. There are two developers on CrackBerry here who announced native Telegram apps (including the maker of iGrann), but there has been practically no news on that front. Conversely, BBM has been ported poorly to iOS and Android. Whatsapp is qualitatively the better app and it performs almost equally good on all platforms, even though it is not on par with BBM feature-wise.

My thought exactly! What a bunch of babies... coming here to diss on Whatsapp. Seriously?? They have an awesome native bb10 app and you guys are saying "no thanks"?

I don't know about anyone else, but every single person I convinced to try bbm has long since deleted the app and I can hardly blame them.

Grow up!

Posted via CB10

can't try it out sorry....all my contacts that have chosen not to install BBM can only reach me on FB or text

i'm never going to install on my BB

It's an app that does the same as BBM, but with whatsapp you give out your cellphone number to everyone to abuse or spam you. If you don't care who gets a hold of your cell number then go ahead and use Whatsapp.

Posted via CB10

Stop posting this rubbish. Only people with your phone number can contact you over Whatsapp, just as they would be able to call you or send you an SMS/MMS. There is no sharing of your phone numbers other than with Whatsapp itself, which only uses them to ascertain whom of your contacts has Whatsapp installed. The same thing many other IM apps do, like Viber and Apple's iMessage.

You can argue about the pros and cons of Whatsapp as much as you want, but don't spread this misinformation around. Whatsapp is an incredible native app of which we have so few. That developer deserves at least some honest criticism.

To Whatsapp, yes, because that's how it works. I said that already.

Even though I am privacy-conscious, I accept the price of sharing my contact list with that one company. That still doesn't enable 'everyone to abuse or spam' me, neither does it enable other people to get a hold of my phone number if not through me or a person whom I gave it to. That hasn't changed with Whatsapp.

Coincidentally, BBM also shares your e-mail address and your contacts' e-mail addresses to provide you with suggestions of contacts you can add to BBM. BlackBerry does the same thing with e-mail addresses, with can be confidential too.

Actually there an option to not allow the sharing of email addresses...you forget BlackBerry is about security and protection. I find it unacceptable that you must give up your cell number to use Whatsapp. And yes you do have to share your cell number like it or not... don't be angry....i agree whatsapp is a very nice looking app...it just doesn't protect your cell number, get over it. LOL

Posted via CB10

Where can you disable that sharing option in BBM? I wasn't able to find it within the app. Neither does BBM show up under application permissions like Whatsapp does.

I am not angry, I said that you spread misinformation, which you do. And you still don't seem to get my point. Whatsapp needs access to your own phone number for verification and access to your contacts' phone numbers for matching. The service would not exist otherwise and it is widely regarded as the killer feature that makes Whatsapp so successful. Again, you can argue about the pros and cons of Whatsapp. If you don't want to give your phone numbers to Whatsapp, then that's fine. However, it is factually wrong that your phone number is shared with anyone other than with Whatsapp.

Yes, your BBID appears in suggestions and it is shared. However, one important difference here is that BBM needs you to approve the other party to add you into their contact list and start chatting. Whatsapp, there is no such thing.

Posted via CB10

It still doesn't dispute the fact that your information is shared though, prior approval or not. It still goes through a third-party's server, in this case BlackBerry. If I get a hold of someone's e-mail address, that address will show up under my suggestions. Pretty much like Whatsapp would do with phone numbers.

Of course, Whatsapp has no prior approvals. As I said, Whatsapp is meant to be a simple SMS replacement. It is not supposed to be anymore difficult than SMS is. All you need is your phone number and the phone numbers of your contacts. Whatsapp does the rest. If you can send an SMS, then you can also send Whatsapp. BBM simply adds this extra layer with prior approval. Again, you can argue about the pros and cons of this, but the OP was making false statements.

Hmmmm.. I think this guy is in love with whatsapp, maybe he should just purpose and get married..LOL...they say love is blind ;)

Posted via CB10

And you know nothing at all, unless your BlackBerry has BES, don't even talk to me about how secure your phone and your information is. Go troll somewhere else.

Posted via CB10

Actually it does have BES on our corporate servers, so once again I LOL...... got to love BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I just got the beta installed and its doing good. I just have two observations to make..
1. How to unarchive an archived conversation!
2. Wallpaper for whatsapp is still missing for bb10..

iRock crackberry via my super-z10

Who cares about saving chat history anyway? Creepy much? Trying to incriminate somebody? What's the obsession with archiving chats?

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I wish all articles related to Whatsapp didn't start along the lines of "I shouldn't really be saying this but..."

As BlackBerry users, do we want the ability to use one of the world's most popular apps or not?

I certainly do. Let's start giving Whatsapp some respect, please.

Posted via CB10

been trying to get ppl back on bbm, but they won't budge, mainly cause can't send long videos etc

Posted via CB10

People talk about privacy id they were fbi ir whatever and most of them using Facebook and Twitter and social network and still talking about whatsapp privacy..i love whatsapp for me its better than bbm and none of my friends actually using bbm
.whatsapp much easier much faster even sending audio fotos faster..and i do have z10 and i like it but the best msg app is whatsapp not bbm

Posted via CB10

I don't hate it. I use both and frankly Whatsapp is pretty slick for sending pictures, videos and voice notes. I use it when I'm overseas on wifi and need/want to text people back home who don't have bbm. Not happy Facebook now probably has my cell # but the app itself works really well for me and I like the interface. No lagging and pretty intuitive, much better than Viber in my opinion. I'm a blackberry guy but I have no problem acknowledging when other companies make a good product. BBM really does need to improve message archive/email. I think emailing yourself a convo is limited to the last 100 lines or so, which is nothing... definitely an area ripe for improvement.

Posted via CB10

I said bye bye to WhatsApp ages ago. Didn't like it, only had 3 users using it. Convinced them to switch to BBM and carried on. Oh, the massive battery drain was more than enough reason as well to dump it.

Posted via CB10

I will always love BBM and I still try to convince people to change from Whatsapp to our favorite messenger.

But the world has changed, since my initial contact with BBM. Back then the people, who were into messaging, knew how to use programs (before they were called "apps").

For instance: MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ. We all had to register and add people (or get added), in order to have those in our chat lists. We had to send someone an invitation or get invited.

Now of course the world has an always growing number of smartphone users. The phones of course have different os (just like the vhs, betamax, blu-ray and hddvd days), which is ok.

BUT: The users are no real users, they simply follow, either what the mass is doing or they use, what is the most convenient.

Fellas, I had people buying a smartphone from our shop, and the deal sometimes went downhill, because people had no emailaccount and thought creating one was sooooo complicated. How about creating a BBM account, after they had left our store, having no friendly salesman, offering to help. Whatsapp is a thankful alternative for those peeps.

Bottom line: We love BBM, but we ought to be thankful, that Whatsapp has not given up on supporting an OS, which is not as spread as iOS or Android. If that happens, then we will be shut off from the rest of the (smartphone-)world.

Posted via CB10

Installed and works fine. Have noticed my battery is going down quicker - not sure if that is just a coincidence so will have to keep an eye on it!

Posted via CB10 using my Z10STL100-2/