A dark theme plus more arrives with the latest WhatsApp update for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 12 Mar 2014 06:29 am EDT

Being BlackBerry users I think it's safe to say that many of us have ditched using WhatsApp since BBM went cross platform. If you are still a user you'll want to hit up BlackBerry World where you'll find version 2.11.414.2. 

As you'll see below there's a few changes but most impressive is the ability to switch to a dark theme - something that is perfect for us BlackBerry 10 users. You'll need to jump into the advanced settings to enable it but once done the app will remain in the dark state. 

New features include: 

  • Privacy Settings (for last seen, profile photo, and status). 
  • Added multi-select actions on the chats list.
  • More options for deleting and clearing conversations. 
  • Updated chat bubble appearance. 
  • Dark theme support - 10.2.1 only. 
  • Bug fixes
  • Added Language - Russian

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A dark theme plus more arrives with the latest WhatsApp update for BlackBerry 10


Meh....I've deleted whatsapp the moment bbm went cross platform and never going back :). Once bbm gets video calling for ios and android bbm is going to skyrocket big time!!! :)

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Yeah, right, video calling is what is holding BBM back... Just like voice calling before it was. Any updates on how many people are using BBM on android and iphone since that 20 million figure came out months ago?

The experience is just not very good on iOS and Android. Many of my friends don't like the UI as it doesn't reflect their own operating systems. In other words it's confusing. BBM needs a lot of work on UI, it needs a desktop versions for Mac and Windows, multiple devices support, and mainly a better image of the Brand.

One of big reason, if not thee biggest reason BBM has failed to take off on iOS And Android is the fact that it's called BlackBerry Messenger. Most consumers see the company BlackBerry as a failure and dismiss BBM just because of its ties to it. IMO

Updates on figures I have no idea, but in North America it's probably stagnant at best.


On iOS it's poor I admit android it's a lot better....remmeber bbm cross platform is still in its infant stage and especially when the z3 gets released in emerging markets it's going to grow even more.....you have people switching from android and iPhone to bb10....but you won't really see a bb10 switch to Android and iOS....even as bad as this sound I've had people switch to blackberry 10 because bbm on iOS is poor...weird I know lol but I agree with you in a certain way for sure

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Well whatsapp is definitely not being complacent as it s constantly releasing updates to further improve its software.

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

Stupid, blind, deaf and dumb all in one super whatscrap package. Can't believe we are in 2014 and people are still of a primitive mind set.

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it's funny that you call people stupid for giving their information to google and facebook. if facebook had bought blackberry, then you would just be another "stupid" one giving them your information.

But how many people stay on Whatsapp once it starts charging them for usage?

I have Whatsapp on my phone now. As soon as they expect me to pay for it, I'll delete it. I simply don't use it enough to justify paying for a service I can get for free from other apps on my phone.

Say it louder. Those figures they are tossing out are not taking onto account the smart people who deleted the crap I'm sure

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the same goes for the people who downloaded bbm and deleted it as well. just saying... they give number of daily active users as well... and the app has a higher user engagement that facebook itself.
it would help blackberry and bbm, if, instead of bashing whatsapp, try to see what it has done so well to get that many users and see how they can improve on it. after all, that's what whatsapp did with bbm.

When BBM was initially released cross platform I got a few people to sign up for it. My contact list grew from 2 contacts to about 20 contacts.
Fast forward a couple months and all those people that signed up for it have already deleted it. It is garbage compared to Whatsapp and for everyone pretending that it isn't is dreaming. In particular groups on BBM is a disaster. I love my BB but if I could delete my BBM app I would.

Wow ! High praise for WhatsApp! I tried it a few years back and it didn't last a day. I hated that it gave out my tel#! It must have come a long way since then, but I can't see myself trying it again with over 200 contacts already on BBM it would be a pain to switch them over.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

It will take some more fine tuning of the cross platform app. As for the z3 release..i can't see how that will affect our friends using it more. Not many of.mine speak Indonesian.

Posted Via my second Z10

Do I have people switching to BB10 though? Because the sales figures seem to be contradicting that. And the market share in the US keeps evaporating. Must be close to zero by now.


OK we get it. You like what's app. You're like one of those guys that come in here and constantly try to tell everyone how bad blackberry is and how iPhone is awesome. Bbm is trying to give you a good service, it's not like they are trying to give you a bad experience. It's unnecessary to troll these boards replying to everyone about how bad Bbm is. Frankly, I think it's the best chat program out there. If you don't, well that's a shame. But don't use it then, and gtfo of here.


Oooo, did I hurt your feelings?? There there, i see nobody is allowed to poopoo BBM, everyone should hate whatsapp because it did what BBM couldn't do, and everyone should pretend reality doesn't exist. Want me to gtfo? Why don't you suck my salty balls?

The iOS version still needs some work but isn't that bad. I believe BBM on that had to follow design guidelines so the experience also slightly different. The features set is there and the offering of BBM Channels and BBM Voice is a worthwhile one. Adding stickers and other fun shiny stuff will tap into that market that already wants that. On Android, BBM works a lot better. To be quite honest, iMessage looks like turd when it comes to their UI. BlackBerry will need to improve the iOS performance especially when BBM Video is released cross platform. BBM Channels will probably have to start tapping into regional brands as another draw to their social platform.

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the android version has gotten better, but that's not to say that it still isn't bad. if where it is at now was where it was when it launched, it would still be considered a subpar im.
they have a lot of work to do. hopefully it's not too late. i'm not even gonna pretend that i would ditch whatsapp for bbm at this point.

remember bbm cross platform is still in its infant stage

This is getting kinda old. How long until it gets into its "mature" stage? And it had the advantage of an existing userbase when it went crossplatform. Something that whatsapp, line, kik and so on didn't have.

All of my friends that installed BBM, now they uninstalled it again.
I only have my mother as an active in my friends list and she is keeping talking with me via the good quality call.

I think that BBM is failed for being a popular cross platform app.


One fault I've discovered with there new privacy setting of "last seen" not being shown, is that if you choose to not let people see your "Last seen", it then restricts you from seeing their "Last seen"!

Bringing sexy back on my Q10SQN100-3/

To add to that, it doesn't even let people stop seeing yours. How stupid. I've just tried it in two of my phones and both set to noone but can still see one another online. Only thing it does is....i don't see when anyone was last seen online.

Doesn't need one. Because the very nature of adding people on BBM is by choice and as such you can easily remove them if you no longer wish them to see you or contact you. Where as the later you need to change your number as they are added without your permission. Once you on the system, then it assumes that you want all your contacts to know that you are there! That my friend is intrusive.

I love BBM for giving me the option to add someone without them having my number. #IChooseBlackBerry

The very nature of giving other people your telephone number is by choice. I can have 1000 people in my contacts. ONLY if those 1000 people also have me in their contacts, will my name appear in their whatsapp. If one of my contacts doesn't have my phone number, he will never find out I am on whatsapp.

If you block a contact on whatsapp, they will no longer be able to message you, they will not be able to see your status updates, "last seen", profile picture. Again, for the person to be able to contact you in the first place, they have to have your phone number.

No doesn't need because bbm doesn't show you last time online or even if you are online. you are online 24/7 or offline 24/7

 BlackBerry Q10 

So in effect the setting NOT to show when you were last seen online makes whatsapp absolutely equivalent to BBM, at least regarding status indication.

I still use WhatsApp for the simple reason is that most of my friends still use it solely while refusing to use anything else despite my continuous urging and promoting.
One thing I don't understand is why we are bashing WhatsApp when they have supported us day one. I respect that they are one of the major apps people look for when buying a new phone and are available on both BBOS and BB10. We all bash Viber and Netflix...etc. for not even bothering with BB10, but when someone supports us day one, we immediately jump ship as soon as BBM goes multi-platform?
I respect the owners of WhatsApp that they use BlackBerry phones enough to not say anything bad about them.
WhatsApp is still superior to BBM in some features or functions while being inferior in others.
While I am a die hard BlackBerry fan, I still need to be fair in in my bias.
We have to understand that people have invested a lot of time and effort into this app so it will be hard to get them to even consider anything else.
When WhatsApp gets voice call functionality, it will be hard to get people to try BBM. At the moment BBM only has voice and channels as luring factors and once voice is lost, good luck getting anyone to switch.

Posted via CB10

My sentiments exactly. Only came in this post to issue a 'Meh', a 'Pah' or a 'Bleh' for the same reason.

.2141 what's the difference? .1925 still the bangingest til I know any different.

Stop being a troll, and behave like a primary school kid.

Which future are you talking about and BlackBerry has a global market share less than 1%.

BBM is usless for iOS. Totally unreliable. Converted 10 friends to BBM and they often never receive my message until they manually open the app. All went back to whatsapp because it is more reliable.

Sent from my Q10

I hear ya, one of my iOS contacts recently notified me that my status was long overdue. Turns out my Christmas status, which I'd taken down since December, still showed along my name on his bbm + a profile pic change never registered to them. Kinda cheesed, because it's one of those things you can NEVER know about until someone else points it out to you

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From what I've read the problem is not with bbm it's with iOS. Not sure if anyone else can also confirm this.

Hmm .. I have a few friends using iOS, and haven't heard anything from them about issues or problems. Two of them I talk to on BBM all the time, and we never have issues. I'm going to ask around, just in case there is an issue and nobody has said or noticed anything. Thanks for the possible head's up :)

Same. My buddy is on the latest iPhone with no complaints. Unless he just doesn't complain...

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

My wife uses an iPhone and only receives notification of my messages if she opens BBM. One of the main reasons why she doesn't use it as her main communication tool.
This sucks as I am trying to make BBM our defacto standard for family communication and am failing miserably.
BBM needs more or better ios and android integration IMO.

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Doubt that is gonna happen.... a none reliable BBM cannot help convince my friends that BlackBerry 10 is awesome.

Sent from my Q10

I beg to differ I've had some people switch because of that same reason especially on iPhone...pkus it's easy to convert iPhone users to bb10 to be honest...android a lot harder lol

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The app has a good quality and the UI is more polished than the BBM one. But I stopped using Whatsapp the day it was bought by Facebook. Using a Facebook tool for private communication, come on...

Lovely update. I'm gladly using it and will continue to do so despite my love and goodwill for BlackBerry and BlackBerry10. I'll use it side by side with BBM and will pay the 69 pence when my subscription is due. Loads around the world use it so see no reason why anyone would deprive themselves of a quality app as if it's WhatsApp's fault that BB fell behind. I'm not even interested in the Facebook doom arguments cos I am already a Facebook user so no panic over here.

Allegiance to nobody but family is the motto where I'm from. Talk less of a big corporate body that's only out to make a profit which of course includes BlackBerry.

Although I'm a huge bbm support I must say sharing with what's app is better. I love the resolution of pictures shared via what's app. Bbm's resolution is terrible.

My Z30 just keeps me moving.....

Too much step.
I'm using BBM with my Wife. But when it comes to sending Nice picture, I'm using WhatsApp. Ask for better resolution is pain in the ass. Especially if you want to send multiple images.

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My gf and I created a group to share photos. Where you can like, comment stuff like that. If you want you can use the calendar and note functions too.

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BBM is great but let's not kid ourselves no one's on it, by deleting Whatsapp from your phone you are the one missing out. Don't get me wrong whenever I get a chance I recommend BBM but no one is buying it.

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What do you do if you run a small business and want to have WhatsApp on there?

I certainly don't want a few hundred of my customers to read my status messages or have me in their WhatsApp in the first place. That "phone number = WhatsApp ID" does not work for me.

Only way for me would be to get a second SIM and a "private use only" phone.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

People I hardly know. Some still owe me money, some have abused me or even ripped me off. Really, I prefer amicable dealings, mutually. God forgive them.

I see the BBM way as the only way.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

You are absolutely correct. That is the reason I deleted what's app. I also run a small business and while anyone with my number can text me, I can control who I have conversations with by using bbm.

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It depends where in the world you are...I am in toronto and the moment bbm came to ios and android tons and tons and tons of users switched....pkus whatsapp I don't think people are really engaged in it as much as whatsapp..we have bbm channels......status updates.....(which people do more often than whatsapp )....as a social network bbm will murder whatsapp....

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You realise your experience does not reflect everybody's experience, right? I have more useful contacts on BBM although I still use WhatsApp, Kik, Wechat, Viber, Tango etc. Always remember, to each their own.

Awesome!! Just love the way blackberry is getting so much better than any other smartphone everyday!!

I would love to ditch Whatsapp but there are still many of my friends using it. The main reason they cite is that it is very slow in their iphone 4 and 4S and the in group sharing of pictures and videos is not like it is in Whatsapp

What I don't understand is, when crackberry advises about the availability of a new app version, it doesn't show up in my app world. When I read the comments, it looks like some people have already downloaded it. Are app updates carrier dependent too?

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I, like some others above, still need what's app for a couple contacts. They just don't receive the bbm message on their iphones for sometimes hours. When using what's app it's instant. Hopefully whatever the issue is gets sorted cause I would much prefer to use bbm only.

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Unfortunately I have to use WhatsApp. Tried to convert and my friends and only my Dad installed BBM. After 2 days he deleted and went back to WhatsApp.

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Love it..the best messages app..send large videos and fotos very quickly..keep going

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One problem. If you set your last seen to no one, not only none of your friends can't see your last seen, but you also can't see other's. Atleast I can't!


Lol yup, I was surprised at first. But that's REALLY for the best of both parties. No need to give creeper privileges to any one person. I'm glad they did that lol

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I've noticed that communications has dropped in general. Maybe people have fatigue and/or information overload. Maybe as a teen or student, i'd see the allure of constantly chatting. That being said, my Whatsapp use was an alternative to SMS depending on the region of the world I'm in. I don't like Whatsapp and will be deleting it very soon especially with its checkered past in how they handle personal privacy and now being bout by Facebook that also has a checkered history on this front. One thing for sure, Whatsapp has stepped up once BBM went cross platform. Who says BlackBerry bringing competition isn't a good thing? End-users win.

BBM may not have the market share that Whatsapp does but the features/value and privacy protection is definitely better on BBM. BBM is being primed for enterprise BBM now that Windows and Nokia phones are in the mix. A company with BYOD/MDM in place now can mix BB10, BBOS, iOS, Droid, Windows, Nokia in their corporate space. This is where the priority and traction will come. I suspect the eBBM users will be the ones drawing their contacts to BBM. I believe Chen is doing the right thing listing BBM as one of his key strategic pillars. Make BBM the best corporate app out there for IM, VOIP, video and social media (via Channels).

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Great update! Glad to see that the most notorious app keeps updating and improving the bb10 experience.

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I use whatsapp a lot more than BBM because the file sharing is a lot better in whatsapp Than BBM it's too limited when come to sharing big files

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Chat bubble still blocking the background wallpaper..!! but better than before... one step closer for shorter bubbles like other platforms... good to see whatsapp developing so fast on BB10..!! Developers at whatsapp just know how to utilize the OS (i am talking about Dark theme <3) Cheers.. waiting for next update..!!

Better multi -chat support is needed in bbm. Ya they have group chat, but multi works Better for some situations..

And multi photo send is a must as well as PTT

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the only time i use bbm beside when it was release for android and ios ..... was when whatsapp was down.. after that is a ghost town..

I prefer BBM but I like their dedicated support for BB10. Will use it for sure, cause lot of my friends stay on WhatsApp and are not bothered creating a BB PIN.

BBM needs to come out with a setting that also allows people to be invited by phone number. This option should be able to turn on or off. Then you could have a hub within BBM to sort either phone number contacts or PIN contacts or both.

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Wonderful idea
Many of my friends have BBM installed but I have no way of knowing unless I ask. If it shows they have it by being on my contact list that would be great.
Once I can establish a communication chat with someone using BBM, it would be easier to continue to use it for all future correspondence.

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Have to say thank you for adding Russian. We waited long for it. And btw nobody uses BBM here, whatsapp and viber most.


I am liking the new Black theme....looks very slick!! Love having the option of dark theme so at night it doesn't strain my eyes.

posted with my BlackBerry Z30

I don't use WhatsApp and have deleted the app but I do have to say, I really appreciate their support of BB10. I wish other developers were as committed.

James, stop hating WhatsApp. Its not going anywhere, a lot of ppl still use it a LOT. Yes more than BBM. I love BBM more than WhatsApp I try to promote it, but WhatsApp is a lot easier because it uses phone number and apart from BB fans others are not interested in BlackBerry or BBM, sad but true. I could like to see some positive articles from you on other IMs (see the brighter side of WhatsApp's dedicated support for BB10) other than BBM.

Ya you're right about them not being interested with the hassle of downloading an app and registering! BBM all the way

Posted via CB10

Feels so great the way that What'sApp hears you! Although nothing can replace BBM (that being said!).

Posted via CB10

if you were a real blackberry fan, you would force every person you know to use BBM. That's what i did and deleted Whatsapp :) If they have a Windows phone, tell them to get a second phone!

I've been using a BlackBerry since the 8830, and 6 Blackberries later, now using a Q10. I'd call myself a strong BlackBerry supporter, but not to the extend that I'd delete Whatsapp and force my family and friends to get BBM. Truth is, if my friend doesn't install BBM, the lose one person who they chat with. If I delete Whatsapp, I lose about 100. So, I have BBM for my 20 or so BB users, and keep Whatsapp for everybody else.

Finally, privacy settings for last seen.
I do use Whatsapp, much more than BBM.
BBM love only lasted a couple of weeks, then everyone I convinced switched back to Whatsapp because it's much smoother experience.

I seem to be in the minority when I say that I have absolutely no use for BBM. None of my contacts has a BlackBerry or uses the BBM app. When I ask people to install it, I get the usual 'why can't we just use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger' response. If I delete Whatsapp, people will contact me on Facebook. If I would delete my Facebook account too, they will even start texting me again, unless they find me on another app. But they will not find me on BBM, because they would have to register and ask for my PIN. I have yet to meet one person that is willing to install another IM app just for me, when it is already difficult to get them to use Telegram or Threema.

A lot of complaining, did people actually consider adjusting permissions on there iOS or Android phone before saying it does not work properly unless in the app. Holy cow folks. I Had to remind those that complained to allow certain permissions on there phones. Hate to rant but a lot of people on any platform don't know how to use their phones. They first complain before asking for help.

Posted via CB10

One key missing feature is the ability to enable or turn of auto download I'm receiving pictures from god knows where the only reason I'm still using whatsapp is because of my family in which we chat using a group! That's it!!!

Posted via CB10

Now where is dark hub for my z30? Everything has dark theme except the most important part of the OS. WTF? Blackberry?


I was talking to some friends in on android and apple, and they did mention having similar issues with not getting notifications, and then when I inquired further, many of them still had the first release, what's with everyone and not doing updates!? Once they updated things are much smoother bit still not perfect. Sometimes when they try to bbm voice with other contacts, for the person placing the call everything seems to be working fine bit the person on the other end never gets the call, so to the caller it seems like nobody is answering but the person getting called doesn't know someone is calling!

Also I noticed if I bbm voice my wife on her note3, and she is in the car on her bluetooth, the bbm voice call drops as soon as she answers, i guess it doesn't support call over bluetooth on cross platform ywt?

Posted via CB10

In my country everyone is using WhatsApp. I am glad that they support BB10 and provide updates regularly.

All my attempts to convince my peeps for BBM failed so far, so I am happy that WhatsApp is available.

Maybe BBM channels will get more popular and people will switch. WhatsApp also announced voice and maybe video?

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whatsapp? whatsthat?? i deleted it when it was sold to facebook. facebook has sinister plans for it. i dont want everything i say analyzed and profiled for better targeted advertising. no thanks

It's just another wannabe BBM messaging app. Like BBM you can send messages, pics, voice or video chat, but unlike BBM it requires you to enter your mobile number to use the app. Facebook recently purchased whatsapp so if you haven't given facebook your phone number it will have it when you install and use whatsapp. Expect more phone calls from: "THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING" and "YOU HAVE WON A FREE TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS!!!"

I used whatsapp for years before I discovered a BlackBerry device.
I prefer BBM, but what you gonna do?
Glad to see the update - 69p a year is good value for the product, and it works well on BlackBerry 10. Looks brilliant in black!

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Y is it not appearing/notyfying automatically. Everytime had do check manually post seeing a crackberry update that some new update has rolled out. m sick of this excersize...

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I'm lucky all my frds converted for me long ago and I only have one messaging app for all my frds/fam 50 contacts all bbm

 BlackBerry Q10 

Nice update for Whatsapp. I'm loving the new theme.

TBH I don't use this often because I have bbm. But when I DO use this it saves me tons of time. Multiple photo sharing capabilities anyone?

Also, bbm doesn't really work properly when you go from one country to the next (especially if you have a carrier plan, whether postpaid or prepaid). Messages can't be sent and when they do, it's always delayed. Bbm doesn't even work in some countries so you still need alternative apps to get in touch with your family and friends. My preferred one is Whatsapp.

Now on a more lighter side, I am happy to report that the bbm app for android and iOs became relatively good because of their most recent update. I have one installed on my father's samsung GS3 and my ipad3 and both of them work rather magnificently. Been using its call feature for quite sometime now and in my experience, unless my wifi or carrier signal gets cut off, my calls doesn't get interrupted. Although when I did first use the feature I got disconnected a couple of times for no apparent reasons. But after a day or two, it was resolved.

Posted from a Blackberry touch phone thingy. Yes it has a Z on it's name and no it's not the Z30 :P

I love bbm and use it wherever possible. unfortunately, most of those I converted quickly reverted back- including my wife. For now whatsapp benefits from the fact it is simple, less cluttered, and simply easy to add people. The bbm experience for iOS still leaves much to be desired, and the fact is that cross-platform bbm is not full-featured.

File sharing is a pain, and the second step to obtain a high -res picture is annoying, and it has little market penetration.

Bbm needs a gamechanging function to drive penetration- RT video with multi-task. It is not going to be Channels.

I have to say that I applaud whatsapp for the updates following bbm cross-platform. They are in it to win, let's hope bbm rolls out features faster.

Posted via CB10

Still use it and probably always will.. BBM just isn't as popular... in my circle that is.

Posted via CB10

Every times a messaging app gets an update or goes cross platform or is made available in app world, the author prefaces the article with how great BBM is and how less than great the subject app is. Smh

The dark theme is genius! Much appreciated, whatsapp. BlackBerry should make dark theme the default on just about everything. Sets itself apart from the rest.

I am very disappointed with the new version of whatsapp as I have now turned off my last seen from 'everyone' to 'nobody' but I also cannot be able to see other persons 'last seen'....plsss do fix the bug ASAP and mail me if anyone know the solution....m fed up plsss help

Posted via CB10

I deleted my WhatsApp, BBM is way better and free. WhatsApp is not secure and was wasting space on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Please cut back with the propaganda. WhatsApp is - by all means - still the most-used messenger even for BlackBerry users. Simply because most of the other ppl are using Whatsapp instead of BBM, regardless of it going cross platform. Sad, but true.

Posted via CB10

The 'privacy settings' don't work any at all for me! Nothing has changed there; all my contacts still report that my status ain't hidden! Maybe Whatsapp and privacy just can't go together! Smdh...I don't recall seeing the dark theme when it's used frm the hub, and that's where I use it frm most; dark theme not so useful for me...basically nothing has changed for me!...the minute they strt charging is the time I stop using it, there are myriads of alternatives out there!

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

Can anyone give me the snapshot of WhatsApp setting. I mean, the settings of all new features of the latest updates. I am on Z10 stl1-100.

Posted via CB10

Whatsapp works fine. Use it and BBM.

As far as privacy, I'm not sharing credit card info or that variety in chats so not a concern.

Nice to see it get updated

Posted via CB10

I think Whatsapp is a great app, stop hating. I don't use bbm because nobody I know uses it. BBM has grown, but Whatsapp is still more popular worldwide . Just accept that!
Whatsapp work great. The new privacy settings are good, but personally I won't be using it (got nothing to hide).

Posted via CB10

How can I find 'settings' menu in whatsapp in Q5?
I can't see it no where in the application. It shows contacts, chats, favorites and groups only.
I have the OS updated in my device (currently

Thank you

Posted via CB10

What's App has out BBM'ed BBM. Numbers don't lie.

There are only the quick and the dead in mobile.

Posted via CB10

I must admit, the whatsapp app Does a really good job on the BlackBerry os10 :)

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